First Time for Soccer Girl

by Al Giovanni

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Younger virgin girl seduces an unwilling older man but who has more than met his match.

Jean and Guy Roma laid in bed discussing their teenage daughter, Vicky. They were concerned about her welfare. She had just turned 18 and was a very pretty girl, but very shy and not comfortable with boys. She was much more comfortable with girls.

Her mother wanted her to be popular with the boys like she was in high school. Her mother also worried that she might end up gay if she did not learn to enjoy the company of boys.

Jean, told her husband that Vicky need an experienced male to teach her about the pleasure of heterosexual sex. But, since Guy and Vicky were not close, he did not want anything to do with this idea. jean, said what about Carlo Giovanni? Carlo was guy's boss and the owner of the business.

What about Carlo, asked Guy?

Well he is very nice and his wife once told me he was a wonderful lover. Now that she is bi-polar she no longer sleeps in the same bedroom and maybe he would be just what the doctor ordered.

But he is over 60 years old, said Guy.

Well maybe he is but he is in great shape, his body looks more like he is 40. Guy, all my lady friends say that you boys don't become men until age 40 and Carlo has 20 years of experience as a man, so he has the experience to teach our daughter what she needs to know in order to be popular with high school boys and men in general.

Jean, how are we going to get Vicky to go along with this? After all she like all the other kids and people in general think that young is good and anything over 40 is bad, said Guy.

Guy, you and I will have to do a little brain washing. we will talk to her about the benefits of learning about sex from an older man.

Jean, how will we convince Carlo Giovanni to teach our Vicky about sex? he is rather conservative, Italian/American, grandfather and I am not sure he would look at another woman.

Guy, his wife hasn't slept with him in years and if he is a red Blooded, Italian male, he is hot and horny. Leave him to me and I will convince him. He also likes Vicky a lot. Do you remember how he played with her in their pool last summer at the company picnic? They could not stop touching each other while they played in the water. Since there were so many people in the pool, Carlo didn't think anyone would notice.

The next day the front door slammed close as Vicky entered the house after school. Vicky, what the problem, dear, her mother asked? Vicky ran into her bedroom crying. Her mother follows her into the room and sits next to Vicky on the bed. Jean, just sits there and waits for Vicky to calm down.

Oh mother I hate high school none of the boys even look at me and I got cut from the cheer leader tryouts.

Vicky, I need to talk to you about your problem. Will you listen to me and quit crying, please.

Yes, mother I will listen.

Well Vicky you need to learn about boys and sex.

Yes, mother I agree. I don't know much about those two subjects, but I don't know how to go about learning. Most of the high school kids are all talk. They don't know shit and from I hear from other girls, boys don't do anything for their girlfriend, only for themselves.

Vicky, now that you are growing up I am going to tell you some things I did when I was your age and even younger. Well my best friend and I both made the cheerleaders squad, when she lost her cherry to the captain of the varsity football team. A good looking guy by the name of Josh Logan. Well it was a very bad experience for her. He did it in the back seat of his dad's car in the high school parking lot after the game. He didn't take his time to make sure she was ready, he just rammed it in and did his thing and took her home in pain, both physical and psychological.

I talked to my mom and told her about what happened. But mom was from the old school, sex was bad, but necessary and only after you got married.

So I asked my aunt Sue, she was a lot younger than mom and being dad's sister, she was a lot more with it than mom. Since aunt sue had never got married and had lots of boy friends, I just knew she could help me understand about boys and sex. Aunt Sue told me that having sex with boys was like taking a ride in a high powered car without any brakes, fast acceleration but no control. A dangerous, one with little or no consideration for your pleasure and welfare. Aunt Sue said it was important that the first time you had sex that it was a good experience. Aunt Sue said that males don't grow up to become men until the age of 40. These men are better partners for women of any age, but in particular for girls with little or no experience, because:

  1. they have more experience

  2. they understand women and our bodies better

  3. they have more patience, are not in a big rush

  4. they want to please us

  5. they are less likely to be focused on only pleasing themselves,

  6. they are less likely to be wrapped up in their career, their job, and themselves

  7. they know more about the mechanics of sex and how to adapt this knowledge to meet our needs and their.

