by Ben Herr

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Fiction, Rough, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda's boss wants her to work late one night. But when she shows up at the old creaky office building, he's not there! She's all alone, until she hears noises in the darkened hallway.

Chapter 1: In the Hallway

Dress casual!" Amanda's boss told her over the phone. "Wear that cool combination I saw you wearing at the mall!" "I forgot what I was wearing!" Amanda replied. "You know," her boss Jason said nervously, "the jean jacket and the tattered shorts!" Hello, was that Jason? Amanda wondered as she hung up the phone. Always a shy, awkward, polite guy, now he was telling her what to wear! Jason needed Amanda to work late that Friday night so his material would be ready for Monday. And, he promised to pay her double time!

Amanda liked Jason, but she was no bimbo looking for a sugar daddy. He wasn't bad looking, and he had money, but he just didn't turn her on! Some guys waste their lives shooting cum all over girlie magazines, when they should be learning what it takes to get a real woman! Still, he was a man, and Amanda enjoyed seeing him drool. So, why not wear the dark blue jean jacket and the tattered blue shorts that clung to her like a coat of paint? She was truly a fox, in her mid-twenties, with long blonde hair. Curvacious and sexy, she couldn't help but notice the occasional bulge in Jason's pants when he stood over her desk, his crotch at about the same level as her eyes. She would sort of stare at it vaguely, then smile to herself when he lowered the papers he was holding to crotch level, or retreated helplessly behind his own desk.

Amanda liked the thought of of Jason going home at night, thinking about her and jacking off. Now that turned her on a bit! She wondered what she looked like in his fantasies... was she wrapped in a see-through teaser, or just downright naked? Or, did he picture himself simply humping her? She wondered how big his cock was. Maybe he had something in mind for tonight! Maybe she would change her mind about her boss! As usual, the elevator wasn't working, and the old building was poorly lit and creepy, creaking and groaning like an old haunted house. The hallway outside the office was dimly lit, and Amanda wished she had a lock on the office door. No point in closing it. She found the paperwork on Jason's desk, just where he said it would be, and began proofing and typing. Where was her boss? She was all alone in the building, and hating every moment of it. What was that? Someone coming up the stairs? It had to be Jason!

She turned to her work, but no Jason! Was he in the rest room? Several minutes later, she thought she heard laughter! "Jason?" she called. "Is that you? Where are you? Please stop playing games!" Jason wasn't the game playing type. She heard laughter, and the hair on the nape of her neck stood out. "Jason, stop messing around! I don't want to work here all night!" She stepped out into the hallway, and saw four young toughs waiting near the stairway. "What are you doing here?" she said, her voice cracking with fear. They continued to laugh. One of them pointed a videocamera at the beauty, and panned it over her curves. "Hey, get the fuck out of here before I call the cops!" she warned.

"Don't you understand English? Leave now!" But Amanda knew they had no intention of leaving. She only hoped that Jason would appear soon. But what could he do against four big guys? The biggest guy, who appeared to be the leader, jerked his fingers in the air. "Put your fucking hands up!" he ordered. Amanda obeyed. "What do you want?" she asked. "I've got money in my handbag. It's in the office. Please take it and go!" The big guy smiled. She knew what he wanted. One of them got behind her and held her arms. She could feel his hardness against her buttocks. "This has gone far enough!" she bluffed, but the leader stepped up to her, and with one motion tore open her blouse. "Pl... please don't... ! she begged. She was still wearing her jean jacket, as he reached inside to remove her bra.

Blonde Showing her tits

Amanda's breasts were small and white, in contrast with the rest of her tanned body, but she had enormous nipples! "Please stop!" she begged as he filled his mouth with a breast. As his teeth nibbled on her tit, Amanda shook violently and began to moan. "She's begging for it!" the big guy said. He removed the jean jacket and unzipped her shorts, and they fell to the floor.

"Oh no! God, no!" Amanda cried. She was naked now except for her flimsy panties. His hands slid under the panties and found the firm mounds of her ass. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!" She coudn't quite catch her breath!

He smiled at her wetness as he reached around to her vagina. How many times had Amanda fantasized about being gang-raped? Now it was about to happen? What next? Death? Better please them!

