The Party

by Prismbright

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's instant lust when two women meet at a party and later meet for a "party" all their own.

Gabriela, a toned slender woman of twenty six, stood in 1" inch black heels perfectly posed to show off her model figure. She scanned the party much anticipating to see her old lover when something else caught her eye. Walking toward her with a walk that would have stopped traffic and a look that would have detoured any one from every approaching her, a bombshell. She breezed into the room with confidence and demanding attention. Gabriela gazed at her as though her was walking in slow motion. She looked her up and down admiring what she saw. In a red dress the hung loosely below the waist, but hugged her breast she strolled past Gabriela with little more then a raised eyebrow. Gabriela looked down at herself. She did not look bad. Her black evening gown with sequins and rubies matched perfectly with her shoes. Her hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders with banana curls throughout. She wore a minimal amount of jewelry, a small diamond watch and a silver band on her thumb. Gabriela sucked up her pride and went over to the woman to say hello if nothing else. She was standing alone like she had been waiting for someone or something to happen.

"Hi! I'm Gabriela. I noticed you when you walked in and just had to say hello." The woman looked at her with a hint of disgust and said a weak hello before she was carried away by a mod of people. Gabriela stood with her mouth gaping. How dare she?! She thought when she felt a tap on her shoulders.

"You can pick your jaw up now. Even for you... that's WAY out of your league." Gabriela turned to the copper skinned woman beside her who was anything but toned and thin. They had been friends for a long time and spent a brief period of their lives as lovers. Gabriela sighed. Ashley was a gorgeous woman with plenty of woman and a whole lot of love. But when Gabriela made it big the relationships suffered and losing Ashley was one mistake she wished she hadn't made. She was happy for Ashley though. She had a woman who loved her and gave her what Gabriela could not... her time. Gabriela smiled at her and said, "And what league is that may I ask?" Ashley giggled and handed Gabriela a glass of champagne. It was her favorite. White.

"Just so you know Gaby... word got around that I wanted to date her once. She turned me down cold as ice. Like I wasn't worth the time of day. I get what I want Gaby." She said as she took a sip of champagne.

"What league is she in that I am not Ash?"

"I dated you Gaby... figure it out." Ashley said with a sly smile spreading across her lips.

"WHAT!!" Gaby said with her eyes wide.

"Gotcha' sweetie." Ashley said and kissed her on the cheek and turned to leave to go find her wife.

Out of my league Gaby thought and smiled. She got it.

The woman in black strolled by again and Gaby stopped her.

"Listen... ahh... nice dress. You get it from Marty's?"

"No," the woman replied smugly, "from Paris... Paris, France that is." Gaby felt incredibly stupid but tried again.

"I never caught your name."

"Abigail. You are..." She asked impatiently looking around.

"Gabriela... Gaby for short."

"Oh," then looked at her watch, "I have to go now. Duty. See ya around... Gabriela... short for Gaby?" Gab nodded and with that that woman strolled out of the party just as beautiful as she strolled in. After that Gaby didn't feel much like a party, turned and sat her glass on a table and turned to leave shortly behind Abigail.

"Sir. My coat." She said to the young man who handled the coats for the night. When he came back she reached for her coat but instead was handed a slip of paper. Gaby stared for a moment. "What is this? Where is my coat?"

"The very beautiful woman," he said with a strong English accent, "asked me to give this to

you... and.ahhh... this." He leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Gaby stood speechless. Then opened the letter. It read: "'I have your coat. Nice! I paid that cute coat boy a good penny to get this. You want it back... my number... 555-redd. I'll be waiting... smooches. Like the kiss?'"

Gaby smirked. Sneaky bitch... my kind of woman she thought when she gave the coat boy a fifty dollar bill for the simple fact that he gave her the kiss, as teasing as it was, to her.

When she reached her car she told her drive to take her directly home. She was supposed to attend another party, in her honor of course, for the opening of her new Broadway play. But she just wanted to get home and relax. Perhaps take care of business in the process. She was horny after all. She turned to her chauffeur asking him if she noticed that woman in red just as she exited the party just before her.

"Yes." He said in broken English, "She say she knew you and wanted your number." He concluded as he pulled out of the spacious driveway of her hostesses.

"Did you give it to her?" She asked sliding her dress up over her knees.

"No..." Gaby interrupted him.

"Close the privacy window Carlos. Thank you." She said cool and authoritatively. Carlos smiled. He knew what his mistress was about to do but it did not bother him. He was never turned on by any woman. But he briefly thought of Edmond manning the coats back at the party. They had been dating for a little over a year. Their dating would have jeopardized Edmond's job, so it was all hush hush. He felt desire spring up into his dick. He'd take care of that after Edmond got off work. He turned on some music and let his employer do her thing.