  8. more likely to cooperate with you when you desire to become a mom, by planting his seed where and when it will do the most good.

  9. they make better dad's because they have grown up enough to realize how important it is to be a good dad and will spend as much time as possible at home with you and the kids.

God mom, I never though about these things, but they seem to make sense. But dad is the only older man I know, but you and I know that dad and I are too much alike for me to be comfortable with and he is after all my dad and I cannot do anything with my dad, no way!

Vicky, there is another mature male you know, just think about it for a while and when you remember who he is come talk to me about him. When Vicky was in bed her mother looked in to say good night and Vicky said mom could it be dad's boss Carlo?

Yes, dear you are exactly right.

Well mom Carlo is a lot of fun and he so nice and nice looking too. But, I so seldom see him that even if I wanted to it would not be possible.

Vicky, I think i can help you in this matter, but only for you to spend some quality time with Carlo, everything else will have to be up to you.

Mom, didn't I hear you tell dad that in spite of the fact that his wife doesn't sleep with him any more he doesn't have any lady friends.

Yes, dear I did say that, but when there is a will there is a way. I know Carlo likes you a lot! Remember your time in the pool with him last year at the company picnic?

Yea, that's right we had a good old time hugging, pushing, shoving and of course splashing each other.

Vicky, I happen to know that Carlo has to go to California for some business, at Stanford University the same date you have your trip for that awesome soccer tournament in the same area of the state. your dad and I cannot go because of some of our best friends are coming to visit us that week end. Well it seems that the team mom and the coach said that a relative from each family had to travel with each player on this trip. I was going to call your aunt, but I think I can talk Carlo into being your uncle for the week end.

Remember the last soccer trip? Due to the fact you girls didn't get any sleep because you talked to each other all night, you ran out of gas and lost in the final so now the coach want each girl in her own room with only her adult family member.

Vicky, I need you to be honest with me. Now tell me the truth, are you still a virgin?

Mother, how could you ask me such a personal question?

Yes, I know dear but it is a very important question, so tell me the truth.

Well all right, I am sure you will be glad to hear that I am. I am glad Vicky, I didn't want you to have a very unpleasant experience your first time.

Well Vicky, I am going to make an appointment for you with my doctor and have him put you on the pill right away. And Vicky I will arrange it so we will have Carlo over for dinner one night and see if he need someone to man his nice, large, sail boat. He told me no one in his family wanted to sail, so he was unable to do what he loves so much, sailing.

Mom, that sounds so neat. You know that I have been dying to sail on his type of boat. All that time I spent learning how to sail during that class the country club offered last summer, will help me a lot.

Mom, this is interesting but I do not think i can pull this off. I don't have enough experience. Vicky, you are very pretty and have a great body, no man will be able to resist you, but first we must buy you some clothes that will make you irresistible. The first thing we buy is some very hot, bikinis, thongs and bras.

Jean had called Carlo to make an appointment to talk to him. They met at the country club and had a drink. Jean explained the problem that she and her husband not being able to go with Vicky to California with her soccer team. Jean asked this as a special favor of one of her favorite people, Carlo.

Well Jean you know I think the world of Vicky, but I wouldn't feel right, what if something happens during the trip.

Carlo, we will give you legal permission to do what ever is necessary if she gets hurt or sick and we will give you a release from liability, also.

Jean, I just don't have the time, I cannot do it.

Carlo, Ii was trying not to bring this up but you don't leave me any choice, Carlo, remember that night when I came over to your house to see how your wife was doing after the death of your daughter, well as you remember she was at the church and it was only you at home. You had been drinking and offered me a drink. i felt so bad for you, since she was your only daughter and as I remember she was about Vicky's age when she died. Well I felt so bad i hugged you and we both cried and cried and the next thing I know we are in your bed making each other feel better by making love. You were so out of it I am not sure you would remember what happened. But, before I left you thanked me for helping make you forget about all the pain you had buried in your soul.

