Anything You Want

by Midsummer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, First, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man gets to live out his wildest fantasies in exchange for, yes, his soul. He experinces his first time with a woman from his wildest dreams, but that is only the beginning! Reality can twist to his will, and until his debt must be payed the whole WORLD is his oister.

Sex. Sweet, lusty, pure... My name is Tad and I am 20 years old... and still a virgin... I am fit, handsome and I have a good body... Light brown hairs, big brown eyes... the chicks really dig me! Hell yes they do. My problem is this... I'm shy. I had low self esteem as a teenager, and few friends... I was something of a goth, and an outsider...

But now I'm living on my own in New York, just a short distance from the city. I have a good job as a Technical Consultant's Assistant for a Technical Assembly Plant in the Big Apple, and my self-confidence and self-image have greatly improved. But now... to make up for lost time I struggle with my damned shyness--now only a problem when it comes to girls. Argh!! I have to beet it, somehow.

"Can I help?" comes a voice from my computer.

"What? What's going on?"

The screen goes dead. My porn story! What the hell is this? The little voice comes back: "My name is Beeko, and I am here to help you, guy."

"Help ME? I'm fine."

"Ha!" he laughs. "I think NOT! Twenty and still a virgin? Your big sister Jessica's been gettin' screwed for years, and it's really pissed you off, hasn't it, guy? She's had, oh... ten guys?"

"Who the fuck ARE you, and how do you know all this?"

"I told you, I'm Beeko and I'm here to help, and that's all I can tell yah, guy."



"Whatever." This has GOT to be somebody's idea of a joke. Maybe Edward, he's a real computer wiz. Maybe. The screen is still blank. I slowly take a sip of hot coffee, with extra sugar and cream. Maybe I should play along, maybe I'll get him to slip up and reveal himself after I gain his trust--whoever or whatever he--or it--is. "Alright, Beeko... So, if I understand you correctly, you wanna get me layed, right?"

"Righto, guy."

"A FREE service?"

'Ha Ha Ha! You're funny, guy--a regular Billy Crystal. Nah, nah, I want something in return all right... your SOUL."

I can't help but laugh. "Uh-huh," I say, taking a second sip and scratching my head. "Sure, whatever."

"Good. Agreed. Okay guy, your life is gonna be quite different now, I promise. Describe the girl of your dreams. Anything. Come on, and don't be shy."

"Okay... Ah... She's got short blonde hair, hazel eyes, trim and modest figure... good smile, kind voice and good manner... cheery and smart, compassionate--"

"HOOOOOLLLD ONNN, guy! What the FUCK? I said ANYTHING! I'll give yah Spears, Lopez, Jewel--name your tool!"

I felt deeply offended by this. "I'm not attracted to sluts. I want the girl of my dreams."

"Gosh, guy, I've come just in TIME. Okay, okay... Unleash your deepest, DARKEST fantasies... I'll give it ALL to you for REAL, only no one really gets hurt, you get into no trouble and NO ONE EVER knows about this. Clear? And I mean NO holographic images or bullshit mind stuff--real in the flesh and MIND! You have no idea of my powers, guy--COMMON'!" I was beginning to get frightened. "You are just a PUSSY, aren't yah! Come on! What. do. you. WANT?? Your pretty next door neighbor?"

I thought about it, by shyness kicked in. "No."

"Your mummy in the buck?"


"A teacher, cousin, star, historical figure... Are you bi-curious? How about a hermaphrodite chick? Are you a closet peeping tom? What??"

"No! I don't know."

"Tad, you're afraid of yourself. You gotta loosen up, explore, let out your inner wolves. Growl for blood! Sharpen your claws."

"I wanna..." I swallowed, focusing. "I... wanna... FUCK. I wanna fuck some bitch nice and hard--no concern for her feelings. I wanna fucking go WILD on some young ass."

"So be it."

I find myself in my bedroom, turning around. In the doorway stands a voluptious babe with long blonde hair, blue eyes, a fantastic body, about 27 years old, wearing only what appeared to a net. The net fits tightly over her flesh, parting for her neck, hands, feet and pussy. She turns around. The lower hole extends to her lower buttocks, obviously suggesting optional entry. Her smile is real, and voluptuous. I am very intimidated. I turn away.

"Baby," she says, coming for me. Her arms reach around me, her head to my right shoulder. Oh the smells... light perfume... banana shampoo... peppermint breath... and pussy. She rubs her body softly against me but with such sexual tension and desire. My legs are weak. Oh god, I can't DO this!

"Beeko!" No response. "Beeko?"

She turned me around, facing her. Those deep, seductive eyes..."Who's Beeko?" she asks, her tongue rolling about her teeth as she does.

"Ah... no one," I said. Strangely, as if some veil drops over my eyes, I seem to forget the name, and who is was. Here I am. My past life fades from memory. I lean ahead, her eyes dreamily to mind, her lips... so hot and hungry, so wanting to please me, to satisfy me. She is by no means a virgin, but by no means a whore. It was perfectly frightening. My eyes close, and kiss her's. She ums and sighs gently, trying to please me with sounds of pleasure--the ones she thinks I want to hear. I kiss and kiss her. In my pants my dick suddenly hardens, and aches. I step back, my hands on her hips. She smiles. Her eyes never left mine. "Turn around," I tell her. Smilingly, with quiet giggles, she slowly turns around, her forms beautiful and by all means carnal. I layed my hands upon her large breasts, feeling through the material, and playing with them as she smiles sighs at me.

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