Dreams Can Come True

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Author wants wife to enslave him for his birthday. He spends the weekend naked, sucking, lapping and being spanked and butt-fucked.

Chapter 1

"You want to do what?" Mary asked sitting bolt upright in bed.

My wife and I had just had a marvelous session of sex. We were nestled in each other's arms enjoying what the sexologists refer to a "postcoital-languor". That's highfalutin for "feeling fuckin' good afterwards!". And believe me I was feeling good. Mary is a wonderful bedmate. Just looking at her makes my cock hard, and I know from watching other guys around her that they are jealous as hell of me. She has the tits and ass that make men immediately spring to attention.

She has a great body and she knows how to use it. She really enjoys sex. She loves to suck my cock and she wiggles and moans when I return the favor by lapping her clit. My cock always finds her tight cunt sopping wet as she writhes and thrashes to violent orgasms. She is nearly perfect.

As we had snuggled and patted and talked idly of yesterday, today and tomorrow she had asked me innocently "What do you want to do to celebrate your birthday this year?" Now this was a question to which I had given a lot of thought. We had recently gained access to the web and like most red-blooded American males I had explored the adult-oriented sections of the web-AKA pornography.

I had learned all kinds of things. Apparently I was more innocent than I had thought. I explored the world of fetishes. Most turned me off. Many I had never heard of before. One in particular resonated strongly with me. I hadn't realized it had a name, or that there were apparently lots of men out there who had the same urge I did.

So I was ready when Mary asked the fateful question "What do you want to do to celebrate your birthday this year?" I had been waiting for the question so that I could answer, "I want to be your sex slave."

Mary's initial response put a temporary damper on my hopes. Mary, however, is not only a fuckable woman but she is a loving wife. She was willing to listen to me. After her initial reaction, she snuggled back down and asked, "What do you mean you want to be my sex slave?"

I explained to her that I had a fantasy of being enslaved by a beautiful, sex-crazed woman who would keep me naked and force me to satisfy her lusts. Since she was the most beautiful woman I knew (not to mention one I trusted to keep things within limits) I wanted to spend my birthday as her sex slave.

"I still don't think I get it," Mary continued. "What is it you want from me in all this? What would I have to do?" I told her. "You'd 'force' me to strip naked for your enjoyment. You'd do things to my body that I 'hate' like rubbing your hands all over it and fondling my cock and balls. You'd command me to do 'terrible' things like stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you. Stuff like that. Mostly the things we do anyway but with a little role-playing. You the all-powerful mistress, me the absolute slave." She murmured a sort of assent. I took a deep breath, steeled myself and continued. "There is one special thing I'd like to have you do." "What's that?" she asked. "I'd like you to spank me." She stiffened a little, but I hurried on "I don't mean I want you to hurt me, just paddle me a little as part of the mistress-superior, abject-slave relationship."

There was a long, pregnant pause. "I don't know, Bill. I'm not sure I can do it or want to do it even for your birthday." "Mary," I said "I'd really like it if you would. Would you please think about it? I'll give you an article I found that might explain things better than I have. Please read it and then let's talk again."

"Okay, Bill," she said. "I guess I can do that much." I kissed and hugged her. She snuggled and then said, "It's been a long day and you've given me a lot to think about. Let's go to sleep."

We had a last kiss and then turned to our own sides of the bed and drifted off to sleep holding hands.

Chapter 2

About a week later Mary and I were cuddled in our love seat watching something inane on TV. She hit the mute and turned to me "I've thought a lot about your birthday request. I'm not sure I see myself as a femdom but I love you and if that's what you want, I'll give it a try." I was thrilled and had an instant hardon. "Thank you, Mary, oh thank you!" I said as I turned to her and pulled her close. I showered her face with kisses of gratitude.

"Down, boy, down" she laughed. We'd better talk some more about it because your birthday is next weekend. I'm going to have to know a lot more about what you want before then. Can you give me more details?" "You bet," I said. "I've fantasized about it a lot."

