Megan's Story

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Cheating, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Partially true. Megan asks me for a favor.

John could smell the sex as he entered his bedroom. It permeated the air, it assaulted his nostrils and filled his lungs.

"My God what has Megan been doing in here while I've been away. It smells as if she spent the last 5 days with her hands shoved up her cunt!" John exclaimed in an exasperated tone. He loved his young 20 year old wife, but events like this only served to highlight the difference in their ages. John was 47 and while he was still sexually potent, when Megan got through with him he had nothing left over for casual masturbation. Megan obviously did. The room told the story very plainly. The rumpled sheets, the sticky vibrator and the smell of stale, dried sex all screamed that Megan had not missed him as much as he might have hoped. He knew she did not like him going away on business as much as he did but he had worked long and hard to get where he was today and he was not going to lose it by being lazy. A beautiful home, luxury cars, house servants, and an Olympic sized swimming pool were all symbols of his success, the reward for his hard work, and he knew that it could all be taken away from him. Megan had probably left the room this way on purpose, to remind him of what he was missing. She was beautiful, and oh so sexy, but "Ye gods she could be one feisty bitch when she wanted to."

John glanced over at the computer and saw something odd. Their private photo album was laying open next to the scanner. Even before their marriage John had enjoyed seeing how far he could get Megan to go, how much he could make her reveal. Their private album chronicled the evolution of their relationship, as Megan's love and trust increased so did her willingness to pose in more revealing outfits, and in sexually explicit positions.

From the early days when all she would wear was that fucking modest one piece bathing suit, then bikinis, on to bondage outfits, to their current plateau of frontal nudity, every picture was precious to him. In the earliest shots Megan was only 16 and had not fully developed. It always made him feel good to know that his little girl belonged to him and him alone, that anytime he wished he could see her spread and naked, with that silly, slutty grin that was just for him.

"Now why would this be next to the scanner?" he wondered. On a hunch John turned the computer on and checked to see what sites Megan had visited recently. Their was a lot of activity at so he went there first. John knew her username, but did not know her password, so on the Hotmail sign-on screen he clicked on "Forgot Password". Megan had selected her mother's maiden name as her password question. John of course knew it so he entered it and Megan's password appeared on screen: "Rapeme". "Why the fuck would she choose such a filthy password!" As he looked through her In-box he saw several e-mails sent to and received from someone named Jaz1701.

He looked at the oldest one. "Dear Jaz I first read your stories at White Shadow's site, and loved them to pieces. Will you write a story about me based on true life? I am 20 years old and have been married for 3 years, my husband is now 47. We live in Argentina and he has a lot of money, but is never home(sigh). We have two workers Maria 13 and Carlo aged 17. I nude sunbathe often, and both of them enjoy rubbing oil all over my naked body. Needless to say with my husband gone I have seduced them both. I have attached some pics of me that my husband took called his 'Black Series'. I hope you like them, cheers, Megan."

John could not believe what he was reading. His heart was pounding, and a cold rage began to build. He knew his wife was young, wild and sexually expressive, but he had no idea she would be writing to a fucking pervert over the Internet. Worse still she had been cheating on him with Carlo and Maria. Carlo he could understand, not like it, or accept but understand. He was handsome, young, and well muscled from manual labor. They were close to the same age and had similar tastes in music, and television. But Why in all that is holy would she seduce sweet young Maria."

She had always been a happy child, almost like a daughter to him. When she was younger she used to call him "Papa John", and sit in his lap while he told her stories of knights, and dragons, of kindly Kings named John and their beautiful Princess daughter's named Maria. The thought of Megan stealing this child's innocence, dulling the luster of her eyes, and tainting her smile, filled John with an anger that he had never known before. He needed to understand how this could have happened, so he went to the Stories Online and Storyguy sites to see just what kind of stories this asshole wrote that made Megan piss all over their most intimate, most private memories.

