Wages of Rape

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bill is convicted of a rape he didn't commit. He is turned over to his accuser for 'rehabilitation'. He becomes a sex-slave to her.

Chapter 1: In Jail

I was pale and nearly sick to my stomach from horror as I watched the TV monitor. Male screams caused by unspeakable pain and suffering issued from the set. From the date/time stamp on the camera I knew this torture had gone on for weeks. Finally, when I could take no more "Please, turn it off." My female lawyer reached over and hit the stop button on the jail's conference recorder. She studied my face, probably made even paler by the bright orange of my prison garb.

"You see," she said, " what will happen if you take the case to trial and we lose-which we will. You will be turned over to the prison and will be slowly executed just as that man was. Under the new laws there is no appeal from a rape conviction. Your only hope is to plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court."

I was in turmoil. I hadn't done anything. I hadn't raped anyone. I hadn't even had sex for almost a year. How could this be happening to me? My accuser was someone I didn't remember even meeting. It made no sense. "But I didn't do anything. How can I be found guilty?"

"Easily, Bill. Under the new laws if two women swear that you raped them or that one observed you raping the other you are automatically convicted. And there are two women who have filed affidavits to that effect."

"But they're lying! I didn't do it. You're my lawyer; prove that they're lying."

"It doesn't work that way anymore, Bill. People got tired of rapists getting off because their lawyers dragged victims through the mud on cross-examination. Few women would face that and so would not testify. The law was changed and now if two witnesses state in writing that a man is a rapist they don't even have to appear in court. They can't be cross-examined. Their affidavits are simply read for the record and it's over. The judge then has no choice but to convict and pass sentence to the same treatment you saw on that video. Bill, you've got to plead guilty and state that you're sorry and want to atone for your crime. That's your only hope."

"But how can the punishment be so ghastly?"

"The new law simply states that the convicted felon is to be turned over to the state prison where the warden is to execute the rapist within one month. It does not specify how the execution is to take place. That's up to the warden. She is the one who has developed the techniques you saw in the video."

"But how does she get away with it?"

"Because no one knows. A friend of mine smuggled this tape to me. Once the inmate reaches the prison he can have no communication with the outside world. The law forbids witnesses at the execution. The warden can do what she wants, and what she wants is to cause pain, suffering and humiliation."

"Why is she so vicious?"

"I have heard that she was raped as a child and badly hurt. Also, her only daughter was raped, mutilated and murdered when only thirteen years old. The warden has built up a lot of hate."


The lawyer brought me back to the point. "Bill, your only hope is to plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court. You've got to plead guilty and apologize convincingly. You've got to beg for mercy."

"What happens if I do that?"

"If the judge believes your contrition is sincere she can put you on probation. During the probation period a special, court-appointed probation officer will see to your rehabilitation."

"How long would this probation period last?"

"Two years or so, depending on how the judge values your contrition."

"What does rehabilitation consist of?"

"There's no standard. The probation officer appointed by the judge decides what is necessary in the individual case."

" But I didn't do anything."

"So you keep saying, Bill. But the affidavits are there. You are doomed if you don't plead guilty and very apologetically at that. You've got to plead guilty, Bill. I can't get you off and you've seen what will happen when, not if, you're convicted."

"I guess I have no choice. I guess I'll have to do it."

"That's your only real option, Bill."

"I guess that's it then."

"Not quite. There's one more important point. If you are given probation you'd better do what the probation officer tells you to do. If the probation officer ever feels you are not sincere in your rehabilitation efforts, the PO simply sends you to the prison and you are executed as in the video. There is no appeal to the PO's decision. The judge does not get involved again; you have no hearing; there is no appeal. It's just all over. Are you clear about this?

"I guess so."

"Okay, we're agreed then?"


"Then I'll see you in court tomorrow."

Chapter 2: In Court

I looked nervously around the courtroom as the court bailiff read the charges against me. I was still wearing the orange jumpsuit and my hands were manacled behind my back. A female judge sat behind the bench. My lawyer was on one side of me; the prosecutor, another woman, on the other. There were a few women in the audience, sitting together and whispering among themselves while staring at me boldly. I didn't then understand why.

