Linda's 50th Birthday

by BlackKnight1960

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Linda celebrates her 50th Birthday with her two sons, and her life will never be the same.

Her 50th birthday marked a violent change in her life. A change she had never expected, and never had wanted. Or lusted for. 12 years had passed since her husband got himself killed in a bar-fight, leaving her with their two sons care for. Fortunately he had been fairly well insured, so they always had what they needed. Her salary as a bookkeeper in a large supermarket was supplied with a monthly 2000$ insurance money.

Weeks, months and years trundled along while the boys went through high school and college. Linda minded her job, kept fit in the gym, and generally did a fine job of mothering the boys. A couple of times she had given in to a persistent colleague, but she had found no real joy in it, and to tell the truth her fine figure and pretty looks were wasted, at least from a sexual point of view.

When the boys finished their education at the local college, they stayed on at home until they had found jobs, Kent as a teacher and Larry as an architect, and they still lived pretty close to Linda, and they visited at least once a week, often more. When Linda's 50th birthday came closer, they had long talks about how to celebrate.

"You know," Linda said; "50 is not that much of a fiesta. I'd much rather just have you two around on the day, and then save the family-friend party for the following Saturday." So on her birthday she cooked a dinner for just the three of them, just like in 'the old days' when the boys were still living at home.

The boys had brought plenty of good wine, and contrary to her customary ways, Linda consumed quite a few glasses with the dinner, so when she and Kent moved to the sitting room, while Larry went to the kitchen to put away the dishes and make a pot of coffee, she felt a bit tipsy and giggly. They had been seated there for a while, chatting away, Linda having a couple of Baileys with her coffee, when Larry suddenly said:

"Mom, Kent and I have wondered. How come you never got yourself a boyfriend? You're so pretty and sexy that it has to be of you own choosing."

Linda laughed. "Sure. I've had a few proposals, if I may say so, and I actually bedded one of them years ago. But I'm one of those old fashioned girls who links sex with love. Not much I can do about it."

"It's just so incredible, mom, that you have gone all these years, never wanting for sex."

"Oh, you're wrong there, Kent." She laughed again. "I've sure wanted for sex, but not with a man I don't love. Do you understand that?"

"And you never loved anybody but dad?"

"I think that you two consumed all the love I could harbour." She fell silent for a moment, and she blushed a little when she realised how her words could be interpreted. She was on the verge of saying something more, but the mere thought of the implications of her words made her chose silence.

There was no doubt that Kent and Larry had interpreted her words in just the wrong or right way, whatever you might chose. The implication of sex silenced them, too, and for more than three minutes not a word was said, while heavy thoughts and steamy dreams flew round the room. At last it was too much for Larry.

"And we think that you consumed all the love that we have. Maybe that's why we haven't got married yet."

"You were also the target of all our sex fantasies when we were teenagers."

"Oh, no. That can't be true."

"Sure, and we talked a lot about it, too."

Larry looked directly at Linda and said in a very low voice: "You are still the target of my best dreams. Now I've said it."

Kent looked up at Larry and then at Linda. "You know, it's years ago that we last talked about you in this way, but I feel the same as Larry. Still do, mom."

Linda blushed. This talk about sex fantasies had stirred emotions she couldn't believe. It had to be the alcohol, which prevented her from rational thoughts. She felt as if another woman inside of her replied: "I never gave it a thought, then. Never. Not until now, that you bring it up. But I have to admit that I've always loved you so much, that the idea is not at all unpleasant." She smiled at her boys, almost as if to hide her embarrassment at this last confession.

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