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Desc: Sex Story: 2 law enforcers give into there desires, one is a newbie on the force the other her superior

Well here I was a duly appointed constable in the local police force and had just pulled over my first vehicle for a random breath test. As I went through the standard monologue of informing the man of what I was doing and what he was required to do in response. I was informed by my partner (Marty) that the person we had pulled over actually was our senior sergeant and was free to move on. So you could imagine my surprise when he quite willingly put his large but well manicured hand out to gently hold the straw on the machine to his lips. His hand ever so slightly touched mine sending a sudden jolt through me not quiet like an electric shock but more like the whisper touch of a gentle caress. This made me pull back suddenly which drew a deep chuckle from his throat which was barely audible as it rumbled out of his soft sensuous lips which were slightly parted. Now I was totally bemused as I stood there just blushing like a school girl at his laughter, before I could get my anger up at him for laughing at me he had driven off. I looked at the machine in my hand and noticed he had blown passive anyway. When I noticed on the ground a expensive looking pen. Which I retrieved, I noticed it had the NT Police force emblem on it. So I let Marty know about it, to which he drawled "aww well you better contact him as he will be looking for it later" a small but visible smile was playing around his lips " see you should have checked with me before pulling that vehicle up shouldn't you" he teased.

Back at the watch house I was given the number to call for Leon 'The senior sergeant'. A little embarrassed but determined to sound professional i called his home number. As i was about to hang up the phone was answered "yeah what" was all that was said. I very quickly asked if Leon was there and if i could speak to him, as well as quickly saying who i was, i could hear my own voice echo back to me, damn it sounded like a jumbled mess i thought to myself. Silence for a sec then i heard that masculine and sensual chuckle again" can you drop it off after shift? Thanks for that, i was wondering what had happened to it, it must have fallen off the dash when i left" i could hear the relief in his voice as he said it. Stupidly i agreed to drop it off and hung up Marty was standing next to me just shaking his head. Damn my first day on the job and i had made a idiot of myself enough times already. "Hmm you seem a little lost i hope its first day nerves" Marty smirked at me. As i was about to bite back at him i realised he was teasing me yet again. Marty was in his 30's built solid but stocky and was a well defined fellow with a quick wit and even readier smile. Did i have sucker on my forehead or what? Anyway i managed to pick my act back up on patrol catching a fellow for U/E and redeeming my behaviour of earlier, which managed to bring out the normal me past the nerves, ending the day with both of us feeling comfortable with each other. So i managed to finish my first real shift with a smile on my face and Marty was not feeling so bad about getting stuck with showing me around, as i could carry my own weight after all. As we were leaving Marty reminded me to drop the pen off at the address he had written on the envelope.

When i arrived at the address i was pleasantly surprised to see Leon had a beautifully manicured premise both the grounds and the building. I pulled up and spoke into a intercom to let him know i was there, where he promptly opened the gates from inside the house. I pulled in and parked, grabbing his pen i went to the front door, as i went to knock the door opened. Knowing he knew i was there i went inside. So far, so good, none of the girlish feelings i had encountered earlier where making there presence noticed. A voice called out for me to take a seat and he would be with me soon. I ventured over to a lounge seat which was placed in the middle of the room enjoying the feel of the deep pile carpet on my feet (id removed my shoes in the car after shift as per normal) and sank in to the chair, it had been a long day. I don't know why but it just felt so comfortable and relaxing, must be the way he had the place set up. I must have fallen asleep in the chair, as i woke to the intoxicating smell of a clean male body. I sat up suddenly opening my eyes apologising as i did. I tried to explain that i had brought his pen for him and he went from a smile to a laugh. Putting his finger to my lip in a gesture of silence he said "its ok, i could see you were tired so i let you sleep" he spoke softly at the same time pointing to the clock on the wall i had been asleep for ages, i had knocked off at 1800 hours and it was now nearly midnight. I know i talk in my sleep so have always avoided sleeping around others, i hope i hadn't said anything. Damn he really mustn't think much of his new recruit i thought. I presented his pen forward to him as i was rising up to leave, and you wouldn't believe it managed to poke him in the stomach with it. I started to apologise and gave up as he was looking at me quiet strangely.

