I'm not a Rapist. Well... Not Really

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rape isn't always wrong. Sometimes a woman needs it, to straighten her out. (Just kidding. Well...sort of.)

I am not a freak. I have done some things that I am not particularly proud of but I really did not have a choice. The Bible says "Judge not lest ye be judged" Who the fuck are you to cast the first stone at me anyway. People always talk about what they would do for love.

"I'd climb the highest mountain, I'd swim the deepest sea."

Well that is just a big hairy pile of shit. True love requires SACrifice, there is RISK involved; and yes I am sorry to say it but sometimes people get hurt. Bad. It all comes down to heart motivation. If you hurt somone just because you enjoy hurting someone then you are a sick mother fucker who needs a good ass kickng. If however you hurt someone because you are trying to help them; well that's very different. Take a Dentist. He hurts people every day, but nobody would put him in jail for what he does because he does it for our own good. We scream and cry and moan while we are in his chair, but he keeps right on cutting us, hurting us, making us bleed, no matter how much you scream and beg for mercy. He knows what is best for you. When he is through you may be in pain for several days, but you don't call the police do you? No you schedule another appointment, and willingly submit to his orders. If you will listen to my story with an open mind, and a reasonable heart you will have to admit that I really did not do anything bad to Susan. Did I rape her? Well... sort of. But I did it to save her life and to make her happy. Is there really anything wrong with that? When you think about it she really should thank me.

It all started about 3 years ago on a Friday night. I got a call from a friend of mine Susan Jamison. We were just friends from work who had a couple of hobbies in common. I freely confess that I am a Video Game addict. I mean it's cool when your a teenager. What do you do though when you're the best, have won every local tournament and wake up to find you are 25 years old. Your friends are getting married, buying houses, and having kids. You, you're still playing Street Fighter, and Tekken. It's nice to have a friend who shares your interest so you don't look like a total loser. It's nicer still if she happens to be a 5' 9'' blonde, with long legs, firm breasts, a pretty face and a plump juicy ass. The fact that she has a brain, is funny, and has the same interest in Sci Fi, Movies and yes the occasional comic book, is just gravy. We are a perfect match. Everyone wonders why we don't date. Everyone that is except her boyfriend Ron. He had been her lover since High School and was getting his Masters at Penn State. It is about a 3 hour trip from where we live, so Susan sees him when she can. In fact that fateful Friday she had made a surprise trip to celebrate Mid Terms being over. I got a phone call at 2 in he morning. At first I thought it was a prank.

"Juhh Juhh John, that son of a bish is sheeating on me. I lubbed him so mush. It hurts so bad I Jush wanted the pain to go away, but I tink I took oo mush " she cried in a drunken slobber.

"Susan are you at home... good stay put I'll be right over." I rushed to her apartment and found the door open. I was not sure what I would find when I entered, but I sure was not expecting this. Susan was lying on the bathroom floor covered in vomit. She was wearing a match set of lace bikinis. Susan was on all fours, her head was on the floor and her ass was swaying from side to side. She alternated between crying and dry heaves.

"Susan my god are you all right, what have you done to yourself. As I entered the bathroom and got closer I counted half a dozen partially digested pills of assorted sizes, shapes and colors.

"You tried to kill yourself over that little prick. What were you thinking! He never deserved you, fuck him and his little slut. You can do better."

Susan started crying even harder at my outburst. She seemed to be sorry for what she had almost done there was a sense of shame to her. It slowly dawned on her what she looked like, drunk, high on pills, covered in vomit, nearly naked, with tear streaked mascara. She never looked more beautiful to me. I realized right then that we were more than friends, I... loved her and wanted to take care of her for the rest of my life. She sat up and leaned against the bath tub. Slowly she tried to cover herself.

