Ante-Bellum South

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Historical, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Scatology, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Author and wife run a slave discipline camp in the old south. They use sexual torture to train blacks.

September 23, 1850

Dear John,

I thought I'd write and tell you of my life here in Mississippi. It's great! My wife and I run a slave discipline camp here. Five years ago I discovered that many slave owners were unable to provide the discipline necessary to keep their slaves in line. So I offer a service. If slaves are misbehaving, they are sent to me and I see to it that they are sent back docile and obedient.

The method is simple. I make their lives at the camp so miserable that they behave at home for fear that if they do not they will be sent back here. And that's what's so nice about this job. I get pleasure from inflicting pain and humiliation on niggers. Not only that but my wife and partner does too.

Between us we can easily break the uppityest nigger in just a few weeks. Our rates are reasonable and based on the pleasure we can expect from the slave. We give especially low rates for high-yeller females and for males with large cocks--Helen loves to abuse big nigger cocks. We usually get the slaves young, because that's when they need training the most. We recommend that they be sent to us just as they reach sexual maturation, since that's when they tend to be most uppity. Younger and they defer to their elders naturally, older and they have been beaten into submission.

Let me give you a description of my day. At this time there are 10 niggers here for discipline--four females and six males. They are between 15 and 17 years old. Helen and I enter the main room at 9 am where the niggers have been trussed to the walls all night. They are groaning with the agony of a night of stretched muscles. It will only get worse for them. I yank on the ropes that pull them to full spread-eagled position well away from the wall. They are kept stark naked. She and I strip to perform our duties-we don't want to get our clothes sweaty or blood-soaked.

In anticipation of my duties my 12-inch long, 3-inch diameter cock is rock hard. My huge indefatigable cock is the main reason for my success in teaching female niggers their place in life. Helen's nipples are erect with arousal and jut straight out from her magnificent, firm tits. Her cunt is already dripping pleasure-juice onto her legs. The slaves that have been here a few days are already cringing, wild-eyed with fear. They are terrified of us because they know what awaits them. The new male and female, however, are still insolent. They won't be that way long.

I start in on a high-yeller cunt that has been here for about a month and is due to go home today. She has almost white features. Her skin is a delicate brown and she has magnificent tits and a fantastic ass. I can almost cum just looking at her. As I move threateningly toward her she begins to moan and beg-"I be good massa, I be good, I be good. I suck you cock. I eat you jizz. Please massa, don't hurt me no more. I do whatever you or my massa want. Anything at all. I be a good nigger. I suck when you want. I keep my cunt open for you. I bend over so you fuck my asshole. I do all you want good. Please don't hurt me no more. Please, oh please." Deaf to her entreaties I begin to whip her with a leather belt as hard as I can. I whip her ass and her tits. Her legs are spread apart so I can torture her cunt too. She writhes and screams and continues to beg. "I be good. I do whatever my master want. Anything he say, just don't whip me no mo'." I'm just getting warmed up though and my cock gets harder and harder as I continue to whip her and hear her screams of pain.

Finally I stop and release the rope holding her hands. She collapses to her knees. I step toward her and thrust my throbbing cock into her face. She takes it into her mouth and begins to suck. I whip her again. "More tongue, nigger!" Her tongue works furiously and after a few minutes more my balls erupt and a geyser of jizz roars through my cock into her mouth. She knows that if she doesn't swallow every drop we will start over and this time with a cane that raises horrible, long-lasting welts. She slurps and gobbles my cum eagerly. When I am spent I whip her a dozen more strokes for good measure and leave her a sobbing, defeated heap in her corner. She is ready to return to her master.

