Lost Wife 9

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: My new toy was working out well though and I was already on my third set of batteries.

The next couple of weeks were hectic what with work and my three days in Spain. But at last I had time to think about what fun I was going to get up to next. True my husband still liked to put his hard cock into me once or twice a week but sometimes that was not enough. I'm in my prime and I needed more. I don't like to be unfaithful to him but sometime a girl got to do etc.

My new toy was working out well though and I was already on my third set of batteries. It was nice to have it deep inside me while my husband shows proper respect to my fine tits by wanking over them. I've even worked out how the straps do up so I'm all set to try my first girl on girl experience. The only girl who I think may be up for it was my friend Mel, she and her husband Tony are our oldest friends and we've often been on holiday with them. Mel and I have often sunbath topless together and we have giggled like schoolgirls as we've smoothed sun cream over each other's bodies. I've never done it with him though but we've come close a few times.

One of the closest was on holiday together when my husband and Mel had gone off to get a take-a-way leaving Tony and me at the holiday apartment alone. We had spent all day on the beach and I was used to being topless in front of him; but naked indoors was not the same thing as being naked on the beach. I suppose I could blame the heat or the wine I had been drinking all day but suddenly I felt very randy and there was this handsome guy standing in front of me. Suddenly the room became quiet as we looked at each other and then we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. His hands were all over my tits, squeezing them hard just how I like it sometimes when I'm this randy. The moment of madness past and we pushed each other away; we stared at each other for a long time for we both knew that there was no way we could do it. Luckily for us our partners re-appeared then and the moment was gone. After that he would give my tits a good grope whenever the opportunity presented itself and once I gave him and a mate of his a drunken tit fuck on the back seat of a car when we were being driven home from a party.

I had been working late when my husband phoned and invited me to come to a party that he and Tony were already at. So I finished up quickly and drove to this large house in the country; the owner Mike was apparently a good client of Tony's. By the time I got there my husband was very drunk and of no use to me at all so I danced with Tony and Mike.

It was after midnight when we found ourselves the only ones left. My husband, Tony and me were all too drunk to drive so Mike offered to drive us all home, which was very good of him. We had to carry my husband out to Mike's car and then I got in the back with Tony. As I have said I came straight from the office so I was wearing my business suit and you will remember that I don't wear anything under my jacket. Tony was kissing me and he had undone the two buttons and was mauling my naked tits nicely. I was a little concerned that my husband would wake up but he was too far gone. I was so engrossed with Tony that I didn't realise that we had stopped and that Mike was looking over the front seat and watching us.

"Are you going to fuck the slut," he said to Tony.

"No please, not with my husband here," I begged, although I was definitely up for it there was no way I could what with my husband sitting just inches from me. "I give you both a tit fuck if you want," I offered.

"Yeah, sounds good to me," said Tony already helping me out of my jacket.

I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock; Tony moved to sit astride my lap and pushed his cock between my naked tits. I squeezed my tits around him while he thrust against me; soon he was splattering all my chest and chin.

"My turn," said Mike the door opened and the guys changed places and a new cock was placed between my tits.

Sometimes when I'm alone in bed I would remember that night and would use it as frigging material. I would plunge my vibrator into my wet pussy while I fantasised that I had let them do all sorts of disgusting things to my body while my husband watched us from the front seat.

My husband was going to be away for the week on a course and I was all alone, so I rang Mel up to see if she wanted to go out shopping for the afternoon, she only works mornings, and perhaps stay over to keep me company.

"Sure, that sound like fun," she said, "I'll bring my toothbrush with me."

I put three bottles of dry white wine in the fridge and laid on some food. We went shopping and we both bought lots of stuff, but the day was wet and cold so we cut it short and went home. At last we got in and I put on the fire and opened the first bottle.

"Come on show me that little white dress again," she asked.

I rummaged through my bags and pulled it out for her to take. Mel was a lot slimmer than me so when she held it up against herself it was way too big.

"Try it on," she requested, handing it back to me.

So I quickly stripped off my jeans and top leaving me in just my knickers, Mel had seen me stripped many a time so I felt quite comfortable. I pulled the dress over my head and smoothed it down. It was low enough at the front to show the tops of my bust and it finished just below my knickers.

"That'll knock their eyes out," giggle Mel for by now she was on her third glass of wine. I took the dress off again and rummaged for more items.

Mel pulled out a little skirt and she too slipped off her jeans and put it on. The one thing about Mel's figure was she does have exceptional good legs, her bust was perhaps a little small but her legs are really great. I opened the second bottle and by now both of us were a little giggly.

"Did I tell you I went up to town last month and went into that sex shop?" I said, having drunk enough now to broach the subject.

"No, not on your own surely," she gasped.

"Yeah, wasn't I a brave little girl," I said sticking my bare tits out.

"Your not that little," she said and we both collapsed in giggles.

"What did you buy?" she asked.

"Come on and I'll show you," I said, "and bring your glass with you."

I picked up mine and the new bottle and we both staggered upstairs to my bedroom. Out of my top draw I took Winston, my eight inch black lover and held it up so Mel could take a good look.

"Fuck me," she gasped, "it sure is big."

"It's fucking great," I said, I lay down on my bed and rubbed it up and down between my tits.

"Who needs men when you've got one of these," I giggled. "Look it buzzes too," I said turning the end cap.

I just love the feel of any cock between my tits even if it is made of plastic, "here you try."

"What no, I couldn't," she gasped.

"Go on," I encouraged.

After a short pause she pulled her top off over her head and unclipped her bra. I've never understood why she wears a bra for she only a 'A' cup at best when I never bother any more and I'm a 'D'.

"Mmm, that does feel nice," she said as she moved its head over her erect nipples.

"Where it feels best is down here," I said taking Winston back and rubbing it between my legs.

"Let me," she said now getting into it more.

"It feels best without your knickers on," I said rolling mine down my thighs and I was totally naked.

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