The judge rapped her gavel. "You have heard the charges; how do you plead?"

I steeled myself. "Guilty, your honor. I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done it. I won't ever do it again. I swear that I'll never do it again. I never did it before. I'll turn over a new leaf if you'll just give me a chance."

The judge annotated some papers in front of her. "Let the record show that the defendant pleads guilty and is apologetic. He is sentenced to the state prison to be executed according to the law. Because he has pleaded guilty and expressed contrition, however, I can do no more than sentence him to three years of probation. During this time he must undertake a program of rehabilitation as determined by his probation officer. At the end of three years he and that officer are to return to this court. If the Probation Officer testifies at that time that he has been successfully rehabilitated then the first sentence will be canceled and the prisoner will be released. If at any time between now and then the officer shall determine that rehabilitation is not working, the sentence will be carried out forthwith."

Turning to the lawyers, "Do we have a person willing to undertake the role of probation officer? Three years is a long commitment. Does the defense or prosecution have a suggestion?"

The prosecutor responded, "Perhaps the victim might comment?" In retrospect I think she said this a little gleefully.

The judge asked, "Is the victim present?"

A woman in the audience stood up. She looked vaguely familiar, and then I remembered. She had come into our office a few weeks ago to see someone else. I hadn't even been introduced to her, but her beauty was the reason I remembered her. She had long red hair. She was wearing a green silk blouse that molded magnificent tits. Even in my terror I noticed that she was bra-less. Her nipples poked prominently through the thin fabric. Her skirt was very tight and molded her voluptuous ass. The micro-mini skirt barely covered her cunt and her legs went on forever ending in four-inch spiked fuck-me pumps. If I hadn't been scared to death I'm sure I would have sprung a hardon and drooled on the spot.

"Your honor, I am Melissa Miller. I was the victim of that monster."

"Do you have any suggestions about his probation or probation officer?"

"Your honor, I think he should go to prison and be executed, but since you can't do that I ask that you let me be his probation officer? I'll personally see to it that he learns that rape is not acceptable behavior."

"There is precedence for that. It seems fitting too. It is so ordered. The court thanks you for undertaking this task."

"Now, you, Bill Walker! You are a convicted rapist, despicable in the eyes of the law. You have been sentenced to the state prison to be executed within one month of arrival. Because you have pled guilty and shown contrition, you are provisionally placed on three years probation under the direction of Ms. Melissa Miller. You will undertake a course of rehabilitation to be devised and conducted by Ms. Miller. If at the end of three years Ms Miller is satisfied that you are reformed the sentence will be canceled. Parenthetically, I'd rather have you executed so that you harm no one ever again, but the law gives me no choice but to try rehabilitation. Your parole officer has sole discretion in your case. She will conduct the rehabilitation and will be the sole judge as to your progress. If at any time she feels you will be unsuccessful at rehabilitation she need only contact the state prison. They will immediately take you into custody and arrange for your execution. Ms Miller's decision will not be subject to review by this court or any other. There will be no appeal to her decision. Do you understand this, Mr. Walker?"

"Yes, your honor."

"I hope you do, for your sake. You are hereby remanded to Ms. Miller's custody to serve out a three-year period of behavior modification under her sole discretion and direction." The judge banged her gavel. "Ms. Miller, the prisoner is yours. This court is adjourned." The judge rose and left the courtroom.

Melissa Miller stepped toward me removing a leash and choke collar from her purse. Her eyes gleamed with victory, pleasure and lust. She fastened the collar around my neck saying, "You'll keep your mouth shut until I tell you you can talk. Disobey and you'll regret it. The prison is one phone call away and the number is in my cell phone. I can have you there within an hour."

She dragged me from the courtroom on the leash. The audience of women was leering and laughing. I was red with humiliation. I thought it was the worst day of my life. I was very wrong.

Chapter 3: First Rules

Melissa dragged me into a large bedroom in an opulent house. She sat in a large chair and tugged me in front of her. I was beginning to realize that I was still in deep trouble. I might not be going to my execution, but the future did not look bright.

