Happily Married

by JAX

Copyright© 2003 by JAX

Sex Story: I'm now very happily married; I was brought up very strictly by my somewhat older parents, and my experience with sex was restricted to an occasional fumble with the boys from school. When I reached eighteen, my figure had finished filling out; my breasts, I thought, a little too big for my slight frame, but they were firm and didn't sag at all.

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I'm now very happily married; I was brought up very strictly by my somewhat older parents, and my experience with sex was restricted to an occasional fumble with the boys from school. When I reached eighteen, my figure had finished filling out; my breasts, I thought, a little too big for my slight frame, but they were firm and didn't sag at all. I met my husband at one of my father's firm's dos; he was the son of one of the company directors and therefore considered a suitable suitor for my hand. He was tall and very handsome, with a confident manor, in direct contrast to my shyness, but we got on great. I had always been told what to do by my parents so it seemed natural to carry on like this with Phil. He didn't order me about or anything; he was much more subtle than that, he would make suggestions on what I should wear or things we could do, he never put any pressure on me, but I was always pleased to take up his suggestions.

Our sex didn't really get going until after we got engaged, it was only then that my parents relaxed their total control over my movements. So much so that they didn't object when Phil invited me to go on holiday with him. I was so exciting to be alone with a man without my parent's interference. On our first night together, Phil was very patient, slowly stripping my clothes off and taking my virginity. I think it helps if ones first full sexually encounter is special, like mine, I have no hang-ups at all. The whole holiday consisted of sex, food, sand and sleep most definitely in that order. We would wake up and fuck, have lunch and then spend the afternoon on the beach. Back to our room to shower and fuck, then have dinner and dance the evening away then back to bed to fuck and sleep in each other's arms.

As I have said before, I think my breasts are a bit too big for my frame and I have been a little self conscious about them in the past. Phil of course loved them and would fondle them for hours. To build my confidence up, he would tell me how sexy they were, and he liked for me not wear a bra when we were together and would comment how good I looked when I did. Now we were engaged, Phil introduced me to some of his friends. We would go to lots of parties and sometimes spend the weekend at ones of their houses. One of these occasions sticks out in my mind, we were staying at Jill's and Terry's place, a large country house with an outside heated pool. Phil told me to pack my swimming togs and to make sure I included the new bikini he had bought for me while we were on holiday. I was not so sure about this as this bikini was very small, Phil like the style so much, that when we couldn't find one to fit me, he made me split two costumes. We took the bottom half of one suit to fit my slim 33 inch hips and the top from another suit to fit my size 34 inch 'D' bust; but my it was very small and didn't cover much.

We arrived on Friday evening and we had a casual meal with our hosts and another couple, Kim and Tony. After which we all went to bed. It felt very naughty to fuck in some ones else's bed. Next morning after breakfast we all changed for the pool; at first I felt very naked in my small bikini but I relaxed a bit when I saw that Jill's and Kim's were if anything even smaller, although both had smaller busts than mine. We played about in about the pool all day, drinking at least a bottle of wine each, what with that and the sun, I felt very light headed. At last we retired to our room to get showered and dressed for Dinner. Tonight Dinner was going to be a formal affair so Phil had packed his Dinner Jacket and had also packed something new for me. After our shower we fell naked on our bed, I spread my legs for him, Phil pushed up on his arms and looked down to watch his hard cock enter me. He liked to watch me as we fuck, he would often comment on how my breasts moved, and sometimes he would ask me to squeeze them for him.

Afterwards I sat at the dressing table doing my hair and makeup, while Phil dressed. When he had finished he pulled out of his case a new black dress for me to wear. It was beautiful, but it was cut very low at the front, well below my bust line, with just a thin cord to hold both sides together and to keep me from falling out. To go with this outfit, Phil held up a small pair of bikini panties and a pair of high heel shoes. When I had finished dressing, Phil surveyed me from all angles, adjusting the cord to be a little looser and announced that I was perfect. He opened up his 35mm camera and took a couple of shots of me, then I took a couple of him.

Dinner was also perfect, with great food and more wine and other drinks. Afterwards we sat around chatting and telling jokes. Like the other girls, I sit on Phil's lap, while he gently caressed me through my dress. The room was quite dark now, lit only by the candles from the dinning table and the atmosphere was very romantic. At this point our hostess, Jill suggested that we play 'Around' which was rapidly agreed to by everybody. What's that? I whispered to Phil, but before he could reply Jill pulled me off his lap and sat down herself.

"Help yourself to Tony," she said with a giggle and started to kiss Phil. Somewhat stunned with the turn of events, I sat on Tony's lap. As soon as I did he started kissing me and his hands moved to cup my breasts. I looked over to Phil and even in the dim light I could see his hand moving under Jill's dress. Before I realised what was happening Tony had undone the cord holding the front of my dress together and his hands moved into the front of my dress to cupped my naked breasts. After awhile he moved it under my short skirt to rub the gusset of my knickers. Despite my fuddled brain, I found myself becoming aroused by Tony's attention and before too long I had an intense orgasm. As I came down from this high, Jill announced, an 'all change', and I found myself on Terry's lap with his hands all over my naked boobs and wet knickers. Before too long I found myself coming again. My mind was still in a whirl with all this when Phil reclaimed me and carried my limp body upstairs to bed. His ardour was awesome that night, thrusting into me again and again. When we were relaxing in the afterglow, I asked about this play 'Around' thing. He said it was an old game that they played, the guys could do anything they liked with their new partner but they were not allowed to get their cocks out.

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