Joanne Loves Pregnant Women

by TheCaddy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Cheating, Interracial, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joanne's boyfriend introduces her to making love with another woman and now Joanne wants to make love to a pretty pregnant African American girl in her office.

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Joanne sat at her desk thinking about the fun, sex filed weekend she had just enjoyed. Her boyfriend of three years, Paul had convinced her to experiment with a third person in their already exciting sex life. She had never been with another woman before and had resisted Paul's suggestions for months. Paul was very attractive at six feet tall and two hundred and twenty pounds without an ounce of fat on his strong muscular body. Joanne had always marveled that he looked more like a construction worker than a lawyer.

Friday night had started with a quiet romantic supper at a very posh restaurant. Fifteen minutes after Joanne and Paul had settled into their seats, a beautiful tall Greek woman approached and asked to join them. She had dark skin, dark hair and deep hypnotizing blue eyes. Her medium sized breasts suited her long sleek body and Joanne had been instantly jealous of her model-like figure. Her name was Angela; Joanne later found out Paul had met her the previous week. Joanne didn't know Paul had arranged this meeting but instead of getting mad at Paul or jealous of Angela she decided to see what transpired. Joanne had always been proud of her five foot five one hundred and fifteen pound figure. Her blonde hair flowed just past her shoulders and she was very comfortable with her love for Paul - they had a relatively open relationship.

Angela's personality was as pleasant as her appearance and the three new friends had a wonderful supper. Joanne found her interest in Angela increasing and Paul caught her staring at Angela's perky nipples on several occasions. Angela was wearing a very sexy red dress. It was very obvious she was not wearing a bra because Joanne could clearly see her dark areolas surrounding two pointy nipples trying to cut through the thin material. When Dave caught Joanne staring, he winked at her and she gave him a reassuring smile. After several after-supper drinks Paul suggested they retire to his apartment for a nightcap. Angela smiled at Joanne and said she would love to join them.

Joanne enjoyed several drinks at the apartment and was feeling a little light-headed when Paul turned on some soft music. Paul has a very spacious living room in his loft style apartment so feeling giddy from the alcohol Joanne started to dance alone in the middle of the room. She was pleased when Angela joined her. Angela danced her way behind Joanne and smoothly spooned her long body to the back of Joanne and the two moved as one. Angela slid her hands around Joanne's slim waist; Joanne could feel Angela's pointy nipples sticking into her back. Joanne dropped her head back onto Angela's shoulder, giving herself to the tall dark beauty. Angela moved her hands to Joanne's average but firm 34B breasts and massaged the mounds gently through the white button-up blouse.

Joanne remembered feeling her excitement build and her pussy get wet with excitement and anticipation. She had had reservations about being with another woman but those reservations had disappeared completely and she wanted to feel Angela's hands on her bare breasts and eventually on her whole body. Angela started kissing Joanne's neck as she started unbuttoning the white shirt. Joanne's body was putty in Angela's hands and Angela was an artist as she pealed off first the white blouse then the soft white camisole. Joanne could feel her nipples harden even more in the cool air and when Angela started to pinch and tweak them, Joanne knew she was going to have an orgasm, soon. The feel of Angela's hips grinding and swaying against Joanne's ass was incredibly erotic and with the added sensation of two soft hands massaging and teasing her breasts, Joanne reached a long sensual orgasm.

Joanne remembered her legs almost giving out from her excitement and she knew that had Angela not been holding her up she would likely have fallen to the floor. When Joanne eventually opened her eyes she saw Paul still sitting on the couch with his large fat eight inch cock in his hand. Paul smiled at Joanne as Angela moved her hands over Joanne's skirt to her firm thighs. Angela pulled the skirt up exposing Joanne's soft blonde strip of hair above her clean-shaven pussy lips. Joanne knew Paul had seen her juices flowing from her engorged lips. Angela slid a finger between the very slippery lips as Joanne moaned her pleasure. With one hand on Joanne's pussy and the other hand on one of her firm breasts, Angela continued to rock with Joanne to the music. Joanne remembered a finger tickling her clit and her second orgasm rocked her much harder then the first. Her whole body shook and she could feel Angela working hard to help hold her up while continuing to tease her.

