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Desc: Sex Story: This is about a security guard and a police officers drunken encounter off shift

I was alone in Darwin... finally a chance for a break and to catch up with some dear friends... I had worked a DBL that morning, but I knew the 3 hour drive after shift was worth it. After taking a long hot shower, I decided that it was time to head out for a snack before calling to see if anyone was home and free for the evening.

I managed to find a lovely quiet pub for a meal and a drink with no one around who knew me. As I was preparing to leave someone tapped me on the shoulder, damn that made me jump as I spun around ready to give some lip, I noticed it was someone I knew by sight from my patrols. I relaxed instantly it was only one of the local policemen of duty.

He was a little pissed but then again so was I, I had taken a fancy to this one awhile back but he had transferred out of my area, he was definitely cuter up closer than I had thought, average height, ready smile with a very nice set of shoulders on him.

We got to chatting a little not about much in particular though, as it was getting late I offered him a lift home as he had definitely had to much to drink to drive or so I thought. He accepted my offer, which actually surprised me as I thought I would have had to convince him.

On the way to his place to drop him off, I thought I had better stop at my hotel and have a quick piss as it was quiet uncomfortable driving, he said he didn't mind at all which was gr8, he followed me up so he could grab a quick drink of water out of the hotel fridge, I left him to the fridge as I went to the toilet and just as I felt the golden fluid release pressure I could here him still at the fridge, I was washing my hands when a heavy push to the swinging door, sent it flying open behind me he came into the bathroom the door swinging behind him.

Before I had a chance to respond, his voice dropped to a husky whisper, but I heard what he said and terror gripped me hard... damn... I realized with a shock that I also felt the beginning of sexual excitement that he wanted me as much as I had wanted him, but not this way. mmmm I'm going to have so much fun with you, you little slut" Before I could even scream I felt something being shoved roughly over my mouth... it was his hand... His other arm was holding me tightly around the waist. As I struggled to get free, I bit my lip and tasted the salty warm blood in my mouth. He was laughing at me as he shoved me into the shower whilst ripping off my clothing and turned the shower on, now slut you will shower quickly. When I wasn't as quick as he liked he demanded "Spread them" when they were spread approx four feet wide with my very plump arse, now pointing at him. I was terrified what could I do, as he soaped me he run his hands over my ass, spreading my checks apart, as he started to run his fingers down to my arse hole I turned and went to bolt, he grabbed me by hair and forced me back into the shower. I was to dumb struck to do anything I felt totally paralyzed as he started to soap and probe at my pussy and arse he was laughing as he pressed against me, pinning me to the shower wall till he felt I was clean enough for his pleasure.

Then one hand was holding my face firmly over my mouth while the other moved down to grab me between the legs... fingers squeezing and rubbing obscenely shoving his hardness insistently against my ass. I started to kick and struggle and all the while he was laughing... pressed against me, pinning me to the wall... tying a scarf or something over my eyes "Mmmmmmmmm When he rasped that from behind me, I totally panicked and summoned all the strength I could get in a last ditch effort to get away... but my strength was, of course, no match for his. He swooped down on me then and seemed suddenly tender with the blindfold on I couldn't see him, or what he was up to, but I didn't need to see him to know he was strong!! I felt his lips gently kiss my lip where I had bitten it and drawn blood when he had his hand over my mouth as gently as a lover almost, and while caressing my hair he asked ever so sweetly." Did that hurt? If you're a good little slut and don't struggle, maybe I won't have to do that again. Paralyzed with terror and embarrassed by the wetness between my thighs, I just nodded my head. "That's good".

He started to walk me in to the other room then all of a sudden the hand caressing my hair roughly grabbed a handful of it and I was yanked down onto the bed "Then come on he said jovially as he flipped my body onto its side spread your arse I want to see both your pussy and arse hole at the same time. my heart was pounding so hard I felt it would burst thru my chest in terror, I wondered how I'd gotten into this situation and did I really want it to stop and if so how could I stop it. But I knew I had asked for it by the little things I had done like letting my breasts show just a little above my top and I had been thinking of talking him into staying for awhile when we where driving to the hotel, or did I say it aloud? How dumb and naive could I have been? After all what did I really know about this guy, just because he was a cop didn't mean he was an angel, And here he was... taking total control of me a competent security person. Where the hell were my balls at a time like this. Before I could try to jump off the bed or even get my bearings he was on me... holding me down... pulling cuffs from somewhere and restraining my wrists above my head... He had effectively stopped any chance I had for escaping very quickly. Soon I was helpless... more helpless than I'd ever been in my life... on my side with my legs spread for his pleasure of view, and my wrists together and over my head... still blindfolded. Not being able to see anything was making me even more scared. I had no idea what he was doing was he just looking? I couldn't feel him near me, what was he going to do next. I tried to ask him but had lost the power of speech. Every private part of me was laid bare to this man who had only known me as another person in the town. I felt my body jerk and drew in a startled gasp as he began to touch my inner thigh area, as he touched my cunt lips he exclaimed, sounding surprised and delighted. "You're already soaking wet!!

