At the County Clerk's Office

by sourdough

Copyright© 2004 by sourdough

Incest Story: While waiting for their turn to get married Jonathan's fiancee tells him some news.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Cuckold   Incest   Brother   Sister   FemaleDom   Pregnancy  

"Do you love me, mi amor?" said Carol.

"More than I can ever show you," said Jonathan Harris. "I'm the luckiest, the happiest, and the most fortunate man in the world; all because you've consented to become my wife. If I can make you half as happy as I am at this very moment you'll be a very happy woman indeed."

"That makes me very glad, Jonathan. There's something I want to tell you then."

"What's that, darling?"

"I'm pregnant."

"But that's wonderful news, my love. You've made me an even happier man, if that's possible." He frowned suddenly with a puzzled expression. "Wait a minute. We haven't had relations yet. It can't be my child, can it?"

"No, I suppose not."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

"It's quite simple, really. I'm pregnant and you're not the father."

"But then why do you want to marry me?"

"Because I needed to give the child a name and I decided it to give it yours."

"But shouldn't the real father be doing that?"

"He's not available."

"He's married?"

"No, he's my brother."

"Your brother, Hector? The man you say can't keep a job, lies around your mother's house and looks at porn on the Internet when he's not eating or sleeping?"

"Well, he does watch television an awful lot also but that pretty much describes him."

Jonathan's puzzled expression remained as he tried to make sense of things. It was love at first sight when he first saw Carol. Well, every red-blooded male in the office was in love with Carol also, including the executives whether married or not. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Jonathan was told she was also charming and intelligent. He was sure they were correct. The young man had never actually met or talked to her. Carol was the executive assistant to the CEO of the company he worked for and a man of Jonathan's job classification, in middle management, had no reason to even talk to her. Attempting to socialize with Carol would have been tantamount to committing career suicide.

He finally met Carol when his boss handed him a file and told him to deliver it personally to the office of the CEO. This was an intern's job and Jonathan resented it. He decided the bitch just wanted to humiliate him but he couldn't refuse. It turned out to be the luckiest errand of his life.

"May I help you?" a voice said behind him as he wandered into the executive suite quite in awe of the luxurious surroundings. Jonathan turned around to face the speaker. His heart leapt to his throat when he saw it was Carol who had spoken to him.

"I uh, I'm J-Jonathan Harris from Finance," said Jonathan stammering like a schoolboy. "Ms. Kleinshmidt asked me to deliver this file to..." Damn! he cursed.

The harridan neglected to tell him who the recipient of the file was and Jonathan forgot to ask. She must be having a good laugh right now. Now he was in the presence of this goddess coming across like a complete fool.

"It's for me, as a matter of fact," said the lovely lady and held out her hand. "Thank you," she said when Jonathan handed her the file. "I'm Carol Valdez," she offered and rewarded him with a faint smile.

"I know," said Jonathan and blushed deeply. "I'm uh..."

"Jonathan Harris from Finance?"

"Yes," he said enthusiastically and blushed again when he realized he had already introduced himself. "I guess I better be getting back to Finance. Is there, uh, any message you wish taken back to Ms. Kleinshmidt?"

"No, thank you," said Carol. "Is there anything you wanted to ask me?" Jonathan was confused by the question.

"No, I uh, don't think so. I'm afraid that wasn't among Ms. Kleinschmidt's instructions. I could call her and check if you'd like." Carol began to laugh softly and Jonathan was more confused than ever. Had he missed out on something? Now, he was feeling humiliated.

"No, it's not that," said Carol. "Didn't you want to ask me out to dinner?" Jonathan couldn't decide whether to faint or run away in terror.

"Well, uh, of course I want to but I wouldn't presume you'd ever want to and company policy being what it is..."

"Of course I would," said Carol, "and hang company policy. It's violated all the time." She wrote on a card. "This is my address. Let's say eight o'clock Friday evening. I like sea food and Mexican cuisine. You can decide."