"Kneel in front of me, worm, and listen closely. I saw you in the hall where you work and thought it would be fun to own you. Fortunately, with the new rape laws, that's easy. All I needed was a friend to corroborate my story. Since I had corroborated for her case, she was happy to corroborate for mine. You'll get to meet her and her parolee soon enough. For the next three years I own you. I can and will do anything I want with you. You have fewer rights than the slaves used to have on sugar plantations. Piss me off and you go to prison where they'll execute you slowly, starting by tearing your balls out. You'll do everything I say immediately and eagerly. You will be punished for infractions and if you don't accept those punishments... , well there's the prison. The only words out of your mouth from now on are to be 'Yes, Mistress'. When I ask you a question you answer, 'Yes, Mistress'. If I give you an order, you say 'Yes, Mistress' and obey that order immediately and eagerly. Is that clear! "

I was stunned. "Yes, Mistress."

"Okay. Stand up."

I obeyed and she slapped me hard across the face. "When I give you an order, you say 'Yes, Mistress' and obey."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you like to be slapped?"

"No, Mistress".

Again she slapped me hard. "I told you the only words out of your mouth are to be 'Yes, Mistress.' Are you a slow learner?"

I was too confused to answer. Again Melissa delivered a round-house slap. "I asked you a question. Are you a slow learner?"

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Well then, I'll have to work extra hard to train you then, won't I?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She smiled viciously, "You may make it yet."

She uncuffed my hands and removed the leash leaving the collar in place.

"There's the bathroom. Go in there and throw all your clothes down the laundry chute-everything. I want the jail stink off you. Shower, shave and comb your hair. I want you squeaky clean-every crevice. You'll find a razor, shampoo, soap and deodorant in there. When you're done, put on the clothes in the box on the bed and report to me in the living room. You have 15 minutes-that's 900 seconds and I've started counting."

"Yes, Mistress."

My new Mistress rose, stared at me haughtily and walked arrogantly from the room. I looked around bewildered, but then realized I had better hurry and went into the bathroom. After a careful and thorough shower as ordered I re-entered the bedroom stark naked. I opened the box and was startled by what I found. I took the items out and reluctantly donned them. I put on a very skimpy and small G-string that barely covered my cock and balls. It was transparent. The translucent shorts I struggled into were many sizes too small and hugged my bulge and butt. Finally I stretched a translucent tee shirt over my chest-even my man's nipples poked through the thin fabric. I slipped the sandals on my feet, looked in the mirror and then resignedly left the room. I was beginning to realize what my rehabilitation might entail.

Chapter 4: First Training Session

I came to a large and sumptuous room. Mistress, as I was beginning to think of her, was sitting regally in a throne-like chair. She was wearing a long flowing robe that covered her completely. It opened from the front. She was carrying a riding crop that she kept tapping menacingly against her palm.

"Kneel before me, worm."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I'm having a party to celebrate getting you. By the time it's over you'll have a very good idea of what the next three years will bring. Remember to obey every order instantly and eagerly and remember the alternative."

"Yes, Mistress".

"When my guests arrive you will meet them at the door. You will kneel before each guest and say 'Welcome, Mistress'. You will obey them and address them as you are required to address me. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

Almost immediately there was a knock and two attractive women, who turned out to be Mistresses Amber and Clarissa, and dressed like Mistress Melissa appeared in the doorway. I rushed over and dropped to my knees before them. "Welcome, Mistress. Welcome, Mistress."

Mistress Amber said imperiously, "Stand up, worm, and let me look at you."

"Yes, Mistress"," as I obeyed.

"Put your hands behind your head."

"Yes, Mistress."

Mistress Amber walked arrogantly around me, fondling my biceps and, to my shock and humiliation, my ass, my cock and my balls.

"Not bad, Mistress Melissa. But why so many clothes?"

"I thought I'd break him in slowly. What should he take off?"

"Worm, remove your shirt," this from Mistress Clarissa.

"Yes, Mistress."

