Huge 7: Chris Goes to College

by Heatheranne

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Incest, Mother, Son, Masturbation, Size, School, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chris's mom reluctantly releases her son-the-stud into a world of college coeds, who have their own agendas for the well endowed young man.

Chris felt something warm and wet slip over the head of his cock. He smiled even though he was still half asleep. He felt a familiar weight settle on his groin. The tight wetness began to slide around on his cock. His breathing quickened and his eyes opened into the early morning gloom of his bedroom.

"Mom," he said as he glanced at the clock on his nightstand, "what are you doing? It's like four in the morning."

His mother, Heather, braced her arms on either side of his broad shoulders. As she leaned over, the nipples of her generous breasts pressed onto his chest. She gave him a soft, sloppy kiss on the mouth. "Sorry, honey, I just couldn't sleep. I guess I can't get used to the idea of you going away to school."

Chris sighed; his mother would have had him shot if he had even hinted at not going to college. She had acted disappointed when he had chosen Western State University over more prestigious schools that would have been much farther from home. But for the last couple of days, she had been screwing his brains out as if she were trying to convince him to stay home.

"It's only a few hours drive to the school," he reminded her for the hundredth time.

Heather straightened up. She pushed her hair away from her face and rolled her hips back and forth on Chris' huge cock. "I know, but I'm going to miss you."

"What about Doctor Don?" asked Chris, "I thought you two were getting it on pretty well in the sex department?" Chris had to admit to himself that he was a bit jealous of the rich and handsome doctor that his mother had been dating lately.

Heather reached out and patted her son on his cheek. "Doctor Don and I are doing just fine thank you, but I like having you around. It's not all about the sex, you know. Not that the sex with you isn't mind- blowingly incredibly fantastic." Her eyes widened and a look of surprise filled her face as an orgasm shook her body. She could feel the involuntary contractions of her pussy ripple along the shaft of Chris' cock. After a minute she found her voice once more. "As to sex with Don," she continued. "He has this thick, eight inch cock that he thinks is God's gift to women. I believe he was disappointed that I didn't swoon the first time he pulled it out."

"Eight inches is way above average."

"I know, but it practically disappears beside yours." Heather's hips went into a rapid bouncing motion as she had another orgasm. When she slowed back to her regular fucking rhythm, she said, "I suppose it might put a dent in our relationship if I pointed out that my little boy's dick made his look like a nubbin."

Chris snorted; he was hardly a little boy. He stood over six feet tall with a sculpted body and more than his share of good looks. And right now he began to feel an unmistakable pressure in his groin. "Uh Mom," he said, "I really don't want to sleep on a wet spot."

"Hang on just a second," said Heather. She shuddered through another orgasm, and then slid off Chris' cock. It was growing even stiffer and larger as she grabbed his shaft with both hands and pried it upwards. She barely managed to slip her lips over the massive head before Chris was pouring load after load of creamy cum down her throat.

Chris managed a few more hours of sleep, and then he spent the balance of the next morning loading his Jeep Cherokee with his stuff for school. After lunch, he and Heather headed out to their cars for the trip to school. Heather was going to drive her Lexus and Chris was going to follow in his Jeep. They were about to climb into their vehicles when Chris said, "One more thing, I'll be right back." He ran back into the house and returned a minute later with an expensive fly rod that his Uncle Jack had given him for a high school graduation present. Chris carefully placed the rod where it wouldn't get crushed.

Heather crossed her arms under her breasts and said, "You're going to school to study you know. Not to be a fishing buddy to Uncle Jack."

Chris threw up his hands in surrender. His mom could go from sexy lover to demanding mother in the blink of an eye. "I know, I know," he said, "but I can't study all the time, besides there are too many good trout streams around the college to ignore."

Heather just shook her head and got into her car. Uncle Jack was actually her uncle and Chris' great uncle. She had given birth to Chris at the age of sixteen and with the help of her family, she had raised Chris. Her Uncle Jack had been determined that Chris wouldn't grow up to be 'some sort of sissy boy' as he had put it. Although Chris was a natural athlete, his uncle had taught him the basics of baseball, football and other sports. He and Chris had also spent a lot of time hunting and fishing together. Heather had always been secretly grateful that Chris had had such a strong male figure in his life.

