Just Another Day


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Desc: Sex Story: on shift experiance incorporating surprise, bi sex, toys mmmm and yummy cops

It was just another standard evening on shift; quiet boring on the whole, town was dead and unable to do any more patrols due to the nature of the services. I headed home to play on my puter to kill about 4 hours as per usual. Being half asleep from boredom I decided to have a shower to awaken a little, just as I stepped out the phone rang, was a mate chasing a lift home, perfect excuse to kill some time I thought. I pulled into the local 24 hour to pick her up noticing she had an extra with her, before I could say anything she was informing me it was safe to give him a lift as well, as he was an off duty officer... they both climbed into the vehicle whilst giving directions where to drop them off. One each side of town, no probs had plenty of time any way. I dropped her off first as she was tired from the evening at work. This left me in a position of uneasy silence as I didn't know the name of my male passenger.

In silence we drove to his place, whilst he was getting out he asked if it would be possible if I could wait for him inside the house as he would like to grab a shower and get a lift to the club would only take about 20 mins. So I followed him inside the house, he waved me towards his lounge room quietly, so as not to wake up others in the shared house, whilst he headed off down a corridor. As i went to go in the lounge room i stopped short in the doorway. There was a woman on the couch, i should have made my presence known somehow, but couldn't bring myself to say anything. There was also another person there asleep on a chair in the corner; a porn video of two women was playing on the TV set.

The woman was completely nude and her breasts were large but firm. Her nipples were swollen and erect, as I gazed lower i noticed both her hands were between her legs and it took me a second to comprehend she was using a vibrator. I watched in stunned silence as the cream colored object vanished inside her then slowly reappeared only to be sunk back where it had come from. She was working her pussy in unison to the action on the screen. The two women in the porn movie were getting right into pleasuring each other.

I realized I was becoming extremely aroused between the porn video and the woman on the lounge. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples were getting harder, with this sudden realization I started to feel slightly guilty for watching, what if the other person awoke and seen me standing there, but what was I supposed to do.

I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy; she had a nice neat dark triangle of hair just above swollen moist lips which glistened with her wetness. As she pulled the vibe out of her pussy she moaned loudly and started to massage her clit with the tip of it, at the sound of her pleasure I could feel my own pussy start to soak in readiness. Without thinking I reached down and was firmly rubbing my pussy through my work pants. This sexy woman was going to make me cum and she wasn't even going to know that she did it.

As I stood there on the edge of cuming myself, she abruptly pulled it out of her hot cunt and brought the tip of the vibe to her mouth and began licking it. My clit gave a little jump and a low moan escaped from my lips and the brunette turned to face me. Caught! Oh my God... In horror, I recognized who she was, (Jacqui) I felt so embarrassed... but she smiled up at me eyes half closed with sexual desire she whispered to me "Well what are you waiting for?" she spread her legs open wider giving me a splendid view of her hot, wet swollen pussy. As she was speaking she moved both hands down between her legs and parted her soft, slippery cunt wide open.

"Come on I need your tongue," she huskily whispered.

I found myself standing in front of her looking down on her wet, spread, and swollen cunt. I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on her lips to keep her as open as I could. I leaned in to taste her, the aroma of her wafted to my nose, it was both familiar and foreign and completely intoxicating. With the end of my tongue I touched her swollen, clit, and started to slowly but firmly lap her pussy from her open hole to her clit and down again. She grabbed my hair and I felt slow, but steady pressure as she pulled my face into her warm, wet cunt. I entered her soaked hole with my tongue, tracing small circles inside her, As I slid my tongue back up towards her clit, I applied some sucking pressure at the same time. She moaned loudly and pushed her pelvis up to my face even harder with a rocking motion against my mouth... she was fucking my face fairly hard at this time. Her moaning grew louder and I could feel her pussy muscles pulsing as I slid up and down between clit and cunt. Her hot sweet but sour juices flooded my mouth as I felt her shake to an intense orgasm. She held me there, her hands still firmly holding my head, her fingers entangled in my dark blond hair.

After she seemed to relax a little, I ran my tongue over her slick flesh slowly letting my tongue float over her sweet lips and surrounds careful to avoid her precious clit. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy... she was wonderfully hot inside. She started to groan again and I knew I could make her cum again. I slipped a second and third finger into her dripping, wet cunt as I started to slowly turn them clockwise she started to buck against my hand and shouted "Yes, yes. Fuck me... Oh yes, fuck me hard." As she came I moved my mouth to her cunt and licked at the juices that ran over my fingers. Then just stood back and watched just happy to enjoy the view. "Oh, come here," she whispered. She met me half way and her mouth found mine. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I knew she could taste her juices on my lips then I felt her hand come to my breasts. She squeezed and rolled my aching nipples which seemed to have reached an even higher state of sensitivity. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and tugged it off my shoulders and unhooked my bra with amazing speed it was only a second before she turned her attention to my tits. Her mouth covered my right nipple and her tongue rolled over and around it. I moaned and held her head, my fingers twisting though her hair. She moved her hand to my cunt. My wetness had seeped though my work trousers. These she pulled down to my knees and I stepped out of them. She then grabbed my ass with her hands and dropped to the floor in front of me. She nuzzled her nose into my hot, wet cunt, looked up at me and smiled. With her finger tips she teased the folds of my cunt lips open and slipped a finger into me. "Oh, baby... you are so wet. Mmmmm, just the way I like it." She said with a smile on her face, which was wet from my cunt juices already. She removed her finger and lay back on the carpet and motioned for me to sit on her face. I lowered my dripping pussy to her face and let out a gasp as her tongue entered me. With magical strokes she started to work my cunt inside and out. My clit was on fire as she gently rolled back the little hood and started to suck on it. I was so turned on at this point that I exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. My moans filled the house. I fell off her, collapsing near the edge of the couch.

"Oh, that was much too quick!" She said with a huge grin on her face. She helped me onto the couch and spread my legs open as wide as she could manage, draping them over the arms of the lounge chair. Sliding into position, she grabbed the vibe she had been using earlier but discarded it for one she had in a bag next to the chair and pressed the head of it against my still pulsating cunt folds. With her free hand she held me open and I felt the fist shaped dildo being slowly turned and pushed into my cunt bit by bit, god she was stretching me something fierce just as I was about to get her to stop what she was doing I felt a buzzing sensation on my clit. Now there was more pleasure than pain... Oh, God. I was going crazy. She twisted the dildo as she thrust it into me, then pulled straight back and out, Over and over she repeated this act. Then she added her talented tongue onto my already hardened and sensitive nipples.

My fingers dug into the cushions of the couch and wave after wave of pure pleasure took hold of me as I had a wild orgasm. Jacqui sat beside me watching her video while I recovered a little. I wondered if the fellow I had brought home had decided to go to sleep instead of going out.

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