Helen who has been fingering her cunt as she enjoyed my torture of the female is now ready to work over a buck nigger. He has a good body and his soft cock is a thick 7 inches long. He too has been here for almost a month and has long since been reduced to a pitiful whimpering wreck. Before she even begins beating him he is begging for mercy " Please missus. Don't beat me no mo' Missus. I always be good from now on. I do what massa and missus tell me. I lap and suck like they want." She is as deaf to his pleas as I was to the high-yeller bitch. She whips his ass and every once in a while rips at his balls. That really elicits screams of pain. Her tits bob enticingly as she works and I can see her twat-juice oozing from her cunt as she works in a state of feverish pleasure. The buck keeps screaming and begging, "I be good missus, I beat off like you like and suck you cunt." After a few more lashes, one to his balls, Helen lets him sag to his knees. He grabs his cock and starts beating off as he knows he must if he is to avoid more pain. Helen struts in front of him her legs enticingly apart displaying her juicy cunt. She caresses her nipples so that they stand boldly out from her proud tits. The nigger cannot but react and soon he is hard. His cock doesn't swell with excitement, it just gets hard. He keeps pumping and finally cums. He knows to catch his jizz in his hand and he knows not to spill a drop or he too will feel the dreaded cane. Helen orders him to lap up his jizz and he meekly complies. Then, with him spent and in no position to receive pleasure from the act, she steps forward seizes his woolly-nigger head and forces his lips to her eager cunt. I can see his tongue working feverishly as she urges him on with firm blows of the belt. She cums with a roar of pleasure while beating him furiously. Then she shoves him away from her and returns him to the painful spread-eagled position. He too is ready for return.

It is my turn again. Watching Helen work has recharged my cock and it is once again rampant. I move toward the new girl. She is a magnificent piece. Her tits are new and jut straight out of her body. She still has the roundness of puppy fat. Her ass is delightfully round. Her cunt is framed by a light bush of black curly hair. Her cunt lips are visible and their pink makes an exciting contrast to her ebony skin. I fling her to the floor. I drive a fist into her stomach and while she is gasping for air drive my rock hard cock straight into her dry cunt ripping and tearing as I go. The pain for her is tremendous and exhilarating for me. I pound away driving in and out with the full length of my 12-inch cock. I pull out and hit her viciously on the side of the head. She nearly passes out giving me time to flip her over and drive my cock up her asshole to the hilt. This really hurts her, as she has had no time to relax her sphincter. I can feel the blood flowing around my cock. It feels wonderful as I drive in and out with the full extension of my 12-inch tool. Her screams incite my balls to boiling and I erupt, flooding her asshole with jizz.

She is not cowed enough to be trusted with a cock in her mouth, so that when I am done I reach for the cowering bitch I have just finished whipping and make her clean my tool with her mouth. The taste of shit, blood and jizz is disgusting to her but she has been thoroughly broken. She performs her assignment with the enthusiasm she knows she must show. Helen forces one of the senior bucks to his knees at the asshole of the bitch I have just butt-fucked. She makes him clean my jizz from the slave's asshole. She has an ingenious method for enforcing obedience. She grips the slave's balls in her hand-one testicle per hand -- and yanks them apart twisting and crushing as she does so. The bucks are in agony and obey her orders with alacrity. The blood, shit and jizz are soon as cleaned from the slave's asshole as they are from my still turgid cock.

When I have had my cock cleaned I return to the new bitch. I take two fake cocks-the French call them dildoes --and drive them up her bleeding cunt and ass. I have fashioned them from wood and finished them to be smooth so they don't produce irreparable harm. They have been greased with hog fat. But they are half again as large as my own monster cock and they cause new and intense pain as I force them home. They have straps attached to them and I fasten these straps around the bitch to keep them in place.

I then tighten the ropes to pull her to a spread-eagled position. She is in the shape of an X supported by ropes tied to her wrists. Her legs are off the floor and pulled down and out with other ropes. The strain on her arms and shoulders is tremendous and after only a few minutes she will begin to experience excruciating pain.

