Kristi's Mistake

by DireWolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A beautiful brunette and the 'boyfriend' go to a seedy sex club and get up on stage for a daring sexual demonstration. The crowd demands to see more and their arrogant demonstration turns out to be a mistake when the crowd gets in on the action.

© 2003

This story is a fantasy based on photos of real individuals. There is no affiliation with the real people depicted and the characters themselves are totally fictional. The photos are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Kristi and her boyfriend decided to go to a seedy sex club for fun tonight. They were already aware of all the nastiest clubs in town because the two of them were very sexually active and quite kinky.

They heard stories of one place that was a sex shop by day and a sex club by night. They always wanted to go there and tonight was going to be the night. They entered the dimly lit bar and looked around in amazement. The place was filled with everything related to sex. There were glass cabinet shelves around the outside walls filled with all sorts of toys for both men and women. There were dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes.

One corner was lined with rows of porn movies that were available for rent or sale and behind the bar in between liquor bottles were even more toys, some larger than the bottles themselves.

As the night progresses the two of them began to get a little drunk. Kristi was dancing wildly with her boyfriend Mike as well as many other men. Kristi is a beautiful flawless 18 year old girl with long black hair, perfect B size breasts and flawless skin. She has a tattoo on the back of her right shoulder and her pussy is cleanly shaven except for a neatly trimmed V that points directly at her clit. She is a petite 5'4 and 102 pounds, but she is pure sexual energy.

Once the night starts to get crazy at this bar, the announcers like it to start getting sexy. As one of the songs ended, an announcer got up on stage and announced the night's plans. Today it was a dare. He wanted any volunteer in the audience to get up on stage and do something nasty. If it was considered nasty enough by the crowd, the volunteer would get to drink for free for the rest of the night. If it was considered extremely nasty, the volunteer would get to drink ANY night for free.

The DJ waited a minute as Kristi and her boyfriend looked at each other and smiled. One sexy young blonde got up on stage and whispered something in the announcer's ear. She then began to strip herself down, revealing her nicely formed body beneath. She then sat down and began rubbing her clit furiously, moaning louder and louder. The crowd started to cheer until finally her body shook in orgasm. The crowd cheered louder and the young blonde stood and dressed herself back up. The Dj announced that it was definitely a great show and she was free to drink anything for the night.

Kristi and Mike looked at each other with a big smile, then Kristi stumbled back on stage and whispered in the announcer's ear. She was still quite drunk and having a great time. The announcer let the audience know that this was to be a dual performance by this hot young thing and her boyfriend.

Kristi first stripped herself slowly, teasing the men (and women) in the crowd. She then went down on her hands and knees and perked up her sexy ass to her boyfriend who began to finger her. One finger, then two, three and four. He twisted them around and slipped in the thumb.

The crowd cheered with each finger he added. Finally he pushed his hand in past the knuckles and Kristi arched her back in ecstasy. She was really turned on by the crowd watching her and her juices dripped down her thighs onto the floor.

The crowd cheered and then started to chant, "Make her Cum!" over and over. Her boyfriend obliged and started pumping his hand inside the awesome 18 year old teen.

Soon after, Kristi started to cum, a tiny bit of her juice squirted out and splashed on the floor. The men cheered louder than ever. Her boyfriend pulled his hand from the quivering teen and left her pussy gaping wide.

The announcer came back and said it was the hottest thing he's seen, except for one thing. Whoever got on stage had to perform a nasty act. While Kristi was fisted, her boyfriend didn't really do anything. The Announcer said that he will have to accept a challenge. Mike was drunk, and, thinking it will be nothing, agreed. The challenge is a drink-off with a volunteer. If her boyfriend wins, they get to drink anytime for free, if he loses, the volunteer will get to fist the sexy young gaping pussy on the stage.

The boyfriend hesitated for a second, then agreed, unaware of what he was getting himself into. Kristi's smile dropped from her face as she stood up and tried to cover herself with some of her loose clothing.

A tray full of tequila shots was then brought up on stage along with two chairs. Mike sat down in a chair as one of the sexy waitresses held the tray between the chairs. The announcer looked around the crowd and said, "Any volunteers?" Nearly all of the men started to cheer with their hands raised. The announcer looked around for a moment, then pointed at one of the men. The man stepped forward and got up on the stage. The guy was huge. He was much bigger than Mike and probably twice the size of the petite teen girl.

