Finding True Love

by Residentevil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: My friend Jessi and I meet for the first time and we fall for each other.

"I can't believe that I'm in America" I thought to myself as I was exiting the plane from the long and boring trip. The last thing that I had seen before I went to sleep was the crystal clear blue beaches of FIJI. Now I was in America on holiday, and I was hoping to meet up with some friends I had made online. During my trip abroad, there was one special and dear friend who I wanted to meet ever since we started to chat through e-mails, "Here I come Jessi" I thought to myself.

As I walked down the boardwalk, I was looking in every direction that I thought my friend, Jessi, would be. I made my way to the luggage carriers and collected my bags. As I made my way to the automatic doors of the air conditioned airport, I entered into the summer sun and the god forsaken heat. I noticed somebody standing by the side of a red Chrysler convertible. As I made my way closer to the person, I could see that they were holding a sign with my name on it.

The closer I got, the more unsure I was about this person. In the last e-mail that I had received from Jessi, she told me that she would be picking me up from the airport personally, and this person didn't look anything like the pics that Jessi had sent to me.

"I'm David"

I told the driver once I was in hearing range, and if you could have heard the voice of this person you would say that it was the sexiest thing that you ever heard in your life.

The driver grabbed my luggage from my hands and walked to the boot of the convertible placing my bags in the trunk. As the driver was walking back to the driver's seat, I could not help looking at her as she gently sway her hips from side to side.

As soon as we were on the road, she introduced herself as Jessi. My mouth unhinged itself from my top jaw and I had to make sure that I was not dreaming any of this. So, I pinched myself and sure enough it hurt like hell, the pain from the pinch that I had given myself was a small sacrifice. Here I was sitting next to my dearest and closest friend, though, I could not stop looking at her.

As I was looking I could not help but think "damn she is gorgeous." Jessi informed me that I would not be staying at a hotel because she would prefer to have my company while her partner was away on business. Jessi briefly took her eyes off the road and looked down to my crotch. Her lips separated and her tongue slowly snaked its way across her lush lips, then she was back watching the road.

I watched her as her eyes glanced at me and I noticed what she was looking at. It was my bulging, throbbing cock, which had made a tent in my jeans. Jessi caught me watching her as she was looking and licking her lips. She shook her head and smiled. To take the attention off of her and what she'd been looking at, she told me that I could put a cd in if I liked.

I didn't bother with the cd. My eyes were getting heavy, I was still suffering from the jetlag. Though, my body felt wide awake and fine and very horny too, my eyes just didn't want to stay open. Maybe it was the long hours that I had been asleep on the plane, but then again, maybe it was my guardian angel who was keeping me awake for some unknown purpose I didn't know. The closer we got to Jessi's home the more comfortable we felt around each other. Which was kind of strange.

It felt like we had been driving for hours, though, in reality it was more like half an hour. We pulled into the long driveway of what she called a house but really it was an amazing eight bedroom mansion. When we out of the car, Jessi grabbed my luggage and we walked to the front door with our arms wrapped around each other.

Once Jessi and I were inside, she placed my luggage down on the ground and told me that our dinner will be in a few hours, so, if I wanted to I could go to sleep on the lounge.

"No, it is alright Jessi" I said to her, even though Jessi knew better she had humored my decision.

I could tell from the way she looked at me that there was something playing in her mind.

"What ya thinking gorgeous?"

As Jessi turned to look at me, I could see that she had a red flush starting from the top of her breasts and it didn't stop until it ran it's course all over her face.

"Jessi, I'm deeply sorry if I embarrassed you"

"Don't worry about it. You didn't embarrass me." She said with a smile.

"Jessi, I'm going for a nap ok?"

"Ok." Was all I got back from her.

As I was laying down on the lounge Jessi walked over to me and decided it was time to tell me something.

"I don't know how to say this, but here I go. Ever since we were in the car this morning, I have been getting turned on by you. I do not know if you knew that you were doing it, but you were, even as we speak I'm having a fight with myself."

"What kind of fight are you having with yourself?"

Her reply did not fully phase me until the end.

"The fight that I'm having is if I should make passionate love to you or if I should just fuck your brains out".

"Can't we do both?"

"Yes we can do both if you want."

When Jessi told me that, I could see in her eyes that it was what she wanted from the start but for some reason she was scared to tell me. Before she went to leave, Jessi bent down and intended to kiss me on the forehead, but I decided on doing something else. As Jessi's head moved down to kiss me, I moved my lips to hers and passionately kissed her. I could feel the struggle that Jessi had started to put up, though, after a few minutes of me kissing her, she decided to stop the struggle and enjoy the kiss. As we broke the kiss, we were both breathing hard and fast. Jessi knelt at the lounge beside me and started to undo my belt, followed by the zipper, and finally the button of my jeans. As Jessi was getting my clothes off my body I could smell her sweet scent. Within a few minutes my jeans and boxers were pushed down around my knees, and Jessi started to manipulate my cock.

