The New Regime

by Arty

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the first thing that I wrote. It's set in Leviticus's Rent series. The premise of the Rent stories is that Nina is paying rent for living with Brian (an amateur) sculptor by remaining nude at all times when in and around his home. After various adventures Nina has ended up having to remain nude while at work also. This chapter is set near the end of the series.

Unfortunately Leviticus died before I finished this, so it's a kind of memorial to him. The Rent and more can be found at his site which friends are keeping active.
(It's in the Enforced Nudity section.)

It was Thursday; Thursdays always seemed an anticlimax, they weren't Friday so you couldn't look forward to the weekend yet, and Wednesdays were the day when you had passed the summit of the week, "What were Thursdays for she wondered?" Interrupting her reverie Nina opened her locker and quickly slipped off her coat and shoes. After placing her coat on the coat hanger and putting her shoes on the bottom shelf of the locker she turned to see how Helen was getting on.

Helen was undoing her blouse.

"I don't know why you bother with all that. You know you're just going to have to undress anyway."

Helen sighed. "I don't like to think about it. I'm still not comfortable with this; anyway you hardly wear clothes at all nowadays! So you're used to it."

Nina reflected that Helen was probably right; then she looked at her watch. "Hurry up! We've still got to get ready."

Helen glanced at her own watch and immediately stopped dawdling and practically ripped the rest of her clothes off and threw them in the locker.

"I'd hang them up properly; you don't want to earn a demerit for untidiness, if they get creased!"

Helen nodded and quickly hung up the rest of her clothes. Nina turned to close her locker and glanced again at the short notice that had been stuck to the inside of their lockers:

Specialized Affairs Discipline Regime


  1. The award of merits will mark exceptional performance.

  2. The award of demerits will mark poor performance.

  3. Each Friday afternoon the week's merits and demerits will be totalled and the merits will be subtracted from the demerits.

  4. Demerits carried over from previous weeks will be added to the current total (positive or negative) and the resulting total will be used to decide the level of sanction.

  5. A positive total will result in sanctions being applied for the duration of the following week.

  6. The sanctions are graduated and cumulative: i.e. a level three sanction includes the levels two and one sanctions.

  7. Demerits in excess of level one will be carried over to the following week: i.e. if one week a level two sanction is applied, the following week a level one sanction will be applied; assuming that no further demerits are awarded during the first week.

  8. Where possible, paralegals will be responsible for administering sanctions to each other.

  9. Both Merits and Demerits are not awarded lightly so sanction levels are set at the following values: 3 demerits for the first level sanction. 2 demerits per level thereafter.


  1. Depilation. Each morning, before work begins, the sanctionee will be shaved to remove all body hair in the genital region.

  2. Bondage. The sanctionee shall be hobbled and cuffed whilst in the office. Activities that she is unable to perform for herself will be performed for her.

  3. Display. When not engaged in work related activities, the sanctionee will kneel on a display stand, with her legs spread and arms raised with hands resting on the back of her neck. The sanctionee will be displayed for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

  4. Arousal. During each period of display the sanctionee will be stimulated so that at least one orgasm will be experienced during each display period.

  5. Chastisement I. After each display period the sanctionee will receive 5 strokes of a soft leather strap to be administered one stroke to each breast, buttock and one stroke to the vagina.

  6. Chastisement II. Two strokes.

  7. Chastisement III. Three strokes.


Should a person feel that demerits have been awarded unnecessarily or unfairly then she shall have the option of an appeal before the rest of the staff. If the appeal is successful then the demerits shall be cancelled and replaced by the same number of merits; if the appeal is unsuccessful then the same number of demerits shall be awarded again.

As she read the notice through, she considered again the stupidity of appealing the award of those final demerits last Friday!

Both she and Helen had endured Level 1 and 2 Sanctions in the weeks since that fateful meeting.

"Ladies, would you join Donny and me in my office for a short meeting."

