Grand Canyon Adventure

by Anonymous

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Desc: Sex Story: Husbands View of trip. Told in frist person form

We had finished loading the rented motorhome for our trip, and settled back to relax before going to bed. I pulled you close to me and kissed you, tasting the perspiration on your lips. We were both hot and sweaty from hauling out and checking all of our camping gear, running in and out of the house and doing last minute arguing over whether or not we needed this item or that. Now, crawling into bed beside you, I was too tired to start something that I couldn't finish. I looked forward to this trip, cuddling up behind your naked form, and wrapping my arm around your chest to draw you even closer.

The next day, after work, we showered and packed our last minute items and drove off, leaving behind all the stress and the frantic pace of our daily lives. We took the scenic route, going through Lake Tahoe and into Nevada before turning south towards the Grand Canyon. The first day was just one big adventure, and outside of Tahoe, I let you get the feel of the clumsy motor- home. Sitting up high, with the large windows made us feel like we were on top of the world. You did well driving the motorhome, so we could now go to some other places as we'd planned, taking turns driving if we had to head for home later that we'd planned.

We'd planned on driving at night, when traffic would allow us not only the best economy, but the traffic would be sparse as well. Besides, I had my own lusty fantasies in mind too. We left the Tahoe area late the second day, the sun setting over the Sierra's with an orange glow. We drove south, down a well maintained highway, meeting little traffic. You whipped up some sandwhichs while I drove, and we talked about how quiet it was out in the high desert of Nevada. I opened a window, letting in the warm night air, and even at 60 mph it felt warm and gentle. I looked at you and felt your passions begin to stir even across the r.v. You removed your top, baring your breasts to me, and then sat in the right front seat, caressing yourself. In the dim glow of the instruments, I saw you slide your hand under the elastic waistband of your shorts, and begin to rub yourself. "Talk to me." You said, "Tell me what you want to do."

My cock pressed upwards in my jeans, straining against the fabric. I looked over, seeing your legs spread over the armrest of the seat, one up against the dash. Your breasts wiggled invitingly as the r.v. found small bumps in the road. The only car we saw that night drove past, its headlights tossing a fast moving glare over your naked tits, letting me see you briefly illuminated. Then you're back in shadow, and my eyes have to adjust for the dim light. "Talk to me. Tell me how you're going to fuck me." You say.

"Hmmm. First, I'm going to pull off the road a ways, and spread a blanket on the ground. Then, I'm going to pull you from the r.v., completely naked and make you kneel on all fours while I fuck you everywhere. I want to fuck your tight pussy, then I want you to suck me until I come in your mouth. Then I'll fuck your pussy again, but I'll slide up your ass and come deep inside your pretty little butt." I look over and now you're naked, your fingers inside your pussy. I can hear you breathing as you masturbate for me, putting on a show that you know arouses my deepest lusting for you. "More. Keep talking, don't stop now!" you tell me.

"Or maybe we spread our blanket right by the roadside, and we fuck each other hard. Your legs are spread wide, and my cock is slamming into you. You can feel my balls slapping your ass and I can see your tits undulating. I ask you to scream, to yell, say anything you want, and you shout 'Fuck my pussy! Cum in my hot wet pussy! Fill me with your cum!'. We don't have to whisper, or worry that the neighbors might hear, so I want to hear your lust-filled words. I yell back 'Milk my cock into your cunt! I'm going to fill you with my cum!'. When we both come, my sperm floods inside you, and after a few minutes we get up. We're standing there, naked, my cock wet from your cunt juice and your thighs and pussy soaked with cum. Just before we walk back around the corner of the r.v., a car streaks by, and keeps going. You step up into the r.v. and my hand slides between your cheeks, spreading that warm wetness up your ass. You turn around and kiss me, grabbing my cock and rubbing it between your legs as if to say 'I want more'."

Now I can hear you moaning, and I look over to see your hips rising up from the seat, your breasts wiggling as your body begins to shake. You're about to come, and I urge you on. "Oh, yes, Lena! Cum for me. Let me suck your fingers after you come. Let me taste your sweet delicious pussy."

You gasp and shudder, moaning softly as you lay back in the seat, your hips still rocking slightly. I let you enjoy your reverie, driving the r.v. along and smiling at your sexiness. You stand up and walk over, placing your fingers to my lips. The aroma of your hot, moist pussy fills my nostrils, and I lick and suck each finger, teasing them with my tounge. You lean down and kiss me, tasting your juices on my tounge, and squeezing my throbbing cock through the thick jeans.

About one a.m., we pull into a small town and fill up the tank on the r.v., and you buy some snacks for us. Back on the road again, it's your turn to drive, and mine to tease. I feed you some fruit rolls and let you lick the sticky fruit from my fingers, teasing my with your tounge. You lick the palm of my hand, making me hard quickly. For some time I'm in the back of the r.v., then I appear and sit down in the right seat. You look and see that I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a dark t-shirt. The shirt is the first to go, followed quickly by the shorts. You look again and see my bulging cock, pushing a black leather g-string away from my body, concealing, but not concealing. Again, I begin fantasizing for you, and stroking myself behind the g-string. Then you take over, telling me that you want to fuck me at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, while the sun beats down on our sweaty bodies. How much you want me to cum inside you, so you can feel my sperm gushing and flooding deep into your cunt. You look over and see that the g-string has joined the shorts, and I'm naked, turned half towards you, stroking my hard shaft. As you drive, you continue, telling me that you want us to feel as if we're the only ones on the whole planet, naked and fucking in the sunlight, our juices mixing and running all over our bodies. You look again and now I'm standing, moving to you. You feel my hands lift your top, and you let me pull it over your head, freeing your breasts. You continue to speak, while I lean back against the console between the seats, watching your breasts, and stroking my cock. You're telling me that we'd walk along the bottom of the canyon, naked, and anytime we felt like it, we'd fuck each other, or maybe suck and lick each other. By the time we reached the river, we'd both be sweaty and covered with each other's lusty creams.

You look at my hand, moving quickly and you know I'm about to come. You urge me on, holding one breast up. "Come on my tits for me." You say, and I lean forward, jacking myself hard and fast. You watch the road and my cock from the corner of your eye. Then you feel my sperm splashing against your tits, flowing down your chest. More hot semen splatters against your flesh, glistening in the dim light. You grab my hand and lick my creamy cum off of it, and my other hand begins to rub the rest over your beautiful breasts. As we relax, I lean over and kiss you, tasting my come on your tounge. My hand darts between your legs and feels your dampness through your shorts. I sit down in the right seat, and tell you that was wonderfully exciting. You smile and tell me that you thought so too. I dress a little later and as we pull into another small town for gas, I tell you to remove your panties, just to wear your shorts. You do, and after gassing up, I drive the short distance to an r.v. park where we'll spend most of this day resting. Once we have parked the r.v., you help me set the wheel-chocks in place, and I can see your pussy peeking around the loose legs of your shorts when you bend down. Once inside, we strip our clothes off and climb into bed. It is only about six a.m. and we fuck each other furiously. My cock slams into your wet cunt and your hips thrust up against mine. Our tounge dance and slide over each other, and my hands squeeze your breasts and pinch your nipples. We come almost together, with my sperm-spurting cock triggering your cunt into beautiful long contractions around me. Sweating and panting we roll to our sides and kiss, my cock still inside you. We fall asleep, close and cuddled.

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