I don't wait for this pain to set in however. I take the three foot long cane, chosen to be thin so as to cause maximum welting, and begin beating her as hard as I can all over her body. I avoid hitting the same place twice and try to avoid overlapping strokes that would cause permanent scarring. The cane whistles through the air. The sound itself scares the slaves who have felt its sting. I beat her ass, her thighs, her calves; I whip her legs up the front. She is already screaming and trying futily to avoid the blows. But the ropes keep her in position. I pay particular attention to her ass. Then I work on her back until it's a mass of horizontal painful welts. Her screams get louder and her begging more intense. "Please massa, stop massa. Oh it hurts, I can't stand it. I be good. I do what you want." I ignore her. I am not done reinvigorating my cock using the sounds of her screams. I move to her front and work on her tits. Over and over I swing the cane as hard as I can assuring that the outer three inches of the cane-the part traveling the fastest-hits my target. Her soft tit flesh is badly welted and she redoubles her screams. I have become very expert and whip the individual nipples with accuracy. She screams even louder. Finally I deliver a series of deliberate well-spaced blows to her cunt. Each blow elicits a high-pitched scream followed by a long drawn out wail of pain. I end up with two savage lashes at her clitoris-the most sensitive part of her body. The screams of pain from the clit blows fill the room and rush to my cock. The sounds die out and she is reduced to whimpering. She has screamed herself out. She hangs in the ropes blubbering and sobbing. Her welts will heal during the next few days-she is young after all-but her mind has been changed. She now knows how fearfully I can and will hurt her. She is one step on the way to being a good nigger who knows her place-on her knees before the white man's cock with her mouth open and sucking.

It is Helen's turn again. She moves on the new buck. She arranges the ropes so that he is trussed over what we call a fuck frame. It is a rail about three feet high. The slave stands on one side of it and his legs are tied at the floor wide apart. His arms are then pulled to three-foot high posts in front of the frame forcing the slave to bend at the middle with his torso horizontal. The beauty of this is that the mouth and asshole are in a perfect position for fucking. If a female slave is trussed in the device it also exposes her cunt. Her tits hang straight down and can be whipped or mauled at our pleasure. The device is wonderful for holding slaves in position while we torture them.

With her new buck in place she beckons to the best-trained buck she just finished with. He knows what to do. He takes some hog grease from the barrel and coats his 7" cock which he has gotten hard in anticipation of his duties. He steps behind the new buck and drives his cock to the hilt in the nigger's asshole. The buck screams, opening his mouth wide. Helen takes this opportunity to force a wood piece into his mouth that prevents him from closing his jaw but leaves his throat and tongue accessible. The assfucking niigger pumps until he comes and then goes to the front and forces his cock in the new nigger's mouth. Helen orders the new buck to suck and begins whipping his ass with the cane. She delivers her blows with wicked effect and the new boy is soon sucking as fast as he can.

A second buck is brought forward and he too drives his cock into the asshole of the defenseless boy. The trussed slave screams and writhes but cannot escape. Again he cleans the shit and jizz coated cock as Helen rains down blows to his ass with the cane. A third time the slave is butt and mouth fucked. The other slaves are not yet trustworthy enough so three will do.

I take this opportunity to drive the new nigger cunt to the buck's cum filled asshole. I force her mouth under his dripping shitthole and order her to swallow. To enforce my order I grab her tits and squeeze as hard as I can at the same time twisting them viciously. She screams as if she thinks I am about to rip them off, which I am trying my best to do. Her open mouth receives the flood of blood and cum mixed with shit. She gags but swallows.

Helen now takes one of our 18-inch dildoes and thrusts it menacingly in the buck's face as she coats it liberally with grease. She steps to his ass and puts the dildo against his asshole as he moans and begs for mercy. Helen waits, letting his fear build and build and for his pleas to get louder and more desperate. Her cunt juices are pouring down her thighs and her nipples are nearly an inch long with excitement. Suddenly she rams the full 18 inches of fake cock up the nigger's ass and he screams with pain before passing out.