"John I am so embarassed, I can't believe I was so stupid, but I loved him. I could not believe it, even as I looked at Ronald with his cock crammed up her dirty ass, I could not believe it. You know what the worst part is, he saw me but would not stop fucking her butt. He just kept pounding his dick into her over and over again, like a crazed animal. I begged him to stop, to explain why he had done it. But he didn't stop John, he loved that slut's ass more than he loved me." Susan looked so sad, so unconsolable that I am not ashamed to say I started crying too. I pulled her into my lap and kissed her softly on the lips.

" It's ok honey, I'm here now and I will make everything better."

At first she protested because of her filthy condition, but as I rocked her in my arms, and stroked her hair, she slowly settled, finally snuggled against my warmth, and eventually surrendered herself to sleep and to me.

The alcohol and pills were a potent combination and Susan was dead to the world. I eased her gently to the bathroom floor and began to clean up. I did not want her to have to deal with the reality of her attempted suicide when she awoke. I took our soiled clothes to the shared laundry room down the hall, and returned wearing only my boxers. Now all that was left to clean was Susan herself. I slowly unhhoked her bra, releasing her 36 D breasts. I positioned her spread eagled on the floor. Then I took a warm washcloth and soaped it. I gently held her right breast and washed the small chunks of dried vomit from her. I lathered, rinsed and repeated. Her left breast was clean, but I washed it anyway. I cleaned her flat tight tummy and finally reached the waistband of her lace panties. I decided that the only way to make sure she was completely clean was to take them off and have a look for myself. As I peeled them down to her thighs I was very happy that I could save her from such a disgusting chore. This was the woman that I loved and I would do anything for her. I gently lathered and rinsed her pubic area. Finally my Susan was beautiful again.

I glanced down at her, spread naked and submissive before me, and like any real man would I got hard and decided to do something about it. I straddled Susan and began licking and sucking on her bouncy tits. I was amazed at how quickly her nipples elongated and became hard. To this day I believe that a part of her subconcious knew that it was me nibbling and slurping all over her breasts, and that she wanted, no NEEDED me to do this for her. I slowly worked my way down Susan's stomach planting little baby kisses as I went. I paused for a moment to suck the stub of her outie belly button. As I gently licked and sucked her there her whole stomach began quivering. She was begging me to fuck her. It was subtle yes, but her accelerated breathing, her responsivenes to my touch were clear indicators that I should proceed. I gently peeled her panties the rest of the way off her and saw my lover's naked body for the first time. As I spread her legs apart a whiff of her hot wet sex reached me and I knew that I had to have a taste of her pussy juice. I nestled my face deep in her crotch and began to lovingly lick her outer lips. I pried her apart and found her clit bump. I massaged her until it came all the way out and then I started sucking on it.

Susan moaned softly in her sleep and a fine sheen of sweet, sexy, sweat glistened on her soft, skin and added a slightly salty flavor to her honey cream cunt; as I licked and lapped at my lover. I couldn't get enough. I began munching her cunt. Ramming two fingers in her tight little pussy along the top wall finding her G-spot; while licking, slurping, sucking her exposed clitty. Suddenly her legs clamped down on me and Susan bega humping, thrusting wildly as she dripped, dribbled, and drooled her pleasure and satisfaction all over my face.

Now I know some of you are thinking, "But what about you, surely you are going to fuck her now?" Well you are wrong. Even though I was extremley hard and horny, I decided not to fuck her into submission. I guess I am a romantic at heart. I wanted our first time to be a special day that we could both look back on with fondness. Even though I was well within my rights to fuck her after giving her so much hapiness, I chose to wait until she was more awake. Besides Susan had a tough day and needed her rest. I loved her and we had the rest of our lives ahead of us.

I did need some relief though. I took my cock out and began rubbing it against her clit, pressing it up and down her warm slit. Her pussy seemed to open up for me, almost inviting me in. Her juices smelled so good. I swear she knew what was about to happen. I wanted to ram her so bad--but I did not.