He read every Jaz1701 story he could find, and came to the conclusion that this is the sickest, fucking, pervert he had ever heard of. Every story was about rape and betrayal. Many involved father's seducing, or raping their daughters "for their own good". He had one disgusting story about a lesbian policewoman who is victimized by a serial rapist, while 60 cops standby and allow it to happen. But the one that really got to John, the one that made him want to put a bullet in this little dicked prick's brain, was the story of a mother who offers her daughter to 2 pedophiles, to avoid being raped herself, and then ENJOYS helping them rape her child! "I believe in free speech but come on there has got to be a limit. Someone needs to shut this sick fuck up for good." If John ever found out who JAZ1701 was("and what kind of a faggoty name was that anyway") he would cut off his dick and fuck him with it. Unfortunately John knew he would probably never find Jaz.

Megan though, she was right here and she had a lot to answer for. If she did not want to behave like a lady should then she could hardly expect him to behave like a gentleman. His sweet, beautiful bride had somehow been replaced by a filthy cum/slut. "You like rape so much, fine you are going to love this. You want to send Jaz1701 nasty pictures ok, let's get nasty Megan, let's get really filthy!"

In spite of himself reading all of those filthy Jaz stories had an affect on John. He wanted to bury his cock in Megan's unwilling pussy, he wanted to see the look of fear and surprise on her pretty face when she realized that she was being raped, that there was no way to talk herself out of it.

John looked out the window and could see her in the distance laying next to the pool. As he walked outside he tried to remain calm, he wanted Megan's rape to be a complete surprise. As he walked up to the poolside he was treated to a lovely site. Megan was completely naked, her taut sexy body was glistening from the suntan oil that had been generously lathered over every inch of her. Her reddish bronze hair made a striking contrast as it draped down her lightly honeyed back. She was lying on her stomach and did not see him approach. John walked right up to her and looked down at that plump, juicy bottom. "Madre de dios! That ass was made to be licked and split, then sucked and fucked!" John felt himself get hard looking down at Megan's unprotected ass and glistening, dripping pussy. Her legs were slightly spread and she seemed to be inviting him to take her. It would be so easy to slide his 8 inch tool into her slippery little hole and fuck some sense into his naughty little girl. But not yet. "Hi honey Daddy's home, come here and give me a hug!" John said in a cheery tone.

Megan let out a squeal and jumped up to greet him. Her sweet, heavy tits were flopping around, as she got off the lounge chair and embraced John; and her ass jiggled with joy. "I missed you so much, It's so boring here when you are gone," Megan pouted and then began kissing John in earnest.

She was pleasantly surprised to feel his warm, thick dick pressing in to her, and let out a pleased grunt when John cupped her ass as he sucked her tongue. John turned her on like no other man ever had or could. As she looked up at this rich powerful man she still could not believe that he had chosen her. "Oh Daddy, Megan needs you sooo bad. Will you please fuck me really hard, my pussy is so hot and tight, and warm and wet, I know I don't deserve it but pleaseee!" Megan said in the little girl voice she knew that he liked. John smiled down at her and said, "Well since you asked so nicely, yes I will fuck you just as hard as I possibly can. I have a special surprise waiting for you in the bedroom. If you do everything I say and are an obedient young lady I will give you your reward. Now turn around, stand up straight and spread your legs for daddy," John instructed.

Megan obeyed but said" what are you going to do to me?" John answered by inserting two long, powerful fingers in her tiny pussy. "I want you to squeeze your legs together as tight as you can. Fuck my hand as we walk back to the house and up to our room. "

It was quite a long walk for little Megan. John was slowly moving his fingers in and out of her tight pussy, he seemed to enjoy rolling her stubby little clit between his finger and mashing her nether lips until she cried aloud from the pain of it, from the sheer pleasure of it. As they climbed the stairs John literally fucked her off the floor with each powerful thrust of his hand. Megan was hit with a devastating orgasm as they reached the top of the stairs and her legs gave out on her. John carried her helpless naked, shivering and wet into their bedroom. John had prepared the room before he went out to the pool. He laid Megan face down on the bed and before she realized what was happening snapped the 4 arm and leg chain restraints in place that he had attached to the frame of their king size bed. Each chain was 2 feet in length so she could either lie on her stomach or raise up on all fours. Megan was spread eagled at his mercy, and awaiting punishment for her insulting defiance.

