Hungry For Dori

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Cream Pie, Doctor/Nurse, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Like all my "Hungry For..." stories, this story was written at the request of a fan.

Foreword: This story was written at the request of a fan. This is a work of fiction. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.

Operators of erotic story web sites, whether free or fee-based, have my permission to post my stories for public reading, provided that credit is given to "Hungry Guy" ( or as the author, and as long as you don't make changes other than fixing typos. Even beware of fixing typos, for I occasionally use local slang and dialects that may be flagged by your spell checker. Thanks.

"Bye sweetie!" Dori called out to Ray. "I'll be back later!"

"Have fun, honey!" her husband called back with a chuckle.

"At the gyno? Yeah! Right!" Dori smirked as she closed the door and walked out to her car.

Dori had made an appointment with Doctor Ryan last week for a routine exam for this evening after work. Normally the drive across town would be a short one, but the 5:00 PM Friday rush-hour traffic delayed her.

She entered the office and signed in a few minutes past her appointment.

"Hi Dori," the receptionist said. "Rough traffic?"

"Yeah," Dori answered. "Sorry I'm late."

"No problem," the receptionist said. "You're the last patient tonight, so you'll be in and out fast."

"Great!" Dori said.

"Oh, one thing though. Doctor Ryan had to go see a patient at the hospital earlier. Doctor Guy will see you instead, okay?"

"Well," Dori stammered. "I, uhm, guess so."

Dori took a seat in the empty waiting room and started reading the latest issue of {COSMO, HOUSE AND GARDEN, WHAT TYPE OF MAGAZINE WOULD DORI READ?]. About 5 minutes later, Dori looked up to the sound of a patient exiting the door adjacent to the reception window. The nurse followed her out and met Dori's eye, "Dori, the doctor will see you now."

Dori stood and entered the little hallway lined with examination rooms and followed the nurse.

"Stand on the scale please," the nurse asked.

Dori knew the routine and stood on the scale while the nurse adjusted the weights on the levers.

"One sixty," the nurse mumbled and jotted Dori's weight on her clipboard.

The nurse raised a meter-stick and noted her height.

"Five feed, eight inches," the nurse mumbled and jotted Dori's height on the clipboard.

Then the nurse led Dori into an exam room, took her blood pressure, and then handed her a medical gown.

"Undress, put this on, and doctor will see you in a moment."

The nurse left, and Dori did as the nurse instructed, being familiar with the procedure.

About ten minutes later, Dori heard a knock on the door and then an unfamiliar man entered the exam room carrying a clipboard.

"So, you must be Dori, eh?" he asked.

"Yes," Dori answered. "But you're a man!" Dori squeaked.

"Yes, I was the last time I checked," the doctor chuckled.

"Are you the doctor subbing for Doctor Ryan?"

"Yes. I'm Doctor Guy."

"Doctor Guy?" Dori said.

"But call me 'Hungry'."

"Sure, er, Hungry."

"Now," the doctor said, fingering his chart, "You're 46?"

"Yes," Dori answered.

"Now, up on the table please."

Dori hesitantly climbed up on the table as the doctor pulled the stirrups from underneath.

"Now put your feet in the stirrups, please."

Dori felt her face turn hot as she spread her legs for this strange man.

The doctor then closed some sort of clamps around Dori's ankles where they rested on the stirrups.

The doctor rolled a stool over and sat. Dori leaned up to watch his head bob around between her legs facing her crotch.

The doctor looked up. "Relax Dori. Lean back down."

Dori leaned back and then felt the doctor insert a speculum into her vagina. She could feel him prodding her most private anatomy with his fingers.

"Ow!" Dori screeched. "Do you have to do that?"

"Yes," he answered from between her legs.

"Doctor Ryan didn't have to touch me!" Dori said with a little anger in her voice.

Doctor Guy stood and walked around the table. He grabbed Dori's wrists and clamped them into place.