Mike's smile disappeared as well as he watched the nearly 6'5, 300lb stocky man sit down in the chair across from him. The crowd went silent in suspense.

"Let it begin!" the announcer said as he stepped back into the shadows.

The big man took a shot and downed it right away. Mike hesitated for a moment, unsure if he should continue. Then he grabbed a shot and downed it. The crowd broke the silence with a huge roar as Mike accepted the challenge and started to drink.

Three shots, then four, then five. Mike was really starting to feel it. He already had too much to drink and had mixed many different kinds of alcohol. His stomach started to churn and fear struck his face as he realized he was about to puke and lose. The big man took his 6th shot and downed it, as if he was only warming up.

Mike stared at his 6th shot, then suddenly keeled over and started to hurl. The suddenness of his movements made his head start to spin. As he finished puking on the floor he stood quickly, trying to act as if it were nothing. Blood rushed to his spinning head and he passed out, his limp body thudding on stage. A huge roar instantly followed from the crowd as the massive volunteer stood and gazed at the sexy 5'4 teen.

The crowd began to chant, "FIST! FIST! FIST!" over and over as the announcer approached Kristi. "A deal is a deal!" he said. He then leaned into the young girl and whispered, "Don't worry, let him try, if he won't fit, I'll still let you drink any time for free, you deserve it!" His words were comforting to her so she decided to let the man at least try. Her boyfriend was passed out now and wouldn't know that someone else had touched her anyhow.

Kristi let her loose clothes drop to the floor once more, exposing her sexy curves to everyone. The 6'5 volunteer walked toward Kristi. She looked him in the eye as he approached until he was right in front of her. Her neck strained to look up at the man as he towered above her.

She looked like a midget beside him. He was three times her weight and his big hands could clutch her whole head like it were just a large grapefruit. Kristi smiled at him, then sexily slid down his body to his crotch. She massaged his huge bulge and was impressed by the growing meat beneath his jeans. She then went down on all fours and presented her curvy ass to the man. Her juicy pussy gaped slightly from her boyfriend's fist and some juices still seeped out and ran down her creamy thighs.

The volunteer knelt on one knee behind her and massaged her ass cheeks with his right hand. The crowd started to cheer with excitement as he began with a little foreplay before getting down to business. He reached up and squeezed her small tits and it was then that Kristi realized how big his hands were. They had to be twice the size of her boyfriend's, she thought. There was simply no way he was going to fit inside her.

The man pushed a finger deep into her young pussy. He quickly followed it with a second finger. His fingers were thick and stocky and already started to stretch her more than her boyfriend's cock did. Kristi smiled, knowing there was no way he would fit and it would be over soon.

The man slid a third finger in beside the first two and started twisting his hand around, attempting to loosen her up a bit more. He pushed the three fingers in to the knuckles as Kristi's pussy lips sank inside her. The announcer stepped back up on stage after leaving unnoticed and handed a bottle of KY jelly to the volunteer. He smiled and squeezed out most of the bottle into his hand. He smeared it all over Kristi's pussy lips and pushed some into her juicy cavern with a few fingers.

Kristi looked over her shoulder to see the action and was once again surprised by his size. His hand was sticking out of her behind and his arm looked like it was the size of her legs.

The man then began to work her pussy good, twisting three fingers around inside her, and driving his knuckles into her. Her pussy caved in from the force and hugged his thick fingers snugly when he pulled them out.

He started to work his little finger in and Kristi moaned as her pussy was stretched wide. His fingers were already bigger than her boyfriend's fist. The man sank his fingers into her pussy up to the knuckles and twisted them around. He worked his fingers into her sloppy lubricated pussy for about 5 minutes straight. Finally he shoved his thumb in with his four fingers and continued to twist them around.

He pushed hard and his five fingers sank deep into Kristi's pussy but he still couldn't get it in past the knuckles. Kristi started to moan as her pleasure increased in anticipation. She knew she couldn't take him but the thought still turned her on.

The crowd was getting impatient and so was the volunteer. He stopped for a moment and looked into the crowd, then waved for someone to come on stage. Another very large man pushed his way through the crowd and got up on stage. This man wasn't as big as the first but he was still massive compared to tiny Kristi. The man seemed to know what his friend wanted and knelt down beside the naked Kristi, her pussy still stuffed with five thick fingers.