Jean, you bring up a very painful time, which I had put out of my mind. well, I guess I owe you a favor and yes I will play Uncle for the week end, but after that we are even, right?

Yes, Carlo we will be even. But as a way to let you two get to know each other better so you will be more comfortable with each other, I would like you to come to dinner at our house. I will fix you that special veal chop dinner you like so much. Carlo, don't forget to bring your swim suit.

The following Saturday Carlo showed up at 5:00 p.m. sharp. Guy, opened up a bottle of French hard apple cider and poured Carlo a generous portion into a chilled mug. This top of the line hard cider was what Carlo liked to drink prior to dinner. Everyone was already in their swimming gear and Carlo went in to change into his. After he changed Carlo dove into the deep end of the pool. He was no sooner into the pool when Vicky showed up and dove into the deep end right after him. Carlo watched Vicky get out of the pool and he was stunned to see how she had filled out. last year she was a pretty girl, this year she was a beautiful, sexy woman. By god. Vicky's bikini was a master piece of Sexual stimulation, it left little to the imagination.

She noticed him for the first time and said hi Uncle Carlo and proceeded to dive back into the pool, but first pulled the very thin material of her bikini out of her slit between her legs, she did this very slowly allowing him to watch her expose her pussy for a moment. Carlo felt his blood pressure rise to the boiling point. Vicky swam over to Carlo and then put her arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Uncle Carlo, I missed you so much after our little splash in the pool at last year's company picnic, where have you been keeping yourself?

Vicky, I was hiding from you, you little tease. My doctor told me to stay away from you

because you make my blood pressure go sky high.

Uncle is that any way to talk to your niece, well almost niece, my almost uncle. You are my favorite uncle. Did you know that? Carlo responded to her flirting by tossing her into the air and away from him; head first, but upside down. she hit the water like a sack of potatoes. The impact stunned her but she quickly swam underwater and grabbed his legs and yanked him underwater. they came up for air in a mass of tangled limbs. Before Carlo could get his bearing, Vicky pushed him under water and at the same time she clamped her lips over and stuck her tongue between into his mouth and grabbed his tongue with hers. as they went underwater Carlo was so stunned he didn't know what to do but her proactive tongue was so insistent he had to respond in kind. as they came up for air they pulled apart and at that moment, Jean walked up and told them dinner was ready. Carlo watched Vicky dry off and she asked him if he would dry her back. he enjoyed the closeness of her body and after he dried her, she took it upon herself to dry his back.

At dinner Carlo opened a bottle of fine, expensive, Italian, red wine that he had brought with him. the wine was 10 old and was so smooth that even Vicky though it was incredibly good. Since jean had purchased prime veal chops the meal was a good as the wine. by the time they had finished the second bottle of this fine wine, Carlo was feeling no pain and his resistant to Vicky's charm was low.

So when she dared him to see who could dive the greatest distance into the pool. Vicky was an excellent soccer player and in great shape, but Carlo was at one time a professional soccer player and was still in great shape, so it was so close they called it a tie.

Then she dared him to see who was the fastest to swim from one end of the pool to the other. Carlo was winning when Vicky cheated by grabbing his legs. Carlo proceeded to duck her and would not let her up until she had swallowed a mouthful of water. Vicky came out of the water like a rocket, spitting water and her body sucked up to his, allowing him to feel the heat of her body and her lovely, firm breasts. She beat on his chest and called him a monster uncle, but laughed as she said it. Carlo put his arms around her so she couldn't hit him and this resulted in pulling her closer. When this happened she could feel his hardness between his legs, pressing between her legs. Vicky felt her pussy throb and lubricate. She was strongly attracted to Carlo they had a special chemistry that made them very comfortable talking to each other. Carlo was such a nice, kind man and so friendly. He had a Wonderful, sense of humor, but he always treated her like an equal. He never talked down to her.