Gaby moaned as she pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. She was so very wet. Damn that woman she thought as she moved her fingers lightly over her clit. She wanted to come, but the dress was making it next to impossible. It was so heavy and cumbersome that she just wanted to take it off. But she had pride. She might masturbate in front of Carlos, she figured he might have known what she was and what she had been doing for some time, but he never seemed turned on by it. She made sure of that. He had never told her but she had a feeling that he was gay. That much she did know. She did not know much about his sex life, but she knew that she'd seen that coat boy somewhere before. Where she was no sure.

She slowly let her finger slid into her sex and gasped. She knew she was wet but not that wet. She began to buck very slowly savoring the feel of her finger fucking. She moved her arse off the seat of the limo provided by her esteemed friends at the Ritz, and pulled the dress up so she would not be sitting on it. With herself exposed like that it turned her on more. To think she was be driven down the street, fucking herself and no one, but her driver, was the wiser, made her sigh and shove her finger into herself. She grunted and began to finger fuck again. She thought of Abigail. She thought of her need to fuck her. She thought of her great body. She thought of what it would be like to have her boobs in her mouth and wondered what she tasted like, and came. She arched up off the seat letting her juices run down her wrist onto the plush cloth covered seat of the car. She groaned and melted back down onto the seat continuing to fuck. This time she was faster. She closed her eyes in abandonment, and laid her head back against the seat. Sweet heat was raising up within her after a few minutes. She was bucking and snorting with total bliss when an orgasm rocked her world. "OH SHIIIIITTTTT!" she whispered and shot up off the seat. With her finger still in her she bucked up against it with little control of her body movements. She felt her liquid love run out and down her wrist knowing it was spreading and probably running down the seat. She shook with ecstasy and slowly made her way back down to earth. Never had she felt and orgasm like what she just experienced. It was the kind that can numb one's mind with hot coals of passion long after the climax subsided. She shuttered one last time before she removed her finger from between herself. She ran her finger up the length of her pussy, gathered as much as herself as her small finger can handle, and brought it to her nose. Her scent always drove her mad. She closed her eyes imagining that it was Abigail's finger, as she put it into her mouth. She pulled her finger out slowly and repeated the process until she cleaned her finger. She sighed. Yup, she thought, she had been sitting in a puddle of her love. She slid over, and phoned Carlos to open the window When he did he looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back. But more from what she just experienced then a smile to Carlos personally.

By the time she reached her two-story home, it was much to late to call Abigail.

"Uhmmm... Carlos... " she said turning. Carlos interrupted her.

"I know Madam... Good night." He concluded and pulled away from the front door and into the garage. Gaby stood for a brief moment before she punched in her code and was beep inside.

She laid down her things with a sigh of relief and pulled out the number again. I'll give it a shot she thought and found herself dialing the number before she even realized it.

"House of Pain... calling?"

"Uh... I'm looking for a Ms. Abigail. I met her at a party..." The person interrupted her.

"This is she. Gaby... right." And Gaby could hear the smile in her voice. At least she's smiling Gaby thought when she confirmed who she was.

"I got your message. I'm calling... I'm interested... in getting my coat back that is."

"Nothing else then?" Gaby paused then added.

"I want one night with you. Just a fuck that's all." Gaby gulped she could not believe that she said that.

"Only one night? You want to know how I taste... how I smell... how I sound?"

"Yes" Gaby whispered into the phone.

"Does that turn you on... Gabriela?" Damn if that woman didn't sound sexy.

"Can I?"

"Tomorrow... you come and get your coat back... at 6 o'clock... SHARP!"


"Goodnight Gabriela... Gaby for short." Abigail concluded with a smooch. Gaby hung the phone up hardly believing what she just heard. This snow queen that Ashley was so sure was a bitch just asked her out of sorts. Gaby could hardly believe her ears.

A short while later Gaby was upstairs and in bed. She wiggled down underneath the covers, body smelling faintly of the lilac body wash she used, and sighed. Laying naked in bed was great but was made better with someone beside you. She could only dream of what her six o'clock meeting with Abigail would entail. And drifted off to sleep thinking just that.

By two that afternoon Gaby was bushed. She had photo shot after photo shot. She was tired of having her face jerked around, of being told to look this way and that. She was sick of eating here and eating there just because it would look good for her image and for the whole "superstar" image.

She sat in the car with Carlos behind the wheel and she in the back as usual.

"Carlos... I have date tonight... tell me... what if I told you that I think my date is some sort

of... dominatrax... I think. " She said laying her head back against the seat staring straight ahead. As though she were lost deep in thought. Carlos looked at her through the rearview mirror then turned around.

"You're worried? Why?"

"I never really dated someone like that. Well it's not really a date... I think it's the one night thing."