The second man leaned over Kristi and wrapped his right arm around her slim waist. His other arm then slid under her stomach and pressed against both her stomach and thighs.

The Volunteer fucking her pussy started to push his five fingers deeper. Kristi moaned loudly as the pressure increased. The man twisted his hand around, back and forth, trying to loosen her up more while his friend held the little girl firmly in place. He worked his hand in her for a few more minutes as Kristi's juices started flowing more and more.

The volunteer then pulled his hand nearly all the way out, leaving just the tips of his fingers inside her, then he quickly jabbed it back into her. The force of the impact made Kristi's tits and ass cheeks jiggle and nearly knocked his friend off balance. Kristi yelped from the sudden impact and looked down between her legs to see what he was up to. He pulled his hand out once more and jammed it back in hard, his knuckles impacting into her stretching pussy. The crowd cheered with each thrust as the volunteer pounded his hand into the beauty, trying to sink his huge hand in past the knuckles. Kristi yelped loudly with each thrust and cried out for him to stop.

Nobody could hear her pleas over the crowd cheering. The man continued to drive his hand into her again and again, each time he got a little closer to his goal. Kristi's juices dripped down her thighs and splashed the volunteer's face and shirt with each impact.

Thrust after thrust hammered into the young girl violently, slowly stretching her teenage cunt wider and wider. Finally after almost fifteen minutes of trying, the man's entire hand drove into Kristi's pussy. He grinned ear to ear and the crowd exploded in excitement, roaring louder than ever. Kristi screamed out loudly as her pussy was stretched wide to take his tree trunk of an arm. She looked under and between her legs again to see his thick arm sticking out of her dripping pussy. The sight of it pleased her and she smiled in ecstasy as a wave of pain and pleasure rocked her body.

The man continued to push his hand deeper into Kristi. His arm slid in past the wrist knuckle before finally hitting a barrier. Kristi always knew she was deeper than an average girl as her friends often spoke of bottoming out at 7 or 8 inches while she had a toy that was 10 inches long at home. She was able to make that toy disappear inside her easily even though she was only 5'4.

The man curled his fingers up inside Kristi and pushed his arm into her a little deeper. His thick muscular arm quickly expanded beyond the size of his fist and started to stretch her more. Kristi moaned as the man twisted his arm around and gently pumped it inside her. Her pussy lips hugged his arm tightly.

The act hit her G-spot and Kristi was soon overwhelmed with pleasure. The crowd cheered as her body convulsed in an intense orgasm. Her hot buttery cum squirted out far and sprayed the volunteer's arm several times. In the glint of the dim light, steam could be seen rising from the puddle of Kristi's cum on the floor as the volunteer's arm dripped with it.

The announcer approached the scene with two vibrators he had taken from one of the shelves and a large empty pint glass. He handed the vibrator to the second man and the glass to the first who both knew what to do with them.

The vibrators were normal size, maybe 1.5 inches diameter and 7 inches long. The second man pressed the head of one of them to Kristi's asshole and pushed. Kristi moaned out as her ass opened up to take the vibrator. It was fairly tight with the huge hand stuffed in her pussy, but it slid in after being lubricated from her juices.

He pushed it all the way into her ass until just the knob at the end was showing, which he used to activate the vibrator. It hummed to life and he cranked it to maximum. The announcer briefly placed the microphone near it to let the crowd hear it vibrating vigorously in her tight ass.

He then turned on the other vibrator and touched her throbbing clit with it. Kristi moaned loudly in response as waves of pleasure pulsed through her body.

The man fisting Kristi's juicy pussy began to pump his hand faster and deeper into the beautify teen, attempting to bring her to orgasm once more. She responded by panting heavily and fucking her hips back on the arm she was impaled on. He cupped the top of her stretched pussy with the pint glass so that her orgasmic juices would not be wasted.

Kristi was quickly nearing another orgasm as nearly 10 inches of thick muscular arm pumped deep inside her. Veins popped out of her neck as she arched her back and her vaginal muscles clamped down on the hard flesh. The vibration and extreme stretching pushed her over the edge in no time and she exploded in a violent orgasm. Her juices sprayed out into the pint glass and coated the man's arm as he continued to work his arm into her.

Kristi closed her eyes tightly as her body shook again and again. She squirted into the glass more than 5 times and filled the bottom of it noticeably.

