Happy Christmas Uncle

by Sven the Elder

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: No room at the Inn - maybe Sis can help...

Business took me to town where my sister lived. Then the dilemma kicks in. The business meeting's dragged and it's become obvious that we were never going to manage to cram everything in over the working lunch on Friday. None of the others want to stay late on what was after all poets day. Poets day? Ah come on - you've all heard of Poets day? Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday!

Yeah well that's just fine and dandy for those who live and work locally. For folks like me who live almost three hundred miles away it means there is no way we're going to make it worth our while driving home and back again, especially in Winter. Cheaper to stay locally and pick up the threads fresh again on Monday morning.

Which brings me back to the dilemma. To stay with little sis or not just the week before Christmas. Now please don't get me wrong - I'm very fond of my little sister, trouble is she's some ten years younger than I am - doesn't seem a lot, but I left home when she was eight so we never really got to know each other as adults - I just occasionally get the impression that her view of me is in the 'boring old fart' category. Still I'm always made welcome even if I am reluctant to inflict myself on them. In the end this time my mind was made up for me. There was some sort of local pre-Christmas arts festival that weekend, which was why my colleagues wanted to get away, and also why all the local hotels in my expense account budget range were booked out. So I swung by her house.

I suppose I should have rung first. No I didn't catch them in a compromising position or anything like that, but I was left with the distinct impression that I wasn't quite as welcome as I might have been. In the end of course I stayed. With one daughter now living with her partner, the other had finished her university degree and was now living and working from home. Even still there was more than enough room to put me up. I would however be left pretty much to my own devices - that was made pretty clear. Sis and her Chamber of Commerce-hubby were very involved in the hierarchy of the festival - daughter made a face behind their backs at this point, and grinned at me - so they would be out late and away early on each of the days over the weekend.

Cue niece!

Shauna and I had always been quite close as she was fond of and got on well with both my sons and also my wife and I. She'd stayed with us when she was younger and unlike her rather spoilt, precocious and moody older sister had grown up into a well adjusted, quite normal young adult. One could almost say in spite of the best endeavours of my sister and her husband, but then isn't that normal in a lot of families.

A few minutes later as Sister - Charlotte, and Husband - Jack, bustled out on their way to their important social gatherings, Shauna and I waved them off.

"So Shauna, if Uncle is paying and I am, where can we go have a quiet bite to eat?"

She laughed, put on a baby voice and said "Well, Uncle Sven..."

She got no further as I swatted her ass, then held her shoulders and stated very firmly - "If you call me Uncle again, just once more this evening, I'll smack your behind and all bets are off!" The twinkle in her eye made me realise that perhaps the threat wasn't such a hell of a good idea suddenly, but I kept my grip on her shoulders nevertheless.

She giggled a bit more and relaxing in my grip laid her head on my chest and said "Okay, Sven, I'll be good. Now if you let me go I'll take you up to your room, we can freshen up, then if we head off out, I know a pub about ten miles away where we can grab a bite to eat without having to book."

"Sounds good," I said, kissed her on her forehead - which made her blush, Shauna blushes easily, then letting her go I grabbed my overnight bag and computer and followed her upstairs. As I did so I noted that 'little' Shauna had indeed grown up into an attractive woman, her tight little ass was mesmerisingly cute. I shook my head and cleared those sort of thoughts well out of my head - this was my twenty four year old niece, I was in my fifties and this was my sister's house. She'd have both my nuts on a platter if she knew what I'd just been thinking!

Shauna dug me out a shower towel and showed me the layout of the guest suite. "Damn sight nicer than the local Holiday Inn," I said, "Now I'll shower and freshen up and be with you in half an hour."

She looked me straight in the eye and answered "Back scrub, sir?" I grinned back, made a joke about hot and cold running chamber maids, patted her butt as she scooted past which made her giggle again and as I shut the door behind her the thought of being entertained by her company over the weekend made it all seem a bit easier than had I had the full attention of Charlotte and Jack.