Clarissa fondled my bare chest tweaking my nipples. Frightened as I was I felt a little spasm in my cock.

"Now your shorts."

"Yes, Mistress." I struggled out of the shorts and becoming even redder with embarrassment.

From Amber, "Well that thong doesn't leave much to the imagination, but I hate anything between the goods and me. What do you think, Mistress Clarissa?"

"Remove the thong, worm. Present your bare cock and balls to your betters."

"Yes, Mistress." I slipped the wispy thong from my body and stepped out of it. I was now completely naked. My cock hung flaccid. I thought I had reached a new low in humiliation, but as I was to find out I was just getting started in that department.

"Mistress Melissa," Mistress Amber said, "I am shocked. Has he not been told to have his cock hard when before a Mistress?"

"Not yet. I've only had him for an hour. But now is a good time. Worm, grab that cock and make it hard! Keep it that way when you are in my presence or that of another Mistress. For the moment you can stroke it to make it hard, but you'll eventually learn to do it by willpower alone. If you are soft in my presence you'll be punished. If you cum without permission you'll really regret it."

"Yes, Mistress." Redder than ever with embarrassment I started desperately pumping my cock. After a minute or so it responded. Thinking about what might be under the Mistress's robes proved a useful mental stimulus.

"Remember, worm, don't you dare cum without permission. I want it hard for my benefit, not yours."

"Yes, Mistress."

I stopped pumping and stood there with my cock rampant. I was beginning to get over the humiliation. After all, I possess a large member, fully nine inches long and two inches in diameter.

"Well, I see you've got better equipment than I thought you might have. You'll be a pleasure to work over, won't he Mistresses? Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs."

"Yes, Mistress."

The women circled me, fondling my bare ass, balls and hard cock. They took particular pleasure in sensing the heft and rigidity of my now rock-hard fuck-tool. I was startled when one of them lightly probed my asshole. Finally, their amusement temporarily over, they sat down and continued examining me like I was a piece of meat, which to them I was. Finally, Melissa said, "Yup, he's not bad. He'll be a joy to rehabilitate." The women laughed. Their laugh sent a little frisson down my spine. "The champagne is cold by now. Worm, serve us."

"Yes, Mistress"

Chapter 5: First Spanking

I went to the bar and poured three glasses of champagne, put them on a tray and carried them to Melissa and then to Amber and Clarissa. As Clarissa took her glass she deliberately bumped the tray and some champagne spilled onto her robe.

She jumped up in feigned anger, "Worm, you have spilled champagne on my robe. You'll pay for that. Mistress Melissa, he should be spanked."

"I agree and since he spilled on you, you get to spank him first. But don't wear him out quite yet, we all want a turn."

Clarissa sat back down, "Over my knees, worm."

"Yes, Mistress."

Clarissa draped me over her knees and after fondling my ass cheeks she reached under me and grabbed my balls and cock to hold me down. Then she began to spank me bare handed as hard as she could. When she was tired, I moved to Amber's lap for more of the same. By now my ass was red and I was squirming and moaning as the blows rained down. When I got up from Mistress Amber's lap my cock had unfortunately softened somewhat.

When I stepped before Mistress Melissa for the final round of spanking "I told you to keep your cock hard. Get it back to hard. Then I'll spank you for spilling and then for softening."

"Yes, Mistress." I stroked my cock back to hardness and then draped myself over Mistress's lap. She whacked me 20 times. She was much stronger and accomplished than the others and by the time she was through I was squirming and howling desperately with each blow.

"This is hot work. Kneel before me worm."

She stood before me and let her robe fall to the floor. She wore a green bustier and her tits bulged out with huge erect nipples. She was wearing only a green garter belt and her naked cunt, framed by a bush of trimmed red-hair was inches from my face. She was wearing green stockings and matching, 4-inch spiked heels. "Spanking you has made me hot, worm. My cunt is wet and needs relief. Start lapping and keep your cock hard."

"Yes, Mistress."

I set to work. After a minute she whipped me with her riding crop.

"More tongue, I want to hear you slurping!"

