DiSH 3: Thanksgiving Dinner

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The continuing saga of Ken, Brenda, and Jenna.

Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

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Late Thursday evening, Ken and Brenda entered the hotel where DiSH were holding their annual Thanksgiving dinner and dance. Holding hands, they walked through the lobby to one of the banquet halls that the group had reserved. Ken was glad that Thanksgiving dinner was casual, and he was wearing comfortable jeans and a pullover shirt. Brenda was similarly clad in jeans and a loose blouse.

Entering the hall laid out with large tables and ample seating and a buffet table at one end, Brenda led them to a table with some people they both knew as friends from the group. They said their "hello's" all around and made light conversation as the room slowly filled.

Shortly after everyone arrived, the caterer uncovered the food and posted a server at the carvery station. Then he called out each table, one by one, up to the buffet line. When their table was called, Ken and Brenda walked up to the line, still hand-in-hand.

A little later, they had returned to their table with plates full of turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and other Thanksgiving cuisine. The deejay had begun to play music while people ate their dinners. A host had just refilled their glasses when Brenda said to Ken, "Excuse me, love, I need to go to the ladies' room for a minute."

"Come right back, love," Ken said to her.

Ken had taken a sip of his tea when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He pushed his chair out and turned slightly. His jaw dropped upon seeing Jenna in ultra-tight jeans and a very narrow black tube top. It took a moment for him to get the words, "Hi, Jenna," out.

Jenna turned, sat in his lap, put her arm around him and said, "Hi lover. You've been ignoring me at the DiSH meetings again."

Ken could feel the eyes of the others at the table on him. "Jenna, please! I'm here with someone else."

"Yeah, and I bet she never sits on your face, does she?"


"And I bet she doesn't swallow, either!"


"C'mon, does she swallow? You can tell me."

"I can't tell you that about my girlfriend! Please get off my lap. Brenda will be back any second!"

"Not until you give your main squeeze a kiss!"

"Ken! You bastard!" he heard from across the room as Brenda ran toward the table in a rage.

Ken tried to stand, but Jenna held on to him and hooked her heels under the chair.

"Brenda!" Ken called out. "It's not what it looks like!"

Brenda stood there for a second, then turned and stormed out of the hall in tears.

"Don't worry, lover," Jenna whispered, "you'll feel a lot better very soon. I promise!"

"But Jenna..."

"Shhh," Jenna whispered. Then she pinched his jaw open with her free hand and planted her open mouth on his. Frozen in indecision, Ken submitted to her tongue probing his mouth.

A moment later, Jenna whispered, "Let's dance."

Ken could feel the icy glares of the other women and wanted so bad to just get away from the table that he said, "Okay."

Jenna stood and grabbed Ken's hand and led him through the room to the dance floor where a handful of people had started to dance.

"C'mon, Jenna, let go! I gotta go after Brenda!" he urged.

Jenna just threw her arms around his neck and pressed her body tightly to his as she began to sway to the music.

Ken immediately got a hard-on, after all, this was Jenna -- the girl who gives every guy in the room a hard-on just by being in view.

"Ohh," Jenna crooned pressing her pelvis against his even tighter, squeezing his hard-on between their bodies, "you are hot for me!"

Ken hated that his body was reacting like this. He knew that he should be chasing after Brenda, but his mind was in a state of total panic that he couldn't decide what to do, so he just closed his eyes and stood there swaying to the music while Jenna wrapped herself around him.

They just danced like that for the next two songs. Only then did Ken finally open his eyes. He didn't like what he saw. All the women who caught his eye glared at him in incomparable fury, while all the men gave him a secretive wink or thumbs-up.

I'm totally screwed with Brenda, was his only thought, Hell, I'm screwed with every woman at DiSH from now on!

The song ended and Jenna took his hands in hers' and whispered, "Lets go for a walk."

Ken shrugged and let Jenna lead him away. She led him out to the lobby and down a hallway lined with hotel rooms.

"Where are we going, Jenna?" he asked.

"You'll see."

Jenna reached into her purse with her free hand, removed a key, and examined the number tag attached to it. She led him through another door into a stairwell and upstairs into another hallway. Then she led him down the long hallway through a door and down another long hallway. She finally stopped in front of a door, inserted the key, and opened the door.

Pulling him into the room, she closed the door and turned the lock.

"Now what?" Ken asked, knowing how stupid that question sounded after he asked it.

Jenna pulled her tube top off and dropped her jeans to the floor. Standing there completely naked, she answered, "I think you know what, lover!"

She pulled his shirt over his head and then pulled his jeans and shorts down to his ankles.

He completed the procedure by kicking his shoes off and kicking his jeans from his ankles.

Jenna then threw herself on him, causing him to fall on his back onto of the two large beds, with Jenna landing on top of him with a smack!

She planted another kiss and they wrestled tongues for a while until Jenna crawled up his body and pressed one of her nipples to his lips. He obliged, sucking it hard for several minutes. Then she pulled away and pressed the other nipple to his mouth whence he repeated his deed.

Jenna sat up and crawled around on him, placing his head between her thighs as she plunged his rock-hard cock into her mouth. She immediately began sucking on it. In and out and in and out she slid her mouth on it as she sucked hard. He exploded almost immediately in a wave of ecstasy, pumping her mouth full of wad after wad. She stopped sliding it when he shot his first wad into her mouth, but plunged it and held it deep into her mouth and kept the hard suction all through his powerful orgasm.

"Wow, Jenna! You're fantastic!" he admitted.

Still lying on top of him kneading his soft cock in her hands, she paused to swallow and answered, "Yeah. I know."

Jenna then sat up on his face and announced, "My turn!"

Like last time, Jenna had sat up with her ass and cunt covering his face and mouth and placed her legs on his chest stroking his cock with her heels.

"C'mon, boy," she ordered. "It's my turn. Get to work!"

Ken remembered from last time that his lungs would be screaming for air in a few seconds, and that she wasn't going to move off his face until she came. Despite the sensation of his head being crushed by a padded anvil as she sat on his face under her full weight, he began licking her clit that was conveniently pressing down right over his mouth. He started swirling her clit with his tongue, then pushing his tongue gently into her urethra just behind her clit. He licked around her clit, flicking it, and then over her urethra as he could feel the tension build in her. He was growing tired, being unable to breathe.

"Don't slow down, boy!" she commanded in a bit of déj‡ vu. "Hold your breath for me! I ain't getting off you until I come!"

Ken continued working her clit and urethra until she finally exploded, bouncing and quaking on his face. He continued sucking while she came until she fell forward on him once again and sighed, "Man, you're good too!"

Ken lay there panting, staring up at the ceiling through her ass-crack to see the smoke detector blinking its alertness.

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