Kristie's Happy New Year

by Gina Marie Wylie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the latest of Kristie's 'occasional' pieces. Kristie once again finds herself against her arch nemesis! Again, because this is short, detailed story codes give away too much...

Kristie Davenport put the phone down and contemplated life with rosy cheeks, for a brief instant.

And life of course, came right back and reminded her that not everything was rosy.

Her brother was pulling on her shorts, "Kristie! Kristie! Kristie! Play with me! Play with me! Play with me!"

Kristie pasted on a smile. Dear, sweet little lame brother, one of these days you're going to pull my shorts right off. I hope mother is close by when you do, because our lame mother will go into ballistic orbit... and you won't appreciate anything you get to see.

And of course, you just don't get irony at all. I mean, that was Ann Marie Kruger on the phone, begging me to come play with her! Who would have thought that after all these years of hating each other we would find out we had something in common? Much less *that*?

Cousin Glennie and I spent four days playing together; now Ann Marie and I have managed to sneak away three times. Not nearly as good as doing it in bed! Gosh, do we get it on when we get together, though!

Kristie took a deep breath to keep her rapidly rising hormones from reaching the point where she absolutely had to do something about them.

"Please, Kristie! Play with me!" Her brother repeated his mantra.

I suppose I should, Kristie thought. Mother is still furious about my Christmas present for the little drooler. An Anna Kournikova wall calendar; I mean, what's the big deal? She pretty much has her clothes on in every picture! I sure wouldn't mind having that one hanging in my bedroom!

"Kristieeeeee!" her brother wailed.

Kristie dropped down to one knee. "Okay, little brother. Let's play Go Fish!"

He looked her in the eye. "Poker!" he said firmly.

Kristie smiled and nodded her head. I have to thank my lucky stars; I was going to teach him strip poker so he could show off to all his friends. Lucky me, I decided we'd play with chips first, until he knew the rules. The little drooler either cheats or is the luckiest kid in the world. He wins practically every hand!

She did play with him for an hour, and was glad it was only chips she lost. Still, it would have been cool to hear about the first time her brother decided to teach strip poker to all of his friends.

At dinner, Kristie looked her mother in the eye. "I have a party invitation for New Year's Eve."

As was not unexpected, her lame mother frowned. "There will be a dozen adults there too," Kristie added. "Her parents are having a party, too."

"A party? You haven't been invited to a party since forever, Kristie. You finally learning how to socialize?"

"I guess. This is the girl who was an angel with me in the Christmas play. Those wings were a pain in the butt."

"Well, how would you get home? Your father and I are going to his office party that night."

"She's going to have a couple of friends sleep over. She invited me, too, if I couldn't find a ride." Ann Marie is crazy, but that's okay.

Her mother pursed her lips, and then nodded. "Okay. I'm glad you've been invited to a party, Kristie. It wouldn't be much fun going to high school without going to parties."

For a second Kristie wanted to knock the sand out of her ears, but decided that if the opportunity was there, best seize it.

"Maybe I could have a party? Valentine's Day?" That would be a long time off, maybe...

"I'll think about it," Kristie's mother told her. "If you can find some people to come."

Kristie stifled a giggle. Oh, finding someone to cum wouldn't be hard. The rest of the guest list would be more of a problem. Ann Marie was a social maven, she'd know who to ask. And I won't be asking Angela and Andrea to sleep over! Just Ann Marie!

The first few minutes of Ann Marie's party were tough. Andrea was the first to see Kristie, and she nearly blew a gasket. "What's she doing here?" Andrea had her hand horizontal with the ground, fully extended, pointing at Kristie as if she was an evil apparition.

Kristie glared at Ann Marie, who smiled weakly back. You didn't tell them? Kristie decided that Ann Marie might look and talk like she was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but she was really a pussy inside. That brought a smile to Kristie's face, and pushed her to take a few steps towards Andrea.

"Hi, Andrea. Nice to see you too."

Andrea's eyes suddenly fixed on Kristie's very nice blouse; one that wasn't baggy at all.

It had worked on Ann Marie, maybe instead of having a magic fairy wand, Kristie had magic fairy titties. She stepped close to Andrea, very close. "I hope you had a nice Christmas," Kristie said politely.

Andrea couldn't take her eyes off Kristie's chest. Kristie decided that this probably wouldn't be a good time and place to push the last few inches, because there were a dozen adults in Ann Marie's living room, and half a dozen younger kids as well.

"Cat got your tongue, Andrea?" Kristie asked sweetly.

"Ah," Andrea shook her head. She looked at Kristie, then down again at Kristie's breasts. "No. Maybe a ghost."

That brought a smile to Kristie's face. I've become a big fan of ghosts, recently.

"I asked Kristie to come," Ann Marie told Andrea. "My parents told me I had to invite some new people."

Andrea dragged her eyes away from Kristie's breasts. Yeah, I know, Kristie thought, a little smug. A D-cup, just this week. Lord, I wish they were smaller, but it's like poker. You play the hand you're dealt; don't cry about any one hand, because life's bigger than that.

Angela proved to be less of a problem, probably because she was on the arm of Shawn Patrick, the really handsome junior class President. Angela was spending all of her time looking at Shawn and was practically oblivious to the rest of the universe.

One of the people Ann Marie introduced Kristie to was Jackie Spears. Jackie was tall, dark, a little exotic looking. Jackie had short black hair, a hank of which hung over her right eye. She was wearing black jeans and a black turtleneck.

