Happy Anniversary

by Prismbright

Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian,

Desc: : Erica gets the surprise of life when she comes home to celebrate a very special day with her girlfriend.

Erica stood in line at the grocery store. She sighed and moved from one foot to the other. The cashier looked up at her and gave her a dirty look. She thinks I'm impatient, Erica thought. But Erica had to use the bathroom. She was trying to remain dignified in front of all these people. The line was moving slowly which was a good thing since she had to take small steps to keep her thighs close together to keep the pee inside until she could let it out. At one point when she felt the biggest urge to pee she turned and looked at a magazine pretending to be interested in the contents. But she could not move. She remained there for a few minutes, feelings the stares of the other customers behind her. She put the magazine down and moved up in the line. She was four customers away from getting out of the store. But what she had she could not get another time. Her girlfriend of eight months was coming over at 9 o'clock. It was already 7:45 so she did not have time to mess around with the whole "don't have time" thing. Oh no! She thought with her bladder seemed to want to explode again. She looked up and noticed some tabloid papers and reached to get one. It was not that she liked them. She wanted to put some kind of pressure on her pussy to try and ease the tension she had. When that did not work she pretended to lose interest. She was surprised the find that she was the next person in line. The tofu burgers and vegetables were pretty import for this, their anniversary. The cashier scanned her items and looked at her. Erica smiled at her, gave her the amount that was required. She could barely stand still to receive her change. She grabbed her bag and rushed out the door with an "ohhh".

She was grateful to sit down. The soft hum of car's engine was somewhat soothing to her. She looked around, then pressed her hand to her pussy. When she did she gasped, leaned her head back as she felt the river of pleasure race though her. It helped a lot but she hoped she could make it when she got to the home she shared with Abby. She back out of parking space and raced home. It would be a half hour trip back to the house but if she kept moving and was not stopped at every light she could make it.

When she pulled into the driveway of their home she sat in the car for a moment. Right then she had to pee. She squeezed her thighs together, tightening her butt, sat ridged, breathing shallow. She let out a forced breath. When the urge passed she opened the car door, retrieved her bag and rushed to the door. Finding the right key seemed like an eternity. But she found it and slid it into the keyhole. She kicked the door open threw her keys on the couch, the bag on the kitchen counter and rushed to the toilet. She stooped mid-walk. The shower. The shower was on and she did not leave it on. She causally look in the bathroom off the bedroom and was surprised to find the door cracked open and Abby taking a shower.

"God Abby you scared me. I didn't see your car." She said walking to the toilet.

Abby poked her head around to get a better look at her lover. "Oh... had some trouble getting the

rental... you remember I told you my car was in the shop? Abby looked as Erica was about to pull her underwear down. "Why not take a shower with me?" Then added quickly, "You gotta pee?"

"Like a race horse," was Erica's reply.

"Comemer Love."

"Wait... I... "

"Now... Abby interrupted sweetly. Erica was never one to deny her anything when she used that voice. She smiled and stripped out of her clothes. The shower was warm and forceful on her back as she turned to face her lover. Then she remember she had to pee. She squeezed her thighs together again, standing still. Abby grunted.

"Does this turn you on Baby?" Erica asked.

"Damn... yeah Baby!" Abby replied staring at Erica as she wiggled.

"Open your legs Erica"

"I can't." She groaned holding her thighs closer together feeling the urge to pee get stronger. This was turning her on also. But she had no clue that Abby would like it. She usually didn't pee for a good part of the day. It was a challenge to her to see how long she could hold her pee. Depending on where she was and how long, she could just move a little and come. It was some sort of secret to her. And a great challenge to keep her sex tones to herself. Once when it happened. She had been in a meeting with a few of the more important clients. Underneath the table she was folding and unfolding her legs. It got so bad that she was literally shaking holding her thighs together. The clients thought she had been cold. But she just politely excused herself and rushed to the ladies room. She grunted out an "Ohhh" and could not help but voice her pleasure aloud. After she has orgasmed once she went into a stall. Stood over the toilet like she had a dick, still orgasming. She could feel her full bladder respond and she shuttered. She orgasmed again letting out an "AHH." She could feel that she was about to climax. This was wonderful to her. To come time and time again. Almost like murder. Her breaths shortened. "Oh god" she moaned. Stranded her voice to remain quiet and climaxed. At the same time her bladder exploded. Most of it got in the toilet but some ran on the floor. She put her hand underneath the golden stream until she was peeing in her hand. She sat on the toilet backward and rubbed the warm liquid into her pussy. It made her orgasm linger longer. When she finished peeing, she was finished coming.

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