"John what do you think you are doing, get these off of me she demanded. I am not kidding. If this is your idea of a surprise I do not care for it one little bit."

John looked down at her as he removed his clothes and said, "Megan now I am surprised, I thought you would like this a lot. It sounds like the sort of sick shit your buddy Jaz1701 would enjoy." Megan froze in fear for the first time. "How did you know about him, that was supposed to be private?" she said in a subdued tone.

"Oh I know everything. About you and Carlo fucking. About you and Maria betraying me with your unnatural perversions. But worst of all you spit on me and on our marriage when you shared your nakedness, your lovely precious body with a complete stranger. A sick weirdo who does nothing but fiddle with his tiny pecker and write filthy stories about rape and incest. I saw your Hotmail password, 'rapeme'. You are obsessed by this shit. I saw what kind of stories you have been reading. Alebeard and Curtis Strap, Dark Dreamer, Kristen, Imma Scared, Parker, Rapemaster, Falcon, VP Viddler and Wiley; Jesus fuck woman have you gone completely insane!" he bellowed, "Well I am going to break you of this right now, I am going to show you just how demeaning how humiliating rape can be. As sick as it sounds this will help our marriage in the long run."

Megan did not know what to think. Surely this had to be some kind of sex prank that had gone too far. Her Daddy would never treat her like this, he loved her; at least he did until he found out about Maria, Carlo and the pictures.

"John wait a minute please let me explain. Technically I never really cheated on you. Carlo has never been inside of me. Yes I allowed him to lick me a little, and yes I admit that I sucked his cock for a while, but honey I swear that I did not swallow a single drop of his cum. I love and respect you too much."

John listened patiently to Megan's bull shit for a moment and then he began preparing to fuck her up the ass. Hard. He roughly positioned her on all fours and then grabbed two handfuls of Megan's perfect bottom and began playing with them. He squeezed and he pulled, he kneaded and mashed. Finally he started nibbling on her warm smooth cheeks. Megan slowly panicked. John knew that she did not allow anal sex. He had asked her for years and she had always refused. He knew that the thought of having a large cock rammed into her, in so tight a place frightened and disgusted her. He knew that, but tonight he apparently did not give a damn.

"Please John Please don't do this. I am sorry I know that baby has been a bad girl, please won't Daddy forgive his naughty baby?"

John did not say a word, he simply pulled her cheeks far apart and slowly licked each side of the bun. His face was buried deep in Megan's pretty little butt. John's tongue was worming its way into her anus, he was slobbering saliva copiously and Megan felt her ass become slick and slippery with his spit.

"You are ready now, I could have dry fucked you but I guess I am just an old softie," John laughed as he pressed his hard cock against Megan's wet puckered asshole.

"Oh god no please ahhgahd stopp ahhgahd noo!" Megan cried as inch after inch of Johnmeat forced it's way into her most private hole, into her rectum rectorium. John began slowly fucking his wife, gradually he picked up the pace and depth of his thrusts. Her screams and grunts and gasps and tears; only served to excite him to feed his need to dominate her, to break her. John grabbed the soft flesh of her hips and slammed Megan back to meet his forward thrusts.

"Take it baby, take it all. I uhh, own, uhh this... ass!" He then reached around her and located her clit bud and began pressing her sex button over and over. The first orgasm snuck up on Megan. One moment she was writhing in pain, furious and fearful all at once. The next moment she felt a burst of wetness shoot down her leg. For a moment time seemed to freeze and strangely all Megan could think of was, "Oh god I pissed myself, he made me piss all over our bed where are we going to sleep?" Then her vagina spasmed again and leaked another stream of fuck fluid. Then another. Megan was thrusting back on John's cock now, her heavy tits swayed from side to side and seemed to jiggle with glee. John grabbed a tit in each hand and began milking them like the teats on a cow, pulling and squeezing, pinching and rubbing them together. His cock hammered her ass brutally for another 30 seconds and then he let out a primal yell, thrust and held himself as deep in her as he could, and then pissed a load of cum inside her tired, tortured, tasty little ass.