"Have you talked to him about it Madam." Carlos said on purpose.

"It's not a "him" Carlos it's a "her" and no I have not. I'm not worried about the whole affair. I just never dated anyone like that I don't know what to expect. That's all."

"You want to go... go. You don't want to go... don't go. BUT do what you have to do. I can't tell you Madam what you should do... I don't even have the right to speak to you like I have, but I like

you..." He finished as he pulled into the driveway of her house.

"Thank you Carlos," Gaby smiled at him, "would you pick me up at a quarter after 5?" Carlos nodded his head and drove away.

Gaby stood at an apartment complex. Her black, ankle long a-line skirt with knee high slits on either sides, to show off her firm, bare legs. She really did not know what to wear and hoped that she was not over dressed when as she looked at the building. It was not very high. Probably only two or three stories high, and not in one of those "good parts of town". She smoothed her wind blown hair down and behind her shoulders before she stepped up the stairs to open the door. It did not open and Gaby realized that she had to be buzzed in. She looked around and found the intercom system and pushed the number with the corresponding number that she needed.

"Gabriela... Gaby for short?" The voice said, after the speaker crackled to life.

"Yes... it's almost 6 o'clock and I'm here." Abigail buzzed her in without another word and Gaby walked in. The door closing behind her was as loud as her heart seemed to be beating.

When Gaby reached the door the voice on the inside told her to walk right in and lock the door behind. Gaby did and was surprised by what she found. The apartment was a studio apartment. It was decorated the way you would think of seeing a New York penthouse decorated. With different pieces of art, wall hangings, and a décor that was to die for. Gaby thought it looked better then her place. But then again she was not at her house that much and what she did do to it was make it presentable when she did do something. Gaby turned and locked the door behind her. When she turned around she almost peed her pants. Abigail was standing in full view of her with her synthetic fur coat on with a pair of stylish heels to boot. Gaby gulped and walked into the "living" area of the room and stood motionless as Abigail came toward her.

"Your coat Gabriela." She said as she began to slip out of it. Very slowly, and seductively Abigail took it off almost like she was stripping for Gaby. Gaby's eyes bugged out when she noticed what Abigail had been wearing underneath the coat. It was a black flirty helter teddy made from a light material probably chiffon because the most of the outfit was see-through. Gaby looked at Abigail's voluptuous breast, imagining herself suckling them like a baby. She even wondered if those breast carried milk in them. Abigail walked closer, her breathing becoming more rapid. She stood in front of Gaby before she took her hand and moved it across her breast. Her nipple responded and Abigail closed her eyes with her head back and sighed. "You want this? I've seen your eyes... you want to run my hot nipple over your tongue. You want to feel the cool heat rise from me. You want my nourishment. If I had milk to give you I would have." Abigail groaned and continued, "Can you feel the desire swell within me? It's you who wants me

Gabriela... you can have me... but first," she said snatching Gaby's hand away, "you beg!" She concluded wiggling around moving her hands over her breast and her covered mound. Gaby inhaled. Her hand felt like it was on fire from having fondled Abigail breast.

"I want you." Gaby whispered.

"Now you know that you have to do better than that Gabriela. If you satisfy me... I won't ask you to beg anymore. I'll be your slave... your desire... your dream for the night." She said moving over to the couch and sat down with her legs gapped still moving her hands between her legs like she was trying to relieve herself and masturbate. Gaby had to pee. Abigail looked up and smiled. Gaby looked down at the floor before she walked over to Abigail and knelt in front of her. She looked up into those hazel eyes and said, "You want me as badly as I want you." Gaby leaned over into Abigail's crotch and lifted her hand. Then Gaby reached up and placed the tip of her mouth over Abigail's luscious nipple, biting through the fabric and Abigail winced. "I want you so badly Abigail that I could taste you last night. I masturbated in honor of you. You had been all that I thought about." Abigail sighed as Gaby ran her fingers down her chest to her stomach and rested on her mound. "I just want one night... I know you can really fuck and I know that I'm worth it. Let me in." Abigail lost all concentration for a moment. This woman is good she thought as she abandoned reason and her earlier demands, letting Gaby please herself. Gaby moved here finger lightly over the fabric resting at the crotch of Abigail's gapping legs. She moved her finger along the edge of the beginning of the fabric just at the crotch, teasing Abigail, as she had teased her. Abigail moaned and leaned her head back against the couch and Gaby followed her over. Gaby leaned in and kissed her. She tasted so sweet on her lips that she lingered there far longer then she would have otherwise.

"You want?... you will do all Madam ask of you. No?" She asked in a phony but convincing French accent. Gaby looked up quite startled. It was too easy for Abigail to be master. She only hoped that Gaby would not remember what she had said. Gaby quickly stood up before she looked from the door too Madam and back again.

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