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Desc: Sex Story: My lovely next door neighbor and her husband are leaving the neighborhood. This sweet, reserved lady has no idea what an affect she has had on me over the years. She doesn't know that I love well endowed women of, "a certain age". I must tell her before she leaves. Your e-mail responses are welcomed.

Marilyn, the woman who lives next door, has always fascinated me. She's not a world class beauty, has a few wrinkles and is a little over weight but attractive to me none the less.

As an empty-nester couple, she and her husband are involved with their church and a few civic and neighborhood projects as volunteers. I've been out to dinner with them a few times. Love her... can't stand him. He's a professional, religious snob.

When I moved in about eight years ago, she and her husband welcomed me with a pot of coffee and some homemade bread. Her husband doesn't say much but she makes up for it by being so sweet and charming.

One morning, about a month or so after I had settled in, I was looking out the kitchen window at nothing in particular when I saw her bring the household garbage to the curb for the weekly pick up. In the predawn light, I watched as she struggled with the big plastic container.

She was wearing a long, white t-shirt that came down about mid thigh. 'My God.' I thought, ' My God. Look at her tits.' I had never noticed them before as I had only seen her in conservative garb and now, to see her in a t-shirt, I could see she had, not tits, but jugs. Really large, beautiful, hanging jugs.

She's a short little thing but her legs, what I could see of them, were quite shapely. I had always guessed her age to be about fifty or so but, 'Wow.' I thought, 'What a nice body for a fifty something lady.'

For the rest of the day I couldn't forget the sight of her enormous breasts, jiggling and swaying under her t-shirt, as she struggled with that big garbage can while she pulled and walked it down the driveway to the curb. I couldn't forget how her tits bounced freely as she quickly ran back up the driveway and into her house before, I'm sure she thought, anyone could see her dressed so scandalously.

That memory was the inspiration for more than one masturbatory fantasy of mine for a number of years.

A few days ago, I was disappointed to learn that their place was up for sale. They were moving out of state to be closer to their children. Marilyn, and her big beautiful tits, would be gone from my life.

I arrived home from work one evening, just after dark, and saw the light on in Marilyn's garage. I strolled over, peeked in the window and saw the lovely woman sorting items to be packed for their move. She was wearing one of those wonderful long t-shirts that covered her down to about mid thigh and as she busied herself, I watched as those wonderful big tits swayed and jiggled as she worked.

After watching her for a few minutes, I finally got up the nerve to go to the side door of the garage, slowly open it and say a soft, 'Hi. Hubby got you doing this all by your lonesome?'

After a startled, "OH!" she turned to me and smiled and said, "Brian, you startled me. Yes, I'll be doing this alone, for a few days anyway. He picked now to go on a retreat with the men's group from church. Uh... you know, I'm not really dressed for company right now so..."

'Oh, you look just fine.' I interrupted. 'With all you have to do, a baggy T-shirt on a hot Summer night in a hot garage is the perfect attire.' Smiling, I stepped into the garage, closed the door behind me and said, 'And I'm here to help if you want me. Just let me know what I can do.'

"Okay Mr Helpful Neighbor, as long as you'll ignore my ratty outfit.'

'I promise.' I replied.

As we looked at the chore at hand, she said, "And so it begins."

I paused a moment and replied, 'No. And so it ends.'

"I meant the packing. What did you mean? What ends?" she asked.

'You end. You leave. I don't get to see you anymore and that's a shame. I've really enjoyed you as a neighbor.'

"Oh. Well, that's sweet of you and I've enjoyed you as a neighbor too Brian but I'm sure another couple will be taking our place and you'll forget all about us."

'Marilyn, it's you I'm going to miss. Not you and your husband.'

"Are you serious? Why just me? Don't you like my husband?"

'I like your husband just fine. He's a nice man and a good neighbor but... '

"... What?"

'Well, if I may say, he's not the one I've had a crush on for the past few years.'

"Yeah right!... Wait a minute... are you serious? You've had a crush on me?"

'I still do Marilyn. It started with your being so nice to me when I moved in and how you look and all the chats we've had and well, everything.'

With a confused expression on her face, she replied, "How I Iook?"

'Yes, how you look. It's... well, you're a lovely... how should I say... your... your body... your figure... you're a good looking woman Marilyn. What man wouldn't have a crush on you?'

