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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jack has a plan to bust Susan's cherry on a midnight stroll through the old cemetary. Things get interesting when wander into an old mansion.

The wind howled though the cemetery on this brisk Halloween night. Gothic headstones and crypts created eerie shadows in the light of the full moon. Susan was shivering in her light sweater. Jack held her tightly trying to keep her warm as they walked though the graveyard on this haunted night.

"Jack I'm freezing, can't we go back?"

"Come on Susan, this is going to be fun, I mean haven't you always wanted to spend Halloween night in an old cemetery?"

Susan just shook her head and rolled her eyes. "The things you do for love", she thought. She had fallen for Jack, several months back now actually. The two had been going together since last fall, both their freshmen year of college. Although they had been together now for nearly a year, Susan was still a virgin. She had grown up in a well to do family and lead what might be described as an innocent childhood. Although she had never strongly expressed her feelings, she did have convictions that certain things were to be left for marriage.

Jack on the other hand well he had been to home plate exactly twice. You couldn't really say that he was in love with Susan at this point. More likely one would say he was in lust with Susan. Like most healthy young men most of the time he thought with his dick. Sure he really liked Susan, they had fun together, but more than anything else his cock craved her pussy. Even though he had not yet ever tasted her nectar, he dreamed of that moment. Susan had the ability to tease without even realizing it. It was just another part of her innocence that made her just that much more sexy and desirable. After these several months, Jacks balls were starting to turn a dark shade of blue.

Tonight though, well Jack had a little plan up his sleeve. He had been looking for the perfect place. A friend had told him about this old cemetery and in particular about the old mansion that stood off in the back corner. Apparently the mansion was abandoned although kept in good repair. Most likely by some preservation society who were dedicated to such causes. Jack had been to the cemetery a couple of times to scope it out. The old mansion was secluded alright and while carrying some spooky over tones appeared to be the perfect location to finally dip his wick.

The plan was to take a little stroll though the old grave yard on Halloween night. Sure it would be a little chilly, it always was this time of year as the seasons began their transition from the warm days of summer to the quiet sleepy days of fall. Susan would be getting cold and anxious to find some place warm. The old mansion would provide the perfect place. The added extra drama of it being Halloween would surely cause Susan to feel a little vulnerable. The plan was a bit on the evil side, sure, but in Jack's mind it wasn't nearly like that at all. After all he was simply trying to feed a very natural urge with a very natural act. Lust aside he did care very much for Susan and thought of himself as her protector.

Susan snuggled close to Jack as they wandered along. "Jack can't we please leave now?" she pleaded.

"Hey look at that old house over there!" Jack feigned surprise ignoring Susan's plea. "Come on, lets go check it out."

Truth be told Susan wanted no part of it, but she was freezing and right now getting out of the cold wind took precedence. Half reluctantly she held tightly onto Jack as the walked up the stone steps leading to door of the house. The house was beautiful old Victorian mansion. There were no lights on or any other signs of life. The house was in surprisingly good shape for one supposedly abandoned.

"Lets see if anyone is home", Jack smiled as he rapped on the ornate double wooden doors and keeping with his acting job. He knew the house was empty, but he had to go through the motions. A few more minutes of this and he would start looking for window he might be able to pry open. Wouldn't wait too much longer though. He was anxious to get to what was certain to be a very pleasurable evening.

"Well, there doesn't appear to be anyone home", Jack laughed under his breath. "Lets see if the door is unlocked."

To Jacks amazement it was. He turned the knob, gave it a little push, and the door creaked open. Jack grabbed Susan by the hand and stepped inside.

"Jack! we shouldn't be going in here its trespassing."

"Oh Susan, there is obviously no one here, who is ever going to know?"

It was completely dark inside, but Jack had thought ahead and produced a small flashlight. The entry way was a bit odd in that it was actually a small room. There were three doors, one on the wall straight ahead, another on the wall to the left, across from the third on the right. Jack tried the door straight ahead, it was locked. He tried the door on the left. This one was open. The door swung open to reveal a flight of stairs leading down apparently to the basement. Jack turned to try the door on the right, it too was locked. He turned back to head through the one open door.

Susan protested, "No Jack I don't want to go down there!"

"Come on it might be fun, what do you think, we're going to find a dungeon down there?", he teased.

"God Jack, I think you're crazy," Susan laughed, for the first time she was starting to loosen up a little bit.

The couple proceeded cautiously down the stairs, careful that one of the old wooden steps didn't decide to suddenly give way. At the bottom of the stairs were three more passageways. The small flashlight flickers over the stone walls. With Jack in the lead they crept along not really paying attention where they were going. Susan stayed close behind. Every ten feet or so it seemed there were more choices of passageways. Through their discovery, they managed to take several turns, right, then left, then right again. It wasn't long until Jack started to get confused as to where they had been and which way they were going. Several of the passageways led to dead ends. Jack slowly began to realize what Susan already knew, they were lost in this maze.

"Help! Help! we're lost! can anyone help us!?" Susan screamed.

"Susan don't do that, besides there is no one here to hear you anyway."

"I don't care Jack, this isn't fun any more, I want to get out of here now."

Just then Jack saw something on the wall that looked familiar. "Come on, I think I know where we are now, the exit is this way."

He quickened his pace as he headed down the dark corridor. His spirits were dashed when this one too resulted in just another dead end. The situation was just about to get worse. When Jack turned back, Susan wasn't there behind him, she was gone.

He called out for her, "Susan, Susan were are you?"

All he heard back was deafening silence. He started to panic which only increased his confusion. He began running up and down the corridors time after time, he ran into dead ends. It was beginning to appear there was no way out. Jack felt helpless. Calling out for Susan and wandering lost though the endless array of passageways. Hours passed, the flashlight dimmed to a dull speck of light. Jack just wanted to sit down and cry. It was only the responsibility for Susan that kept him searching for her, so he continued his quest. Just at that moment when he would surrender to a hopeless situation, he heard a voice that was music to his ears.

"Jack, Jack, over here!"

"Susan! I've looked everywhere for you, where have you been?"

"Finding the way out!" she smirked, come on its this way. This time Susan took the lead. She knew exactly where she was going. She stopped in front of a closed door. Light emanated from beneath the door. She paused for a brief second and called for Jack to follow her to freedom. She took his hand and opened the door. The room was filled with dozens of lit candles, forming a soft delicate light that flicker off the walls. Once she was sure Jack was safely inside, Susan quickly darted off to a far corner of the room. Jack started to follow after her but was startled short by the image he saw.

It was a woman. Her eyes glowed green in the candlelight. They almost seemed to pulse as they stared at him. Even more amazing to Jack was that Susan immediately got on her knees as she approached the mysterious woman.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jack protested.

"Hello Jack, nice of you to have finally joined us. My name is Dominica and this is my mansion and more specifically this is my dungeon."

"Susan, what is going on here, what are you doing? Come on lets get out of here."

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