Silent Night, Naughty Night

by Jessy19

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: An incest Christmas story.

"Tiffany! Tiffany!" Mrs. Jensen called out.

Tiffany was in her room listening to music. It was the day before Christmas. Tiffany was upset since her mother was going to be working on Christmas Eve that night. Mrs. Jensen was a manager at a small diner downtown and had to work hard since her husband died over 5 years ago. It was only Mrs. Jensen and her three children. First there was Dylan, who had just turned 18 earlier that December. Then there was Tiffany, who was 15, and last there was Bobby who was eight.

Dylan worked after school at a bike shop to help his mother out. He would be off that Christmas Eve, but it wasn't to his pleasure. He'd have to stay home and supervise his sister and baby brother.

"Now remember Dylan, I won't be home until early tomorrow morning. I have to work the night shift since the other manager beat me to the day shift. I want you to stay here and look out for your sister and brother. No sneaking out you hear me?" Mrs. Jensen explained.

Dylan sat on the couch groaning. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know Mom, you've told me over a thousand times."

Mrs. Jensen patted her son's head and looked over at Tiffany's room. "Tiffany!" She called out again.

"Damn she's deaf!" Dylan said angry.

Mrs. Jensen went to bang on Tiffany's door. A few seconds later, Tiffany opened the door. She was a pretty young lady. Her hair was shoulder length and a red color. Her eyes big and green and she had tiny freckles around her nose. She had the looks of her mother.

"What? You don't need to be knocking so loud!" Tiffany said agonized.

"Well if you come out here when she called ya, she wouldn't have to have knocked like that!" Dylan interfered.

"Shut up! I wasn't talking to you!"

"Quiet both of you! Now Tiffany, I already told Dylan to stay here with you and Bobby tonight. You are both minors and need adult supervision. Now I'll be home tomorrow morning so I'll be here for Christmas."

"Mom, you can't get the night off? You know I like to celebrate Christmas at midnight," Tiffany wailed.

"I know you do sweetie, but I have no choice. I can't leave the diner alone."

Tiffany sighed. "Alright. I guess."

"Now I need you to take care of Bobby for me."

Tiffany agreed. She'd been taking care of her baby brother since he was born. Bobby adored her and Dylan.

"Now I've gotta get going. Bobby's in my room right now napping so once he wakes up just go ahead and give him some cereal or oatmeal."

"Yeah Mom I will. Now have a good day," Tiffany said weakly.

Mrs. Jensen grabbed her coat and slipped on her gloves. The mistletoe that hung from the door fell. Tiffany picked it up and hung it back. She looked outside the window. It had snowed the night before and extremely cold outside. She said her goodbyes to her children and left for work.

Tiffany noticed her brother eyeing her wickedly. He was always that way with her. She loved him no matter what, but wished he would be more kind to her. She figured most brothers and sisters bicker just like they do.

"What?" Tiffany asked after a moment.

"Nothing. I'm just pissed that I have to stay here and baby-sit you," Dylan responded haughtily.

"Well na-na-na-na-na! You have to stay here!" Tiffany made fun of her brother.

His eyes showed fury. "Shut up!"

She laughed and heard her mother's door open. Bobby, her baby brother came out rubbing his eyes.

"Tiffany? Where's mom?"

"She already went to work kiddo. So it's just me and you and the grinch over there."

Dylan was fuming and Tiffany loved it.

"So mom won't be here when Santa Claus arrives?" Bobby asked sadly. His green eyes began to fill with tears.

"Aww don't worry Bobby, we'll be here with you and we'll see Santa."

Dylan scoffed. "Bobby, don't you know there is no such thing as Santa Claus."

Tiffany narrowed her eyes at her brother. "You jerk! Don't be telling him that!"

Dylan stood up never taking his eyes off his sister. He was quite tall being about 6'1" and his hair was red, spiky and he had matching green eyes like his siblings. "Well he's eight years old! He's going to find out soon anyway."

Bobby looked at his siblings fighting. His bottom lip quivered in fear and he sobbed. Tiffany held her baby brother and looked at her big brother with hate. "See, look what you've done! He's upset! I hope you're happy!"

Dylan did feel bad. "Hey buddy I was just playing. There is a Santa Claus."

Bobby frowned. "You liar! There is no Santa Claus. I won't believe it until I see proof that there is a Santa Clause!" With that he scurried over to the kitchen.

Tiffany nodded her head. "It's just like you to be so mean." She walked off leaving Dylan feeling bad and regretful.

