A Hard Predicament

by Devotedfollower

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Humor, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom's memory of last nights events are a bit foggy but he has another problem that has his full attention right now.

Tom's eyelids reluctantly fluttered open from a night of deep slumber. He squinted from the fresh rays of morning sunlight shinning through the window. His hand already massaging his hard erect cock, as was his usual activity.

Nothing better than a nice hard cum first thing in the morning. The perfect way to start the day. It felt so good to stroke and this morning it felt particularly good. So good to stroke, up and down, up and down, his near perfect erection.

The image in his mind, the mysterious woman he had met the night before. A very brief encounter, the image of those captivating eyes. She said her name was Dominica, he could still hear the words, her voice dripping with lust. So he stroked, it felt so good to stroke. Energizing endorphins, sparkling though his body, Such a brief encounter, such a strong impression. It felt so damm good to stroke.

Stroking harder and faster, faster and harder. Building to that hard release, the waves crashing down, the sudden relaxation of every muscle fiber, the perfect cum. It felt so good to stroke, so good, and he stroked harder and harder, faster and faster. It felt so good to stroke, it would feel so much better to cum. Building and building, not quite there. Stroking faster and faster, almost there, but not. Almost there but not.

RING! RING! This morning it was the alarm exploding and not his throbbing cock. "Fuck!, time to get up, oh fuck!" No cum this morning for Tom, maybe he could take a little break at lunch time today. "God, that voice!" Her words still ringing in his mind, still feeding those hungry endorphins.

He threw back the covers and spun his legs over so that he was now sitting on the side of the bed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and gave the arms a nice long stretch. "Time to get up." He got up and headed for the bathroom. "Uh oh something doesn't feel quite right." He seemed to be just a little bit off balance this morning, something was a little odd. Well odd yes, but also still just a little hard. Actually just as hard as it had been a few minutes ago. Still completely hard and erect, it wobbled back and forth as he walked, throwing off his balance just a little, just enough to be noticed.

"Hmmm, it's never done that before." He had to pee, he had to go really bad. Standing in front of the toilet, he looked down at the receptacle, then back up at his stiff erect member, the back down at the porcelain appliance. "How the hell am I gonna make this work?"

Gingerly he tried pushing it down a little to aim in the correct direction. "Oh my god! god that hurts! That's not going to work." Tom resigned himself to the fact that he was going to have to sit down in order to empty his bladder. Even then he found he had to lean way forward and still aim his cock in a direction it just didn't want to go. Ended up taking nearly fifteen minutes for what would normally be a ten second piss.

He was running late for work now. There was only time for a very quick and brief shower. He tried a little more stroking while in there, which still felt really good by the way, but yet to no avail. No relief what so ever for his hard and swollen member.

He questioned his own normally sharp logic when he tried to put on his favorite tight jeans. He couldn't even get the zipper closed. No today he was going to have to wear the baggy khakis instead. Even so, his pulsing dick was quite evident underneath. Was it his imagination or was it still continuing to grow? Needless to say, this situation had better resolve itself soon or he was going to have a very uncomfortable day. He would have just called in sick, but had a very important meeting this afternoon.

Even though all the discomfort, Tom found his mind breaking back to that image of the night before. That woman, her eyes, those glowing green eyes. "Come on man, snap yourself out of it. Today's going to be challenge enough without fantasying about this developing infatuation." Dominica was still having an effect on him, perhaps even a little more than he actually realized.

Tom snuck into the office as quietly and quickly as he could. He managed to use a binder he was carrying to shield any embarrassing attention. Once in his cube he felt somewhat safe with all three of his legs tucked in under his desk. The middle one however still continued to remain at military attention. He attempted to just focus on the job at hand, and maybe he would attempt another hand job at lunch time.

Not long after arriving at the office, Tom found himself on the phone dealing with his client. A new bug had been discovered in the software and he was attempting to offer a temporary work around until a coding fix could be implemented. Fortunately the stress of the job had managed to take his mind off of his little predicament for awhile. Unfortunately there was a slight interruption.