I responded with increased effort and a muffled "Yes, Mistress." I made slurping noses and worked my tongue and lips greedily over her cunt and clit. After a few minutes Mistress began to moan and them came violently, screaming and striking at me. "Suck you bastard, suck!" I managed a muffled, "Yes, Mistress" and redoubled my efforts.

As Mistress climaxed she finally pulled away from me and sagged satisfied and spent in her chair. "Who's next?"

Mistress Amber stepped up and dropped her robe. The fact that she was dressed like Mistress Melissa but in black with a trimmed blonde cunt did nothing to soften my cock "I want to ride his cock. On the floor, on your back worm." I remember a fleeting thought that maybe there might be a few pleasures to go with the pain and humiliation. I was to learn that those pleasures were very few and far between and greatly outweighed by the pain and degradation I was made to suffer.

As ordered I lay on my back with my throbbing cock pointing skyward..."Yes, Mistress".

She impaled her sopping wet cunt on my shaft and began working it up and down. "If you cum, I'll whip your ass with my crop, not my soft hand."

This was too much for Mistress Clarissa who dropped her robe revealing a white costume contrasting obscenely with her ebony skin. "Since your cock's already busy you can use your mouth on my cunt." Before I could respond with the obligatory "Yes, Mistress" she had straddled my head and planted her cunt firmly on my mouth. I'm not dumb. To protect my sore ass I started slurping and lapping as furiously and artfully as I knew how. I made sure to tickle her clit with my tongue at every opportunity.

The friction on my cock was overwhelming. If it hadn't been so difficult to concentrate on breathing while ministering to Mistress Clarissa's cunt I would have undoubtedly cum. After a few minutes of eager bouncing on my cock and fingering her own nipples, Mistress Amber came in a torrent of vocal ejaculations. Clarissa came almost as violently and when she was done she uncharacteristically did me a favor. She got off my face so that I could breathe and she returned to her throne chair.

Amber kept riding me, however, with a taunting expression on her face. She looked into my eyes and fondled her tits as she did so. I closed my eyes to keep out the erotic image and to try to control my now building orgasm. Amber said "Open your eyes, worm and look at my tits!" "Yes, Mistress," as I opened them. "Wouldn't you like to suck these, fondle these and play with these. Wouldn't you like to come in my cunt?" At the precipice I gasped an obedient "Yes, Mistress," but the last of my willpower was overcome by the voluptuous image before me. My tormented balls surged and a flood of my hot cum erupted through my huge, rock-hard cock. I bucked and groaned as the pleasure racked my body.

Mistress Amber was delighted and I immediately knew I was in for more trouble. She pulled her cunt off my deflating cock and planted it in front of my face. "You'll pay for putting your filthy jizz in my cunt, worm. Start by cleaning me up. And swallow every drop." I was too spent to resist, "Yes, Mistress."

I started sucking and swallowing, but even after I was sure I had swallowed every drop-and it seemed like a gallon-she stayed on my face. I kept lapping and slurping until finally she came with a second powerful, shuddering, vocal orgasm.

"Now over this stool, worm."

"Yes, Mistress."

I lay over a stool and the women tied my hands and feet to the legs. My ass was high in the air. I felt very exposed and vulnerable and had very little room to move. I had never felt so helpless. "You were told not to cum and you did. You'll now pay the price. You hollered when we spanked your bare ass with our bare hands. You'll really howl now when we stripe your cute ass cheeks with our whips."

They enthusiastically whipped me with their crops. My ass was on fire. I could hardly bear the pain and began screaming with each blow. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. "Please, stop, please!!" I knew instantly that was a big mistake. There was a short and pregnant quiet, then "You know you are not to speak except to say 'Yes, Mistress.' For disobeying that rule, worm, you get ten more from each of us." My pain and my screams intensified, but I uttered no words. When they finished with me they untied me and left me blubbering on the floor. I was sure my ass must be bleeding, but they were so expert that they had managed to inflict maximum pain with minimum long-term damage. I was to learn that they had this skill in many areas of expertise.

The fire had barely begun to diminish in my poor ass, when "On your knees before our cunts, worm."

