Tiffany's Abduction

by Powerone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of the abduction and rape of Tiffany one night from her apartment.

© Copyright 2003

I awoke up, not sure if it was a dream or not. I felt something in my mouth, some type of cloth. It was pulled tightly, pushing back my lips, stretching my mouth open. It must have been tied because I could not get it out. I could feel drool running down my chin, my mouth dry. I tried to lift my arm but couldn't. That is when I realized that I was not along and something was wrong.

My name is Tiffany. I live in an apartment with six other girls, all sophomores at the local university. We're all fairly well off, the parents paying the rent, two girls sharing each of the three rooms. We all belonged to the same sorority and you could probably say that we were all gorgeous and had no trouble getting boys. I have short blonde hair, dark complexion, nice breasts, great ass and have rock hard abs, allowing me to wear low hip huggers. I had gone to bed early tonight along with my roommate Ashley. Two of the other girls had gone out and the other two were studying and watching television in the living room when we went to bed.

I felt someone behind me, holding my wrists tightly and then I felt something metal attaching around them. I heard a click, then another and felt the strange hands leave mine. I tried to move my arms, but they were secured together, metal clanging when I tried to move. I was partly on my side, facing away from the door, my arms out behind me. I turned my head towards the door and I faced a menacing character behind me. He was dressed in all black, including a black hood with holes for his nose and eyes. I tried to scream but all that came out was a garbling sound, the cloth gag doing its job. I heard his voice.

"SSSSHHHH", putting his fingers to his lips.

I looked over and saw that Ashley was in a similar situation, another masked intruder binding her arms behind her back. I could see that they were handcuffs, a white piece of cloth bound around her head digging deeply into her mouth. Muffled sounds came from the other side of the room. The door to the bedroom was closed, but I could hear some disturbance going on in the other room.

I had wished I had dressed differently to bed. I had put on a silky, half top that just barely came down to my belly button and a pair of pink panties. I looked over, seeing Ashley in a pair of men's pajama bottoms and a tee sheet. Neither of us wore a bra, our youthful breasts standing erect without any support. I squirmed on the bed, a hand pushing hard into my back forcing me over onto my stomach. I was facing Ashley, suffering a similar fate. We looked into each others eyes, pleading, to no avail.

I felt a big hand at my ankles, bending them at the knees and I felt the metal cuffs being attached to each ankle. I pulled on them, unable to move. I saw Ashley legs drawn up and the silvery handcuffs also used to secure legs together tightly. The intruder behind me moved in close to my back and I felt two large hands move under my chest and pull me up. The hands encircled my half-naked breasts and squeezed and fondled them. I moaned as my young breasts were abused. I was pushed back down on to the bed and I felt one hand grab my cuffed wrists and pull them back until they were outstretched. He pulled up on them, forcing my face and body into the soft mattress. I felt the hand grab my panties and pull them down, feeling the cool night air on my naked ass. I turned towards him, an angry scowl on my face, my indignation getting the better of me, not realizing the position I was in. I still thought the situation was temporary. Any second now the police would rush into my room and save me, my roommates having heard the commotion and calling them. One hand grabbed my naked ass cheeks and I felt the large hand engulf my whole cheek, grabbing at it roughly. I squirmed, a tug on my arms, bending them up higher stopping my attempt at escape. The hand moved to the other cheek, grabbing at my lower butt, fingers slipping between my legs. I could feel the fingers only inches from my pussy, my body gripped in terror of being raped.

He turned my on my side again, facing Ashley. I could feel him behind me. I felt him grab the silky top in his hand and heard the sound of tearing material as he pulled it from my body and threw it on the bed in front of me. I could see the look on Ashley's face as she was also stripped naked, her tee shirt ripped and hanging from her shoulders, her pajamas hanging down below her knees, her shaved pussy exposed. He grabbed my hair on the top and pulled my head back, leaning in close to me, only inches from the side of my face. His hand reached over and grabbed my right breast, two fingers pinching right below my nipple with his strong hand. I moaned. His hand moved over to my other breast, his hand pulling back my hair, his finger grabbing the nipple and pinching it hard. I squirmed, but he pulled my hair. His hand moved down over the flat plane of my stomach and pushed between my closed legs. I trembled in fear, was he going to rape me? Would the police get her in time? Fingers rubbed up and down my slit, my pussy shaved smooth, my hips pushing back to escape the intruders raping fingers.