"Jackie plays tennis at the Phoenix Racquet Club," Ann Marie said.

Jackie grinned. "City Junior Champion two years running." Kristie wasn't sure how you could say something like that without sounding like a bragging snot, but Jackie came across as really nice.

Then Kristie was a little surprised when Ann Marie added, "Angela couldn't stay over tonight, so I asked Jackie."

Then it was a whirl of dancing and talk; twice Kristie danced with Ann Marie, both times slow dances where they could snuggle up close. Still, there wasn't any way Kristie could ask Ann Marie about what her plans were for after the party.

Once Kristie danced with Jackie, who was really cool, bubbling over with funny stories about competing at tennis.

The strangest thing was when Ann Marie dragged Andrea and Kristie together, after Kristie and Ann Marie finished their second dance. "I want you two to dance. Don't you spoil my party by fighting!"

Kristie thought that was a little unfair, as she hadn't even raised her voice to Andrea.

Andrea seemed to think the same thing, too. "Ann Marie says you're staying over tonight." Andrea offered up, as the moved out to dance.

Andrea looked, Kristie thought, like she needed a big dose of prune juice. Kristie's mother was fond of prune juice; what can you say when your mother's favorite remedy sends you to the bathroom for half a day? Not just lame, but gross and lame!

"That's right," Kristie answered mildly.

Andrea looked around furtively, and saw Ann Marie across the room talking to Jackie. Andrea leaned close to Kristie and whispered into Kristie's ear, "I think Jackie is a queer."

Kristie pulled Andrea a little tighter against her breasts as she leaned close to Andrea's ear to whisper in return. "So am I." Kristie blew lightly in Andrea's ear, knowing how pleasant that felt to her.

The expression on Andrea's face was great! Really great! Her mouth opened, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Really, really cool! At a safer distance, Kristie smiled at Andrea. "Why do you think I was invited?"

Even as Kristie asked that question, she knew the real answer. I thought it was for one thing; Ann Marie has other intentions. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Kristie dropped her hands from around Andrea, smiled at her wanly. "Excuse me, I'm a little dizzy."

There was a little patio off the living room; the occasional person or two would go outside to have a smoke. Kristie just turned and walked the few feet to get outside, then a few more feet until she was away from the light and sounds of the party.

I thought that this was all delicious and wicked. I thought I could play with Ann Marie to my heart's content, and she'd want to be with me the same way. Let's face it, Kristie. You never, ever, have liked Ann Marie. Her voice is nasal and high pitched; she sounds like a girlie girl. Her lovemaking isn't half as good as Glennie's; Ann Marie wants to bring you off, and then get off herself. Just like me. Except, when I can, I like to spend some time at it. I like to watch someone melt, turn from a normal person to a quivering mass of hormones. I like the feeling I get inside when that happens, knowing it was me who made them feel like that.

And be honest, Kristie. Where would you be right now, if Glennie was here? Kristie cast a glance back at the light coming from the Kruger's living room. I'd want to be with her, because the two of us really click. Sure, it's just sex, just like it is with Ann Marie, but it's better.

In spite of the fact Kristie had just looked, she was surprised when she felt Andrea move next to her. "Kristie, we've never liked each other."

That was an understatement! Not since first grade! You and Ann Marie and Angela made my life a perpetual torment. I was ready to forgive that, though, to play with Ann Marie. What does that make me?

"Ann Marie thinks I said something mean to you, that you came out here to sulk."

"You didn't say anything mean," Kristie told her. Not this time. This time, I did it to myself.

Andrea scuffed a foot on the concrete. "I used to watch you walk away after we would tease you. I felt bad, Kristie, really. Sometimes, I wanted to run after you and say I was sorry, but... you know how it is..."

Actually, no, Kristie thought. I can't imagine saying the things you guys dumped on me over the years to anyone. Why was I so stupid? Did I really think Ann Marie was going to change her spots just because I can make her tremble and shake?

Andrea reached out and touched Kristie's arm. "I'm sorry now, Kristie. I promise, no matter what, I won't do it again. I promise, cross my heart. I won't say mean things about anyone, anymore."

Kristie met Andrea's gaze. It's funny, I think she means it. I think... Kristie shrugged. I don't know what to think. For a second, her mind just floated; what came out next was a surprise.

"Why do you get such shitty grades, Andrea? You're not stupid. So why?"

Andrea looked away, shrugged. "Stupid school."

Kristie laughed. "Stupid school, stupid teachers, stupid classes. Lame homework, when there is any. Why, Andrea?"

"What's it to you? You're not my mother!" Andrea bristled with anger.

"Nothing, and I'm not sure I ever want to be a mother. You're getting like F's in everything, Andrea. That doesn't make any sense."

"It's my business, okay? Look, I promise I won't tell anyone what you said just about being queer, okay? Butt out!"

"Frankly, my dear," Kristie said with a laugh, "I don't give a damn." There was no way she could deliver the line like Clark Gable, but there was no doubt that Andrea recognized it.

"Funny, isn't it," Kristie said softly. "You can recognize an obscure movie quote, but can't get what X is when it's 2X plus 4 equals 7."

"Look," Andrea's pleading seemed a little desperate, "I said I'm sorry about teasing you. I promise you, I promise you, cross my heart, hope to die, I never will again. Now please, leave me alone."

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