Be Careful What You Wish For

by Chikala

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Humiliation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: some wishes should never be made

She'd seen him several times in the convenience store over the last few months. It was always in the morning though, stopping to get a cup of coffee for the drive, or maybe to fill up the car. The first couple of times they just nodded cordially, but soon they began to recognize each other and smile when they said good morning.

Finally came the late afternoon when they were both coming home from work and they stood together in a long line - he, waiting to buy a six-pack, she was purchasing a can of cat food to last till she could get to the grocery store tomorrow.

He thought she was beautiful. A great smile, gorgeous honey-gold hair nearly down to her waist, mischievous green eyes. She was a little bitty thing - maybe 5'1 or 5'2, 110 pounds soaking wet, but he bet there was a fire inside that made up for any lack of size.

She had gotten a warm feeling for him too, hoping to see him each day. He seemed so strong and ruggedly handsome, his face had those deep lines running vertical on each side of his mouth... a feature that drove her wild. He wasn't fat, but a big guy, muscled in the way that you knew he earned them by actual hard work, not in an expensive gym with steroids. His eyes smiled but she could see a smoldering intensity just beneath the surface.

"We must be neighbors or something," he said as a way to strike up the conversation.

"Looks like it," she agreed. "You live in Post?"

"No, Summit, right next door."

She laughed. "Then i guess we are."

He clamped the six pack under his left arm and extended his right hand. "I'm Gary."

She shook it politely, liking the strength she felt in his grip. "I'm Rachel."

"I have to admit, I really look forward to bumping into you here. It's the highlight of my day."

She blushed prettily. "No offense, but you must have very dull days."

Gary laughed. "Well, yeah, I do, but I still look for you."

They were quiet for a moment, shuffling up another foot in the line.

"So, if I can be so bold, what are you doing after you feed your cat?" he asked. "I'd love to buy you a drink. Or maybe dinner?"

The way she looked up at him doubtfully, he figured he'd blown it by being too bold. Or maybe her cat had a Daddy at home.

"Hmmm... well..."

He laughed again. "Don't take too long to decide. The weekend only lasts two days."

"I was just rying to figure out whether I should answer your question about what i was going to do, or whether I should answer about the drink first."

That twinkle in her eye seemed to drill right into his head. "Okay, you're blonde, I can see where it might have been a little confusing," he teased. "Would you have dinner with me tonight, Rachel?"

"Yes, Gary, I will."

There was instant chemistry between the two of them. They were immediately at ease with each other and they sat and talked after their meal, so deeply engrossed in their conversation that they didn't realize the restaurant was closing around them. It was already midnight.

"Want to find one of those bars that's open till 4am and finish our talk?" she asked as they approached his Pathfinder.

Instead of answering, he suddenly truned her quickly and pushed her hard against the vehicle, pinning her with his body, holding her wrists out from her sides, pressing his lips roughly on hers in a long, deep kiss.

At first he felt her stiffen in surprise, maybe even in fear. He was sure he'd not read her wrong though. And after a few seconds, she was kissing him back just as passionately, making hungry little animal noises in her throat.

He stopped and pulled her mouth away. "No, I don't want to go somewhere and talk," he growled. "I want to take you back to my place and fuck you till morning."

She gasped, but smiled and nodded eagerly.

Gary was true to his word. He kept going until the sun came up... in all positions, rough and fast, slow and gentle. Rachel lost the ability to speak somewhere before dawn and could only make incoherent sounds. No one had ever done the things he did to her - to take her so completely that she had no choice except to fully surrender to him. By the first light, Gary finally let himself cum for the third time and he lay down next to her. The bed linens were off in the floor, they were both drenched in sweat and each others bodily fluids. The whole bed was a wet spot and Rachel's long hair was matted around her face and shoulders.

"I don't want to stop," he panted, running his hand over her bare hip and sending another shiver through her. "But I think I'm empty."

Rachel was still too deep inside her haze to laugh, so he chuckled at his own joke. He meant for them to get a shower but they were soon both sound asleep. Somewhere around 10:30, Gary woke only long enough to pull the comforter over them.

Rachel was flustered when she awoke and found him already awake, watching her. She could remember getting out of control the night before, doing things she's never even dreamed of. She felt embarrassed and drew the sheets closer under her chin.

"Uh..." she said, "Good morning."

"Good morning," he replied, then peered over her shoulder. "Actually, good afternoon. It's nearly 2."

"Really?" she was surprised but actually too comfortable to move. She felt his hand under the covers with her, rubbing up and down her side. He took her hand and drew it down between his legs. He was as hard as he'd been the whole night before.

