Kristi's Mistake

by DireWolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A beautiful brunette and the 'boyfriend' go to a seedy sex club and get up on stage for a daring sexual demonstration. The crowd demands to see more and their arrogant demonstration turns out to be a mistake when the crowd gets in on the action.

© 2003

This story is a fantasy based on photos of real individuals. There is no affiliation with the real people depicted and the characters themselves are totally fictional. The photos are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Kristi and her boyfriend decided to go to a seedy sex club for fun tonight. They were already aware of all the nastiest clubs in town because the two of them were very sexually active and quite kinky.

They heard stories of one place that was a sex shop by day and a sex club by night. They always wanted to go there and tonight was going to be the night. They entered the dimly lit bar and looked around in amazement. The place was filled with everything related to sex. There were glass cabinet shelves around the outside walls filled with all sorts of toys for both men and women. There were dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes.

One corner was lined with rows of porn movies that were available for rent or sale and behind the bar in between liquor bottles were even more toys, some larger than the bottles themselves.

As the night progresses the two of them began to get a little drunk. Kristi was dancing wildly with her boyfriend Mike as well as many other men. Kristi is a beautiful flawless 18 year old girl with long black hair, perfect B size breasts and flawless skin. She has a tattoo on the back of her right shoulder and her pussy is cleanly shaven except for a neatly trimmed V that points directly at her clit. She is a petite 5'4 and 102 pounds, but she is pure sexual energy.

Once the night starts to get crazy at this bar, the announcers like it to start getting sexy. As one of the songs ended, an announcer got up on stage and announced the night's plans. Today it was a dare. He wanted any volunteer in the audience to get up on stage and do something nasty. If it was considered nasty enough by the crowd, the volunteer would get to drink for free for the rest of the night. If it was considered extremely nasty, the volunteer would get to drink ANY night for free.

The DJ waited a minute as Kristi and her boyfriend looked at each other and smiled. One sexy young blonde got up on stage and whispered something in the announcer's ear. She then began to strip herself down, revealing her nicely formed body beneath. She then sat down and began rubbing her clit furiously, moaning louder and louder. The crowd started to cheer until finally her body shook in orgasm. The crowd cheered louder and the young blonde stood and dressed herself back up. The Dj announced that it was definitely a great show and she was free to drink anything for the night.

Kristi and Mike looked at each other with a big smile, then Kristi stumbled back on stage and whispered in the announcer's ear. She was still quite drunk and having a great time. The announcer let the audience know that this was to be a dual performance by this hot young thing and her boyfriend.

Kristi first stripped herself slowly, teasing the men (and women) in the crowd. She then went down on her hands and knees and perked up her sexy ass to her boyfriend who began to finger her. One finger, then two, three and four. He twisted them around and slipped in the thumb.

The crowd cheered with each finger he added. Finally he pushed his hand in past the knuckles and Kristi arched her back in ecstasy. She was really turned on by the crowd watching her and her juices dripped down her thighs onto the floor.

The crowd cheered and then started to chant, "Make her Cum!" over and over. Her boyfriend obliged and started pumping his hand inside the awesome 18 year old teen.

Soon after, Kristi started to cum, a tiny bit of her juice squirted out and splashed on the floor. The men cheered louder than ever. Her boyfriend pulled his hand from the quivering teen and left her pussy gaping wide.

The announcer came back and said it was the hottest thing he's seen, except for one thing. Whoever got on stage had to perform a nasty act. While Kristi was fisted, her boyfriend didn't really do anything. The Announcer said that he will have to accept a challenge. Mike was drunk, and, thinking it will be nothing, agreed. The challenge is a drink-off with a volunteer. If her boyfriend wins, they get to drink anytime for free, if he loses, the volunteer will get to fist the sexy young gaping pussy on the stage.

The boyfriend hesitated for a second, then agreed, unaware of what he was getting himself into. Kristi's smile dropped from her face as she stood up and tried to cover herself with some of her loose clothing.