After they got out of the pool and dried off they sat and talked to her parents. Jean, listened and picked the right time to talk about Carlo sail boat. She asked him if he still needed a first mate. Carlo said yes. I have not been able to sail for months. Carlo, I have a first mate for you this person graduated top of the sailing class last year. Jean, who are you talking about I have even run ads and am willing to pay, but no takers, well lots who don't know anything. Carlo, she is sitting right next to you. Vicky, I didn't know you could sail. This is great i cannot wait to get my boat into the water.

Vicky, do you want to be my first mate?

Sure Carlo, I love to, I love sailing.

Well Vicky are you free this Saturday?

Sure, Carlo what time? How about 8:00 a.m.? Sounds great, is there anything I need to bring? Only your swim suit, sun screen and a towel. I will have the food prepared in advance by my favorite catering service. So met me at the marina at dock k7, at 8:00 a.m. sharp. The weather report says that the winds should be ideal. We will sail to a beautiful island about 40 miles from the marina. It is privately owned and the owner is a friend. The trip will take all day and we will be back late. Jean is that ok with you and Guy?

Carlo, just take good care of our baby and see that no harm come to her, that's all we ask. We trust you and it is ok for her to spend the day sailing with you

Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Jean, dropped Vicky off at the dock and waved hi to Carlo then was gone. But on the ride over to the marina asked her mother for some tips on how to seduce Carlo.

Well dear be sure to make sure you touch him accidently as much as possible. Sail boats don't have much space so it will be easy to accidently rub your body against his. The second most important thing is to let him see bits and pieces of your body and again accidently. Don't wear a bra and let your white t-shirt gets hit by sea spray. It is interesting to watch his face when he realizes he can see your breasts, as if you have nothing on. Pretend you don't have a clue as to what is going on. When you anchor the boat put your bikini on and then you go on deck and ask Carlo if is ok for you to go topless, if there is no one else around. When you are scuba diving make sure your bikini bottom is pulled up tight between your lips and try to get ahead of him while swimming underwater. this will give him a good view and don't be afraid to bump into while making a lot of flesh to flesh contact.

By 8:15 a.m. they were in the channel headed out to sea. Vicky wearing short, white shorts and white t-shirt and deck shoes. She followed Carlo instructions without trouble and found the system that handled the sails we the best and easiest to use that she had ever experienced. Before they knew it all the sails were rigged and the boat cut through the sea like a knife. The sea was perfect, just enough wind to drive the boat but not enough to make the sea rough. After four hours of sailing they came to a cove north of Seattle where they dropped anchor. The cove was isolated and could not be seen from the ocean.

Carlo asked Vicky if she wanted to swim before they had lunch. She said she did and both of them went down to their separate rooms and changed.

When she came out she asked Carlo if it would be O.K. if she went topless. Carlo's face got red and Vicky said that no could see her, Carlo said what about me. Vicky said you don't have to look if you don't want to. Carlo said O.K. but you swim on one side of the boat and I will swim on the other. So Vicky took her top off while Carlo had his back turned. She dove into the water and proceeded to dive under the boat and came up under Carlo and pulled him down. As he came down Vicky slid up his body, she was facing him and rubbed her breasts on his chest and wrapped her arms around his body and Carlo struggled to get free and then Vicky slid further up and wrapped her legs around his neck and let him push her out of the water. When she was out of the water she stood on his shoulder and dove back into the water, then treaded water laughing with Carlo who started to swim over to her when he remembered she was topless and proceeded to swim to the other side of the boat.

Vicky climbed back on the boat and waited until Carlo started to climb on to the boat and she stood above him and offered him her hand, making it impossible for him not to stare at her breasts. Carlo was not too sure what part of him had the most blood his dick or his red face. Vicky ate her lunch across from Carlo so he had to look at her hot, sexy body. After lunch they put the sail up and pull the anchor and were up to speed in no time. Vicky left her bikini bottom on and her top off, and Carlo did not change back into his sailing gear, also.