"Yes, Mistress," as the three women stood in front of me with their cunts as close to my face as they all could get.

Mistress Melissa grabbed a handful of my hair and almost yelling said "Do you understand now, worm. For the next three years you are a cunt slave. A slave to my cunt and any cunts I want you to worship. You will suck and fuck, but you will only cum on command. You and your cock exist for my pleasure and that of my friends. You will be punished severely for failure to perform as expected or just because I feel like punishing you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And don't think that spanking and whipping are the only punishments we can deliver. We have many more that are more humiliating and uncomfortable for you while being more enjoyable and amusing for us." When Mistress Zelda gets here with her slave we'll introduce you to a few of them. Right now I want you to serve us drinks."

"Yes, Mistress."

Chapter 6: Mistress Zelda

I was kneeling before my Mistress, my ass still throbbing from the beating I had been given. But the women were ignoring me and chatting idly. I was appreciative of the respite. I had never experienced such pain and humiliation as I had over the last few hours. I hoped the worst was over. Unfortunately for me, worse was yet to come.

There was a noise in the entryway and a woman appeared. She was dressed as the other women. She was oriental and in a red outfit. She pulled on a leash and a naked man, obviously her slave, followed her into the room. The leash was connected to a ring in the head of his erect cock. His balls were spread painfully apart in a separating harness and the base of his cock had a tight ring around it. His hands were chained behind his neck. He was wearing a ball gag and had nipple rings. She jerked the leash and the slave groaned and jumped to keep up with her. She turned him around and I noted with alarm that there was a huge dildo rammed up his ass and connected by wires to a battery pack on his waist. The woman looked me straight in the eye, unhooked the leash and lifted her riding crop to show me a remote control device on the handle. Her slave's eyes widened with fear. She pushed down firmly on the button and her slave screamed and convulsed with the agony clearly caused by the remotely controlled dildo. All four women laughed.

"Mistress Zelda, what did he do wrong?" ask Mistress Melissa."

"Turd came without permission. I had him on the floor and was riding his cock and he shot his filthy jizz into my cunt."

"That's disgusting."

"Yes, and I'd only had ten orgasms during the hour I rode him. But he'll learn to control himself. I've tried whipping his ass with a crop, and now we'll try this. The dildo in his ass is a modified cattle prod. If and when I run out of ideas he'll find out what the prison has to offer. Maybe he'll learn to control himself before it comes to that. It really doesn't matter though does it? It's so easy to get a new one. The new rape laws are really most useful."

"That's the truth," from Melissa. "I just got this worm today and he doesn't have any staying power yet. He has already cum once without permission and has suffered 30 blows from the crops for his offense. We were kind because he is so new. How long have you been training the turd"?

"For six months, but I have at least another 18 months to go. He'll learn or die trying."

Mistress Melissa laughed merrily, "I bet he will. Well, Mistresses, let's have a drink to the wonderful rape laws." The other Mistresses laughed. " Worm, serve us more champagne and don't spill it this time."

After a few sips Mistress Amber said, "I'm bored. How about some entertainment?"

Mistress Zelda said, "Good idea. I've got a plan." (She unchained her slave's hands, removed the ball gag from his mouth and the dildo from his ass. The dildo's dimensions were now apparent-10 inches long and three inches in diameter. I thought it huge at the time. The slave gasped with relief.) "On your knees, Turd!"

"Yes, Mistress." To Mistress Melissa, "May I use your slave?"

"Most certainly."

"Worm, stand over here in front of this turd."

"Yes, Mistress."

" All right, turd. If you can show us his jizz on your tongue within 30 minutes he loses and will be punished. If you can't you will be the focus of the following round of entertainment. Start sucking! Worm, you can't move." Mistress Zelda started a stop-watch.

The slave grasped me by the ass and inhaled my cock. He started sucking and pumping on it furiously. His tongue was active. I don't know how many cocks he had sucked previously, but his experience as a man who had been sucked gave him a good idea of what was effective. Fortunately I was and am a raving heterosexual and have never been attracted to my own sex. Moreover, less than 30 minutes ago I had shot a gigantic wad up Clarissa's cunt. I tried not to think about how good her cunt had felt but concentrated on the image of a hairy man with his mouth around my cock. The negative image was useful and effective.

