Lost Wife 6

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: Ok, now I finished writing about the true stories of my ex wife, so from here on in it must all be a flight of fancy on my part.

Ok, now I finished writing about the true stories of my ex wife, so from here on in it must all be a flight of fancy on my part. Once again I've decided to tell the story from her point of view.

I woke up and stretched, the view through my bedroom window showed me that it was once again a glorious day. What I fancied was a walk along the river and watch the boats go by. I got up and showered, humming to myself, the sun can do that to you, once I was dry I went naked to my dresser and thought about what I was going to wear. I pulled on a clean pair of white bikini briefs then rummaged in my draws and found my white hipster jeans. Perfect I thought and pulled them on up over my thighs. I turned and looked at myself in the full length mirror and I knew I looked good and I just wished I could go out like this with my bust all bare; I sure my husband would appreciate it. Oh well I knew I couldn't so I rummaged once more and found a faded denim shirt and put that on. I left most of the buttons undone though as I always do, then I went downstairs to find my husband to tell him my plans.

I was not a happy bunny, true he was working on my car, fixing the brakes but I wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine but not with him elbow deep in grease.

"Sorry love," he said, "but your brakes pads need changing but if you give me a couple of hours I wash up and be ready for you."

"No, that's ok," I said my anger fading for after all it was my car he was fixing, "I'll just go for a quick walk by myself."

"Fine, see you later," he called after me as I walked down the drive to his car.

I was truly a lovely day with while puffy clouds in a deep blue sky. The towpath was virtually empty but there was plenty of boats on the river. The sun felt good on my bare head and I was looking for a nice secluded spot where I could lie down and expose my body to its rays.

"Hi there," a male voice called out.

I turned towards the river and a large pleasure boat was gliding towards me. I shielded my eyes from the sun and I saw two guys waving at me.

"Hi," I waved back.

"Fancy a trip down the river?" one of them called out.

Well did I? I thought, might be fun, the two guys look ok.

"Sure," I called back, and then I waited until they had manoeuvred the boat up against the bank.

I jumped on with a helping hand and the boat engines started again and we were off down river.

"Hi, I'm Nat and this is Jon," said one of the guys.

"Hi nice to met you," I said, looking them both over.

They were much too young to be able to afford a boat like this.

"The boat belongs to my dad," said Nat, "if you were wondering, he lets me use it when I'm out of college."

I noticed both guys giving me the once over too especially my partly exposed boobs, but that was just normal.

"Drink?" offered Jon holding up a beer can.

"Wine if you've got it," I said.

"Yeah sure," said Nat, "I'm sure dad keeps wine here somewhere."

Mmm, this was lovely, a bottle of chilled white wine, a sun deck to laze on and two attentive guys to look after me. After a bit I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and opened it to allow the sun access to my torso.

"More wine?" Jon said.

"Please," I replied and held up my glass, I could see his hand shake as he poured for he wasn't looking at my glass but at my exposed tits.

"Be careful or you'll burn," he said not moving after filling my glass.

"If you've got some sunscreen," I said with a chuckle, "I let you put some on for me."

With that he scuttled off to look.

"Sunscreen, where's the fucking sunscreen," he yelled.

He was back in under five minutes.

"Here," he said holding up a yellow tube.

"Here just a minute," I said, I unbuttoned my white jeans and pulled them off, then I removed my top too leaving me wearing just my white bikini briefs.

"Oh my," gasped Jon.

"Right start at my feet and work up," I said trying not to giggle, my husband always tells me that big girls like me shouldn't giggle as it will get them in trouble.

I lay back and let him work on me; slowly his hands worked their way up my legs, gently massaging the cream into my skin. He had a nice touch for a young guy. Over my knickers and on to my stomach, he paused then being a gentleman no doubt, he was waiting for me to give him the go ahead.

"Don't stop now," I encouraged.

His hands started again, cupping and squeezing my tits, Mmm, it was so lovely, I do like having my tits worshipped. With some reluctance he moved off them to do my neck and arms. Then he sat back on his heels and just looked me up and down.

"There you are," he sighed rubbing his hands together.

"Thank you Jon," I sighed, "that was lovely, now go and tell Nat he can do my back for me."

"Yeah sure," he said and he left me.

Nat was there, knelling beside me, looking me up and down his eyes coming to rest on my naked tits.

"Hi, do my back for me," I asked and rolled over for him.

His hands weren't quite as nice as Jon's, a bit too rough but nice anyway.

"Sorry you only got my back," I said.

"No that's fine," he replied.

"Tell you what, you can have first go later," I chuckled.

"W-what," he stuttered.

"Later," I said and closed my eyes and drifted off.

The sun felt good on my back but I had enough sun for one day, I didn't know how long I had slept but no more than thirty minutes. I sat up and looked around me, both guys were in the wheelhouse and they waved at me. I got up, picking my clothes up as I went and joined them.

"Moor up over there," I pointed to a small island.

"Sure," replied Nat and he swung the wheel over, "take the line Jon," he called out.

In five minutes we were moored fore and aft.

"Time now for you Nat to do my front," I said with a big grin to match his, "let's go below."

The three of us trooped below where there were two parallel bench seats.

"Here sit with me Nat," I said patting the seat beside me, "Jon you sit over there and watch."

Nat hands were rough on my skin but that was just what I wanted now.

"Let me lose these," I said rolling down my white briefs.

I spread my legs wide and pulled him on towards me, I wanted him inside me now. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down over his hips, taking his underwear with them. His hard cock sprang out pointing straight at me; I grabbed it and pulled it towards my wet pussy.

"Fuck me now," I said, I always like to talk crude at times like these as heightens the naughtiness somehow.

He took me at my word and pushed forward and he was fully inserted right up to his balls.

"Yes," I screamed, "fuck me hard you bastard. Hurt me with your cock."

He was banging into me hard and fast, just like I wanted and my first orgasm was fast approaching. I thrust hard against him once more and I came; it was a very nice one too. A couple of more hard thrusts and I felt him pump his spunk deep inside me.

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