His hand left my crotch and turned me onto my back. I turned my head away from him, embarrassed as I lay on the bed on my back, naked except a pair of panties hanging around my knees. I saw Ashley in a similar situation, her intruder duplicating what mine was doing to me. His fingers went back between my legs and I felt them push back my pussy lips to begin to slide up and down my dry slit. It hurt, the fear stopping my pussy from juicing on the raping digits. My hips tried to back away.

It was the first time except for the "shhh", that I heard his voice. He grabbed my hair and turned my face towards him, the menacing mask terrorizing me. "Bring you knees up and spread your legs." He yanked on my hair for emphasis. I had no choice, my hair tearing from my scalp. I brought my knees up, and let my legs part, knowing how obscenely I was exposing myself to this masked intruder. "Good girl." His fingers returned to my pussy, this time they moved up and down my slit, the spread of my legs giving him complete access to my sex. I shivered in fear, afraid I would wet the bed as his fingers ran over my body intimately. I could feel some of my juices begin to flow, humiliated that this stranger could coax a sexual reaction from my bound body.

My eyes opened wide in fear. He brought out another cloth and a bottle. He opened the bottle and the pungent smell of chemical filled my nose. He poured some on the cloth and pressed it over my nose and mouth. I held my breath as long as I could but I began to feel my consciousness leaving, struggling until everything turned into blackness.

My head was pounding, my breathing ragged. I lay there, curled up on my side. I tested my bondage, my arms and legs still secured by the metal handcuffs. My eyes began to flutter open, the bright lights in contrast to the darkness that was my room. I looked around, frightened to see that I was no longer in my apartment, but in what looked like a cell. There was a large metal door, a bright light hanging down from the ceiling, a drain in the floor and a mattress in the corner. Beside that, the room was empty. I lay curled in the center of the floor, a chill running through me from the cold floor.

I jumped when I heard the footsteps outside the door. There was some clanging of metal and the door slowly opened. I feared who was going to come through the door. My rescuers were no longer coming to save me. I was alone, not sure where Ashley had been taken. I sat up in terror as he came through the door, my bound arms behind me supporting my body. My abductor came through the door. I wasn't really sure if it was the same way that had bound and fondled my body. The only characteristic I could recognize was the black mask covering his face, this time his mouth uncovered. What frightened me even more was that he was naked except for black boots and white sock. He was carrying a braided whip. Even more menacing was that he was gripping the largest cock that I had ever seen. It must have been over twelve inches long and as big around as a soda bottle.

I was on the floor, my legs crossed, the cuffs holding them together, my bound arms behind me. He walked over to me, his legs spread wide, his hard cock only inches from my cheek.

"Ha, Ha, Ha. Morning Bitch." He grabbed my head, trying to turn me towards him.

I knew what he wanted and I was not going to do it, "UUUUUHH!, NNNNN!, PPPPPLLLLS!," were the only sounds I could mumble behind the gag. I had always refused oral sex, satisfying the boys I dated by using my hand to make them cum. I felt the whip strands play down onto my naked breasts as his large hand completely encircled my head. My nipples instantly became hard, the rough feel of the leather stimulating them into hardness.

"Time to play, little pussy. This dick wants you NOW!" His hand was encircling his erect cock, pointing it towards my face.

"UHH-UHHHHH! NNNNNN! PPPLLLLSSS! NNNNNNNN!" my head shaking no in denial.

"Here cunt, my cum on your lips." He grabbed my hair and twisted my head sideways, his cum covered cock rubbing over my lips, his cum dribbling down my chin.

"UUUUGGGHH! SSSSTTTP!" I mumbled back, trying to avoid the sticky cum on my lips. Some of the thick, salty fluid entered my mouth, mixing with the spit. I almost choked on the bad tasting fluid. Never would I suck his cock. Never would his cum fill my mouth. I clamped my lips tight onto the cloth gag.

He yanked the gag off of my mouth, pushing it down onto my neck. He gripped it tightly behind my head and pulled it. "Now suck me off!"

"NNNNOOO! UUU GG KKKK... !" my head pulled back.

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