After taking several minutes to get her strength back, Joanne moved to return the pleasure to Angela. With her skirt wrapped around her waist, Joanne moved behind Angela and unfastened the back of Angela's dress before spooning her back. Joanne first felt Angela's soft breast through the red dress and was surprised by how excited she was getting touching another woman's tits. Joanne quickly slid a hand down Angela's body to her thighs and then back up under the soft red material. She was pleased to find that Angela was not wearing panties either and also surprised how wet Angela was. Her pussy was leaking juices and Joanne's finger slid easily inside the soft lips of Angela's pussy. Joanne found her clit and started to rub and massage it gently.

Angela moaned in pleasure and Joanne knew she had to feel Angela's flesh touching hers so she pulled the dress off Angela's shoulders then stood back momentarily to let the material fall into a pile around Angela's feet. Angela kicked the dress away gently. Joanne remembered fondly the first touch of their bodies coming together and she knew she was hooked on the feeling of having a soft woman against her. Her breasts pushed into Angela's back and the heat from Angela's body felt incredible. She increased the pace of her fingers on Angela's clit and her other hand massaged and teased Angela's breasts. After several loud moans, Angela erupted in a loud orgasm. Joanne loved the feel of Angela's hot body shaking; she had to help Angela keep her balance as the orgasm rocked through her.

Angela regained her composure quite quickly and turned to face Joanne, pulling her into a hot sensual kissing. Their tongues dueled for position and their bodies molded against each other. Joanne remembered loving the feel of their breasts being mashed together. When she had glanced down she could not believe the contrast of her soft white creamy skin to Angela's dark olive colored skin. Angela moved down Joanne's body and when she started to suck one of Joanne's nipples, Joanne let out a soft moan. Angela started to continue down Joanne's body but Joanne stopped her. She suggested they move to Paul's bedroom because she knew she would not be able to stand through another orgasm.

Paul followed the two lovely ladies up the stairs and into his bedroom. Joanne unfastened and removed her skirt as the entered the room then stood by the bed waiting for Angela. Angela glided up to Joanne giving her a soft sensual kiss then with both hands Angela pushed Joanne backwards onto the bed and descended between her legs with a devilish grin on her face. Paul moved onto the bed beside Joanne and as Angela kissed along Joanne's legs he started to kiss and massage her soft creamy breasts. Joanne was amazed how tender Angela was and when she felt her soft tongue slid across her love tunnel she knew she was very close to an incredible orgasm. Her excitement built up steadily and just as she was nearing her peak, Angela pulled away. Joanne remembered the frustration and trying to grab Angela's head to force Angela back between her legs but Angela waited until Joanne's excitement tailed off before resuming.

Angela again took Joanne to the crest of her orgasm but again pulled away before Joanne was satisfied. Joanne tried in vain to get Angela to finish her off but Angela waited for Joanne's breathing to slow down once more. This time when Angela put her head between Joanne's legs Joanne took a firm grip on Angela's hair - she wasn't sneaking away this time. When she felt herself getting close she begged for Angela to take her over the top. Joanne still had a good hold on Angela's hair but Angela didn't try to pull back this time but instead rode Joanne to the most incredible earth shattering orgasm of her life. Joanne could feel the sweat running off her body as she bucked and convulsed. Her whole world went black as she passed out from the incredible emotional roller coaster.

When she woke, Angela was still holding her and kissing her tenderly. She remembered looking into those beautiful blue eyes and wondering why she had waited until she was twenty-seven to experience this incredible feeling. She knew this would not be her last experience with another woman. She was curious - she wanted to know what Angela tasted like so after taking a few minutes to catch her breath she moved on top of Angela and started an intimate tour of Angela's body. She kissed her way down Angela's neck and spent several minutes kissing and massaging her breasts. Joanne loved how soft yet firm her mounds were but she slowly moved further down Angela's body. She took a quick glance at Paul who smiled his support but for the most part remained a spectator to this love sport.

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