Church of the Obedient Naked Male

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: In a ceremony at the Church of the Obedient Naked Male, Bill whacks off and sucks Angela's cunt before the assembled gathering and promises to be her faithful slave.

My body was tingling. My nipples were hard as diamonds in the bodice of my wedding gown and my cunt was dripping with excitement under my skirt. In just a few moments the ceremony would begin. I would march down the aisle before a gathering of my friends to take Bill as my husband. But mine was not the excitement of the normal bride and Bill would not be a mere husband.

We were to be married in the Church of the Obedient Naked Male. In front of the assembly Bill would kneel stark naked and swear to be my absolute slave for the rest of his life. I would swear to keep him only as long as I was pleased with him. My body thrilled to the thoughts of the pleasures I would receive from abusing, debasing and humiliating him day after day. This was to be the start of the greatest period of my life. No longer would I need to beg for a tongue at my clit, I would be able to demand it.

The music started and I passed through the doors and down the aisle. At the front of the church Bill was kneeling in a humble posture between my two bridesmaids. To my right and left were friends with their slave/husbands. I caught the eye of Brittany. She smiled, as well she might. Her naked male was diddling her cunt while pumping his cock. I smiled back as I continued my march and glanced in the other direction. Hilda was enjoying the show too. Her slave was on his knees before her, his mouth affixed firmly to her cunt. I could even hear the slurping noises his well-trained tongue made. My cunt responded as I realized that I too would soon have so attentive a mouth and tongue at my disposal.

I put my eyes back on Bill and looked at him haughtily as I drew near the altar and the officiating priestess. Bill was wearing a full-length robe, but he wouldn't be wearing it much longer. Soon he would be naked and on display, never again to be clothed. Ready to satisfy my every whim.

I stopped before the altar and the music drew to a close. After a pause, Priestess Tricia intoned "Friends, we are gathered together this day to enslave the wretch Bill Smith to this Goddess Angela Arkwright. If anyone knows of any reason we should not proceed let her speak now or forever hold her peace." She glanced around the room, but there was only the silence of acquiescence.

She turned to the kneeling Bill. "Bill Smith, are you prepared to become the absolute slave of Goddess Angela? Will you worship her as she demands and carry out all her commands? Will you lick and suck with enthusiasm. Will you accept her right to use and abuse your body and all its orifices in any way she pleases? Will you accept that you exist only to provide her any pleasure she wants?" In a low tone Bill answered, "I will." Priestess Tricia barked, "Speak louder, wretch!" "I will," Bill said more loudly. This was going wonderfully, another gush from my Bartholin's gland flooded my cunt and its juices oozed from my twat down my tingling thighs.

Priestess Tricia turned to me. "Will you accept this lowly male as your absolute slave? Will you rape him and sodomize him, will you whip and spank him and force him to worship your cunt with his tongue? Will you require him to perform other obscene acts for your amusement?" As expected by tradition, I did not answer immediately. I then said with firm authority. "I must inspect him before I answer." My bridesmaids seized Bill by his arms and dragged him to his feet. I stepped toward him and, grabbing the front of his robe, ripped it from his body in one tearing motion. He could not help but blush crimson with the humiliation of being suddenly stark naked before an audience of leering women. There were murmurs of appreciation as they saw his huge, hairless cock for the first time. It was rock hard and pointed straight up. Precum oozed from the tip of his 12-inch long, three-inch thick monster.

My body thrilled once more realizing that this huge cock would soon be my own fuck toy, available to use in whatever way I wanted. I would be the envy of all my friends, because no one else in the church had a slave with such huge equipment. There would be requests from my friends to use this cock and I would gain great authority and the use of many other cocks by careful distribution of my slave's favors. I was also sure he would be in great demand for butt-fucking other slaves. Not just to punish those slaves for reluctance or disobedience, but simply because the mistresses gained great pleasure from hearing the screams of pain from their own abused slaves. I would certainly enjoy Bill's screams of pain when dildos and cocks were rammed up his asshole.

Priestess Tricia continued as the bridesmaids forced Bill's hands behind his head and forced his legs apart. "Do you find his ass suitable for whipping?" His butt was turned toward me and I fondled it possessively before slapping it as hard as I could. "I do," I answered. "Are his balls big enough to produce an adequate gift of jizz?" He was turned toward me and I arrogantly fondled and painfully crushed his testicles. He blanched with the pain as I answered, "they are." "And is his cock hard enough and big enough to be worthy of you?" I grasped his shaft and squeezed. It was steel hard. "It is," I said. "Is his tongue long enough to stick deep into your cunt as he pleasures you?" Bill stuck his tongue as far out of his head as he could and wiggled it obscenely. "It is," I said. My cunt thrilled as I anticipated the next part of the ceremony.

"Ascend the altar," intoned Priestess Tricia. I moved up three steps and turned to face a naked, now kneeling, Bill. My bridesmaids flanked me. Priestess Tricia raised a chalice over her head. "This chalice is to receive the unworthy jizz of this wretched slave." My bridesmaids pulled back the panels of my skirt, which was split to my navel. They fastened the panels behind me so that my naked cunt was on display for all to see but Bill, whose head was humbly cast down. They then removed my bodice cover exposing my shapely, tingling tits with their rock-hard nipples. I felt exquisitely powerful, standing there. I knew I was a beautiful and lust-inspiring goddess. I spread my legs to further expose my sopping cunt.

Priestess Trica stepped toward me and rolled the outer side of the chalice against my wet cunt, coating it with my pungent juices. "Let this slave learn the smell of his mistress as he makes his offering," she intoned. She turned and ceremoniously handed the cuntjuice-smeared goblet to Bill who accepted it reverently. He held it to his lips and sniffed, kissed and lapped it as he rotated it in his hands.

"Fill the goblet with your offering," continued Tricia. "Gaze upon the beauty of your Mistress for the last time and be inspired by her tits and cunt." Bill gazed up at me adoringly and began to stroke his huge, man meat. He was so primed that it took only three strokes before his balls erupted and sent a geyser of his jizz into the goblet. His spasms went on and on, causing me egotistical thrills. I knew that my naked body and his need to be enslaved by me inspired this lust. From the murmurs of the guests I knew that they were impressed with the speed and quantity of my slave's cumming. My twat dripped with pride.

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