The Process of Impregnation

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: What's involved in knocking a woman up?? What's does it take to get her "with child"?? It happens here -- for all my impregnation story fans, this one's for you. Happy New Year --wish the very best for all of you in the year ahead. And thanks to this site's webmaster for the excellent platform he works to hard to keep "up" for our stories. Thanks.

Have you ever sat down and just thought about what takes place in the process of impregnating a fertile woman?? I was thinking on this over recent days and it's really fucking hot (to coin a phrase) if you imagine the total process from foreplay through conception. I love the experience and process of impregnating a sexy woman. I've done it lots and I hope to do it lots more in the future. But, if you think about it, there's a very simple process involved in the whole fashion practice of knocking up a babe. It basically takes a woman who's in that fertile time of her month and a virile sexy guy who's got some potent sperm that he can implant in that babe's hot pussy where her fertile egg or eggs are making themselves available for fertilization. If you think about it in the most simple terms, the process of impregnating a fertile woman is just another way of jacking off or vice versa. The man slides his hard dick inside his partner's waiting pussy and he strokes his cock in and out of her tight pussy until she brings him to ejaculation. He does the same thing with his hand when his lady isn't available. And she does that with her dildo or vibrator whenever her hard dick isn't readily available for her.

I realize there are a countless number of scenarios leading up to the impregnating of a woman with fertile eggs inside her womb. But, let's just focus on some of the more enjoyable and excitingly sexy ways of that happening. Let's just imagine that this impregnation is taking place between a young woman of about 18-20 years old and a man of similar age or possibly a few years older. Whether or not this horny and sexy young couple are planning for their sexual liaison to result in conception is immaterial to our story -- they're going to fuck and it's going to result in her, we'll call her Mary, getting knocked up with a baby.

Mary's a very cute and very sexy young woman and she's got a rather nicely shaped figure, nice full breasts and a horny pussy that her boyfriend, Todd, can barely keep satisfied sexually. Todd and Mary get together one Friday night for a date and as they've been doing for several months now, they both know that after whatever else they decide to fill their evening with, they'll either go to Todd's place or back to Mary's house and enjoy two or three rounds of hot sexy fucking. They do that at least once a week and usually more whenever they're able to date and get it on.

Sure enough, Todd and Mary go out for dinner and then they catch one of the newest movies in town and then they head over to Todd's apartment where once they're inside, they're all over each other. Mary had worn a top that hung out over her pants and a nice pair of jeans that did nothing at all to hide the nice rounded shape of Her sexy young teenage ass. And Todd had sported a very hard, very horny and very virile hardon all evening long since he'd picked Mary up. Mary was a very sexy brunette and with her pretty face, her nicely shaped figure and her sexy dark brown hair and matching dark brown nipples, she turned on Todd so much that he even got huge raging hardons from just thinking about her even when they weren't together.

Todd's hands were all over Mary's sexy ass encased inside her rather snugly and ass-revealing jeans and then one hand reached behind her, cupping her firm asscheek and pulling her pussy mound firmly against his hardon as his other hand moved up and began cupping and feeling her right tit up. Todd loved Mary's sexy rounded titties and he loved it even better when he and Mary got naked and he had his lips and hands all over her body.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, you're making me so hot, Todd," Mary moaned as she loved the feel of her horny boyfriend's hands on her body and then he and her both realized that they were so horny and so hot with desire for each other, that it was time to get undressed and climb onto Todd's bed so he could fuck her pretty brains out. Todd quickly pulled Mary's top off over her head and then he reached down, unfastening and unzipping her jeans and pulling them down off her shapely legs as Mary helped him undress her by stepping out of them. Standing there in front of Todd in just a sexy demi-bra and her hot looking thong, Mary knew that when Todd finally got out of his own clothes and then put her up on the bed, he'd go wild with her. She loved how horny and sexy Todd got with her. He was her kind of man and she knew that's why whenever they got together, they either fucked before or after their date. She loved to fuck Todd before they went out and then again after they'd had dinner or gone to a movie. But she always loved ending up their evening rendezvous with a hot lusty unrestrained fuck.

Mary hadn't told Todd but she knew that she was in the prime time of the month to become pregnant. And she hadn't specifically failed to tell him with the intention of getting knocked up, but she didn't care if he did get her with child. Mary and Todd were planning on getting married in a few months anyway and that would just make their marital joining all the sweeter.

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