by Ale Stone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: My first attempt at a FF story, please be gentle, the story is. I would have liked to put true story in the description because it is in a way but instead I have to settle with just romantic.

I want to thank Dave Daibhidh for his tender editing of this story.

To C with all my love

We lie side by side. Face to face.

Your blue eyes look into mine, searching, finding the love you already know is there.

My blue eyes look deeply into yours, searching for the same confirmation. Finds it and through misty eyes I see your love.

I'm aware of your nipples touching my. Your stomach pressed against mine and your downy hill touching mine.

You move your face closer. Your lips touch my lips. Softly. Tickling. Dry.

My lips just as dry as yours. I feel how the tip of your tongue slips out. Touches my lips. Wetting them with your sweet saliva. I open my mouth, wanting more of the sweet saliva. You read my mind. Push your tongue into my mouth. I meet it with mine. Touch yours. And at the first touch, sparkles fly trough my body.

I feel your hand move. Slip down over my back. Caressing it on the way down. Reach my cheek. Take it in your hand. Holds it. Posses it. Not in harsh ownership. Not in obvious ownership. Tentative yet certain. Accepting my submission to your love.

I tear my lips free. Unwillingly they part. I kiss your eyes. You close your eyelids. Smile introvertly. I kiss the tip of your nose and the smile widens.

When I kiss your long neck it yields. Yields to the kiss it receives. I kiss you under the chin and you tilt your head back. Opening up. Surrendering. Exposing your throat to the deadly bite. It doesn't come. Instead, a gentle kiss.

I kiss my way down over your round shoulder. Your hand can no longer posses my chin. Your hand rests against my back. Caress it as I lower myself down your curved stomach. I feel your muscles knot as my soft kisses tickle you.

I see the pocket in which you navel is hidden. Stab my tongue down into it. Find the bottom. Stab again and the soft flesh yields, then grows tired of the game. There is so much more of your loveliness to explore.

The downy hill tickles my nose. The aroma of you drifts up, intoxicatingly, already tinged with the heavier sent of your growing lust. You know. Almost certain of what lays ahead. I fool you. Instead I kiss your hip. Draw my tongue along the soft curving to your thigh.

Lift my head for a long moment. Look at your lovely face. Your eyes still closed. Your smile a little secretive now.

I get revengeful. You have shut me out. I want you. All of you. Your complete attention.

I bend down again. Place my lips against the soft flesh just beneath the hipbone. Almost to your groin. Kiss it. At first softly. Then, when you shift because of the tickling sensation, I suck in. Hard. Not too hard. Just hard enough to make you aware. Aware of me again.

Your hand falls down. Rests on my head. Twines its fingers into my hair. Acknowledging. Accepting.

You push my head a little. Greedily you want more. Want to accept what I want to give.

My lips nip a few of the soft hairs. Draw them up. My lips aren't hard enough to maintain the grip when they are fully stretched. They slip free. Fall down in their place.

I roll you over on your back. Look up along your slender figure. See the two soft hills of your breasts stand proudly on your chest. Hardly impacted by gravity.

Nipples that strain, become harder. Engorged with blood. More sensitive.

As I lower my head they hide from my eyes. Blindly I reach up with a hand. Find one of your hills. The stiff top. Take it between my thumb and index-finger. Pinch it softly. I sense you smile a little.

My lips find your lips. Soft and closed. Not closed enough to prevent the scent of you to drift out. To reach my nose. To entice me. Yet again.

I want to look. I want to taste. I want it. You.

I scatter them with little kisses. They swell. Grow larger as if to get more. The scent grows stronger. In anticipation.

I kiss the soft flesh between your little brown flower and your pinkness. You lift your hips slightly. Hardly noticeably. But I notice. I know. I love you.

My fingers find the cleft from which the lips rise. Draw a line on either side of them. I can feel the lips elongate. When I draw them back up, the lips part. A soft smack. Inaudible to all. All but me.

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