Day at the Spa

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Barbara spends the day at a spa for Femdoms and has a grand time abusing multiple, naked, male slaves who are forced to suck her cunt.

Chapter 1

I was almost there. I found it hard to believe this was going to happen, but my breasts were tingling with anticipation. My panties were damp.

I had passed the main gate and was now driving up a curving drive through deep woods. The sunlight struggled through the trees and dappled the road. My long hair was blowing gently in the breeze as the Beemer convertible responded to my touch.

It had been a vicious year. I had been emotionally and physically exhausted from my work on a tort case, but in the end I had won. I had beaten an old-boy law firm representing an HMO that had screwed my clients. I had persevered and put up with their gross male chauvinism and their overt sexism. I had won four million dollars for my clients and my share after expenses was a cool million. Not bad for a 25 year-old "mere girl".

But while I had whipped their asses figuratively, what I really wanted was to whip them for real. I was sick of the attitudes of testosterone-laden males. I longed to take an arrogant male over my knees, pull down his pants and feel his cock and balls grinding into my lap as I spanked his bare butt until it was scarlet. I wanted to hear him sniveling and blubbering as he begged for the mercy that I wouldn't provide.

The rigors of the trial had left me libidinally and mentally depleted. I had not had an orgasm in nearly twelve months. I had begun to recover since the trial, and my strength and interest in sex were returning. I was getting really horny.

While surfing the net I had run across the web page for the FemdomWorld Spa and the more I read, the more I realized it was what I needed. The cost was very high, but as a new millionaire with other lucrative cases waiting, I could afford it. And I was worth it. I had made application for an overnight stay. I filled out the numerous forms. I submitted detailed information on my preferences and predilections. I submitted my dimensions and clothing sizes and had provided detailed information about what physical type of man I most preferred.

If the Spa delivered half what it promised, I would soon be in heaven.

I sensed a break in the trees and as I swept into the open, a mansion rose ahead of me. It was a small chateau of elegant proportions with extensive flowerbeds and a green lawn. It was beautiful in the mid-day light.

I noticed several men pushing lawnmowers across the grass and, although forewarned, was startled and pleased to notice that they were absolutely naked. As they heard my car approach they stopped what they were doing and faced the road with their heads hung deferentially. I was delighted to notice that their bodies were hairless and that their cocks were hard. This apparently was indeed to be heaven.

As I approached the main stairs, a gardener working on a flowerbed turned around and assumed a submissive posture. He was close enough that I could see that not only was he hairless, but his body gleamed in a fine coat of oil. His hard cock was well shaped and I was close enough to see he had a gold cock-ring around the base of his member. I was soon to learn that this was the universal badge of servitude at the Spa.

I pulled to a stop. Two naked slaves came running down the stairs to greet me, their cocks and balls bouncing as they came. One rushed to the car door and opened it for me half-kneeling and extending his arm for me to hold as I stepped from the car. "Welcome to FemdomWorld Spa, Goddess Barbara. I'm slave Robert. If you will give me your keys, Slave Bill will fetch your bags and I will park your car." He remained in a subservient position as I handed him the keys. "Thank you, Goddess Barbara." They removed my suitcase and Slave Bill carried it up the stairs as Slave Robert drove my car carefully off to the back of the estate.

Chapter 2

I followed slave Bill up the stairs admiring his tight little buns. I longed to give them a few good smacks to work off some of my frustrations. At the porch awaited an attractive women and a groveling slave. She was tall, about thirty, with good breasts and a trimmed triangular patch of black pubic hair. I could see all this because she was wearing a robe that was clasped just below her breasts. The robe was cut so that it fell open from the clasp exposing her vagina. The material above the clasp lifted and displayed her breasts. I knew this was the standard daywear for women at the spa. The purpose was obvious-- to present the important parts of the female anatomy for worship by the slaves.

As the woman reached the edge of the porch her slave knelt before her and began to kiss her crotch. If I hadn't read the brochures carefully I would have been startled, but instead I was pleased to see that all was as advertised and my own cunt became wetter in anticipation of being treated to such adoration.