Carlo could not keep his eyes off Vicky's beautiful breasts. They looked like they were carved out of alabaster. Firm, proud and no sag. They were the perfect size for Vicky, not too big or too small. Vicky was a real beauty, slim waist, nice tight ass and hips that were perfect, thought Carlo. Vicky made sure that Carlo could see her tits as much as possible and in profile seemed to get his attention the most. Carlo had a constant hard on. He tried to will it down and had no luck thanks to Vicky. Carlo as captain of the vessel was at the wheel steering, when Vicky asked if she could steer the boat and Carlo being a nice guy said ok, but I have to be behind you in case of any sudden trouble.

So Vicky steered the boat with Carlo standing not too close behind her. Vicky, thought to herself this is not working so she pretended to slip and lose control of the wheel thus forcing Carlo to move up against Vicky so he could grab the wheel. Vicky pretended to fall back against Carlo and felt his hard dick pressing between her legs. as she fell backwards she put her hands behind her to catch herself, but instead she ended up grabbing Carlo's swim suit with one and pulled it down and then his cock with the other hand... holding it until he moved her to the side, but holding her up with one arm and steering with the other hand. As soon as Vicky caught her balance she moved back to steer the boat and leaned back into Carlo who could not resist and moved his hands over her breasts.

Vicky's breasts felt like they would explode they were so hot and this heat was driving her pussy wild. Vicky tried to reach back and grab Carlo's cock and he knocked her hands away. But, he kept his hands on Vicky's hot breasts. Vicky was so hot she was dripping on the deck of the boat.

Carlo had pulled his swim suit back up and Vicky never got a chance to look at his cock. She wanted to look at it, but even more so wanted to get her hands on it.

Carlo, I am like a different person when I am with you. what do you mean Vicky, asked Carlo? well when I am with boys at my school I am shy and backwards. I am too scared to even kiss them, but with you I am not at all shy, don't you agree. yes, Vicky in fact I find it hard to believe you are shy with boys at school. Carlo the fact is I don't even like the boys at school. they treat us girls as dumb stuffed, displayed models.

Carlo, one of the reason why I am so backward is because I know very little about sex. I am afraid to tell anyone of my class mates including my girl friends.

Vicky, I am sorry to hear about your problems. I can appreciate how difficult school must be for you. you need someone that you can talk to and explain these things to you.

Carlo, do you know anyone who could help me? I need an experienced older man who would not hurt me.

No Vicky I don't know anyone. well Carlo, I just though of someone. Bet you cannot guess who it is.

Vicky, you got that right I don't have a clue. well it's you Carlo. Come on Vicky, no way are you going to talk me into this. Vicky starts crying, tears flow out of her as if a dam has broken. Carlo, if you don't help me I am going to become a total outcast. I will flunk out of school. I need someone to help build up my self-esteem. Carlo, you are the only person who can help me. Please, as she continued to cry. Poor Carlo he was torn in two. He wanted to help her but he know this was wrong, but his hands and the rest of his body did not agree...

Well maybe I can help but I will not have sex with you. I will only show you what should be done prior to having actual sex. Vicky stopped crying and threw her arms around Carlo and kissed him hard on the lips. Oh Carlo, you are such a wonderful person, you are so kind. you won't be sorry I will do anything you ask and will not give you any problems.


this has to between the two of us. you are a young girl and a lot of people including parents would not understand and I do not want to go to jail. Carlo, I will not tell anyone. promise, cross my heart.

Carlo, put the auto pilot on and took Vicky back into the eating area of the boat, which also served as extra sleeping bunks. he took Vicky in his arms and kissed her gently and her tongue came out to duel with his. The longer they dueled the more passionate it became.

Carlo, started kissing Vicky up and down her neck very gently and then nibbled on her ear and put his tongue tip into her ear. His actions were making her so hot she couldn't hold still, her body vibrated like a string on a violin. He then kissed his way down her body to her breasts, where he kissed, sucked and licked her nipples until she thought they were going to become so hot they were going to burst into flames. Turned on by his sensitive touches, Vicky's pussy was forcing her hips to rotate, side to side, back and forth. Carlo, continued kissing his way down her body, putting his tongue tip into her belly button making Vicky gasp, then Carlo kissed his way down the inside of her thighs down to her delicate feet with her painted toes and cute toe rings. Vicky could hardly bear the tingling shooting down her legs to her pussy. He took off her bikini bottoms and then kissed her sensitive areas of her thigh with his lips and licked his way up to her pussy where he kissed and licked the areas around her pussy. Vicky's body was on pins and needles in anticipation, waiting for him to kiss her virgin, hot box.