Jonathan took Carol to a Mexican restaurant that served excellent seafood. After that, they seemed inseparable. Barely a month after they started dating he declared his love for Carol and proposed to her. Much to his surprise and delight the young beauty accepted. She didn't want a full blown wedding and suggested a civil ceremony at the county clerk's office. No one in the office was to know with the exception of Carol's boss. That was fine with Jonathan and so they were here waiting for their 10:40 appointment along with several other couples in the busy office. Now it seemed obvious why Carol was in such a hurry. Hector must have raped his sister. That was the only possible explanation for it.

"Dearest Carol," said Jonathan. "I can understand the panic you must have felt when you discovered that you were pregnant by your own brother. I don't know why Hector forced himself on you but I want you to know that it doesn't matter to me in the least. I'll be happy to treat this child as my very own and I'll see that Hector receives the proper psychiatric care that he so obviously needs."

"You wonderful man," Carol responded. "I knew I could count on you but that's not what happened at all. Hector didn't force himself on me."

"Well then I'm more confused than ever," declared the shocked young man. "Would you mind explaining?"

"Certainly I don't mind. I went over to my mother's house to visit her. I make a point of doing that every week. She wasn't around so I went looking for Hector. His bedroom door was open so I just peeked in. He was lying on his bed masturbating. He saw me and said hi but just kept on playing with himself. I know I should have just walked away but his thing looked so big and thick and pretty, well, before I knew it I was beside the bed asking him if he had a condom.

"Hector just shook his head and told me he didn't use them and that if I wanted him I'd have to take it bareback. He told me he didn't allow his women to use protection either. Then my brother asked me, 'Do you want to be my woman, sis?' Well, I didn't think twice before I was disrobing..."

"You can save me those details," interrupted Jonathan. It was obvious to Jonathan his fiancée needed psychiatric care as well as her brother. "May I ask why you chose me to help raise your brother's child?"

"I'm sure you'll understand I didn't want to be an unwed mother," said Carol, "so when my pregnancy test came up positive I examined the personnel files of all the eligible men in the company down to middle management and your personality fit the profile of the man I wanted to marry. I guess you're realizing our meeting wasn't quite by chance."

He still hadn't two and two together until Carol explained it. "And what do I fit the profile of?" asked Jonathan patiently.

"You're the perfect cuckold, mi amor," said Carol.

"Cuckold? I am not a cuckold," declared Jonathan in a voice louder than he intended.

"Shush, Jonathan," said Carol. "You're bothering the other couples." Jonathan looked around and noticed the couples nearest them had scooted farther down the bench they were sitting on. The counter clerk was looking rather alarmed at them.

"I am not a cuckold," insisted Jonathan in a quieter voice.

"Of course you are, Jonathan. You just haven't realized it before. The psychological testing we put you through when you were hired is very detailed and precise. I double checked to make sure. Otherwise I couldn't marry you. I don't believe in divorce and I didn't want to make the mistake of marrying a man who wouldn't accept the status quo."

"The status quo? B-but that implies you're going to continue your affair with Hector."

"And have more of his children," said Carol. "He wants it that way."

"But I don't want it that way. What about me?"

"I'll be a loving wife to you in every way, Jonathan, except that I won't stop sleeping with my brother and I won't have any children for you. It might upset Hector."

"Oh, we don't want to upset Hector, do we?" Jonathan said as ironically as he could.

"Now don't be cross, Jonathan. Hector doesn't seem to be interested in me since I became pregnant so you and I will have lots of time for lovemaking. Of course, after I give birth we'll have to stop until Hector impregnates me again. I don't want to take the chance of you impregnating me by accident and I don't want my children looking like they came from two different fathers anyway. Would you consider getting a vasectomy, Jonathan?"

"No, I certainly would not consider any such thing," Jonathan declared.

"Well, it would certainly simplify things if you did. Then we could make love even when I wasn't pregnant with Hector's babies."

"Just how many children do you expect to have with your brother?"

"As many as he wants to give me, I suppose. I haven't discussed it with him."

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