Finally it was over, her climax subsided slowly with the odd pulse of pleasure that caused her lovely body to twitch against the intruding arm stretching her pussy. The crowd cheered again and the volunteer handed the glass to the announcer.

The announcer poured Kristi's steaming hot cum into a shot glass and held it up. The glass was nearly overflowing. "Bids start at 50 bucks!" he said. The crowd started to scream out numbers. "I hear 75 bucks, 100 bucks. Come on she's got to taste better than that!" he said.

The crowd went crazy, screaming so many numbers the announcer had difficulty keeping up. The bids reached three hundred and would have gone higher but the announcer had a price in his mind and gave the shot glass to the first person to bid 300. The man jumped up on stage and faced the crowd with the best shot money could buy. He downed it and the crowd responded with a huge roar.

Kristi watched the man with a smile. She was pleased the crowd had enjoyed the show so much but after cumming so many times, she was tired and wanted to slap her boyfriend around to get him out of his drunken sleep. She waited a few minutes for the volunteer to pull his fist from her pussy but he left it embedded while the crowd cheered and the announcer engaged in a conversation with some men. The second man continued to hold her in place as well.

The announcer approached the two men and whispered something in their ears. They both looked at each other and grinned. The announcer asked the crowd for two more volunteers. There wasn't a man in the place who didn't put his hand up and scream at the top of his lungs. A few of the women did so as well. The announcer pointed at two average sized men who quickly jumped up on stage. He quietly let them know what the plan was.

Kristi's jaw fell to the floor as the two men stripped down to nothing within seconds. The announcer flipped a coin and after looking at the result, he waved for one of them men to approach Kristi from the front. He complied and his dick quickly grew to full erection right in front of Kristi's soft lips. The other man stepped over top of her curvy ass and aimed his rod at her stuffed ass.

He quickly pulled the still vibrating toy from her ass and replaced it with his hard cock. Kristi started to protest at the violation but her pleas were abruptly stopped when the other man grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. Both of the cocks were average size, 6 or 7 inches long and not very thick. The two men pounded their hard cocks into the teen for a few minutes while the largest of the men continued to fist her and hold the glass beneath her dripping pussy.

Kristi suddenly felt hot cum fill her ass as the man groaned loudly and emptied his balls into her bowels. He was followed quickly by the man fucking her mouth. Kristi gagged slightly as he drove his cock balls deep into her and blew his load down her throat. Most of his cum shot straight down her throat into her stomach so she wasn't able to taste it, but as he pulled out, a few drops squeezed out onto her tongue. The taste of cum was always an extreme aphrodisiac for Kristi and her juices started to flow even more.

The announcer had two more volunteers ready to replace the first two. They both fucked little Kristi hard and soon added their cum to the rest. Some of it seeped out of her ass and dribbled down her chin.

Kristi caught something out of the corner of her eye and glanced over to see two men carrying a mattress toward the stage. Her stomach turned when she realized what was going to happen. She was going to get gangbanged by anyone who wanted to join in and there wasn't much she could do about it.

The mattress was placed beside Kristi and the man holding her by the waist started to lift her up. The first volunteer motioned for him to stop and then took over the lifting. He grabbed his right arm at the elbow and started to lift Kristi off the floor by her pussy. Kristi's mouth dropped and her eyes went like saucers as her full body weight was supported by her over stretched pussy.

Kristi reached out for something to grab on to as the man stood up with the petite girl impaled on his arm. The second man who had held her up offered his arm and she clutched it with both hands as if she were going to fall to her death if she let go. He stood far enough away from her that she was unable to support much of her weight through her grasp, but it helped her to balance.

The volunteer stepped over the mattress as the crowd roared again at the sight of the beautiful teen being picked up by her fist-stuffed pussy. He slowly set her down on all fours once more and Kristi sighed with relief.

The crowd started to chant some words again. Kristi had trouble making it out at first as they yelled out their commands inconsistently. As it became more audible the words confused her. "FULL FIST! FULL FIST!" the crowd chanted. As far as Kristi was concerned, she was already being fisted.

The volunteer knew what the crowd wanted to see and began working toward it. He pulled his huge arm out until his fist started to spread her pussy wide. The other man held Kristi tightly in place as the volunteer pulled on his hand with increasing force. Kristi's swollen pussy lips hugged the diameter of his fist, slowly flowering outward to allow his closed fist to exit. She groaned and closed her eyes tightly as her pussy lips were stretched far beyond the diameter from his initial entry.