While she waits for the buck to revive, Helen beckons the second most-trained nigger buck to her feet. He knows what she wants. He kneels before her and pounds his dick until he spurts his pitiful jizz into his hand. All the while Helen is raining blows from the belt on his back and ass. He eats it, lapping his hand clean and then places his mouth to Helen's cunt and starts sucking and lapping. I can hear the sound of his tongue slurping her twat juices. Helen beats him with increasing fury and in a paroxysm of lust and power has a shuddering orgasm. She grabs the nigger by his hair and pulls him to his feet. She knees him savagely in the balls. As he collapses writhing to the ground in agony she moves to her throne and relaxes in it with her shoulders arched to shove her great tits forward and her legs spread so that I, and all the slaves, can see her well-sucked cunt.

It is time to prepare the female slut for return to her master. I untie her and take her to the bath. It is a large pool of water constantly refreshed. I submerge her and have her wash her body thoroughly. I then wash selected parts of her a second time. I soap my hands and rub her tits thoroughly with the slippery suds. I wash her ass and asshole and then wash her cunt inside and out. I then have her wash my body from head to toe with particular attention to my cock and balls. When she is finished washing I have her check the cleanliness of my cock using her mouth and pump a final load of my jizz down her throat-final that is if she behaves herself from now on.

I hear her master arriving on his stallion and push her from the water. I don my light robe and having attached a dog collar and leash to the naked cunt lead her to her master. Mr. Daniels is obviously impressed by the demeanor of his slave. I know the change is remarkable. The wench approaches with her head down. She falls to her knees before him and begs "Please take me home Massa. I be good from now on. I do anything you want. Please let me suck you cock to show you how good a cock-slave I am." Daniels says, "Suck away bitch and if you do it well, I'll consider taking you home. If you don't I'll leave you here for another few weeks of training." The frantic girl nearly rips his pants off in an attempt to release his cock. She gets it out and immediately buries it in her throat. I can see and hear her tongue working feverishly. She slurps and laves and sucks, the lascivious sounds can probably be heard across the yard. Daniels explodes in her mouth and she expertly swallows every drop.

He says "Well you can suck better now, but are you truly obedient." "Oh, yes, master. I do anything at all that you want. Anything, just take me away from here, please." As I had suggested to him, Daniels orders, "Then suck my horse's cock!" This is a bitch that has been fully broken. I am proud of my work. She doesn't hesitate but quickly crawls under Daniel's huge stallion and affixes her lips to the horsecock. The horse is startled, but with Daniels holding his head he calms down and begins quite obviously to enjoy the attention to his cock. It begins to swell and emerge from its sheath. It becomes longer and longer, huge even in comparison to my own. She sucks gamely and when the horse's balls explode she tries gamely to swallow the huge quantities of jizz deposited in her willing throat. She fails to get it all and it coats her chin and luscious tits dripping onto her belly. She is frightened now and cringes before Daniels. He takes his riding crop and whips her across the tits.

You missed some jizz, bitch and I'll punish you for that. But you seem to be well trained now so I'll take you home and punish you myself. But remember, if you ever anger me I'll send you back here again in the blink of an eye and leave you for two months the next time. Imagine the pain they can cause you in two months. Go clean up."

She goes to the pool and cleans up and returns. Daniels has thanked and paid me and leading the naked girl by the leash from astride his horse he sets off for home, five miles away. During the walk curious and lustful eyes will appraise her tits, cunt and ass and be jealous of Daniels who now owns the perfect fuck toy. He will be inquired of and we will get new business. My cock stirs at the thought. But it's time to return the buck nigger to his mistress. I can hear her horse arriving now.

November 10, 1850

Dear John,

I'm glad you enjoyed the information in my last letter. Of course I will give you updates on our activities. Perhaps one of these days soon you can visit from England and participate.

You'll be very interested in the latest events here. A Yankee preacher, John Smith, and his 16-year old wife Nancy were arrested for inciting the niggers in our county to revolt. They were tried, convicted and sentenced in the county court under a new law. Under this law, persons who incite slaves to revolt are themselves enslaved and sold by the county to the highest bidder. Just before the sentencing, I convinced the judge that these new white slaves would bring a higher price at auction if I had trained them first. They arrived this morning and Helen and I really had a fine time initiating them into their new lives.

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