Spring Time Love

by BAP

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A girl sees her friends falling in love and she wants to also but she can't find the right someone until she startes to see her brother as the love of her life. How will it work out well you'll have to read and see.

It was spring and all my friends were out trying to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and I was to but every time I tried to talk to someone I liked they would tell me they already have someone or they liked someone else or I wasn't their type. I was outside and saw two of my friends and I went over to them and said how are you doing and one said great I got a cute boyfriend and the other said me to I found someone to and she is beautiful and she has already said she loves me and I love her to. I told them I was jealous of them but I was happy for them. Then the one said well I have to leave from my parents house because they don't like that I'm a girl but I have a girlfriend so I came to tell you that I will be moving in with her today after I leave and to tell you where I'm moving to if you want to come see me if you don't think I'm sick and I said I'll come see you tomorrow she said alright then she left to start her new life with the person she loves. Me and my other friend sat and talked for a while until my older brother came to find me to come home for dinner when he found me I said goodbye to my friend and left with my brother for home. On our way home I asked my brother do you have someone you love and he said yes but she doesn't know and I said you should tell her and he said I will when the time is right and in no time we were home and we went inside for dinner. As we were eating dinner I told my parents about my friend having to move and about her girlfriend and they said that it was wrong for her to have a girlfriend but my brother said that he was happy she found someone that to love and someone to love her but it was a shame that I lost a friend and I said she told me where she was moving to so I can go see her anytime and its not that far away and my parents said I couldn't go see her because she is sick in the head and I said "No she isn't, She likes girls and she found someone to love and someone how loves her, Me I like boys and I'm still looking and how are you going to stop me by keeping me at home for the rest of my life then I left to go to bed and didn't even finish my dinner.

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