To Vicky, Carlo was taking forever, so she told him to put his mouth on her pussy, I cannot take it any longer, lick me now! Carlo, found it difficult to say no to Vicky, so he slid his tongue into her sopping pussy. He licked from the bottom to the top, then sucked on her hole, inhaling the juices that she was pumping out of her pussy, the quantity was so huge he had a hard time breathing. He moved up to her clit where he kissed and nibbled it gently and Vicky bucked so hard she knocked Carlo backward away from her body and she screamed so loudly it hurt Carlo's ears.

Carlo, left her sprawled out, dead to the world, and went back to the steering wheel. when Vicky finally came out of it, they were about to drop anchor at the island of Carlo's friend, Alberto Rizi. Al Rizi was extremely wealthy and had retired to this island. no one else could live on the island since Al owned it lock, stock and barrel. Vicky, helped Carlo drop the sails and the anchor.

They are dinner with al and his wife Gina. Gina cooked an incredibly delicious meal of spinach lasagna which included buffalo milk mozzarella cheese and veal. everything was made from scratch or was imported. Al served an outstand imported Italian red wine, a 1996 Brunello. It was so good that even Vicky, who did not drink, liked it.

After dinner Vicky and Carlo got back on his boat and sailed home. On the way, Vicky again teased Carlo by making sure her t-shirt got wet so Carlo could see her awesome breasts. They were so firm, some might think she had implants, which gave her an idea. Carlo, do you like what you see? Do you think they aren't real?

Vicky, Carlo said, they look good but I cannot tell by looking. Carlo, do you know of any way of telling?

No Vicky I don't.

Carlo, I can think of one, said Vicky.

Vicky You do. What is it? Vicky then pushed her breasts into Carlo's back firmly and put her arms around his waist and said you will have to put the boat on auto - pilot, first then I will tell you. Carlo did so and turned toward Vicky. Vicky quickly pulled her wet t-shirt over her head and grabbed him around the neck and kissed him. At first he resisted but as her tongue pushed between his lips forcing him to open his mouth, his tongue met hers and danced together, back and forth. She pulled back grabbed his hands and put one on each of her breasts and looking him in the eye with a beautiful smile radiating from her face, she said feel them. do you, can you feel any implants, Carlo? Carlo, gently, very gently felt around each of her breast and gently started to kiss and suck on each. This is exactly what Vicky wanted, she was so turned on.

Then Carlo said to her, Vicky I cannot feel any implants, so yours are god given and they feel so good and look even better.

Carlo, you are so nice and have made me feel so good. What can I do to make you feel good? Not waiting for an answer she reached down and gently held his cock. His cock was already semi-hard before and now was rock hard. she undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and pushed his shorts down to the deck. his cock was trying to drill a hole through his silk, imported, form fitting underwear. Vicky, quickly, but gently pushed his underwear down to his ankles and stroked his cock, which was acting like the safety release valve on a steam engine, which was about to burst. Vicky, dropped to her knees and started to lick his cock, Carlo was trying to push her away. his mind said no, but his body said yes. once she had started to lick his cock his mind gave up and gave in, Carlo, I have never done this before, please tell me what to do, you promised to teach me, to help me.

Vicky, keep doing what you are doing but open your mouth and put my cock into your mouth and start sucking on it and at the same time use your hand to move up and down on the base of cock. hold my cock gently while doing so and at the same time lick and suck my cock. move your head up and down while you are doing this also. in a few minute I will cum in your mouth and don't worry it does not taste bad. many girls like the taste.