"Can you take care of this for me?" he smiled. "Got someplace I could leave it for awhile, maybe till the swelling goes down?"

She'd never felt so wanton in her entire life and she realized she really liked it. She pushed him over on his back and straddled his body. Her pussy was still wet with both their juices and although he slid easily inside, it was sore from so much fucking. However, when he held her hips and began pumping her deeply, her discomfort quickly turned to pleasure.

After this time, they managed to make it to the shower.

They spent the whole weekend together - mostly having wild, raw sex. He'd never met a woman who could keep up with his appetites and wanted to try everything he suggested. She'd never met a man who could push her over the edge and keep her there for so long.

When they weren't fucking, they talked about fucking. Past lovers, past experiences, fantasies they still wanted to fulfill. Rachel admitted to him something she'd never had the courage to tell anyone before. She fantasized about being kidnapped and gang raped.

"Not in real life!" she added hastily. "I'm not THAT crazy! But it's just something neat to think about and get myself off with when I'm alone."

"Well, you won't have to do that anymore," he said. "We can play out all your fantasies, if you like."

Over the course of the next few weeks, he did. Not the gangbang, but play-raping her several times. Rachel had never had so much sex in all her life.

Though their relationship was primarily based on sex, they did slow down and get to know each other. Gary was a retired cop - "It totally shows!" she told him - who had his own business now, an investigation firm.

"A private dick," she smiled, squeezing his playfully.

Rachel's occupation was far less exciting. She was a CPA working for one of the big property management companies in the city.

They went out regularly, just casually as good friends do. Gary appreciated the fact that she wasn't trying to possess him and had never even hinted at the "C" word - commitment. She seemed to just take it all at face value. Someone to share a meal with and a great partner for sex. She even went home in the middle of most nights after sex, not wanting to offend him, but preferring to sleep alone. He didn't admit it to her, but sometimes he missed her. But then again, sometimes he just liked to stretch out.

On a certain Friday night, Gary arrived to pick her up for dinner. He announced that he'd heard of a new club and he wanted to try it. She had no objections.

He drove through town and out the other side, looking for Cook St. It was nowhere to be found. They ended up in an older part of the town with boarded-up warehouses and over-grown vacant lots.

"Maybe we missed a turn," Rachel offered.

"I don't know," he said in frustration. "I think I will head back. We can just look for it another night."

"Okay, good idea," she agreed.

Gary did a U-turn but as he started to gain speed, the Nissan sputtered and slowed down. He gave it more gas but it rolled to a stop. He coasted to the edge of the road, cursing, "Damn!! Not again!"

"What happened?"

"There's a wire on one of the plugs that keeps wiggling loose. I mean to fix it, but then it stays on and I forget about it."

"Is it bad?" she asked, looking around the area nervously. There was only one working streetlight in view and although it seemed deserted here, being stuck out in the open like this felt way too vulnerable.

"I ought to just be able to stick it back on," he said, rummaging through the glove compartment at her knees to pull out a flashlight. He clicked the switch and it came on dimly. He smacked it hard against the palm of his other hand a couple of times and it brightened.

"Stay in here," he told her. "Lock the doors. I'll be right back."

"Okay," she agreed, not liking the situation one bit.

As Gary opened the hood, Rachel noticed headlights coming up the street. She prayed they would pass right by without a second glance - no one stopped to help strangers anymore, did they? Her heart sank when it pulled up behind their vehicle and stopped, leaving its light on bright. She could tell it was a van, an older panel van, and she saw the silhouettes of two people getting out of it. One came up on each side of the Pathfinder. They paused long enough to leer in at her, then one of them called out, "What's up, buddy? Got some car trouble?"

They were both big men too, easily Gary's size. Gary had stepped to the passenger's side to get a better position and he looked in at Rachel, to give her a reassurring smile.

It happened quicker than she could see. The one next to her brought something small and black out of his pocket and though she couldn't tell what it was in the darkness, she knew it was metallic by the way the distant streetlight reflected off it. She knew it was a gun when she not only heard the shot, but saw the fire momentarily at the end of the barrel. She saw Gary clutch his chest and drop to the ground out of her sight.

Unthinking, Rachel began to scream. Her first reaction was to get out to Gary and see if he was alright and she acted before she realized what she was doing. She had opened the car door! When she saw her error, she tried to yank it shut but it was too late. The man with the gun had grabbed the door and she couldn't budge it.

Tears stung her eyes but she managed to jump out of the car and began to sprint down the road towards the light - shouting for help at the top of her lungs.

"Catch her, man!" one of the guys said urgently. "She's gonna ruin everything!"