As i went to flee for the door i felt his hand placed on my shoulder effectively stopping my escape. "Thankyou" he said in a appreciative voice "anyone else would have just left it on my desk." "Let me make you a coffee before you go, as i don't think you are quiet ready to drive yet." He stated in a firm voice. His hand was still on my shoulder as he slowly turned me back around to face him. Without waiting for a answer he walked over to the kitchen i had noticed when i had first arrived, which gave me time to look at him, He had a large, tanned muscled back with the standard V shape as it smoothly went down to is waistline. He had a towel around his hips and lean muscular legs. I went back to the lounge and sat there just staring at his cat like movements and couldn't help but think how powerful and graceful he looked. Wondering what was hiding below the towel and if he was a complete package. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and my cunt juices were starting to flow as i half asleep still was imagining and remembering the feel of his hand on my shoulder.

I was startled to realise that he was now standing in front of me with the coffee, his groin at my face height with a definitely visible bulge there holding the towel out. As i tilted my head up and accepted the coffee i noticed he was also looking at me amused. Realisation dawned i must have been staring at him the whole time he walked over without realising it. He asked me if i minded if he sat on the lounge as well. I quickly moved over to allow him room. As he bent a little to put the coffee mugs on a small table his towel slipped, showing me a hint of a well defined arse, i couldn't help but stare it was firm and was well shaped. Without even seeming to notice it had slipped he turned towards me, i waited in anticipation for it to slid further but it didn't. i felt a strange sense of disappointment which didn't last long, as when he sat quietly down mug in hand i could feel a sexual strength and power radiating from him causing a longing in my groin. Im glad he wasn't saying anything as my throat was constricted with tension and longing for what this man (the sergeant) was capable of and what his body could naturally give me.

He turned his head towards me to speak and there is no way known that he couldn't tell i was longing for him. I just sat there looking at him with my nipples hard as rocks through my uniform shirt my sexual attraction to him was plain to see. My coffee left untouched on the table, wishing he would do something, I realised he was talking to me when he gestured his query with his hand "What" was all i could say stupidly.

"So what do you think of our little town and have you settled in ok" he repeated smiling "over your nerves yet" he teased lightly, as i was about to respond he gently held one of my hands up and said "no hubby waiting at home for you or did you take your ring off for work?" "No hubby i whispered back" as he gently traced small circles on my hand. As if reading my mind with his other hand he had started to undo my shirt, i sat there amazed at how efficiently they came undo with one hand. All the while he was watching my face, he had large well shaped hands which when he let my breasts free he cupped one fully, i found i had moved closer to him in response to his thumb gently drawing circles on my already erect and aching nipples.

As i leaned more into his hand he suddenly stopped and reached for his coffee, making me jerk forward awkwardly. "I am sorry i don't know what came over me, will you accept my apology" he rasped. I noticed i wasn't the only one breathing heavy! Why did he stop? My whole body was screaming at me to do something, so awkwardly i grabbed my warm coffee and accepted his apology by nodding my head and saying in a whisper only just audible "its ok" when really all i wanted to say was, just take me! How! Where! and when you want, my senior officer or not. Was that it, wasn't i good enough for him due to rank? I don't think im that bad looking. God i was hungering for him in a real bad way but wasn't game enough to just take what i wanted and so desperately needed. So quietly i slowly put my shirt back on determined not to look at him, i was very puzzled and wanted him so bad. I got up and went to the kitchen to rinse my cup as i put it on the drainer, i felt him close behind me which made every nerve in my body strain towards him i knew what i was going to do was slutty but it felt so right so couldn't be wrong. So i turned around towards him and let the top of my shirt fall open exposing the top of my breasts. He just stood there without saying anything and watched me as i undid the few buttons i had done up and let my hands do the talking.

I wet my forefinger and thumb with my tongue and slowly began rolling and gently stretching my nipples and areola till they were at full attention, i had his full attention "there was no need to apologise Sir" i said in a voice filled with lust and want as i placed my hands under each breast and presented them to him.

He stepped forward within touching distance and huskily queried "you do want it?" As he put his hands on my hips i had a instant reaction to move forward against his rigid member "please" i replied softly but with a great need. I desired this man more than i had anything i could ever remember. The pure sexual energy in him was too much for me to try or even want to resist. As his lips touched the nape of my neck i could feel the goose bumps rising as he started licking and nibbling his way around my neck and the hollow on my shoulder whilst his hands had strayed a delicious path down to my waiting nipples.

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