I will try to let you know when I am coming, so you won't be surprised. You have a choice to make you can spit it out or you can swallow it. It will not make you sick, and most men think it is very sexy for a girl to swallow. It is a big turn on. So Vicky, an excellent student did exactly what she was told and soon, too soon Carlo, felt himself start to come and told her so. she didn't say anything, but was determined to please him and pushed his cock into her throat and swallowed as best she could. He was incredible, she though she would die before he stopped. she felt like she was wetting her pants when Carlo was coming in her mouth. After they both calmed down, she told him about that.

Vicky, you just had an orgasm, sounds like it is your first.

I guess so, I have heard the girls at school talking about making themselves orgasm, but I don't play with myself.

Vicky, you don't know how to make yourself orgasm?

No I don't and I hear it is a lot better if some else does it for you. I rather you did it for me like earlier today.

The boat got to the dock after dark and late that night. Carlo, thanks her for her help and dropped her off at her home. Vicky, had tried to get him to make love to her, but he refused and got so mad he would not touch her or let her touch him the rest of the trip home. He had told her up front that he would not have vaginal sex with her, ever!

After Vicky got ready for bed her mom came into her room to say good night. Vicky, dear how did things go with Carlo?

Well at first things seemed to go well mom, but then I got carried away and tried to get him to make love to me and he got mad and would touch me anymore or let me touch him.

Vicky, you mean you didn't get him to do anything. No, mom I didn't say that. Before he got mad he licked my pussy and I went down on his cock.

Well dear that sounds like progress and by the way did you get him to come in your mouth and if so what did you do with his cum?

Well after Carlo said that guys like it best when a girl swallows, I wanted to please him a lot, so I swallowed. it wasn't easy because I had never done it before and he came so many times I thought I was going to drown. But, he tasted pretty good, nothing like I tasted before, but I could find him habit forming. I wonder, mother is cum fatting?

Well dear if it was fatting a lot of ladies including your mother would be at least 20 pounds heavier than we are.

Vicky, remember we are taking Carlo out to dinner this week end. we going to that great Italian restaurant that Carlo and your dad like so much, then we are going to the nice Danza club with all the hot young people, who have money and like to dress up.

God mom, that place is hot they have 4 dance floors and each one has different music.

Yes, dear the one we will take Carlo to has nice slow romantic music and is very sexy in its atmosphere. mom, what am I going to do? I screwed things up.

Well Vicky dear, be patient and be sexy. don't push him, let him come on to you. but you have to be prepared to stir the pot. we are going to buy you a dress that is conservative, but at the same time is very beautiful and sexy like you. You need a dress that brings out the best of your beautiful body. I saw a fantastic dress made of silk that was champagne white in color. This color is perfect for someone with your coloring. Vicky's skin had a nice Italian olive glow and her hair was a stunning red. It was natural, but only ladies who spent a lot of money at a high class beauty salon could duplicate it.

Her eyes were a brilliant brown with flecks of green sprinkled over them. her complexion was perfect. Her father's family came from the south of Italy, while her mother's came from the north of Italy. Her mother had much lighter colored skin and green eyes, with red hair. her dad had olive skin and dark brown eyes and hair. Vicky's hair was naturally curly with a reddish gold luster.

Vicky is about 5' 4" tall, 110 lbs., with a perfect body and her breasts ideal for her body: c cup with out and sag and the face of an angel, sometimes a naughty one. Vicky did not need glasses or contacts since her vision was better than 20/20

Vicky liked people and people liked her. She was always trying to get other people to feel better about themselves. She was a natural leader.

Vicky, was an exceptionally intelligent person, who took all the challenging classes in high school and always had the top grades in her classes.

