Walt and Kelly

by Onotme

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Desc: Sex Story: I came across some pictures on Usenet of a very hot couple. The woman was so beautiful that I was inspired to write this story. This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction.

My name is Larry and I earn a living as a computer consultant. Most of my work consists of contracts with technology companies that last anywhere from three months to a year. Once in a while I'll do a favor for a friend and fix their home computer. One night while I was between contracts my phone rang and it was an old school buddy asking if I would help out some friends of his whose computer was completely hosed. The local computer shops were asking anywhere from one hundred to two hundred dollars an hour to fix it. I told him I would give them a call and see if I could help them out. Most of the time just walking people through some basic troubleshooting over the phone will help solve the problem.

So, I called the number and ended up speaking with Walt about their computer.

He said that every time he booted the PC up it would go through the usual screens and just as it looked like Windows was about to start he would get a message that said 'Windows Protection Error'. Uh oh. This particular error message could be any one of a dozen problems. After explaining this to Walt he asked if I would mind coming over and taking a look at it. It turned out that they lived about three miles from me and I agreed to take a ride over.

I rang the doorbell and was met by Walt at the door. He invited me in and that's when I laid eyes on Kelly for the first time. God, I felt like a teenager all over again! Here was this stunningly beautiful blonde with an incredible body and fantastic smile saying hello to me and my tongue decided it didn't know how to work. After a couple of seconds I managed to get out a Hi nice to meet you. (Clever huh?) I turned back to Walt and he was grinning his ass off. I guess my response wasn't all that unusual. That's when I asked where the computer was so I could take a look at it. As we walked down the hall to the office I had to make some subtle adjustments to my pants so my erection was a little less noticeable. It turned out that they had added a new Fire Wire card for downloading images from their digital camcorder and there was a driver conflict that created the problem. It didn't take to long to straighten out the situation but I was trying to prolong it as much as possible. The whole time I was working on the PC Walt was on my right and Kelly was on my left leaning over my shoulder to see what I was doing.

Let me describe Kelly and what she was wearing that distracted me so much. She is about five foot one and weighed maybe a hundred pounds. She had on a white tank top and a pair of very tight denim shorts. Her smile was incredible and came across as a sincerely nice person. Once every now and then her right breast would graze my arm causing me to immediately forget what I was doing. When I would turn to her to explain something the nipples on her 36C breasts would be staring me right in the eyes. They were perfection, so beautiful on such a small frame. Her ass was to die for, nice and round and firm with beautifully shaped tanned slender legs. Finally, after about half an hour and a hardon that just wouldn't quit, I got their computer working again. They both left the room for a minute and I did what I normally do when working on someone's computer, searched for files with the.jpg extension. Turns out there were quite a few pics on their machine and I just had to see what they were. The first one I saw was Kelly nude standing on the couch in the office with Walt sitting between her legs with his face buried in her pussy. If I thought I was turned on before I was mistaken, my brain went into overload and speaking of loads I almost shot one in my pants when I saw that picture! So intent was my focus on the screen that I didn't hear them come back in the room. Kelly gave out a little giggle and I turned around red faced to see Walt and Kelly standing there smiling at me. Like what you see asked Walt? Then he went on to explain that they both were into exhibitionism and that they posted their pics on one of the newsgroups on Usenet.

Kelly reached over and started to click through some of the pics for me. Some were full nudes of her and others in her nighties. She said that if liked the pictures I might like some of the videotapes they had. Like I was going to say no? We all went out to the living room and Walt popped a tape into the VCR. I sat on the couch and Kelly sat next to me. Walt sat in the recliner beside the couch. The video opened to a scene in their bedroom with Kelly on the bed in a black negligee and her thousand-watt smile. She was lying on her side with her legs together and her left hand started slide down over her breasts. As her hand brushed across her pinkish brown nipples you could see them become erect. She looked down as she lightly pinched each nipple and rolled them between her thumb and index finger. After a minute or so of playing with her nipples her hand started to make its way down her body. The negligee parted to reveal a pair of black satin panties. Her hand slid underneath the panties and slowly stroked her most private parts. Part of me wanted to whip out my cock and beat off right there, another part of my brain wanted me to just lean over and crawl right on top of Kelly and do all sorts of wonderful things with her. As I was watching Kelly play with herself on the screen Walt entered the picture clad only in a pair of Jockey shorts.

He walked over to Kelly and leaned down and kissed her. Kelly took her hand out of her panties and put her dripping wet fingers under Walts nose. He inhaled deeply and proceeded to lick and suck the juices off of Kelly's fingers. Then Kelly reached up and slid his underwear down. Walt was hard as rock and there was a little pre-cum oozing from the tip of his prick. Kelly swung her legs around so she was seated on the bed with Walt standing between her legs. She reached up with her right hand and encircled Walts cock with her tiny hand. Sticking out her tongue she lightly licked the tip of his cock tasting the slightly salty liquid hanging there. Then her left hand moved to slowly stroke and caress his balls. She laved at his cock up and down while her hand stroked his hardness. Kelly looked up at Walt and with a little smile started to slide his cock into her mouth.

At this point Walt stopped the tape and turned to me and said what do you think. I said I think you guys are incredibly hot and wished that was me on the tape. Kelly spoke up and said that she loved having her picture taken in the nude and really got off on video taping their lovemaking. She went on to say that one of her favorite fantasies was to make it with two guys at once. I looked over at Walt, he was smiling and asked if I would help Kelly's fantasy become reality. It turns out that when they left the office Kelly asked Walt if I could be the one to join them. Walt loved the idea, as he always wanted to see Kelly get it on with another guy. I felt Kelly's hand on my thigh lightly stroking me.

Looking at Walt and then Kelly I said I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. So I take it that means yes asked Kelly. We all stood up and Walt led the way to their bedroom with Kelly following him and me behind her with my eyes glued to her gorgeous ass.

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