Dori started to struggle, but her wrists and ankles were shackled firmly in place.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to see how much a woman can take."

"Shit! Let me out of this!" she demanded as she struggled against her bonds.

"But we're not done yet, Dori," the doctor answered.

Dori started yelling, "Help! Help! Nurse! Help!"

"Stop that, Dori," the doctor scolded her. "Just before I came in to see you, I told the staff that they can go home for the day. There's nobody else here now."

"Oh, God!" Dori cried.

"At least nobody who can help you," the doctor added with a chuckle.

Dori watched as Hungry sat back down on the stool between her legs and removed the speculum.

"What are you going to do to me?" Dori cried.

"This," he answered as she felt him slide a pair of his fingers into her pussy. The pain intensified as he continued to push them in deeper. Then, the pain exploded as she felt his fist plunge into her pussy. "Yeooww!" Dori screamed.

"Like that?" he asked.

"Ow! Ow!" she cried and struggled. "That hurts!"

"Oh? Really? Well, it gets worse, Dor," Hungry said with another chuckle as she felt him fuck her cunt with his fist, pumping it in and out and in and out, working his arm like a steam locomotive piston.

"Stop! Please!" Dori begged.

"I haven't even started, bitch!" Hungry scolded her.

Dori breathed a sign when she felt Hungry pull his fist out of her pussy. She watched him walk over to a cabinet on the wall, and remove a large bottle. Then he returned to his seat between Dori's legs.

"Now what?" she cried.

"Feel this, bitch?" She felt something cold and hard pressing against her pussy. She knew it was that bottle, and she struggled as he increased the force until the bottle popped into her cunt evoking another scream from Dori. It felt huge and hard inside her.

Hungry waited, listening to Dori crying at the pain for several minutes before yanking the bottle out.

"Are you done yet?" she begged.

"Not on your life, bitch!" Hungry answered with a snarl.

Hungry stood and removed the blood-pressure bag from the wall, wrap it tightly and sit back down.

Dori knew what was happening when she felt him shove the bag into her pussy.

At first it wasn't as large as the bottle, then she heard him pump that squeeze-bulb and feel the bag growing inside her. In a moment, it felt even larger than the bottle, and she screamed in agony yet again.

"Jeez! You're a noisy one," he scolded her. "Can't you take a little pain?"

He let the air out of the bag and she thought, hopefully, that he was done. Then Dori watched in horror as Hungry unbuckled his trousers and let them fall. Then he pulled his jockeys down letting his cock spring to attention.

"Oh God! Please don't rape me! I'm married! Please!"

"I already know about your family. Now get ready to take me in." He stepped up to her between her legs. She felt him rubbing his fingers on her muff and between her cunt lips.

"Man, you're a hairy one!" he said with a grin.

"What?" she asked.

"That's the hairiest cunt I've ever seen!" he answered. "You're too dry for me though. But I can fix that."

She saw Hungry kneel down and felt him press his face to her crotch. He began by teasing her. She felt him slowly licking her muff, swirling her pubic hair with his tongue and licking up and down the creases where her legs met her torso. Then he slid his tongue between her cunt lips and began licking up and down. The sensation was intense as he licked up over and past her clit, then back down to her cunt hole. Despite her efforts to resist, her body betrayed her as her climax built. Then he began fucking her with his tongue, lapping up the juices that flowed from her.

"Oh! Stop! Oh! Oh!" she begged, but she knew it came out sounding more like a moan.

Pausing, Hungry commented, "Wow! You like this, don't you?"

"Uh, no! I don't' like it! My husband..."

"Yeah, what about your husband?"

"I, uhm, he..."

"Shut up and enjoy it, bitch!" Hungry demanded and buried his face in her crotch once again.

He resumed fucking her cunt with his tongue. She could feel her pussy juice flowing, dripping down into her ass crack and also down his chin as he moved back up to her clitty. He licked up and over her clit again, then swirled his tongue around it a few times. He sucked on it for a while, drawing it between his soft lips, stretching it deep into his mouth with the suction of his breath.