For a short time he laid on top of her, buried inside of her while he recovered. Then he slowly pulled out his cum covered, brown stained dick and looked at his handiwork. Megan's ass was red and raw from his manipulation of her. His finger marks were clearly visible on her hips and tits. His cum was slowly oozing out of her. Seeing her chained, and spread, helpless and dripping was an incredible turn on for John. He got off the bed and crossed the room. John checked to make sure his video camera was still recording. It was. He then picked up his Cannon SLR custom auto-focus.

Megan still had not moved. John looked through the lens and now large amounts of cum had pooled around Megan's gaping asshole and was dripping down her thighs and onto the bed. The telltale whrr and soft click seemed to bring Megan back to reality. She began thrashing on the bed and pulling against her bonds. She was beautiful to John. His sexy Jungle cat's eyes flashed in anger. "Don't you dare take pictures of me like this it is dirty, and disgusting."

John smiled at his wife and told her to "Stick your ass up in the air and spread your legs or I will give you the spanking you deserve. Do it Megan do it NOW!! " he roared. Megan obeyed without thinking. She allowed him to position her in the most demeaning of positions. "Suck your thumb Megan, Pull your ass apart for the camera Megan. Suck the dildo Megan; play with your pussy Megan." It seemed to go on forever. Finally John ran out of film. In a subdued voice she said, "Why did you make me do that, what will you do with all of these pictures. Please John don't show them to anyone ever." John barked a bitter laugh and said, "Oh ho is this sweet little exhibitionist Megan? I thought you liked showing our private pictures to total strangers. I am going to send these to your buddy Jaz1701. With instructions to include them in the story you asked him to write. All around the world young boys will be jerking off to your round, wet butt and spread dripping snatch for years to come. Men will be thinking of your sweet tits and pretty face while they are fucking their old fat wives and ugly girlfriends. Everyone will wish they could have you, and they will all hate me because I can." Megan was crying now, John had won there was nothing else he could do to hurt her. "Please John I give up just let me go, do whatever you want," she said in a resigned voice.

John looked down at her smiled and patted her on the head. He then lovingly inserted his middle finger in her asshole and gently massaged her insides. "You have to earn your freedom honey. You see you are not the only one who betrayed me. Maria and Carlo have to be punished too. You will have to prove to me that your loyalty is to me first, above all other concerns. I am your husband, I come first. I want you to betray them. Here is what I want you to do..."

Megan's head was spinning after she heard John's plan. She loved John and knew that this was all her fault. If there was a chance she could save her marriage, and earn back her husband's trust she had to do this. John had released her from her chains and allowed her to clean up. While she was in the shower John straightened the room and put his suitcase away and his camera equipment out of sight. Megan put on a pair of cutoff jean shorts and a tight bust enhancing tank top. John saw her large nipples peeking through the tight damp shirt and could not resist sucking on them. Soon Megan had two round saliva stains.

John kissed her said "I am counting on you," and left the room. Megan took a deep breath and realized there was no going back now.

"Maria! Maria come up here!" She did not have to wait long for the beautiful young girl to appear. She was slightly out of breath from running up the stairs. "Yes ma'am what can I do for you." Megan lay sprawled across the bed and motioned for Maria to join her. "I am so lonely with John away and I need to talk to someone. Maria slowly crawled into bed. She was still a little uncomfortable about what had been happening lately. She was used to Megan's nudity. Inside, outside in public or private it did not matter. Lately though she insisted on Maria joining her. It had been gradual at first. A little skinny dipping, "Rub some oil on my butt so I don't burn umm now my thighs."

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