Nina and Helen looked at each other questioningly; and reluctantly, they each pushed back their chairs and stood up. Helen was still not used to being nude; so she reached for a notepad and clasped it to her chest.

"You won't need to take notes," said Sarah with a smile, "just come as you are!"

Suppressing a shudder Helen put down her notepad and followed Nina up the stairs to Sarah's office.

As she entered, Donny came through the connecting door. Helen blushed a deep rose as she noticed the appreciative look he gave her. She sat down as quickly as she could and pulled her chair close to the table to maximise the coverage that it gave her.

Sarah remained standing whilst Nina and Donny made themselves comfortable.

"Since the party a few weeks ago Donny and I have been thinking about the implications of our new working arrangements for our discipline procedures. As the 'Specialized Affairs' section we have a reputation to maintain, so we can't have anything as mundane as fines or suspensions. Therefore in consultation with Donny (and others) I drew up this schedule."

Donny handed out copies of a single sheet document. Sarah carried on talking.

"You need to read it first and then we can discuss it and make any changes that you all feel are reasonable."

Helen and Nina looked speculatively at each other; 'Was this the voice of reason; from the LegalLady?'

Sarah continued. "Anyway I'll get a charge out of knowing that you agreed to do these things, if you ever have to do them!"

That was more like it! Nina and Helen started to read.

When both Nina and Helen had finished studying the document, Sarah spoke again.

"Right! The floor is now open for discussion." and sat down. Nina was first.

"This looks like a finished document, apart from the odd 'to be decided'. Are you willing to change any of it?"

Helen nodded.

Sarah looked thoughtful.

"Look, I never like to present draft proposals, so I'm sorry if this looks cut and dried. I did speak to Jim and Brian too; in fact Brian suggested the display sanction and levels 4 and upwards were Jim's idea..."

She thought for a moment, "... well I may have added something to them. But the basic idea was his though. Anyhow, the answer to your question is: yes it's all up for grabs, apart from the main principle that is."

"And what's the main principle?" Asked Helen.

"Oh, I thought I'd made that clear. The discipline regime should be unusual, consensual and humiliating. I think that the last bit is essential otherwise there's no deterrent is there?"

Sarah smiled and carried on.

"We've tried to give you the chance to 'make amends' within the week. That's why there are demerits and merits and we've allowed for appeals too; note that the appeals committee is the rest of us, so unless you've really annoyed your co-worker you will have at least one sympathetic voice on the committee."

In the end, of course, nothing substantive had been changed and all of them had agreed to abide by the new regime. Even, surprisingly, Sarah and Donny. Though less surprisingly neither of them had earned a single demerit in the weeks that followed.

It had been nearly two weeks after the start of the new regime before either of the two paralegals had earned enough demerits for a sanction to be applied. And so it was Nina who had to suffer the daily indignity of being shaved by Helen before they started work. (Actually after the first day of razor burn Nina decided that shaving meant any form of depilation and substituted a bikini-line depilatory cream.) However it was still Helen's job to apply it and wash it off. The next week both of them had earned a level one sanction and mutual depilation in the company showers each morning became the norm for the following week.

After which things had settled down with both girls earning enough merits to offset any demerits that they had earned. As they settled into the regime they became blasé. Two weeks ago Nina had earned a level two sanction; with Helen accompanying her with a level one. Even this had not been too bad; the chains had been merely inconvenient. Then had come that fateful Friday...

At first Nina had been sanguine about earning three more demerits until Helen had pointed out that she had three demerits to 'carry over' from the current week. After a quick calculation she realised that she was only one demerit from a level three sanction!

Donny interrupted her reverie. "Nina. Where's that research on the Palmer case. I need it for the three o'clock hearing and I want to read through it."

Nina went very still. "I thought you meant next Friday; I haven't started it as I thought I had plenty of time. I'm sorry; I'll get on it right away though. I'm sure I can have something on your desk you can use if I work through my lunch hour..."

Donny looked cross. "Don't bother I'll get a continuance..."

Nina looked relieved.

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