Mini Mind's Eye

by Reavan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: A side walk cafe patron spots a goddess walking in the crowd and follows her home in his mind's eye.

I spotted her walking towards me, first intermittently amongst pedestrians moving in both directions on the busy sidewalk. I was sipping a cappuccino in my favorite sidewalk cafe, which with its raised deck afforded me a commanding view of the bustling crowd. Like always, when a goddess graces our earthly domain, there's a charismatic glow around them, reducing mere mortals to a haze. Most men and a few women give them a wide berth to facilitate a lasting neck-craning view

Walking confidently like most very beautiful women, her blonde head carried high on a swan like neck, looking at no one, while surrounding admirers basked in her stunning beauty, she radiated that classy poise, usually exhibited by prima ballerinas. Only a slight smile and the flick of a long eyelash revealed her acknowledgement of an occasional muffled 'wow' or low whistle.

As she neared, I focused on her knitted mini dress, watching the hem hugging and caressing a shapely upper thigh on each forward step. A creased V framed her pubic area, as her strides emphasized one side and then the other under her well-defined abdomen, while other creases fondled her curvaceous hips and wasp waist. Her supple breasts moved freely, under the soft knitwear, which her nipples teasingly attempted to penetrate.

Nearing my vantagepoint, two admirers travelling in opposite directions, collided briefly in the wake behind her. The resulting apologies lit a smile of feigned surprise on her face, dismissing all blame for the mishap. As she turned her head slightly, and with her full sensuous lips slightly parted, she caught my eye.

I lifted my cup saluting her; not as a come-on but - as a celebration of the beauty that was she. Her smile brightened briefly in a coquettish return, a flirtatious gaze lingering for a titillating moment in the corner of her eye. It surged like a drug-induced rush, though every inch of my being. Then, cocking her head slightly and raising her chin, she continued her forward progress; never missing a mesmerizing step.

I watched those enviable creases caressing swaying hips, accentuated by the rotation of perky buttocks over her sculptured thighs and heel-defined calves. Then all too soon, that beastly mortal crowd devoured her tantalizing beauty but her image - etched deeply - in my mind's eye, lingered on.

In an ongoing vision, I saw her enter an up-scale building. A smartly uniformed doorman smiling courteously, saluted her after opening the door. She entered the elevator nodding back at him with a friendly but noncommittal smile, while pressing the button with a delicate graceful motion.

I saw her exiting the elevator searching her purse for keys before entering an elegant apartment.

She set the purse on a table in the hall and entered the bedroom, kicking off her heels with a sigh of relief. Standing in front of a full-length mirror, she reached behind her, unzipping the mini. Pulling the straps down over one shoulder and then the other, she tugged and wriggled it to the floor. She rose again and folded the dress loosely over the back of a chair.

Returning to the mirror, she faced it, taking in her own image critically. Her bulbous breasts were slightly reddened by the constant rubbing against the knit material. She massaged them tenderly with her fingertips for a while and then turning sideways, pulled in her stomach stroking it with one hand opposite the mirror. She fingered a red spot on her thigh with her other hand, displaying a slight frown on her brow. Probably an accidental brush, with a desk or table during the day.

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