About forty minutes later Shauna was navigating us across country, the lovely winding roads that both I and my classic Porsche love. Great lights, fun road, a good car and a pretty blonde beside me - this looked like being a good evening spent in pleasant company.

After some twenty minutes or so we pulled off into the archetypal example of an out of the way, olde worlde English Country Pub - The Old Mill. As the festival was on it was almost empty and the restaurant manager seated us in a secluded alcove with a window view of the millstream, wheel and lade picked out tastefully in subdued, hidden lighting. His comment of "that'll allow you and your daughter some peace and quiet," must have made him wonder as I looked blank and Shauna seeing my face went red and giggled. I suspect that when it dawned on me I also blushed as he winked at me in a knowing way as he went off with our drinks order.

As he disappeared Shauna laughed and said, "Well, sugar daddy?" I knew by her expression that I must have blushed even more.

When the drinks appeared I raised mine in a toast - "Sod 'em all, we're still going to enjoy ourselves..." but was totally unprepared for what happened next, as I raised my glass and took a sip, Shauna ran her toes along the top of my leg and was duly rewarded by her Uncle blowing a mouthful of beer everywhere to more than one disapproving look from what few other guests there were. As I struggled for breath I finally managed to gather myself enough to ask her not to do 'that' before we got thrown out. Looking contrite she promised to behave herself, however difficult it was. Even still more than once she played footsie with me during the rest of the sojourn, but that I felt I could cope with even if it was a distraction.

The rest of our dinner passed quickly with what to most would have been a very 'geeky' evening, but which in fact was most interesting. I'm in the computer business and her degree is as well, so time flew as we discussed the more up to date trends of mutual interest. I paid the cheque as she went to the powder room and it was only half way to the car that I realised that as we were walking out the door she had slipped her arm though mine. It seemed quite natural at the time. I held open her door for her as she slipped into her seat and was rewarded with not only a delectable view of the top of her legs, far enough to have the hint in the light from the floodlights that any panties that might once have been worn were not there now. As she saw where my gaze had been, I'm sure she was again gratified with the sight of me blushing yet again, it certainly seemed to be her sole aim. As I walked round to the driver's side I pondered over the way she was displaying herself as if I was her 'date' - I also contemplated that I was being teased to the point of distraction, in fact to the point that had I been her 'date' I knew I'd have been in for a home run.

On the way home I asked about the whereabouts of the guy I'd seen on my last visit. The one that as I put it 'she seemed to be an item with.' It transpired Jack had managed to frighten him off. Seemed it happened a lot. When I commented on it she just shrugged her shoulders. "Uncle, I'm not a slut, although I did sleep with them, but I didn't like any of them enough to stand up to Dad over it. It's still useful to be able to live at home just at them moment. I've got a lot of debt to clear before I can think of a place of my own." I dropped the conversation at that point as the traffic got heavier coming back into town. As we were approaching their house I realised, at about the same time as Shauna, that we were following Charlotte and Jack home. It was confirmed as we turned into the driveway of the house behind them. Though I didn't think much of it at the time Shauna muttered 'Bugger!' half under her breath.

Once we were inside Charlotte and Jack made polite conversation over a night-cap, Shauna excused herself and ostensibly went off to bed, and as 'they had a long day tomorrow' Jack and Charlotte soon followed. As it had been a busy day I saw no reason not to follow suit so decided to go to bed myself.

Lying in bed in the darkness in that half sleeping half waking state, I was thinking of the evening and Shauna and realised I was more than a little erect and groaned inwardly contemplating my current celibacy now that Jane and I were divorced. I wondered what might have happened if my sister and brother-in-law hadn't arrived at the same time. Then shook my head in disbelief at my thoughts - not only was she younger than both my sons, she was also my niece. Whatever I felt like it was still incest and heavily taboo.

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