The Egg

by Jean D'Amour

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, MaleDom, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was a strange gift, with stranger properties. You choose the ending.

He handed her a velvet box, somewhat larger than would be expected were it to contain a ring or earrings, and smiled lovingly at her. "Open it," he said in a soft, gentle tone unlike his normal voice of command.

She blushed and cast her eyes downwards, but followed his instruction. Inside she found a silver, slightly egg-shaped object, perhaps an inch long and slightly smaller across with a thin dark stripe around the middle. She glanced up at him, her gratitude for the gift mixed with confusion about exactly what it was.

"You wear it, my dear," he said simply.

"Wear it, Sir?"

"Yes," he continued, smiling broadly, "you wear it. Inside of you."

"Oh!" she said as her face turned a bright shade of red to the roots of her hair. Again she looked at him questioningly.

He simply nodded after hardening his features making the gesture a command.

She set the box down on the table next to the sofa and lifted her pleated skirt. She was naked underneath in accordance with his standing instructions not to wear underwear except as necessitated by her female cycle. She removed the shiny object from its box, noting a thin wire extending from one end. Presuming correctly that the end of the wire should remain on the outside of her, but incorrectly that its purpose was simply as a removal device, she pressed the other end into her opening until it disappeared into her.

"Comfy?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm quite comfortable, thank you Sir," she answered with a complete sentence including honorific as he had taught her to do. She remained sitting and completely exposed, as he had not given her instructions to cover herself. He smiled to himself with satisfaction at the success of her training so far.

He slipped his hand in his pocket so naturally that she barely noticed it, and she certainly made no connection between that action and the next extremely surprising event.

"Eeek!" she cried out. The object embedded in her sex had begun to vibrate just like her favorite phallus-shaped toy that he allowed her to play with as a treat when he felt she had been a particularly good girl. The vibrations continued for three seconds and then stopped.

"Oh, my goodness! How often does..." she was cut off by another three-seconds of delicious buzzing deep in her belly. "Ahhhh..." she moaned softly.

Another few seconds passed and another vibration came. The skin over her entire body began to tingle and she began to anticipate the next jolt. But this time it didn't happen in the same amount of time. In fact, she actually started to panic after about five seconds of her expectation of the next sensation.

It finally happened, and she sighed with relief. After two more three-second bursts with four-second pauses between, there was another long pause of nearly ten seconds before her new toy 'went off' again.

"Does it feel pleasant, my dear."

"Oh, yes Sir, very, very pleasant indeed."

"It will happen whenever I feel you deserve a treat."

"You mean, Sir, that you simply will it to vibrate?"

"Not quite so simple as all that, my pet, but a good enough explanation for your purposes," he said and pressed the button on the little key chain control fob that was in his pocket. She jumped.

He had enlisted the help of a friend who was an expert in cellular telephone technology. Her toy was nothing more than a cell-phone pager, and the key fob was a dialing device. The device was capable of sending information such as duration, pause length, and number of cycles as well as an execute command to the device embedded into her vaginal sheath.

"Do you like your toy, my dear?"

"Yes, Sir, I do very much. Thank you, Sir, for my gift, and for every time you think I deserve to enjoy it."

He excused himself and went into the bathroom for a necessary purpose. While there, he set the parameters on his control fob to one hundred cycles of three-second vibrations with a two-second pause. Returning to the front room, he pressed the button.

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