First Time for Soccer Girl

by Al Giovanni

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Younger virgin girl seduces an unwilling older man but who has more than met his match.

Jean and Guy Roma laid in bed discussing their teenage daughter, Vicky. They were concerned about her welfare. She had just turned 18 and was a very pretty girl, but very shy and not comfortable with boys. She was much more comfortable with girls.

Her mother wanted her to be popular with the boys like she was in high school. Her mother also worried that she might end up gay if she did not learn to enjoy the company of boys.

Jean, told her husband that Vicky need an experienced male to teach her about the pleasure of heterosexual sex. But, since Guy and Vicky were not close, he did not want anything to do with this idea. jean, said what about Carlo Giovanni? Carlo was guy's boss and the owner of the business.

What about Carlo, asked Guy?

Well he is very nice and his wife once told me he was a wonderful lover. Now that she is bi-polar she no longer sleeps in the same bedroom and maybe he would be just what the doctor ordered.

But he is over 60 years old, said Guy.

Well maybe he is but he is in great shape, his body looks more like he is 40. Guy, all my lady friends say that you boys don't become men until age 40 and Carlo has 20 years of experience as a man, so he has the experience to teach our daughter what she needs to know in order to be popular with high school boys and men in general.

Jean, how are we going to get Vicky to go along with this? After all she like all the other kids and people in general think that young is good and anything over 40 is bad, said Guy.

Guy, you and I will have to do a little brain washing. we will talk to her about the benefits of learning about sex from an older man.

Jean, how will we convince Carlo Giovanni to teach our Vicky about sex? he is rather conservative, Italian/American, grandfather and I am not sure he would look at another woman.

Guy, his wife hasn't slept with him in years and if he is a red Blooded, Italian male, he is hot and horny. Leave him to me and I will convince him. He also likes Vicky a lot. Do you remember how he played with her in their pool last summer at the company picnic? They could not stop touching each other while they played in the water. Since there were so many people in the pool, Carlo didn't think anyone would notice.

The next day the front door slammed close as Vicky entered the house after school. Vicky, what the problem, dear, her mother asked? Vicky ran into her bedroom crying. Her mother follows her into the room and sits next to Vicky on the bed. Jean, just sits there and waits for Vicky to calm down.

Oh mother I hate high school none of the boys even look at me and I got cut from the cheer leader tryouts.

Vicky, I need to talk to you about your problem. Will you listen to me and quit crying, please.

Yes, mother I will listen.

Well Vicky you need to learn about boys and sex.

Yes, mother I agree. I don't know much about those two subjects, but I don't know how to go about learning. Most of the high school kids are all talk. They don't know shit and from I hear from other girls, boys don't do anything for their girlfriend, only for themselves.

Vicky, now that you are growing up I am going to tell you some things I did when I was your age and even younger. Well my best friend and I both made the cheerleaders squad, when she lost her cherry to the captain of the varsity football team. A good looking guy by the name of Josh Logan. Well it was a very bad experience for her. He did it in the back seat of his dad's car in the high school parking lot after the game. He didn't take his time to make sure she was ready, he just rammed it in and did his thing and took her home in pain, both physical and psychological.

I talked to my mom and told her about what happened. But mom was from the old school, sex was bad, but necessary and only after you got married.

So I asked my aunt Sue, she was a lot younger than mom and being dad's sister, she was a lot more with it than mom. Since aunt sue had never got married and had lots of boy friends, I just knew she could help me understand about boys and sex. Aunt Sue told me that having sex with boys was like taking a ride in a high powered car without any brakes, fast acceleration but no control. A dangerous, one with little or no consideration for your pleasure and welfare. Aunt Sue said it was important that the first time you had sex that it was a good experience. Aunt Sue said that males don't grow up to become men until the age of 40. These men are better partners for women of any age, but in particular for girls with little or no experience, because:

  1. they have more experience

  2. they understand women and our bodies better

  3. they have more patience, are not in a big rush

  4. they want to please us

  5. they are less likely to be focused on only pleasing themselves,

  6. they are less likely to be wrapped up in their career, their job, and themselves

  7. they know more about the mechanics of sex and how to adapt this knowledge to meet our needs and their.

  8. more likely to cooperate with you when you desire to become a mom, by planting his seed where and when it will do the most good.

  9. they make better dad's because they have grown up enough to realize how important it is to be a good dad and will spend as much time as possible at home with you and the kids.

God mom, I never though about these things, but they seem to make sense. But dad is the only older man I know, but you and I know that dad and I are too much alike for me to be comfortable with and he is after all my dad and I cannot do anything with my dad, no way!

Vicky, there is another mature male you know, just think about it for a while and when you remember who he is come talk to me about him. When Vicky was in bed her mother looked in to say good night and Vicky said mom could it be dad's boss Carlo?

Yes, dear you are exactly right.

Well mom Carlo is a lot of fun and he so nice and nice looking too. But, I so seldom see him that even if I wanted to it would not be possible.

Vicky, I think i can help you in this matter, but only for you to spend some quality time with Carlo, everything else will have to be up to you.

Mom, didn't I hear you tell dad that in spite of the fact that his wife doesn't sleep with him any more he doesn't have any lady friends.

Yes, dear I did say that, but when there is a will there is a way. I know Carlo likes you a lot! Remember your time in the pool with him last year at the company picnic?

Yea, that's right we had a good old time hugging, pushing, shoving and of course splashing each other.

Vicky, I happen to know that Carlo has to go to California for some business, at Stanford University the same date you have your trip for that awesome soccer tournament in the same area of the state. your dad and I cannot go because of some of our best friends are coming to visit us that week end. Well it seems that the team mom and the coach said that a relative from each family had to travel with each player on this trip. I was going to call your aunt, but I think I can talk Carlo into being your uncle for the week end.

Remember the last soccer trip? Due to the fact you girls didn't get any sleep because you talked to each other all night, you ran out of gas and lost in the final so now the coach want each girl in her own room with only her adult family member.

Vicky, I need you to be honest with me. Now tell me the truth, are you still a virgin?

Mother, how could you ask me such a personal question?

Yes, I know dear but it is a very important question, so tell me the truth.

Well all right, I am sure you will be glad to hear that I am. I am glad Vicky, I didn't want you to have a very unpleasant experience your first time.

Well Vicky, I am going to make an appointment for you with my doctor and have him put you on the pill right away. And Vicky I will arrange it so we will have Carlo over for dinner one night and see if he need someone to man his nice, large, sail boat. He told me no one in his family wanted to sail, so he was unable to do what he loves so much, sailing.

Mom, that sounds so neat. You know that I have been dying to sail on his type of boat. All that time I spent learning how to sail during that class the country club offered last summer, will help me a lot.

Mom, this is interesting but I do not think i can pull this off. I don't have enough experience. Vicky, you are very pretty and have a great body, no man will be able to resist you, but first we must buy you some clothes that will make you irresistible. The first thing we buy is some very hot, bikinis, thongs and bras.

Jean had called Carlo to make an appointment to talk to him. They met at the country club and had a drink. Jean explained the problem that she and her husband not being able to go with Vicky to California with her soccer team. Jean asked this as a special favor of one of her favorite people, Carlo.

Well Jean you know I think the world of Vicky, but I wouldn't feel right, what if something happens during the trip.

Carlo, we will give you legal permission to do what ever is necessary if she gets hurt or sick and we will give you a release from liability, also.

Jean, I just don't have the time, I cannot do it.

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