"She's really enjoying this! She's a whore! Let's do it!" The youth behind her, burning with lust, said, as he yanked down her panties. She felt his penis touch the crack of her ass. And now the leader was all over her, gripping her breasts and buttocks in strong hands, kissing her neck, her chest, sucking harshy at her hugely aroused nipples like a hungry infant. Her heart pounded furiously... wildly... uncontrollably... as the men dropped their pants. The leader pushed his huge cock into her. "Don't hurt! Please!" she begged, and he didn't.

But the guy behind her was ruthless. Spreading open the cheeks of her firm buttocks, he rammed his stiffened cock into her like a missile. Her nerve endings throbbed in unison with his thrusts. Amanda's cried filled the hallway. "oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!!" Her head tossed from side to side and her eyes rolled upward. When the two were finished, she dropped on her hands and knees. The remaining two moved in quickly. In a moment, her luscious lips were wrapped around a huge cock, and in a few seconds, she was swallowing ropes of thick semen. The other tough mounted her like a drunken cowboy, slapping her ass as she tried to buck him off. Amanda's breath came rapidly, and she mewed as the thrusts quickened. When it was over, she collapsed exhaustedly to the floor. Would they kill her now? She was consumed with fear, and... shame. She had come several times!

Jason raced up the stairs. "Hey, you dirty bastards!" he yelled. They could have easily overwhelmed him, but they nonchalantly pulled up their pants and disappeared down the stairs. He covered the naked beauty with his topcoat. Amanda refused to call the police or go to the hospital, so he took her to her apartment. "I can stay with you tonight," he suggested, but she wanted to be alone. He headed home, made a quick phone call, and picked up something in a brown bag. When he got to his apartment, he mused to himself: "I'm glad mamma's not home tonight!" He removed a videotape from the bag, and inserted it into his bedroom VCR. Stripping off all his clothes, he hopped into bed. Jason watched in fascination as the "temporary employees" he had hired fulfilled his long-time sexual fantasy starring a very beautiful, vulnerable damsel in distress... Amanda. He had paid the young roughnecks in advance, telling them not to do any physical harm to her good looks or "finish her off.". He knew the men. They were a mean bunch. If they had come across Amanda on their own, he might never see her again.

"She's enjoying this!" Jason exclaimed gleefully. "Behind the cries and pleas, she's enjoying this! Fucking ho!" His right hand went to work, and he shot his biggest wad in years. He then turned out the light, and had sweet dreams about Amanda in the hallway.

Chapter 2: The Hunt

Amanda needed to get away. The experience with the young predators had unnerved her. The four young men had come out of the darkness, when she was working overtime for Jason, and had gang-raped her. And... oh god... how many times had she relived it? And how many times had she brought herself to... climax reliving it? Why was she so vulnerable to sexual predators? After the gang rape, she went to a hypnotherapist! It was like he just snapped her finger and she was out! She had no idea how long she was under hypnosis, but when she came out of it, the doctor was smiling and tucking in his shirt! She knew that he had fucked her, but she didn't press any charges.

Her boss Jason was obviously taken aback by her, but he was always a gentleman! After the rape incident, he knew that Amanda wanted to get away, to once more try her hand as a private-duty nurse. She wasn't particularly fond of nursing, but it paid more than what Jason had been paying her. He even promised her job back with him whenever she wanted it! The house where she was to live and work was of a foreboding old Victorian-style, with a musty unkempt garden that overlooked a small family cemetery. The young man, Edmund, her new patient, had a rare malady. A good-looking young man in his early twenties, he seemed a character from a dark Edgar Allen Poe story.

He had a genius mentality, but was unstable and immature. The problem was the seizures; they were sudden and unexpected. And when they occurred, a trained nurse was needed to keep him alive. Edmund lived with his two aunts, Celia and Irene, still attractive women in their forties, who had never married. They told Amanda the malady was prevalent in their family, and they chose not to propagate. They were cold and distant women with an attitude of superiority. Their nephew Edmund, too was a computer genius, was strangely pale, and didn't hide his lustful feelings for the young nurse. Soon after she arrived, he invited Amanda into his computer room to watch his games. I've never seen computer games like that!" she exclaimed, as Edmund manipulated the main characters of an adventure game.

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