I continued. "I'll make a reservation at that hotel across town. I'll get a nice suite with in-room Jacuzzi and king-sized bed. Maybe they even have mirrors on the ceiling. We'll check in as early as possible-about 4 I'd think --and play until checkout time the next morning. When we get to the room you'll command me to strip and then you'll fondle me and paw me and call me 'slave' while I call you 'mistress'. Command me to do things so that we end up having sex a half-dozen times before checkout." She responded, "We've never come close to that many times in less than a day." "I know," I said, "but part of the fantasy is that I'll be forced to do it and succeed."

"But that's the part I'm not sure I can pull off. How do I know what to order you to do? This is for you, after all." "Let's try it like this," I said, "You order me to strip when we get to the room. As the evening goes on I'll say things like 'Mistress, please don't make me suck your nipples.' That would be your cue to say 'Okay, slave boy, suck my tits!'"

She thought about it a minute or two. "I guess I could do that. And you'd tell me when you want me to spank you the same way?" "Sure! I'd say, 'Oh, Mistress, please don't spank me.' You'd respond with 'Yes I will, slave, get over my knees.'" "How long should I spank you for?" she asked. "As long as you want since you're the Mistress, but I'll keep hollering 'please stop' which is your cue to keep spanking."

"There was something in the article you gave me about 'safe words'. Shouldn't we have one?" she asked. "I'm not sure we need one, but if we get our signals crossed I'll say 'banana' and that means to stop what we're doing." "Banana?" she asked giggling "Why banana?" "Well," I answered, "It's not likely to come up naturally in any game we play and it's as good as any other." "Okay," said Mary, "Banana it is."

"Anything else you want me to do?" she asked. "There is one more thing," I said hesitantly. She looked a little worried as if I'd really gone far enough already and she didn't need more outrageous requests to cope with. "What?" she asked somewhat diffidently. "Would you go to the Frederick's store and buy a costume to wear?" "What kind of costume?" she asked a little defensively. I committed "One suitable for a sex-crazed Mistress." "And what are the characteristics of such a costume?" she asked in a slightly chilly tone. In for a penny as they say. "It should expose your nipples and cunt so that you can make your slave perform his duties quickly. It should probably have spiked heels. Mostly it should make you feel as though you are a powerful women who expects her body to be worshipped by her slave."

"I don't know about that", she said, "but I'll see what I can find that I don't feel silly in. Am I supposed to be wearing this outfit when we check in?" "No," I answered. Wear one of your sexier power suits that you wear to work. Maybe braless and without underwear. After you've got me stripped and have made me prance around for a while I'll cue you to change."

"Okay", she said. "I'm not at all sure about this, but if that's what you want, I'll try. After all, you're the only husband I've got even if you may be nuts." I hugged her and kissed her deeply. Soon my hands were on her magnificent breasts. Ten minutes later I was on top of her with my cock thrust deep into her hot, juicy cunt pumping for all I was worth. Mary came with a scream and then came again. As she came a third time I pushed up on my hands and stared at her magnificent tits and filled her cunt with my jizz. I was a very happy man.

Chapter 3

The day finally arrived. I had been so excited for so long that I was afraid I was going to have blue-balls. My testicles already hurt. We each packed our own bags. As I waited downstairs while Mary finished getting ready I was too excited to sit. I paced the floor like expectant fathers seem to do.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, she came slowly down the stairs. She watched me to gauge my reaction. I'm sure my jaw dropped a little. She was magnificent. She was wearing a tight skirt that molded her hips and ass. She was wearing a green silk blouse that caressed her breasts and her jutting nipples declared that she was bra-less. To add to the cock-hardening effect, it was unbuttoned two notches below office standards. She had piled her hair on her head. She might wear a dress like that to work, but if she wore it in that way her male coworkers wouldn't be able to concentrate.

The effect on me was devastating. I was ready to fall down right there and worship her. She was magnificent. My wet dream had come true. I couldn't wait to get to the hotel.

As part of the female-superior arrangement, she drove to the hotel and tipped the valet while I stood around looking helpless and holding the door for her. She swept into the lobby and checked us in and tipped the bellhop after he showed us our suite. When the door closed she turned to me and said, somewhat tentatively "Strip, slave." She wasn't very convincing as a Mistress, but I didn't care. I was in heaven.

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