"Oh! Oh!" Dori screamed, as angry at herself for betraying Ray as at this Doctor.

Then Hungry resumed licking and flicking it with his tongue, occasionally poking his tongue into her pee hole at the base of her clit. He played her pee hole with his tongue, pushing his tongue against and slightly into the tiny opening.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Dori screamed, the guilt canceling out the ecstasy.

Hungry continued to suck, prod, and flick her clit with his tongue until finally -- she lost control and started bouncing and thrashing on the table, puling against her bonds.

"Oh God! Oh God!" she continued to scream, not believing that she could come so easily -- far easier than she ever came for Ray, though she had never let a man pleasure her orally before.

Her explosive orgasms continued involuntarily as he gently stroked her clit with his tongue prolonging her orgasm, while occasionally dipping his tongue into her cunt and drinking the juices flowing out from within.

Finally, he pulled back and stood watching Dori pant and gasp.

"I see you enjoyed that, eh?"

"I. I! Uhm. No! I didn't enjoy that, you bastard! You raped me! " But Dori wasn't sure. Was the guilt masking the fact that she did enjoy it? She didn't know. Having enjoyed it meant that she betrayed her husband - she betrayed Ray.

"Technically, no, I didn't yet rape you." Hungry explained. "But thanks for reminding me."

Dori watched Hungry walk over and remove a box from the cabinet once again. Then he removed a handful of shiny metal implements and approached Dori's side.

Dori gasped when she saw what he was about to do. Hungry ripped open the paper gown down the front.

"Hmm," he said. "Nice pair of 34B's."

Dori didn't answer and he grasped one of her breasts in one hand and placed a clamp on her nipple. The pain was incredible and Dori screamed out in agony. Then hungry placed another clamp on the other nipple.

Next, Dori watched as Hungry stepped up between her legs again and pressed against her bottom. She felt the tip of his cock pressing between her pussy lips. He grunted as she felt his cock slide inside her.

"Aaah!" Dori screamed.

"Yeah!" Hungry moaned. "You had your fun, now its my turn!" he told her and began rocking his hips back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her soaked pussy.

A moment later, Hungry began to moan, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" in rhythm to his thrusts into Dori. He continued until he was spent, and withdrew his cock from Dori's cunt.

Hungry pulled his pants up and walked over to the cabinet again. Then he removed some sort of plastic tube and placed it against her pussy. He began pumping it, and she could feel a suction against her pussy.

"What are you doing?" she screamed.

Without answering, he stopped and held the tube over her body, pointing it at her chest, and pressed the plunger, spraying cum all over her chest.

Then he tossed the tube into the sink and started toward the door.

"Now, are you done?" Dori cried out. "Please! Let me go now that you raped me! Please!"

"But Dori," Hungry crooned. "The real fun hasn't even started yet. I'll be right back."

A couple of minutes later, Hungry returned, followed by a three of the most disheveled bunch of bums Dori could imagine.

"Oh no!" Dori screamed when she saw Hungry's entourage -- two white derelicts and a black bum. "No! Please!"

"Dori, these are some of my friends from the state hospital. They're assisting me in my research." Hungry he turned to them and declared, "Have at her guys."

They immediately began undressing.

"Oh God! No!" Dori stammered when she saw how utterly _huge_ they all were. The two white guys were hung bigger than most black men, and the black guy looked inhumanly gigantic!

One filthy, seedy white guy was the first to undress. He approached her with a wide grin that showed her his yellow rotting teeth. He rushed up between her legs and immediately fell onto her. His filthy face hovered just inched from hers, breathing his putrid breath onto her before pinching her jaw open with his dirt encrusted fingers and pressing his open mouth to hers. Dori gagged and bucked at the fetid odor emitting from his body as he shoved his tongue into her mouth. Then she felt his thrust his hips forward and plunge his cock into her pussy.

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