Mistress Zelda called out the time at five-minute intervals and from 5 on in one-minute intervals. All during this half-hour the women were laughing, clapping their hands, pointing at the spectacle and making lewd remarks.

"Suck, you cock-sucking, jizz-eating pervert."

"Play with his balls, maybe that will help."

"More tongue may work, he's not well trained."

With a minute to go and Mistress Zelda counting seconds, the slave stopped sucking long enough to wet a finger that he shoved up my ass as he reinserted my hardening cock in his mouth. He massaged my prostate. Suddenly I was in agony trying to control myself and I nearly lost it. Fortunately, just as I could take no more, Mistress Zelda shouted "Stop!" We both responded with a "Yes, Mistress". I thankfully and the other slave fearfully.

From Mistress Zelda, "The turd loses. Mistresses, what do you recommend we do to him."

"Let's have another glass of champagne while we consider it. Worm, serve your Mistresses."

"Yes, Mistress."

After I refilled their glasses and they had had a sip, Mistress Clarissa clapped her hands delightedly-"I've got it. May I do the honors?"

From the others, "but of course."

"Come here, turd."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You've failed. Your punishment is to be butt-fucked. Spread your legs, bend over and grab your ankles."

"Yes, Mistress." He bent over as required exposing a well-welted ass and his asshole.

"Worm, wet your cock and butt-fuck him. Hold his cock while you do so."

"Yes, Mistress." I juiced up my cock, slipped it into his asshole and grabbed his pecker firmly.

"Now fuck him one stroke a second for the next 30 minutes. When we want to we'll have you pull out to show us that you're still hard and haven't cum. And pump his cock while you do so. If either of you cums, you'll pay."

"Yes, Mistress."

I began pumping him with my cock in short strokes and stroked his cock as voluptuously as I would have pumped my own in private. The object was clearly to assure that he came before I did. Suddenly my ass was afire as Mistress' lash struck forcefully. "Full strokes, worm, all the way in and all the way out."

"Yes, Mistress."

After only a few minutes, it is too much for both of us. The turd's cock gushed a flood of cum onto the floor and I came with an obvious paroxysm.

The women were of course delighted with their triumph but roared out at us.

"You'll pay for that. Worm, lap up that mess. Every drop!" I knew by now better than to argue. I got down on my hands and knees and lapped the slave's cum from the floor. It was disgusting.

When I had finished it was "You, turd, suck this worm's cock clean."

While he laved my cock, the women returned to their drinks. They imbibed in high spirits.

Chapter 7: Strapon Training

The Mistresses relaxed with their drinks for a while, we men kneeling before them.

"That was amusing," opined Mistress Melissa "but since they came without permission we'll now have to punish them further. Mistress Amber, will you help me?"

"My pleasure, Mistress Melissa."

They left the room and returned a few minutes later wearing huge strap-on dildoes. I hadn't known such big ones existed. My asshole tightened involuntarily and a shiver ran through me. The other slave (I had begun to realize that I was one too.) had a dildo up his ass when he arrived. Presumably he was stretched. My asshole was virgin and I did not look forward to being deflowered. I couldn't take my eyes off of the looming dildoes as the women stepped in front of us, the obscene glans of the imitation cocks millimeters from our mouths.

"Do you like these?" gloated Mistress Melissa

"Yes, Mistress."

"Would you like to suck them?" Anything to delay them going up my ass. My "Yes, Mistress" was almost genuinely enthusiastic.

"Would you like them shoved up your ass?" We both missed a beat before answering reluctantly. The Mistresses in their turn didn't hesitate. Their whips struck us three quick blows on the ass. "Instant and enthusiastic obedience is required, you miserable cunt slaves. Now let's try this again. Would you like these hard, huge, butt-reamers rammed up your assholes?"

"Yes, Mistress." We practically hollered in our eagerness to avoid another stroke of the whip.

