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Desc: Sex Story: His wife found him at the computer, masturbating.

I can pinpoint exactly when it went wrong: Wednesday night at 0:12

We had been married for 10 years, and to tell you the truth our sex-life had deflated like a hot air balloon cooling off. We had started off like most newly weds: Making love every night, then every other night, slowly degrading to twice a week, once a week, twice a month and now absolutely no more than once a month.

Nobody would accuse my pretty wife of being kinky. She had that healthy view of sex, which easily makes it boring: It's invented by God to further the human race, and by moms and poets to be a physical expression of romantic love. Ergo the perverted antics like oral, not to mention the more exotic doings you can meet on the net, were completely out of the question. Whenever I tried to spice up our sessions I was met with vehement rejections, and soon I learned to keep these ideas to myself, and later on to my trusty right hand.

Don't get me wrong. I still love my wife very much. She's a nice and intelligent person, a great mother to our little daughter, and she is always amiable and easygoing, as far as sex is not concerned. But the last 5 years I have resorted to fantasy and masturbation for that extra spice. Wednesday night I did what I had done so often: When my wife had fallen asleep I sneaked down to my little 'office', turned on the computer and opened one of the pages I love. That night I had chosen one of my favourite fantasies: Wives who love to be shared, i.e. fucked by strangers while their husbands watched or took part. I had read a couple of stories and had come to the point of serious masturbation, enjoying a fine picture filling the screen: A pretty blonde being fucked by a black guy while her husband kissed her and fondled her breasts. I was so consumed by my fantasy that I had not noticed my wife entering the room. At 0:12 I thought I should die from a heart attack.

"Is that what it takes to make you horny? Is that why you don't make love to me any more? Well, have a good time."

The door was slammed shut, and my cock had wilted in just a few seconds. I turned off the computer and went up to the bedroom.

"Lisa, I..."

"I don't want to talk about it!"

"But I can assure..."

"I said I don't want to talk about it."

"Can't we..."

"Go to sleep and forget about it. I won't talk about it."

To say the temperature in our little house was icy, would be an understatement. On Thursday we hardly spoke five words, and even though Friday was a little bit better, it wasn't until Sunday that we came close to daily life. But I had a feeling that I should not bring up the subject, so I didn't.

On the next Wednesday Lisa took our daughter to bed around nine, as usual. I didn't really notice that she took a little longer than usual, but it was forced upon me when Lisa returned to the living room, obviously freshly showered and dressed only in her nightgown.

"Oh, you're turning in already?"

"No. I've just prepared myself for a visitor."


She didn't explain. She turned on the TV, but at a quarter to ten she looked at the clock and turned it off again. A minute later the doorbell rang, and Lisa quickly got out of her chair and went to open the door. There was some mumbling in the hall, and I was completely kicked off my feet when she returned to the living room, followed by a big black guy.

"Henrik, meet Joe. He's the greengrocer down the street, and he has promised to fuck me tonight." She stared at me while she opened her nightgown and let it slide to the floor. Then she smiled to both of us and said:" Well, guys, are we going to the bedroom or not?"

She went to the stairs, wriggling her ass provocatively. I sent Joe a stupid smile and followed her swaying hips up the stairs. I could hear Joe right behind me. In the bedroom Lisa threw the blankets aside and lay down in the middle of our bed.

"Well, guys, don't wait too long, or I may loose my courage."

While we shed our clothes, Lisa folded her arms behind her head, bent her knees a little and let her thighs fall apart. She looked so damn good and sexy, and so completely out of character. I lay down on her right side, placing my hand on her tummy, and I felt the springs give in when Joe lay down on her left side.

Lisa turned her head and kissed me lightly. "I'm in control of this, right? All the way."

I nodded yes, and then she turned towards Joe, threw her arms round his neck and kissed him. I let my hand slide down to her trimmed mons, but I couldn't say I was met with a wet and ready pussy. I caressed her for the time she was kissing Joe, but when his hands started to touch her small breasts, I felt the first juice seep out of her. A little later Joe's hand pushed mine aside, and Lisa started groaning. She grabbed his arm and tried to pull him on top of her, and that's when I noticed the size of Joe's cock. It was really impressive, and easily a third bigger than mine.

I certainly couldn't recognize my Lisa. With a hungry groan she reached down between her thighs and guided Joe's cock to her opening. It amazed me how little was said, now and for the rest of the night. But the sounds! Lisa's whimper as Joe drilled that big cock into her, was the sexiest I'd ever heard, and her cries when he started fucking her with l-o-o-ng, hard thrusts, were so out of what I'd ever heard before, that my cock raised its ugly head. As well as jealousy did. Especially when he brought her to a noisy orgasm in only five minutes, a feat I had never achieved. She shivered and cried, she trembled and groaned, and she clung to his shoulders for the almost two minutes she was coming.

Then she let go of his shoulders, and her head fell back on the pillow. She pushed him back with feeble hands and said: "Oh, please wait a little. It was so great, but I have to take a little break."

I loved and hated the gurgling sound as he pulled his big cock out of her. With a wicked smile Lisa grabbed my hand and directed it to her pussy. "Feel it, honey, I think it's more wet than you have ever felt."

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