He pulled harder and harder until her pussy started to give way to his enormous fist. Just as it slipped out and her stretched pussy lips slipped over his knuckles he stopped. From here, he twisted his hand around, allowing her to feel the full girth of his fist. Kristi's groans turned to a constant scream and her eyes stayed wide open with her jaw hanging low as if she accidentally sat on a thumbtack.

The volunteer sank his big fist back into her pussy then repeated it again. This time he only left his fist at her pussy lips for a moment before sinking it back in. He repeated this again and again for the next ten minutes. Kristi's pussy started to loosen up and it became easier for the volunteer to pull his fist out.

Soon he was pulling his fist all the way out, leaving her pussy empty and gaping wide before he plunged it back in. The crowd started to cheer once again when the announcer placed his microphone near the action. The sound system amplified the squishing, slurping and sucking noises that were quickly drowned out by the crowd.

He started pounding his closed fist into the petite girl like a piston, relentlessly stretching her hole each time. Another man approached naked in front of Kristi and shoved his cock into her mouth. The man fisting her pussy was impacting so hard he didn't have to move. Kristi's body rocked back and forth even with the large man holding her in place.

The hard fisting continued for about ten minutes and two more men had blown their loads into her mouth and all over her face. Kristi had two more orgasms as well and was starting to love the feeling of her pussy being filled and emptied by the huge fist.

Eventually the volunteer started to tire. He slowed his pace, then finally stopped and pulled his fist out. Before leaving, he dropped his jeans, grabbed hold of his fat cock and pressed both to the entrance of her gaping pussy. With his 2 inch diameter 9 inch long cock in his fist, it was significantly bigger and Kristi's pussy stretched wider to take both.

Kristi groaned in agony as her pussy was stretched again. The pressure was intense for the volunteer and he didn't last long. Within a minute of jacking his cock off inside her gaping pussy, he blew his load into her cavern.

Just as the first volunteer stepped away, another man took his place. This man was average size like Kristi's boyfriend and his fist easily slid into her loose pussy. He fisted her hard for a few minutes but wasn't having much success in bringing her to orgasm.

The man opened his hand inside her and stuck his middle finger into her cervix. He bent and pulled on it and then stuck in a second and third finger. Kristi moaned while another cock fucked her mouth. The feeling was weird, but she knew what he was up to.

He slid a fourth finger and then his thumb into her cervix and started to push. Kristi yelped from a sudden spike of pain as the man's hand slipped past her cervix and into her womb. She had just over 12 inches of his arm embedded in her and was more than half way to his elbow.

Her loose pussy lips gently wrapped around the man's forearm, as he pushed it deeper and deeper into her. He then closed his fist again and pushed a couple more inches of his arm in. Kristi's pussy started to stretch a bit more as her pussy lips slid up his arm toward his elbow. The girth of his elbow was probably as wide as the previous man's fist so he knew she could take the thickness of it.

His arm sank deeper until her pussy lips were wrapped around the thickest part of his elbow nearly 14 inches deep. Kristi moaned continuously while cock after cock blasted hot sticky cum into her mouth. She lost count of how many loads she had swallowed, but she knew it was at least 20 by now.

The fist fucker pulled his arm nearly all the way out of her pussy until just his fist was left inside. He then drove it back in until he hit bottom and her pussy lips hugged his elbow. Kristi groaned as the man fully fucked her with his whole forearm as fast as he could. The strokes were long though so speed wasn't really possible. He tried his best and soon had little Kristi screaming in orgasm.

After a few minutes of his fisting, a drunken man stumbled up to take his turn with Kristi, his beer still in hand. He leaned in for a closer look at her stretched pussy and grinned. He caressed her ass and poked a finger in. Suddenly his grin was gone and he had a serious look on his face. He fingered her ass for a while with two and three fingers as the other volunteer fucked her cunt with his arm.

The drunk was about to put his beer down on the floor when he stopped to look at it. He briefly smiled again, then downed the last quarter of the bottle. His serious look returned again as he pressed the tip of the beer bottle to her asshole. The crowd started to get louder again as he pushed the neck into her and cum squeezed out from the previous volunteers. He spread some of it on the bottle where it started to thicken and started to push and twist on it.

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