"Hey Tom." He spun around in his chair to see Lisa standing there. She needed to ask him a couple of questions. Lisa had also been trying to flirt with Tom since he joined the company a few months back. She was definitely not his type and he tried his best to deflect her attention. However this morning Lisa was getting a little bit of the wrong idea. Her eyes glanced down for just a brief instant, Tom almost flushed red when he noticed the coy grin on her face. He quickly spun back around "Sorry Lisa I'm busy right now!"

"Tom what's up?" Another interruption, this time it was his buddy Mark. "Hey I just over heard Lisa talking to Deb, she thinks you got the hots for her.

Again Tom swung around in his seat, "Oh perfect! just what I needed."

Mark's eyes grew wide, "Whoa dude, what did you do OD on viagra?"

"I don't know man, lets go outside where we can talk. Last night at the party I saw this incredible woman."

"So what's up Tom?" Mark could barely contain himself from laughing out loud at the pun.

"I don't the fuck know. Its been like this all morning, even a cold shower wouldn't cure it."

"Maybe you should go see a doctor, you know maybe they could pop it or something." Mark let out a burst of laughter.

Tom winched at the mere suggestion. He was having trouble seeing the humor in all of this. The discomfort of his swelling cock was now becoming quite painful.

"I'm not going to the doctor, are you kidding? in this condition?"

"So when did this start?"

"This morning when I woke up, it's been like this ever since I woke up."

"Well, did you try the obvious?"

"Of course I did, you fuck head! That didn't work, felt like it was going to a couple of times, but nothing."

Mark sensing his friend was on the edge, and pulled back a little on the teasing. It was funny as hell though in his mind. Poor Tom standing there with this huge bulge in his pants. The office skank probably back there right now dousing herself with her slutty cheap perfume, thinking she is about to make a score. Mark was just glad it wasn't him.

"Ok, so its been like this all morning. Anything unusual happen last night?"

"Well, that's just what I was starting to say. My mind has been reeling. This woman, this image of this woman and her voice, my god her voice."

"What woman, what voice, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Last night at the party. I was just about ready to go, I wanted to get home early, but then I noticed this woman. She was smoking a cigarette and she caught me staring at her."

"You were staring at a woman because she was smoking?"

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll explain that to you some other time. Lets just say I was staring at this woman and yeah I was getting just a little turned on. Anyway she looked right at me and caught me staring. I tried to look away real quick, but you know how that goes. When I looked back up at her she was still looking directly at me and smiling. And oh my god the most incredible eyes, I could just swim in those green eyes."

"Ok, so then what happened?"

"She pointed her finger directly at me, and then curled it back towards her inviting me, no actually more like commanding me to come over there."

"Wow, that sounds pretty hot. I can see why you were having wet dreams, umm I mean dry dreams." Mark busted out laughing for a second and then contained himself.

"Hey, this is serious. If you're going to be that way, just fuck you!"

"Ok Tom, I'm sorry calm down. Just tell me what happened."

"Well that's the thing, nothing else really did happen. I walked over there, she held out her hand and I leaned over and kissed it."

"You kissed her hand!? sorry go on."

"I don't know why I did that, just seemed appropriate at the time. Anyway we talked for a few minutes, She said her name was Dominica, I said goodnight, and I went home."

"That's it? You talked to some chick for five minutes and now you have the eternal hard on. This must be some woman."

"That's all that I remember, but now her imagine is bored into my brain."

"Sure she didn't drug you or something?"

"Nope, no way, I didn't even have anything to drink while I was there. I only stopped by for a few minutes to make an appearance."

"Well maybe she hypnotized you or something." Mark was starting to smirk again. If I were you, I think I would see if maybe she might think about releasing you from this spell you are under.

"Oh that's right!" Tom reached into his pocket and pull out a rumbled up napkin. Written on it was a phone number.

Tom reached for the cell phone on his belt loop, and started walking away, just leaving Mark to shake his head and go back to his desk.

"Hello," immediately he recognized the voice on the other end. The voice he couldn't seem to get out of his mind.

"um hello Dominica, I don't know if you remember me but this is..."

"Hello Tom, I have been expecting your call, it seems you are right on time."

Tom felt a little dumfounded, how did she know he would be calling. "uh, I was wondering, that is I was hoping that I could um maybe see you again, you know maybe if you are not too busy, please could I?"

"Yes of course Tom, I'll have a car pick you up momentarily." Then the phone clicked off.

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