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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Another fun-filled fantasy from your favortie computer geek. Its open ended and if there's enough interest I'll be happy to expand on it. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Another Monday, oh well thought Jamie the weekend wasn't all that great anyway but anything is better than going to work. Just having graduated last June high school memories still dominated her thoughts as she made her way to her desk at the small company she worked for. Turning on the computer and checking her email Jamie saw the message from last Friday informing her that she was to attend a training session for the new network the company had installed. Each department had to send one person for this class who demonstrated an above average knowledge of computers. This person would then be designated as the go to person for the department for anyone that was having problems with their computer. If the problem could not be resolved then the go to person would contact the Network Administrator for help.

Jamie went down the hall to the conference room that had been converted into a temporary classroom. Entering the room she noticed that she was the only woman there. You must be Jamie said the guy standing at the front of the room, grab a seat and we'll get started. Jamie took a seat by herself away from the others, aside from being the only woman she was also the youngest person in the room. Ok, lets get started, my name is Larry and I've been hired as the network administrator for this company. As you all know the company just completed the installation of a new network replacing the old peer to peer system that was being used. He's cute thought Jamie but way too old for me.

Larry felt himself getting hard when he saw Jamie walking into the room, dark brown hair, full lips, large breasts and an ass to die for. I'm glad I wore underwear today he thought, usually he liked to go without, enjoying the second glances he got from women sometimes. She is a little young though, no harm in looking I guess. Time to get the show on the road and started his lecture on networks. From time to time he would glance at Jamie and was glad that she was paying attention. My god she thought, he's got a hardon! Jamie had already learned about different types of computer networks as a senior in high school and realized that she already understood what Larry was talking about. In her mind she started to undress him. He was about six feet tall, dark hair, blue eyes and a mustache. Jamie wondered if he had hair on his chest, a hairy chest was a real turn-on for her. She could feel herself get a little damp between her legs as her daydream went on. Is she looking at my dick? Damn, no way, thats just wishful thinking on my part.

After the lecture came the troubleshooting portion of the class. Larry had designed a number of exercises that would imitate the various problems that could crop up on a network. He walked around the room to see how everyone was doing and to provide guidance if needed. As he approached Jamie his libido came back in full force, Jamie turned to him just as he reached her seat. The back of her hand brushed the front of his pants and felt the lump that was growing there. She was mortified! The flush that started from the base of her neck and over her face didn't help matters any. For his part Larry was thrilled at the same time he acted as if nothing had happened. He could see she was distressed and set about to put her at ease. You're doing great he said noticing that she had completed all of the exercises before anyone else. Looking up at him she smiled and said thanks. Larry had to tear his eyes away from the opening in her blouse where he could just make out the tops of her breasts encased in a lacy white bra. He was looking down my shirt thought Jamie as she felt another gush of wetness in her panties.

For the rest of the morning the class went on without any more incidents and ended right at lunch time. Larry started breaking down the equipment imagining what Jamie looked like naked. His mind was going into overdrive with thoughts of the sexual possibilities. She probably thinks of me as an old fart if she thinks of me at all he mused. Ah but, in my mind we would be perfect together. Ok you old lech, get your mind back on work or you'll be here all night putting this crap away. Larry was forty three years old, divorced twice and hornier than in any other time in his life.

Jamie was still at her desk when everyone else left trying to finish the spreadsheet she was working on for her boss. Feeling an urgent need from her bladder she saved what she was working on and headed for the ladies room. What a relief she thought as she sat back down at her desk and tried to retrieve the spreadsheet from the network server. A message popped up on her screen " Path not found". Jamie tried repeatedly to get the file with no success. Panic started to set in, she had promised her boss it would be finished so he could use it in a presentation he was doing for the president of the company tomorrow. Hoping it wasn't too late Jamie called upstairs to the IT department hoping somebody was still there that could help her. Information technology this is Larry. Thank god she thought, hi Larry this is Jamie I was in your class today. Hi Jamie, what can I do for you? She explained her problem and he put her on hold while he checked the network. Well, the network is ok I think the problem is on your end. I'll be down in couple of minutes and take a look to see if I can find the problem.

Larry went downstairs to Jamie's office and went over to her desk. He said why don't you show me whats happening as he leaned down. Jamie felt a slight shiver run through her from the nearness of his body but the computer problem drove any other thoughts from her mind. You know, come to think of it I remember something about the data closet on this floor, I'll be right back Larry said. After a couple of minutes Larry came back and said try it now. Jamie clicked on the file name and there it was. Thank you so much, what was the problem? The subcontractor who worked on the data closet did a lousy job on the wiring. I had to plug your connection into a different port on the switch. As he walked away Jamie stared at his ass shook her head and proceeded to finish working on the spreadsheet.

She left the building half an hour later and walked over to her car. We have to stop meeting like this or people will start to talk she heard someone say. Turning around she saw Larry smiling standing by the car next to hers. What a great smile she thought. Thanks again for helping me tonight. My pleasure he said, say do you have any plans for dinner tonight? Jamie thought about the yogurt waiting for her at home and said not really. I'm going to fire up the grill, how does a little barbecue sound? Jamie was a little hesitant but then thought what the hell we both work together and he seems like a nice guy, ok she said. Great, why don't you follow me I don't live too far from here. Driving home Larry was thinking about how hot Jamie was and had to adjust his pants to accomodate his growing erection. Down boy, she's just a kid and you're old enough to be her father.

Dinner was a pleasant surprise, the food was good and the conversation flowed naturally as if they had known each other for long time. They sat on the couch drinking coffee, talking and Jamie moved a little closer to Larry. Putting her cup down on the coffee table she leaned over and kissed him and said thanks for everything. Larry put his arm around her stroking her face with back of his finger tips and said my pleasure. Then he kissed her, he felt the tip of Jamie's tongue touch his lips he slid his tongue forward to meet hers.Their bodies moved closer together she placed her hand on his chest as his slid down to her hip. The kiss ended Larry looked at her and said you are so beautiful. Jamie could feel the flush starting again only this time it was followed by a heat that spread throughout her body. They both moved to kiss each other again this time more urgent. Larry's hand moved to Jamie's blouse and started to undo the buttons. She placed her hand on his thigh nudging his erection then gently stroking the length of it. He cupped her breast feeling the stiff nipple through the material of her bra softly squeezing the full mound. Wait he said, not here, he stood and took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

Standing by the bed kissing, feeling each others body, Jamie started to lift his shirt over his head. If Jamie thought she was wet before, once she saw the hair on his chest she was positively dripping. She ran her hands through the hair kissing and licking his nipples while his hands were on her gorgeous ass pulling her in closer. Jamie went to her knees and removed his shoes and socks, then reaching up undid his belt and zipper, tugging his pants and underwear down and off. Ooh, you've got a nice one she said as her thumb and forefinger slid around his uncircumsised prick slowly stroking, watching as the purple head came into view. Larry thought his dick couldn't get any harder if he tried. This beautiful young woman before him, holding his prick licking it and sliding her hand up and down the length was making him wild with lust. Her other hand came up and started to caress his balls at the same time as she took him into her mouth. The sensation was exquisite, Larry could feel the beginning of an orgasm as everything Jamie was doing began to overwhelm him. He reached down placing a hand on either side of her head and eased her mouth off of his cock. Jamie looked up at him wide eyed, is something wrong she said? No, its just that you've got me so turned on right now and I don't want to come just yet.

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