Sue and Lou Finally Get A Clue

by Acey Transit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: I subitted this story as part of Girl Friday's Dr. Seuss Story Fest. It is in rhyme, as befitting a Seuss story, and short. I hope you enjoy it.

Once there were two teenagers, named Sue and Lou,
And they did all the things that most teenagers do.
They went out for parties, and went out on a date,
And sometimes got in trouble if they stayed out too late.

They were friends to be sure, but didn't go with one another,
Sue's parents were friends with Lou's single mother.
Sue's mother was Grace and her father was named Larry,
While Lou's mother's name they all knew was Mary.

They would get together and talk about each others kid,
And about the exasperating things that teenagers did.
Sue's parents talked about her, until finally with a sigh,
Grace said, "I wish Sue would meet a nice guy".

"I wish Lou would do the same," said his mother Mary,
And she would get sad little smiles from Grace and from Larry.
They knew the kids were close with their wants and their likes,
After all, they'd known each other since they first rode on trikes.

Sue would go out on a date, and would talk to her mother Grace,
"How did the date go?" Sue could only make a face.
Grace would comfort her daughter and let out a sigh,
And tell Sue, "Honey, I hope you meet the right guy."

Lou one day went over to talk to his friend Sue,
As the sun was settling in its dusk gathered hue.
Lou saw Sue on the porch and saw she was crying,
He asked, "What's wrong?" "I'm fine." She was lying.

He sat down next to her, and held her real tight,
As the sun finally set turning dusk into night.
She turned to face him. "Why are you crying," he repeated.
"Oh," she sobbed, "When I date I don't like the way I'm treated."

"When I go out they all seem to go into this trance,
And all they want to do is get into my pants."
His eyes were sympathetic, then turned to rage,
Like some wild animal that had been trapped in a cage.

"Why," he hissed, "If you were my girl,
I'd treat you like the most wonderful one in the world!"
"You're beautiful," he continued, "I'm not going to lie."
"But if that's all they want then they're not your guy."

He then thought for a second, and he shot up like a bolt,
And said, "Why didn't I see this before? I can be such a dolt!"
Sue turned to her friend and said, "What do you mean?"
And then her heart melted when she saw his eyes of green.

He said, "As you know, I've been known to date,
And I try to go out with girls that are great."
"But when I went out with them, I didn't have a clue,
Until this very minute I was comparing them to you."

He looked down at Sue and she started to smile,
And said, "Do you mind if you hold me for a while?"
They sat back on the porch, and Lou had a smile on his face,
While through the window they were watched, it was Sue's mother Grace.

She quietly walked over to her husband Larry,
And said, "They finally found one another, I'm going to call Mary."

After a while they went to the window, the young couple hadn't moved,
While Sue's parents just smiled at each other, they definitely approved.
Sue snuggled on the porch with her friend Lou,
And he quietly told her, "Do you know what I want to do?"
"No," she replied. "I want to give you a kiss."
He met his lips to hers, when they touched it was bliss!

As their passion heated up on Sue's front porch,
The fire within them lit up like a torch.
For Lou the passion and fire were thick,
With a growing desire gathering in his dick.

For Sue, the passion made her shudder and shiver,
And she knew that her pussy was running like a river.
After a while he looked at his watch, it was eleven o'clock,
And with a groan he moved his hand down and readjusted his cock.

"I have to get home love, I cannot be late",
"But if you're free tomorrow night I'd like to take you on a date."
"I'd love that," Sue replied, "We have been such dolts,
When we kissed it felt like ten million volts."

"I agree Sue," Lou said with a chuckle,
"When we kissed tonight I felt my knees buckle."

They kissed each other good night, and into the house Sue did fly,
And when her parents asked what happened Sue said, "What a guy!"
Larry said, "Sometimes you're so dense, we don't know what to do.
We always felt the perfect guy for you was always Lou."
"Why didn't you say anything before," said his daughter Sue,
"You had to figure it all out for yourself," he replied, "Now what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to date him," she said with a smile,
"I think deep down I've known this for a while."
"I'm glad you are finally together," said her mother Grace,
While Sue's eyes were glazed over as she stared into space.

"You are so much alike," Grace continued, "and I really like Lou."
"After all you've both known each other ever since you were two."

They started dating, and everything was great,
And time seemed to stand still when they were out on a date.
They dated through school and throughout the summer,
Except when they had to visit distant family, which was always a bummer.

Their friends were happy for them, and they would always smile,
And they were very similar in their approach and their style.
Their friends would laugh when Lou would make eyes at his girl,
And one of them said jokingly, "You're both so cute I'm gonna hurl."

Their senior year passed quickly, and it was almost time to leave school,
And they got into the same college, which they thought was real cool.

While they made out and petted they hadn't gone all the way yet,
They wanted it to be special, and finding a place was hard to get.
Sue figured out the time they would have their best chance,
One night she told Lou, "How about after the Prom Dance?"

Lou smiled and kissed Sue and said, "Are you sure?"
"More than anything else, now that I have you on my lure."
They went to the dance, and it went very well,
But they wanted it over so they could go to the hotel.

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