Beneath all that wonderful beauty beat a heart that lacked self-confidence. Vicky felt she was not beautiful and felt that no one liked her. Since Vicky was new at her school she did not know any of the kids in her classes. Vicky did not dress in such a way to call attention to herself, her mother thought to herself.

the following Saturday Vicky found herself enjoying a great meal at Antica Napoli. Carlo was in rare form telling a lot of funny, but interesting stories to a captive audience. Vicky heart felt so happy to be near him, her heart was close to exploding. Her pussy was heating up and caused her to day dream about having him touching her, making love to her and pleasing her in every way possible. Vicky had a few stories she told that Carlo found very funny. He thought to himself this girl is very smart and mature beyond her years. For the first time he looked at her as a woman, not just a cute little girl. Her dress and limited use of make up made her look 10 years older, Carlo thought and what was that perfume. Carlo, was having trouble thinking due to the sensory over load coming through his eyes and his nose. God she smells incredible and words were lacking for how good she looked.

Guy, ordered champagne for everyone, they managed to sneak Vicky a glass or two. Vicky was seated next to Carlo, unlike dinner, where she was across from him. The bubbles were making Carlo feel nice and mellow and before he knew it his upper leg was rubbing against Vicky's. When Vicky felt his leg rubbing against her, she was at first shocked, but pleased. She did not pull away or do anything and then she felt his hand reach over under the table and touch her hand resting in her lap. she opened her fingers and interlocked his fingers with his.

Just then her dad said lets dance, Carlo do you mind dancing with Vicky while I dance with her mom?

No problem guy, both ladies are very special. So Guy and Jean proceeded out on the dance floor and talked about Vicky and Carlo, Jean brought Guy up to date on what was going on.

Jean, I got to hand it to you and Vicky, you might just pull this off, but still Carlo said no sex and if I know Carlo he is not about to change his mind. That man is tough and he has a lot of self-control. Once when we went together to a business convention two very hot, young beautiful ladies came on to us in the hotel bar. They were college students who had to lose their virginity in order to get into a sorority. Well it did not happen because Carlo would not let them drag him off to their room. Those girls would not take no for an answer, they had had guys hitting on them for sex all the way through high school and now when they wanted to, the guy they hit on tells them no. They were in shock when they finally went off for greener pastures.

Guy, those girls were cruisers, Vicky Is a battleship. When she unloads all her weapons he will be blown out of the water.

Vicky and Carlo were dancing in the darkest part of the floor and were holding each other very close. Vicky could fell hard cock pressing into her body making her pussy scream out pleasure sensations thought her body. Her breasts were extremely sensitive from rubbing against Carlo chest. Her nipples were hard as ice, but hot as fire. Vicky was talking intelligently to Carlo about a subject dear to him, sailing. she was asking him questions about tactics used in racing large sail boats. Her in depth knowledge impressed Carlo. He seldom met anyone who knew as much, and never a person so young in age. She is truly a woman, not a girl. He knew he need a woman, a partner, but this is stupid she is a high school student and I am old enough to be her grandfather. I cannot make love to such a young person, but I did promise to teach her some things.

Carlo and Vicky were enjoying each other company so much that Vicky, started to think about Carlo as a man she could love and live with, not just someone to teach her about sex.

what did mom say about older men? she was so right. better 20 years with a kindred spirit than a life time with some self-centered, immature boy. Vicky did not want to wait 20 years or more for a boy to grow up. Mom, got married when she was still in high school and she and dad have a great marriage and her dad was in has forties when he married her mom.

Carlo, asked Vicky what other things was she interested in.

Vicky said soccer and Carlo i understand you were a very good striker.

Yes, Vicky, in fact I still play on a men's team, most of the players are closer to your age than mine, but my skills of mind and foot make me dangerous in front of the goal.

Gosh, Carlo I got to see you play, this is awesome. I too am a striker, but I could sure stand to learn a thing or two. When are you next going to play?

Vicky, I am going to play tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. as marrow field #1. I have a pass in my car that I will give you later, ok?

Sure, I love to go, could you pick me up? we are short of wheels tomorrow.

Vicky, I have to be there by noon, so I can pick you up at 11:30 a.m.

Carlo, sounds good. then they quit talking and just held each other and enjoyed the physical contact as they inhaled the enticing odors coming off their bodies. Carlo, looked forward to Vicky's company the following day. He wanted to touch her and to be touched by her. He was so lonely, god he needed her company!

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