She was wet and ready for me. The head of my dick slipped inside her just a little bit and I felt myself start to cum. All it would take is a thrust forward, one little thrust and I would claim her as my own. Her breasts were heaving with lust and desire for me. I quickly pulled out and straddled her pretty chest. My cock was pulsing and dripping cum cream as I pressed it between her fat tits. I fucked her warm flesh until I began spurting, I squeezed my hot dog tight between her breast buns and was content. I was still leaking cum when I sat on her face. My dick was resting on her nostril as one final drop of cream went up her nose.

I don't know if I can convey the feeling of power that washed over me. She. Was. MINE! Her tits, her cunt. Her sweet round ass-she was my property. I did not have to fuck her that night. We both knew the truth. Our lives began right then. I stood picked her up in a fireman's carry and we went to bed.

"John, John wake up. Wake the fuck up now!"

I slowly opened my eyes to a strange room. Susan's room. My arms were wraped protectivley aroung her warm body and her soft ass was pressed tight into my morning hard on.

"Morning Susan how are you feeling today?" I asked sleepily.

"Why am I naked, how did I get here and why the fuck are you in my bed," she demanded.

Hmmm I was afraid of this. Even though Susan subconciously knew she loved me, she was not ready to admit our new relationship. She was not mature enough to take responsibility for her actions last night. I would have to be the adult and give her an explanation she could live with until she accepted the truth.

"Susan I don't know how much you remember from last night but I really don't appreciate your tone. Let's review. You woke me up at 2AM babbling and incoherent and asked me to rush over. You are naked because you got drunk off your ass and took about six different kinds of pills. You then threw up all over your bathroom, all over your clothes and all over me. I spent an hour and a half holding you and calming you down. Next I washed the floor, our clothes and you. I was not able to get clothes on your drunk unconcious body; and as I had spent the last hour seeing you nude and cleaning your puke, I figured it really was too late for modesty anyway. I put you to bed, You asked me to stay with you. Besides being completely exhausted I was concerned that you might throw up again and choke on your vomit so I got into bed with you. You will however notice even though you are naked I have my boxers on. Look Susan I am your friend. Just because Ron is an asshole, don't assume that I am one too."

Slowly Susan began recalling the events of the previous night. She was ashamed, and embarassed by her actions.

"John I'm so sorry how can you forgive me. I can't believe that I was so stupid. I remember getting sick and being scared I might die. I know I called you and that you held me while I cried. I trust you completely you are my best friend. I was just so surprised to wake up naked in your arms, with your penis pressed into me... I didn't know what to think. I should not have accused you though. Please forgive me," she begged.

I pulled her close to me and gave her a tight squeeze. I started getting hard again just imagining that perfect naked body under the sheets next to me. God how I loved the feel of her soft warm flesh snuggled tight against me, her breasts pressed hard against my chest. We were going to be so happy together. I wanted to do it then, to roll over on her and fuck her, to claim her as my own. But I knew the timing wasn't quite right. She was still getting over Ron, and would need a friend.

"I love you, you are my only real friend of course I forgive you, and I will always be there when you call, even if it is 2 o clock in the frickin morning.Now hows about I get out of here and make breakfast before taking off."

I knew I would have to wait, but I did not mind waiting for Susan to realize we were in love. Yep things were looking up for a change.

The next two months were incredibly frustrating for me. Susan got over Ron in record time, she was back to her wonderful old self. We spent even more time together than we used to. Which at first was great, but I began to become concerned about Susan's inability to examine her true feelings for me. She still pretended we were just friends, good friends, best friends even ; but just friends nonetheless. It could not be healthy to live in such a state of denial. Susan had already demonstrated that she was capable of irrational dangerous behavior when confronted with stress or shock. I needed to find a way to make Susan accept that she was in love with me. Then it happened.

"Hey John, I can't make it to the arcade Saturday for your tournament. Billy that cute guy from acounting finally asked me out, god it has been so long, and he is so hot I can't wait, " she giggled girlishly.