A tray full of tequila shots was then brought up on stage along with two chairs. Mike sat down in a chair as one of the sexy waitresses held the tray between the chairs. The announcer looked around the crowd and said, "Any volunteers?" Nearly all of the men started to cheer with their hands raised. The announcer looked around for a moment, then pointed at one of the men. The man stepped forward and got up on the stage. The guy was huge. He was much bigger than Mike and probably twice the size of the petite teen girl.

Mike's smile disappeared as well as he watched the nearly 6'5, 300lb stocky man sit down in the chair across from him. The crowd went silent in suspense.

"Let it begin!" the announcer said as he stepped back into the shadows.

The big man took a shot and downed it right away. Mike hesitated for a moment, unsure if he should continue. Then he grabbed a shot and downed it. The crowd broke the silence with a huge roar as Mike accepted the challenge and started to drink.

Three shots, then four, then five. Mike was really starting to feel it. He already had too much to drink and had mixed many different kinds of alcohol. His stomach started to churn and fear struck his face as he realized he was about to puke and lose. The big man took his 6th shot and downed it, as if he was only warming up.

Mike stared at his 6th shot, then suddenly keeled over and started to hurl. The suddenness of his movements made his head start to spin. As he finished puking on the floor he stood quickly, trying to act as if it were nothing. Blood rushed to his spinning head and he passed out, his limp body thudding on stage. A huge roar instantly followed from the crowd as the massive volunteer stood and gazed at the sexy 5'4 teen.

The crowd began to chant, "FIST! FIST! FIST!" over and over as the announcer approached Kristi. "A deal is a deal!" he said. He then leaned into the young girl and whispered, "Don't worry, let him try, if he won't fit, I'll still let you drink any time for free, you deserve it!" His words were comforting to her so she decided to let the man at least try. Her boyfriend was passed out now and wouldn't know that someone else had touched her anyhow.

Kristi let her loose clothes drop to the floor once more, exposing her sexy curves to everyone. The 6'5 volunteer walked toward Kristi. She looked him in the eye as he approached until he was right in front of her. Her neck strained to look up at the man as he towered above her.

She looked like a midget beside him. He was three times her weight and his big hands could clutch her whole head like it were just a large grapefruit. Kristi smiled at him, then sexily slid down his body to his crotch. She massaged his huge bulge and was impressed by the growing meat beneath his jeans. She then went down on all fours and presented her curvy ass to the man. Her juicy pussy gaped slightly from her boyfriend's fist and some juices still seeped out and ran down her creamy thighs.

The volunteer knelt on one knee behind her and massaged her ass cheeks with his right hand. The crowd started to cheer with excitement as he began with a little foreplay before getting down to business. He reached up and squeezed her small tits and it was then that Kristi realized how big his hands were. They had to be twice the size of her boyfriend's, she thought. There was simply no way he was going to fit inside her.

The man pushed a finger deep into her young pussy. He quickly followed it with a second finger. His fingers were thick and stocky and already started to stretch her more than her boyfriend's cock did. Kristi smiled, knowing there was no way he would fit and it would be over soon.

The man slid a third finger in beside the first two and started twisting his hand around, attempting to loosen her up a bit more. He pushed the three fingers in to the knuckles as Kristi's pussy lips sank inside her. The announcer stepped back up on stage after leaving unnoticed and handed a bottle of KY jelly to the volunteer. He smiled and squeezed out most of the bottle into his hand. He smeared it all over Kristi's pussy lips and pushed some into her juicy cavern with a few fingers.

Kristi looked over her shoulder to see the action and was once again surprised by his size. His hand was sticking out of her behind and his arm looked like it was the size of her legs.

The man then began to work her pussy good, twisting three fingers around inside her, and driving his knuckles into her. Her pussy caved in from the force and hugged his thick fingers snugly when he pulled them out.

He started to work his little finger in and Kristi moaned as her pussy was stretched wide. His fingers were already bigger than her boyfriend's fist. The man sank his fingers into her pussy up to the knuckles and twisted them around. He worked his fingers into her sloppy lubricated pussy for about 5 minutes straight. Finally he shoved his thumb in with his four fingers and continued to twist them around.

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