The woman was apparently used to being sucked and somewhat bored by it. She casually struck the kneeling slave with her riding crop "Get away for now, slave," she commanded imperiously. Looking crushed, the groveling slave moved away and knelt beside her.

"Good afternoon, Goddess Barbara. I am Goddess Olivia. I am the manager of the Spa. If there is the least problem during your stay, let me know and I will see that the offending slave is severely punished unless you wish to do it yourself. Our goal is perfection."

As she turned to lead me into the foyer I noticed that the back of her gown was cut to expose her buttocks, which were firm and shapely. Another area was exposed for worship. The groveling slave scuttled along beside her on his hands and knees.

I followed her into a large reception area where I expected to see a registration desk. But such things are for low class places like Broadmoor or the Greenbriar. Instead of a reception desk I found a reception committee of ten, stark-naked males kneeling before me with erect cocks and gold cock-rings.

Mistress Olivia said, "These wretches are available to serve as your personal cunt-slaves. Please make your initial selection now and they will show you to your room and begin serving you." God, this was wonderful. I could feel myself swelling with power. My breasts were going crazy and my cunt felt sopping wet. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of those bodies. But I recognized that it was important for me to appear cool and arrogant.

"How many may I have?" I asked in a firm and slightly dangerous tone.

"As many as you wish," answered Goddess Olivia. "Three is a good number. Fewer and there aren't enough tongues to serve you properly. More than three and you have to work too hard punishing them. I recommend you choose three to start with and if you decide later you want more, just demand it. And if one or more turns out to be unsatisfactory or you just want a change you can get new ones."

I walked in front of them examining them arrogantly. My body was throbbing with anticipation. "Stand up, slaves, I wish to inspect you before I make a choice," I commanded with growing authority. "Yes, Goddess Barbara," they chorused as they leapt to their feet. They spread their legs, thrust their pelvises forward presenting their cocks and put their hands behind their heads with elbows back. They kept their eyes cast down. Another surge of electricity coursed through me as my body responded to this feeling of absolute power.

I walked up and down the rows examining the slaves from the front and from the rear. I squeezed ass-cheeks. I fondled cocks testing for hardness. I hefted balls. I almost hated to stop, but I knew that I couldn't really begin to enjoy the spa until I had some of these wretches in my room. I finally made my selection: A short, gymnast-type with a medium-sized but well shaped tool, a beefy guy with a smallish cock and a tall fellow with a somewhat flaccid body but a huge fucking machine.

Chapter 3

They led me to my room in a manner reminiscent of the English opening of Parliament. They walked ahead of me, but turned towards me with their heads bowed. They were thus forced to walk backwards and as they mounted the stairs their cocks and balls bobbled. My body tingled as I realized I would soon be punishing them.

They led me to a suite of rooms. The main room was extensively mirrored and appointed with erotic paintings and statuary. I hadn't realized that there were such good artists preparing works glorifying female dominance over male sex objects. One huge painting displayed several naked males worshipping a larger than life Aphrodite. In a nook was a statue of a beautiful young woman using a huge dildo to ream a grimacing youth. The look of exultation on her face was extremely lifelike and the pain and humiliation on his was exquisitely done.

There were only two pieces of furniture in this room, an armless chair and what could only be called a throne. I immediately sat in the former and beckoned the gymnast. "Over my knees slave, I need exercise after my long trip." With alacrity he laid himself across my lap presenting his firm buttocks for spanking. The other slaves fell to their knees before me. I stroked his ass and reached between his legs and fondled his cock and balls. I then began spanking him slowly but as hard as I could. The smack of each blow caused the watching slaves to flinch and the spanked boy to scream.

"I expect you to obey me instantly," I said with the mounting pleasure of dominance. "I am not displeased with you yet, so if I am hurting you now imagine the pain if you do displease me." I punctuated my words with solid blows to the gymnast's ass. As he started to blubber the feeling in my cunt and nipples mounted.

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