How sad, how very sad. I could not allow the woman I love to throw herself at some loser like a dirty ittle whore/slut. I had to stop this before Susan got hurt and regretted it. There was really only one thing I could do. I would have to rape some sense into Susan. By the time I got through she would not want to go out with Billy or anyone else. I would destroy her and then slowly I would help her rebuild, her life with me as her center.

I had two days to plan before her disastorous date with Billyboy. I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I do not advocate rape as a means of getting the girl you want. It is important that you exhaust all other alternatives first. I had a unique situation. I truly believed that Susan might endanger herself if she had another bad relationship. I knew in my heart that I was the only man who could bring her true happiness. I felt an obligation to do whatever it took to make the woman I loved long term happy, no matter how distasteful it would be to me. I certainly would not enjoy the sight of her stripped naked, spread and helpless, her tender cunt waiting to be rammed by my 8 inch fuck rod. I would take no pleasure in the sound of my Susan begging, pleading for mercy, the noise of her gagging and choking on my dick. The smell of fear, sweat, pussy juice and sperm would bring me no delight but I could see that there was no other choice. This Rape would cause me as much pain or more than it would her. I would probably have nightmares for days after and let's face it if discovered I could go loose my job, my reputation, and even go to jail. I'd have to be crazy to go through with it; except for one thing. I loved her. I would not shirk my duties as her best friend and lover. Susan needed me, and she was going to get me.

I had never planned a rape before, but I must say if sure helps if you have a key to the apartment and know the schedule of the woman you are raping. In retrospect it was pretty easy. I dressed in all black, added a black ski mask and gloves, and 4 inch lifts to my shoes. I washed my hair with Strawberyr&Apple Blossom conditioner, and put on half a bottle of a strong cologne to disguise my scent. I drove to Susan's apartment at 2 in the morning and let myself in. As I entered her bedroom I pulled a large knife out of my rape kit. Susan looked so cute, so peaceful laynig there wrapped in her sheet and comforter. I slowly pulled them off and was treated to marevelous sight, my innocent little girl slept in the nude!

It was so frustrating, I wanted to make love to her so bad but I could not be her gentle lover tonight. No Susan's inability to admit to our love was forcing me to be a Rapist, to risk everything. I felt my anger begin to build. How could she be so selfish? It was time to teach my pretty little slut a lesson. I turned the light on.

"Wake up Bitch!" I growled in the harsh, gravelly, snarl I had practiced.

"Hmm wha, whas going on, she mumbled as she slowly became aware of her situation.

"You sure are one tasty looking piece of pussy meat, I am going to enjoy you very much. If you want to live you will do everything I say. You may speak but if you scream even once You die, understand cunt?" I demanded.

Susan was fully awake now. She looked at the 6' 6'' monster dressed all in black, and even though she could not see my face beneath the ski mask, she knew there was no mercy written on it, there would be no talking her way out of it. Her eyes focused on the 12 inch razor sharp knife that I was holding and the light slowly faded from her eyes, a dull resignation settled on her face. There was no escape.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you want... just don't kill me." she begged.

"That's a very healthy attitude little whore. Now would you like to suck on my cock?"

"Um yes sir" she said in a small voice. " Then I guess you better ask for it like a nice little girl."

Susan looked as if she was going to cry. My proud little girl did not want to suck her Rapist's cock at all; nevermind begging for the privilege. But she was scared, scared enough to obey.

"May I please have your cock sir I'll do a good job on it."

" Are you a dirty cumsucker? Do you want a drink of my spunk bitch, Well then meow like a pussy for it. I want you to sing the meow mix song for the privelege of sucking on me."

Susan did cry then at the humiliation, she seemed shocked at the unnecessary cruelty. Then she began to sing, slowly hesitantly at first but she did it.

"Me... oww meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow..."

I pulled my half hard dick out and walked over to the bed. I motioned for her to kneel. I held the back of her head and began rubbbing my cock in her hair, against her nose, and back and forth across her eyes before I slipped it in her unwilling mouth.

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