Both men started after her and closed the distance quickly. Their longer legs never gave her a chance.

The faster of the two caught her from behind, wrapping a thick arm around her waist and lifting her off her feet. She struggled and kicked but he held her firmly as the second man produced a roll of silver duct tape. The first piece went over her mouth, cutting off her shrill but worthless screams. The second long piece went tightly over her eyes and left her helpless for the most part. The third piece was used to bind her wrists together behind her back. She finally stopped struggling, held firmly in one of the men's arms. He picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and took her back to the van.

As he dropped her on the floor on her side, Rachel felt like crying but the tears had nowhere to go beneath the tape. She was terrified, more than she'd ever been in her life. They'd shot Gary! Just like that! And she'd seen it... what could that mean they'd do to her? Her mind began to flash images of horror and she moaned against the floor of the van, drawing herself up into a tight ball.

"I think we have her attention," one of them laughed. His voice came from behind her. The other one was climbing into the driver's seat. She heard him fumbling with the keys and cranking the old vehicle. It smelled like oil.

"What are we gonna do with her?" the front one asked.

She felt a hand on her thigh, pushing the hem of her short dress up over her hip.

"Well, I know what I'm gonna do with her!" he laughed uproarishly and slapped her hard on the ass.

"Hey, I know!" the front one exclaimed, "Let's call Mike and Joey and have a big party. They'd love her, especially Joey. You know how he is about the little blonde ones."

"Okay, but he goes last! That one we had before, he half killed her before the rest of us had a turn."

Rachel tried to scream but couldn't get the sound out. She kicked with her feet but only succeeded in smashing her big toe against the door. It hurt so badly but it at least gave her something to focus on besides their threats.

"Let's take her out to my daddy's old place," the back one suggested. "Noboby ever goes near that old barn."

The other one agreed. "Yeah, I always said if someone hid a body in there, it would be years before it was found."

Both of them laughed again and Rachel could only tremble.

It wasn't long before the van stopped. She was pulled to a sitting position and handed out to the other one. He led her with a hand on her elbow and she could tell they were entering a large building. Sounds echoed off in the distance and she could smell old hay and animals. As they pushed her inside, she heard tires crunching the gravel behind her as another vehicle arrived. More voices grew louder as two car doors shut. One voice rang out over the others. "Okay! Where's the entertainment?"

Suddenly she felt hands on her - cruel and insistent. Her clothes were ripped from her body and she stood there naked, feeling the stares of strange men she couldn't see. She tried to turn and run but she bumped into another and he turned her around again. No matter which direction she moved, someone was there to catch her.

"Get that tape off her mouth," one of them said. "I wanna see what those pretty lips taste like!"

Another voice, "I want those pretty lips to see what my dick tastes like!"

The sound of laughter made her burn with shame but the snick of a knife just beside her ear made her freeze.

"That's it, little lady. You don't wanna move while I have this blade right next to your face."

Rachel didn't move a muscle except for the uncontrollable trembling. She felt the bonds on her wrists cut and the tape ripped off, painfully taking off small bits of skin with it. Her hands immediately came up to try to shield her body.

"Don't move, bitch!" the voice repeated. "We don't want you to die," it said almost compassionately, but then he too laughed mockingly. "We haven't even gotten started yet!"

While he laughed, he yanked the tape off her mouth, leaving her lips raw and burning.

She tried to beg, saying "Please, please don't hurt me", but when she felt the hands crowding in all around her, she began to scream again.

"Go ahead, honey," one of them told her. "We're so far out in the country that nobody will ever hear you."

Yet Rachel had to scream whether she would be heard or not. She was helpless to do anything else in the world, so she had to continue to do the only thing she could and she did it until her voice gave out.

Her memories of the things that happened to her were never fully clear, it was all a blur of sensation and sound in the dark. She was shoved down onto a rough blanket on the hay and someone crawled on top of her. She knew she was on hay because pointy pieces kept sticking through the blanket and scratching her. She put a lot of concentration into feeling those stray pieces, anything to avoid the reality of what was happening to her.

However, she was brought back quickly as she felt the cold blade of the knife pressing the sensitive skin of her throat.

"Suck me, bitch. Or die, your choice."

Grimacing at the thought of what this horrible man would probably smell like, she made the only choice she could and opened her mouth. She found him to be very clean, not at all like she'd guessed. She gagged as he pushed too deeply into her throat but she gave him what he demanded. He came very quickly and bathed her throat in hot cum.

The first man who fucked her shuddered in orgasm, but she didn't feel it in her pussy. Could he be wearing a condom?

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