When my cock was at full attention, she started to kiss the tip. Slowly she would take more of my cock into the depth of her hot, wet mouth. As Jessi was giving me the best blow job ever, her hand guided my hands up under her sweater to where her braless breasts were. While my fingers played with her nipples, the deeper Jessi took my cock. Within a few minutes of me playing with Jessi's nipples, I noticed that my cock was fully lodged in her throat. The more that Jessi moaned, the more I could feel my cock vibrate, while my fingers were kneading, twisting, pulling and massaging Jessi's breasts. This continued on until Jessi was happy to swallow the blast of my seed to the deepest part of her tummy. As we were finishing, the phone began to ring.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I could not believe what happened between Jessi and me, though, the next thing I knew, Jessi was trying to wake me up from my slumber. I laid there pretending to be asleep and as Jessi tried to wake me she couldn't. The next thing that I knew Jessi had stripped me while I was pretending to be in slumber. I opened my eyes just enough to see what was going on and I watched as Jessi undressing in front of me. As soon as Jessi was naked, she grabbed hold of my cock and straddled my hips. Ever so slowly Jessi pushed her gorgeous body and well trained pussy onto my throbbing cock, she started off slowly then gradually she picked up the speed that she needed. Every time that Jessi was thrusting down, my cock was driving itself into her pussy stronger than before. Within the thirty minutes that we were having sex, my cock had penetrated pass her cervix until the head alone was gently rubbing the back of her womb. Jessi must had done a few pelvic muscle exercises because her pussy muscles gently massaged, pulled, and kneaded my shaft. I knew that I wouldn't hold out much longer. My cock began to swell and my balls tightened, she knew I was going to cum. She began to move faster, working those trained muscles even more around my cock. Her moans penetrated the air as she had one orgasm after another. She let out a loud long scream when my cum began to shoot forth filling her quivering cunt.

We had sex more times that night and many times after that. It was always wonderful and every time Jessi seemed to be a new person, doing new things that made my cock so hard and always on the verge of cumming.

It was the last night of my stay with her, and Jessi decided on giving me a special treat as a going away present. Within a few minutes she was on the phone with a friend. I overheard her making plans for her friend to meet us at a local club. After Jessi hung up the phone she told me to get ready for there was a treat waiting for me. She left it at that and went to take a shower. I was in the lounge room waiting patiently to find out what exactly was going on. I heard her turn the water on and my mind began to fantasize on what she was doing. I imagined her leaving the water running until it was at the right temperature, then striping her clothes off her gorgeous body. As my mind was reeling with these ideas I heard her calling for me. I arrived at the bathroom door and she smiled at me wickedly.

"Would you like to join me in the shower?"

In the shower we washed each other's bodies; I slowly started to wash her back as Jessi pressed her bum against my aching cock. I completely forgot that I was supposed to be washing her and grab hold of her hips. I started to thrust my cock against her wet pussy, as she grinded my cock from the tip of the head till where my balls laid below. Slowly she started to spread her left leg a little wider, and she moved her right arm down in between her pussy and my cock. I felt her hand grab my cock and pulled it so the head was at the entrance of her pussy, in unison we both pushed into each other until my head was touching the back of her womb. Jessi whimpered in delight.

"Baby I can feel your cock, it is in my womb. I feel so full with your gorgeous cock in there. FUCK ME BABY!"

I started to thrust my cock slowly in and out of her tight, wet, pussy.

"Your pussy feels so right on my cock."

Our hips began moving much faster now.

"Yes I know what you mean."

Was the only thing she said to me as we made love in the shower. After our little romp in the shower was completed, Jessi went into the bedroom to get changed and I went to the guest room to get changed. She left the bedroom door open when she changed and since I had already pick out what I was going to wear for tonight I didn't need much time to get myself ready. As I walked past the bedroom door, she was standing in front of a full length mirror trying to pick what look good on her.

In the reflection of the mirror Jessi noticed me standing in the doorway, she winked at me and then asked for my professional opinion, though, I was too busy looking at her gorgeous naked body to take notice of the question. Jessi laughed at me. Every time she laughed her breasts would jiggle, and she decided to tease me a little. Jessi spread her legs as far as they would go and placed a hand on her pussy lips. Her fingers slowly separated the lips which were already sparkling with moisture. She started to insert a finger into her pussy as her thumb flicked across her clit. After a while, Jessi inserted another finger as she kept up the pumping action. She kept this up for a while but soon got tired of having two fingers in her snatch so she decided to put a third one in and she was off again.

