Morning Thoughts

by Art Keeper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lovers thoughts of sex and his lover

The day's sun and fun had paid it's toll on us, we had joked and flirted with sexual innuendoes all day, and absolutely planed on fulfilling them when we got home, but there we were - sacked out on the couch, rubbing each other's feet, that intimate act of touching, feeling, soothing, and soon we were both asleep to the droning of the Television, singing it's lullaby of gibberish to us.

I woke up, not really with a start, just one of those things, when you know that your neck will have the worst crick in it if you do not move, and with your feet still in my hands, on my chest there was really no place to move. I rolled off the couch and stretched - my arms reaching toward the ceiling. POP - POP - there went my back and one hip, ahhhhhh that felt good, nothing like the release of that tension. I would love to release some more, as I see you sleeping there, so quite, so beautiful, I just adore the shape of your lips, the curve of your eyebrows, the way you breath -- softly - you are so seductive, your lips gently parted, lips glistening with the blue light of the Television, I know you were having dreams of something delicious, because you must of just licked those lips, they are so Kiss-able. I know I have to wake you, but I need that kiss too, so I lean down to kiss you, and your begin to wake up, and stretch. You are like a cat, squirming over the couch, my lips never off yours - you not pushing it away, liking the gentle pressure that is there - maybe you were even thinking of kissing me before you woke up - but you can't really talk, you are not that awake yet. I stand up, and you put your hands out for me, -- I know you would love for me to pick you up and heave you over my shoulder - and toss you into the bed. I am too sleepy for that myself tonight, and our bed could not take that either. I laugh to myself remembering how the bed collapsed under us while making love, not one time but a couple different times - sort of puts you out of the mood, but as I recall - we never stopped, that animal lust thing I guess - the heat that our loving makes, drives all thoughts from our head - that we need to feel the height of the passion, and just part of the way up that mountain for either of us will not work. So you held onto the tilted bed, and I just readjusted my position so that I was actually leveraging the angle of the bed - to drive my thrusts deeper in you, my snarls and growls just close at hand, your hands, morph-ing into claws on the bed, holding on, knowing that there is no longer a man behind you - but a animal, a passionate being, driving you so that you can not think in thoughts any longer, just colors and moods, and splashes of images pass across your mind, you can not even hear your own moans - those moans that I hear that excite me even more.

No -- I will not break the bed again, It took me too long to fix it those last few times, and I really don't want to sleep on a slanted mattress tonight - so I take your hands - and gently tug you onto your feet.

We stumble into the bedroom, and I stretch out in my way, laying on my back for a little while, before rolling over on my side and scooping you up in my arms and sleeping as the fork slept with the spoon on that night that the cow jumped over the moon. But I lay there collecting my thoughts, and your little hand reaches over and starts feeling that familiar territory to you, the face of that territory changes though - right under the magic touch of your hand, growing, stretching and slowly coming to life, -- the blood thickening those muscles - making the base hard, and soon - under the stroking of your hand, I become more fully erect. You lean over with the other hand, and start running your finger nails through the forest of fur that covers my chest - but you find your way, though the over grown paths, and seek out your destination like a skilled explorer, and your fingers soon play over my nipple as well. Soon your mouth starts moving over -- your teeth gently pulling on my nipples -- biting me - I know that your hand can feel how that makes my cock even harder for you -- you hand still working it's magic on me. You are loving the feeling, the power that my cock, hard as it is, gives to you, loving me, knowing that you will have that in you soon, for that is why you are loving on me, exciting me, your itch needs scratching huh?

I pull you over - knowing that I could feel this sensations that you are bringing to a slow boil in me for quite a while still, but also knowing that I love to please you, and it almost seems as if I am getting too much attention just focused on me. I pull you on top of me, and I slide inside you so easily inside of you - but still I feel the sheath of you, still griping me, softer then your hand now, but still gentle strokes, the heat and the wetness envelops me. -- I reach with my neck - head up -- our foreheads touching, I know that our thoughts pass just from my head to yours when we are like this -- I feel your need your desire - there is no other thought then the pleasure of this union of our bodies -- of our souls - of our very beings. I reach further still and with my hand squeezing and needing, your nipple now come into my mouth, my pinching lips, and teeth and tongue - giving you more sensations to swirl around in your head. Your body leaned forward you push back -- you are the one driving me inside you -- feeling every inch - and slowly you pull your body up and sit straight down on me. filled completely. I laugh again to myself at the comment you made earlier in the day when I drove your car to the gas station and said that I was going to fill you up, and you giggled - and said "you normally do" I reach up my hands -- and your hands come behind mine - making my hands extensions of yours -- your guiding touch reminds me exactly how your want me to handle your breasts -- how I go to the nipple - then back out to the whole breasts -- manipulating the muscles that are there - the tender flesh, and I am mesmerized of the beauty of you -- then light filtered in strips of light coming through the window - the way your eyes are closed - shutting out any other distraction but the feeling of me in your body - on your body - touching, feeling, being. Y

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