I knew you'd love this you slut!!" a steady wetness had begun deep inside me and was definitely moistening my thighs. Why now? How could I be so turned on! Why was I so wet? I could feel my cunt pulsing and wanting to be touched badly, damn I hoped he didn't notice. Was he right? Was I a slut? It had always turned me on thinking about a cop nailing me, but this was real!! I wasn't just laying around day dreaming about what it would be like. I was captured, cuffed and helpless while the police officer was amusing himself with my opened pussy. I shuddered I had goose bumps on goose bumps and hated myself for responding to this degradation in such a way. I could feel his fingers sliding along the moistness of my slit every now and then he would hit my clit, which was standing erect like a very small cock trying to get attention... god I was burning I was aching for his touch, I am a slut I thought... his hands were so firm but gentle and demanding all at the same time. Suddenly he stopped; I heard a small voice say "don't stop please sir" and realized it was mine, before I could get embarrassed I heard the distinct sound of a zipper and of clothes being removed, and felt myself starting to panic again

One thought kept reverberating in my head... there would be no rescue and no escape. This man was going to do whatever he wanted to me and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I was shoved over onto my back and my knees were being spread I tried to resist but copped a quick slap on my cunt, god it stung and then I felt a body being placed between them holding them open there was no way to resist them being spread, he shift weight and was now over my chest area.

I felt his incredibly hard cock between my heaving breasts. Then he roughly grabbed both breasts and squeezed them together around it and began to move back and forth. I could feel his pre-cum between my tits when he tired of that, I once again felt him turning my body as he pleased from side to side. "Ok slut ", he said." I'm gunna use that pretty mouth of yours. And you're not going to make a sound are you?" He rasped at me as he yanked my head back by my hair, when I tried to sit up. Knowing what was next, I could feel the wetness from my cunt and could feel the pulsing of an orgasm starting slowly, but I shook my head no... then I felt the head of his cock at my lips. I knew what he wanted, but couldn't quite bring myself to open my mouth for him. I normally love the silky smooth feel of the head as I run my tongue over and around it but this was different. I then gasped as I felt him trying to ram into my mouth over my already swollen lip. "Come on Slut!!" he growled "open up... you're gonna suck this dick and make it feel real good!". "Ohhh yeah..." he chuckled, as he slid it between my lips and over my tongue, "suck it slut... mmmm... gonna fuck that pretty face"

Desperately I tried to please him, maybe if he cam it would be over. As his hardness filled my mouth I began to suck... and run my tongue over, around and under it. "Ooohhhh hell yeah" he began stroking in and out of my mouth. As his excitement grew he pushed it in faster harder and deeper. I felt my excitement ripping through me at the pleasure he appeared to be getting, as I felt it pushing against my throat he shoved in deep till my nose was in his pubic hair and his balls were resting against my chin. He stayed this way for what seemed an eternity, strangely though it felt comforting, I felt his prick begin to jerk and with a roar and a mighty thrust he began cumming god he tasted sooo good, I felt his huge load shooting down my throat as he continued pumping. I swallowed and swallowed as then finally pulled out and I felt the remaining drops dotting my face and neck. I was now hoping against hope that maybe he would fuck me.god I wanted a fuck now. But of course that wasn't to be."Damn!", I heard him exclaim. "What a hot mouth you got" then he laughed again..."Oh cool... I'm still hard!" I groaned then... knowing he was far from finished with me, but I could never have predicted what he did next.

He then moved down my body till his face was next to my spread open legs. "yeah, just like I thought... wetter than ever hmm wonder how far it will spread, "you ever seen a cunt right open" he demanded of me. "Yes sir" I said. Suddenly both his hands were on my breasts, twisting and pulling at my nipples, I drew in my breath sharply at the sudden pain but ooh god it felt soo good, then I heard myself moaning as the pain seemed to turn into an electric jolt of pure pleasure starting at my clit and shooting thru my legs, my cunt felt like it needed to be filled real bad. I was gasping and began to thrash as I felt his tongue circling my clit, then licking my opening and finally his tongue was thrusting inside me. Unexpected waves of pleasure coursed all thru me. There was no way I could deny that what he was doing felt like pure bliss, then he was back to sucking on my clit whilst he was driving his fingers in and out and in a semi circular motion in my cunt, god I was about to cum then I flinched when I felt one of his fingers shove itself into my arse.He moved it around and around, then in and out while he kept licking and sucking at my clit but kept stopping just short of my release, the feeling of a hand in my pussy and his mouth on my clit made what pain there was lost in the incredible pleasure. I felt my hips moving on their own... moving in time to his tongue and finger thrusts. But when he added a second finger to stretch my arse even more I loss a total sense of reality, but I continued to writhe under this added sensation as I could not and did not know how to.

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