Lost Wife 8

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: I had one more day off and then it was back to work and sometime soon after that I was flying off to Spain with Mr Johnson for some fun in the sun.

I had one more day off and then it was back to work and sometime soon after that I was flying off to Spain with Mr Johnson for some fun in the sun. I lay in bed thinking about what I was going to do today. I didn't feel energetic so I just lay there. After awhile I ran my hands up over my tits and gave them a good squeeze. Yesterday was fun with that young kid, I've forgotten his name already. Never mind he had a nice hard cock, perhaps he'll came over later with some of his friends. God you are wicked girl, the kids bloody underage and you could be all over the Sunday papers if you're not careful. My hands gently caressed my tits, oh I do like having them touched I could do with a man here and now. Any man would do, preferably someone seedy and disgusting like that guy in the sex shop. God imagine him sticking his dick into you. Well if I haven't got him I've got my battery powered friend he sold me.

I found it in my top draw and turned it on, the loud buzzing noise in itself started my pussy lubricating. Today I just moved it gently over my clit, back and forth while I squeezed my tits hard enough to hurt. I wasn't going to last long not with all those disgust images of the sex shop in my mind. This time he was shoving his cock deep inside me, and pumped it in and out hard. My orgasm swept over me and I was still.

"That was fucking fantastic," I said out loud, "perhaps I'll go back to that shop and see what else I can pick up."

Once I decided to go back there, although more than a little scary, my pussy started to itch again. I had a quick shower and dressed with care. Small white knickers under a short flared skirt and a buttoned up blouse to finish it all of with.

I parked just around the corner and walked the last twenty yards to the shop. It was eleven in the morning and the shop was deserted except for my salesmen who if anything looked even more disgusting than I remembered.

"Hello young lady," he smarmed, and I felt a shiver of disgust run through me.

"Hi," I said and smiled back at him, what would he say if he knew the number of orgasm he had given me over the last few months.

"You've been here before," he said.

"Yeah with my husband," I agreed.

"Yeah, I remember now," he smiled at the memory, "nice tits."

"Yeah," I said feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

"So what can I do for you this time?" he asked rubbing his hands together.

"Well," I started but I really didn't know what I wanted.

"Tell you what darling," he said, "I'll show you some of our newest lines and perhaps you see something you like."

"Yeah, ok," I said, I was not going to chicken out and run now I was here I was going to see it through.

He led me into the back of the shop and into a spacious cubical.

"You wait here and I'll see what I can find for you, ok?" he said and he was gone.

I really felt like doing a runner now, I was all alone with some pervert with no one to call for help. Last time my husband was just yards away to save me if I needed it. Just when I nerve was breaking he pulled aside the curtain and entered with a handful of items.

"Sorry to keep you waiting lovey," he smiled, and he laid down on the floor several interesting looking things.

"This one," he said picking up a large black phallus, "is multi functional, you can use it as a dildo, it comes with straps to so you and your girlfriends can have some fun, and also it's got batteries too."

"Oh," I said staring at the large object in his hand.

"Would you like to try it?" he asked.

"W-well I don't know," I stuttered, "it's a bit big."

"It's not that big lovey," he said holding it up before my face, "it's only eight inches."

"Well," I said.

"Come on lovey, you weren't so shy last time you were here as I remember," he chuckled.

I watched him reach under my short skirt and pull my knickers down and off then he moved my legs apart and he knelled down in front of me.

"So lets start with the vibrator shall we," he said and he twisted the end cap and the phallus started to buzz.

"Multiple speeds too," he said, "but we'll start on the lowest setting."

It was if I was the mouse before the copra, I couldn't move or stop him, then its buzzing head nestled against my clit.

"Oh my," I said and my head went back.

"That's nice isn't lovey," he said.

He moved closer forcing my legs every wider.

"You seemed wet enough now," he commented and he it pushed it into me.

"Oh my god," I almost screamed.

"I seemed to remember you like your tits out," he chuckled and started to unbutton my blouse.

His rough hands moved over my naked skin, squeezing and pinching.

"I know you like it rough, it's written all over your pretty face," he said knelling up to get at me better.

"Almost there I bet," he said and plunged the phallus in and out of my sopping pussy.

He was right, my orgasm was fast approaching and then it arrived causing my whole body to convulse.

"Oh fuck me," I sighed.

"Yeah, just what I thought lovey," he said.

Swiftly he pulled the plastic phallus out of me and moved his own into me.

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