Heather may have been reluctant to see her off to school, but she wasn't going to delay things by driving slowly. It wasn't long before they pulled into the parking lot next to Harmon Hall, Chris' dormitory. The dorm was six stories tall. The floors alternated between boys and girls although there were no restrictions about who could visit where. Chris' room was on the top floor, fortunately there were elevators available so he and Heather didn't have to lug his luggage up a bunch of stairs.

When he first opened the door to his room, Heather looked around and said, "Well, this is uh, sparse." The room held two single beds with a long, rectangular desk between them. There were built in closets with cabinets and drawers for the student's things. The outside wall had two large windows with blinds that could be lowered for privacy. It took nearly two hours for Chris and his mom to move in all his things and put them away. "You know," said Heather as she looked around the room, "we could get you a rug - a tan one - with a bit of forest green and then a couple of matching pictures, something with dogs or hunting scenes."

Chris looked at his mother as if she had grown another head on her shoulders. "Do you want my roommate to think I'm gay?" he asked in an exasperated voice. "The only things guys put on their dorm room walls are posters of nude women. And I don't mean tasteful line drawings either."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," said Heather. She started to comment on her son's lack of taste, but then she checked her watch instead. "Speaking of your roommate, I wonder where he is. I wanted to meet him, but I can't wait long. I have a late business appointment back home."

Chris shrugged, "I'll check my messages, maybe he's going to be late."

Chris pulled out his lap top computer and hooked it up. All students at Western were required to have a computer and they all had an account for e-mail and research. After a couple of minutes on his computer, Chris announced, "It looks like I'm not going to have a roommate. This e-mail from the housing director says that he's already dropped out."

Heather read the message over Chris' shoulder. "That's too bad, she said. "But that means you'll be able to spread out and use this other closet."

For a second, Chris thought his mother was going to rearrange his clothing to accommodate his sudden increase in storage space. But then she walked past the closets and locked the door to his room. She turned and gave him a sexy smile. "It also means that we'll have a few minutes alone before I have to go." She walked back and took a seat on the bed. Chris stood from the desk where he'd been sitting and when he faced his mother; she reached up and opened his pants. She pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees. Chris' half hard cock flopped over sideways and arced away from his groin.

"Poor baby isn't hard yet," said Heather. The tip of her tongue flicked out and licked the head of Chris' cock. She gave it little baby kisses and then softly ran her tongue and lips around and around the rapidly expanding flesh.

Chris clenched his fists. His face screwed up as if he were in great pain. It was maddening when his mother teased his cock like this. He could feel the blood pumping into his huge member in time with his pulse. In less than a minute, Heather had to lay her hand on top of his cock in order to keep it from growing away from the reach of her full lips.

Chris looked down. His upper body was in the shade of the window blinds, but his mother was bathed in the afternoon sun. The light glinted off the highlights in her hair and even in that harsh light Heather looked younger than her thirty-four years. "You're killing me, Mom," moaned Chris.

His mother just looked up and smiled at her son's sexual agony. She continued to lick and tease at his throbbing cock until a drop of clear pre-cum formed at the slit in Chris' cock-head. Heather licked it away and said, "I think you're charged up enough now."

Chris watched as she stretched her lips around the head of his cock. It was a tight fit, but once it was in there, Heather began to do wonderful things with her tongue. It was all Chris could do to keep his hips from bucking back and forth.

Heather could feel her son's cock begin to twitch. A minute later she could feel his cock-head growing even larger in her mouth. She grabbed his shaft with both hands to keep it still and pulled her head back a bit. She jammed the tip of her tongue into the slit at the end of his huge cock. She knew that would set him off. In a second, Chris was grunting and gasping out his orgasm. Heather could feel the pulses of cum travel the length of his cock and then erupt into her mouth. She sucked down the hot jets of creamy cum as she grazed the edges of her teeth across Chris' super sensitive cock-head. She was rewarded when he yelped and a shudder of pleasure shook his big frame.

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