"Oh come on. You're kidding right?"

'No I'm not. Not at all. I don't think you know what a turn on you are.'

"You're crazy. What in the world makes me, of all people, a... uh... turn on?"

I hesitated for a moment and said, 'I really shouldn't have said that to you. I'm sorry. I've embarrassed you. I'll leave'

As I started to leave, she said, "Now wait a minute buster you can't just start..."

'Do you really want me to tell you?'

"Well, maybe not. I don't know where this is going. But... really? You think I'm a turn on?"

"Yes m'am."

"Okay, I'll bite. What makes me a turn on?"

After an uncomfortable pause, while I decided whether or not to say it, I quietly replied, 'Your breasts Marilyn. I'm sorry but... you have incredible breasts.'

Her face slowly flushed and her eyes widened as she heard me say the word, 'breasts'. Then she inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled the words, "Oh, Brian, that's naughty."

'Your big, beautiful, round, shapely breasts. There. I said it.'

"Really," she whispered, "... that's very naughty of you to say that. You shouldn't say those things to me"

'And your legs. I have always loved watching you while you puttered about in the garden.'

"My Legs? You watched me?"

'Many times. And your ass.'

"Oh! Oh my goodness Brian."

The word, 'ass' got her attention and she gasped again. 'I have loved watching your ass as you would bend over to pull weeds or plant flowers. It's so nice... and round... and plump. Just like your beautiful breasts.'

"I... I had no idea... my God... you... you watched me."

I walked toward her and said, 'I'm sorry if what I'm saying is offending you but you're leaving and I wanted you to know that... that you're hot. You are a very, very hot lady.'

"But I'm over fifty years old. My husband doesn't... I mean, he didn't even think I was, as you say, 'hot' even when we were young. I mean my face has wrinkles and..."

'Your face is beautiful, your tits are beautiful, your legs are beautiful, your ass is beautiful, you... are beautiful.'

"My... tits. My husband has never used that word. Oh Brian. Oh my. You said, 'tits' You said my, 'tits."

'Yes Marilyn... your tits. Your enormous tits, your jugs, that are so wonderful, so big and so beautiful.'

"... Jugs?"

'Yes Marilyn. Haven't you heard that word used to describe large breasts like yours?'

"I... uhhhh... no I guess not. Oh gee. Oh."

"Do you like that word? Jugs?'

Another wave of redness filled her face as she folded her arms across her chest as she replied, "I'm still having a hard time with the word, 'tits'.

'It's okay Marilyn I know you're a little flustered by all this and so am I and I apologize but... I have just loved looking at your tits so often over the years I had to tell you. I know it's wrong.'

"Yes Brian, it is wrong." As she spoke, her breathing began to quicken and she folded her arms tighter across her chest.

'Marilyn, ' I said softly, 'Relax. Unfold your arms... and relax. Go ahead, unfold your arms and put them at your sides?'

"... Why?" she asked breathlessly.

'Because I've looked at your beautiful breasts so many times without you knowing it... I thought... I thought that... I mean I'd like you to know what it feels like to know a man, that's not your husband, thinks you're beautiful.' After a long pause, the befuddled lady slowly lowered her arms and quietly replied, "... Okay but..."

'Shhhhhhhh... ' I interrupted. 'Don't speak. Just let me look at you.'

Then stepping closer to her, I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes and then down to her enormous rack. "They're so lovely. So big. Do you see me looking at them?... Does it make you feel hot that a man is standing just inches away from you, admiring... your breasts?'

After a pause, she whispered, "It... feels... scary. I don't think..."

'Are you frightened of me?'

"... Not of you but... I think you... I think that it's... '

As she tried searching for words, I put my hands around her waist and pulled her toward me, then reached behind her and ran my hands up and down her back.

'No brassiere Marilyn?'

"... No." She replied softly.

'You don't need one.' Then, whispering, I asked, 'Does your husband like it when you don't wear one?'

Whispering back, she replied, "He doesn't care anything about it."

'But when he puts his hands around your rib cage, like this, and rubs his thumbs up and down under your breasts... like this... do you like it?'

Looking down at her tits, as I fondled them, she gasped, "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh... no... he never Oh! ohhhhhh does this. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhh."

'Can you feel me touching the bottom of your tits with my thumbs Marilyn?'

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh... yessssss... ohhhhh... yesss."

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