"And don't think this will be boring for us, or quick. These are double-headed dildoes. The end that isn't in you is nestling in our cunts rubbing on our clitorises. We'll really enjoy it. That is, of course, the whole point since you exist for our pleasure. And when we're done with you, maybe Mistress Clarissa and Mistress Zelda would like to use their dildoes on you too."

"I've got a better idea" said Mistress Zelda, "Come Mistress Clarissa."

They left and quickly returned sporting their own harnesses and dildoes. The sight of four gorgeous women with beautiful naked tits who were carrying whips and sporting fake cocks as big or bigger than my own was an overpowering sight. My body couldn't decide whether to be infinitely aroused or petrified. Fortunately, my cock apparently liked it because it remained hard as required.

"They've each got two holes", said Mistress Zelda, let's do all of them at once. We can switch off when we get bored."

We were led to a pair of stands and strapped in. Our feet were spread apart exposing our cocks, balls, asses and assholes for whatever purpose they might wish. Our upper torsos were then bent horizontal and our hands pulled wide apart so that our mouths could be approached from the front. The bonds were tight. We were stretched out and again completely defenseless, much to the delight of our tormentors.

"Let's begin, Mistresses," said my Mistress, "Open up, slaves and relax those ass-holes or you'll be bleeding for a week."

I felt a dildo pushing firmly and surely against my butthole. A hands had grasped my cock and balls and were playing with them. I desperately tried to relax my inexperienced sphincter, but was distracted when a dildo appeared in front of my eyes and was rudely shoved to the hilt into my mouth and down my throat. I suddenly found myself trying to relax my throat and asshole at the same time and was further distracted by the knowing hands teasing my cock and balls.

My throat adjusted first and the dildo stroked in and out. Mistress Zelda was in ecstasy. The dildo in my ass finally made a little headway and just as I thought I could stand it, Mistress Amber rammed the remainder home. The additional nine inches didn't tear anything as it turned out, but it initially felt like it. The pain, discomfort and of course humiliation were incredible. The women were by now in full stroke and in full cry. Their sopping wet cunts were being massaged by the other end of the cruel dildoes in our mouths and assholes. They controlled the strokes so that their clits got maximum advantage. Their pleasure was infinitely heightened by the knowledge that they had before them two men whose bodies they now owned, dominated and controlled. Worthless pieces of man-meat fit only to satisfy their cunts with our mouths, hands, lips, tongue and on rare occasions even our cocks. No pleasure for us, just misery and servitude to hot steaming cunts.

Chapter 8: The Cocktail party

The noise level in the next room had been rising. Mistress had invited a half dozen of her friends over for drinks and they had been at it for several hours. When I could make out words they sounded more slurred than they had earlier. Then I heard my Mistress calling for quiet. The bell rang, and I knew I was "on."

I stepped through the door to my Mistress' side. Her guests were stunned and silent staring at me as I stepped forward. Mistress had calculated the effect well. I was, as usual, stark naked, but my skin was oiled and I knew I gleamed in the light. My cock was at full erection, hard and throbbing at 9 inches in length and two inches in diameter. My pubic hair had long since been shaved and it made my cock seem even bigger. A gold cock ring helped maintain my hardness and my prick become very uncomfortable over the last several hours. A balls spreader was attached to my testicles so that each ball was separated and stood out from the other under my proud cock.

I moved next to Mistress and assumed the submissive position for inspection. I put my hands behind my head with my elbows back. I spread my legs and shoved my crotch just slightly forward. The women just stared-one or two gulped as they took in this unexpected sight.

Mistress explained everything. "This worm is a convicted rapist. I am his probation officer and am rehabilitating him for possible return to freedom. My rehabilitation program consists of making him a cunt slave so that he learns what his real role in life is-to please woman not to harm them. It is important to his training that he be humiliated and degraded at every opportunity. He is also physically abused at my pleasure. For the rest of the evening he will serve you-drinks, canapes and anything else you might want. Please don't be nice to him. Fondle him, abuse him and use his mouth and cock for your pleasure. Make sure he gets no pleasure himself."

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