She finally got dressed in a red half see through dress which suited her body very well. As we were exiting the front door, the phone was ringing and Jessi told me to hang on while she got it. While she spoke on the phone her face went dark, and her lips pressed together in anger. I later found out that the phone call was from a friend of hers and she told Jessi that she had seen Jessi's partner with somebody else. She was so mad at her partner, since he never had phoned her to tell her that he was back in town that afternoon. I saw a sparkle come into her eyes as she looked at me with a big grin on her face.

"What are you thinking of gorgeous?"

Her reply was cold as ice.

"Oh nothing. That was just my friend that we are meeting tonight."

I didn't say anything but dropped my eyebrows and looked at her as if to say, "that ain't all sweetie." She sighed, but it was a harsh angered sounded.

"My friend just told me that she has seen my partner and he was with someone else."

I looked at her in surprise, and thought to myself, "well dear heart so are you." She must have read my thoughts. She smiled, though, it was a forced one.

"I don't care that he was with someone else, but I care that he didn't even call to let me know that he was back in town."

I nodded my head, but I knew with the way she said that she did care that he was with someone else. "Women!" I thought to myself, "they see no problem with doing what they want but want to get super jealous when something is done to them." I didn't want to fight with her, and by the way she looked she was in a fighting mood. So, I went along with the rest of the evening events.

That night when we arrived at the local nightclub, the bouncer let Jessi in with one wave of his hand, though, he wouldn't let me in for some unknown reason. Jessi saw this and she walked back to the bouncer and told him that I was with her; he gladly let me in, though, I could see that he was jealous. Jessi saw the look that he gave me and shrugged it off, but I was still a little nervous because he looked like he was ready to bash me.

As we entered the club, Jessi saw her friend sitting by herself. She grabbed my hand and led me over to where her friend was sitting. As the introductions were taking place I noticed that the friend was giving me the once over and she nodded her head in approval. We danced, laughed and really had a great time that is, until Jessi whispered into my ear.

"Your surprise is waiting at home and if you want it you should come back with us now."

Jessi's friend saw the big grin that was on her face, though, when Jessi looked at me she tried to hide it.

As I casually looked over at Jessi's friend's face, I saw that she too had a big grin that wouldn't stop at all.

"What do you and Jessi have planned for me?"

"I can't say."

"Ok." I thought to myself.

As we were about to leave Jessi saw her partner dancing with another girl. Seeing this, she wrapped her arms around me as lovers do and she kissed me with a raw passion. Jessi's partner looked in our direction and he saw us cuddling like lovers. But I saw no anger in his face, and thought to myself, "that's strange."

As soon as that was over Jessi, her friend, and I went back to the house. When the front door was closed and Jessi made sure that it had locked correctly, we headed to the bedroom.

We walked through the bedroom door and stopped in the center of the room, we looked at each other with lust written in our eyes. We turned and started to have a three way kiss, our hands busy trying to undo each others' clothes as we continued with the kissing. Slowly our clothes had disappeared from our bodies. Jessi went to her friend.

"Candy I want to feel you licking my pussy girlfriend."

Candy smiled before she replied.

"I want to feel Dave's big cock moving in my tight pussy."

As I looked on I could not believe what I was hearing, I had a feeling that I was getting set up from the start and how everything was looking right now. I was correct, though, I wasn't complaining at all.

The night was getting shorter and shorter but the sex was getting greater and greater by the minute. As Candy was licking and probing Jessi's pussy with her talented tongue. Jessi was moaning my name. I, on the other hand, drove my cock into Candy's pussy. Candy had to stop licking Jessi as her orgasm ran its course through her body. Candy's orgasm subsided and she was able to speak again.

"It's your turn girlfriend to be fucked by this well hung, handsome man"

She winked at Jessi. Jessi had turned a bright shade of red as Candy moved from between her legs. As Candy moved into Jessi's spot I saw Jessi winking at me. Before I could continue Jessi crawled up to me and whispered into my ear.

"I want you to cum inside my pussy baby."

The look that was in her eyes was given when she was serious about something.

I could hear Candy moaning and grunting as Jessi was using that talented tongue of hers. Hell I should know, because Jessi was the one who had showed me a thing or two. Jessi briefly stopped licking Candy's pussy, and said in a loud voice.

"Fuck me harder, you long cocked bastard!"

As the night grew closer to the morning, there was a strange sound, like somebody was letting themselves in. Suddenly, there was a presence in the room, standing at the foot of Jessi's bed. As it turned out it was Jessi's partner, he came home to surprise Jessi though he got the surprise instead.

I kept my eyes half-mast as I watched the scene between Jessi and her partner. No words were exchanged, just looks. His hands were on his hips and he looked at her as though to say.

"What the fuck is this?"

She crossed her arms under her naked breasts. I could hear her words as she looked at him.

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