"Do you want cereal? Or did you want me to heat you up some oatmeal?" Tiffany asked Bobby.

"I'd like oatmeal. It's cold in here."

She smiled sweetly at her baby brother and began to heat up the oatmeal. She hoped he wouldn't be scared about the whole Santa Claus thing.

"Tiff? Can I ask you something?" Bobby asked softly.


"Was Dylan saying the truth? Is there really no Santa Claus?"

Tiffany sat next to him stroking his hair. "Don't believe him. There is a Santa. He was just being mean."

Bobby looked down. "Why does he have to be so mean? You're not like that sissy. You are so nice and you take care of me."

"Of course I do. I love you."

"I love you too sissy. I love Dylan as well. I wish he would be nicer to us."

"Don't worry about him. I think he already feels bad."

"Sissy, can we set up cookies and milk for Santa tonight?"

She smiled at him. "Of course we can. I'll set it up for you tonight. That way Santa can leave his presents for you."

Bobby and Tiffany sat around the table eating and it was almost eight that night. Tiffany cleaned up the kitchen and saw that Dylan was in his room. She'd leave him alone and hoped he wouldn't say anything else to upset her or Bobby.

The fireplace was roaring with a nice fire and Tiffany laid on the carpet next to the fire talking to a young man that she crushed on. His name was Jason and they kissed a few times after school but nothing too serious.

"I'm going to miss you this Christmas break," Jason said sweetly.

Tiffany blushed. "I 'm going to miss you too. Don't worry once we get back in school, I'm going to run to you and kiss you."

He laughed softly on the other end. "I hope you do more than that."

Tiffany gulped. She hadn't had sex and really wasn't ready to have sex. At least not with Jason. She liked him a lot but was not in love with him.

"Yeah... well... we'll see about that," she said faintly.

Jason was breathing hard on the other end. "Just thinking about you Tiffany has got me hard!"

Tiffany felt her heart racing. "Oooh really? Are you touching yourself -"

"Get of the phone!"

Tiffany yelped as Dylan interrupted her conversation. "Jason hold on!"

Tiffany glared at her brother. "Why do I have to get off the phone?"

He stood over her. "Because I'm gonna use the phone!"

She went back to Jason. "Jason I have to go now. I'll call you later."

Dylan watched her hang up the phone and she stood up. She was so small standing about only 5'2" yet her little body had nice curves.

"There! I got off the phone! Are you happy now?" She screamed at him.

"Yeah I am happy now. So who was that pervert you were talking to?"

"He's not a pervert!"

Dylan laughed. "Well it sounded like he was trying to make the moves on you over the phone. What a loser!"

Tiffany pushed her brother out of the way and stormed off to her room. Dylan watched her sexy body sashay. He had to admit he felt a bit jealous hearing her talk to another guy like that. He thought about it and tried to block out the fact that he thought his sister was sexy as hell.

Tiffany opened her eyes and realized she'd fallen asleep. She heard some voices in the living room so she got up to see who it was. She walked in the room and saw her brother's playing video games. She looked at the clock and realized it was almost eleven that night. Bobby looked tired.

"Hey Bobby. It's bed time," Tiffany called out.

Both boys moaned. "Aww come on! We were having fun!" Bobby whined.

"Yeah come on Tiffany!" Dylan agreed.

Tiffany smiled. "Alright. I guess you can stay up a little past midnight but then you have to go to bed."

Bobby nodded. "Yes I promise I will."

She left the boys playing and went to take a shower. She wanted to be nice and clean for the next day. After her shower, she went to slip on her pajamas, which were short gray cotton shorts and a matching t-shirt. She brushed her hair and left it to air dry.

Once she went back out to the living room she found Bobby fast asleep on the carpet while Dylan watched some TV. He sat there next to his baby brother softly rubbing his tummy. That's the way Bobby usually fell asleep was by having his tummy rubbed. She noticed it was past midnight.

"Merry Christmas," Tiffany whispered.

Dylan looked up at her and nodded. His eyes wandered down looking at her smooth legs. "Merry Christmas sis. Look Bobby finally fell asleep. I'm gonna go ahead and carry him to his room."

Tiffany watched her big brother carry Bobby to his room. She smiled feeling good that they managed to make up.

"I'm gonna put the fire out. Did you want to open any presents yet?" He asked as he put the fire out.

"No. I'm going to wait for Mom tomorrow morning that way we can all open our presents together."

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