Selection of the Fittest


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Keith knows he and Karen are a lucky couple. Both have the physiques that most other people would envy. Not to mention the athletic stamina in their love-making that most people could never match . But Keith's views of the Selection of the Fittest is challenged when his wife introduces him to Fiona.

Keith and Karen had been hard at it for over an hour now, and showing no sign of exhaustion, as a married couple shouldn't who were so very much in love with each other. But more than that, thought Keith, as his pelvic thrusts pushed his erect penis in and out and in and out of Karen's muscular vaginal grip, it was practice and exercise that made their physical love so successful. After all, if you were going to do something, and to do it as regularly as he and his wife did, after all their years together, then it was only possible if you worked at it.

Keith swivelled round, so that one of Karen's legs was behind him and the other hooked out in front, her hands clutching the sheets that had mostly been torn off the futon and her teeth biting into the pillow. He held her buttocks up by his strong hands, her weight supported easily by his powerful arms, built up as a result of many hours in the gym, pumping with the same relentless rhythm he now applied to his coital thrusts. He could see the whole of his wife from this angle. And wasn't he a lucky man! Karen was a real catch. The other teachers could just stare at them with envy whenever the couple sauntered in together into the staff room.

Being a sports teacher, Keith had the advantage that keeping himself fit was part of his profession, but Karen, well poor Karen, had to keep herself fit in her spare time. But she was as dedicated to the body beautiful as Keith, and she did a damned good job at it. The trimness and athleticism of her waist, the tightness of her abs, the strength in her limbs, and that vaginal clasp with which she sucked out the life of Keith's prick and simultaneously massaged it to life. The ripple of her shoulder, those strong biceps, the muscles in her thighs that could wrap around Keith's tight, washboard-stomached waist and support her body by just the power in her legs. And the feats of athleticism, the variety of sexual attitudes, the choice of sexual positions, all available only to those who were the most vigorous, and denied those who lacked Keith's and Karen's physical fitness.

Sometimes, Keith felt sorry for Karen, stuck in the classroom all day, teaching French and Spanish and German (such a polyglot his wife!) while he could exercise and keep trim in the gym and on the playing field. And, though he didn't want to divulge this to his wife, enjoy the spectacle of the trim physical form of his female students. He'd often thought that if it wasn't for Karen, he'd be tempted by so much willing teenage flesh. But what lover could offer him the rewards that Karen could? What lover could have the energy to keep up with him? he wondered as he pounded away at his wife's oozing gash

But all things have to come to an end. And so too did the lovemaking session they'd began so soon after they'd got home from work. There were papers to mark, food to prepare and besides Keith wanted an hour's cycle ride before dusk to keep his upper thighs and calves in good working order. The two of them collapsed in a heap on the hard futon, a dribble of semen trickling out of Karen's vagina and down her thighs, Keith letting his wife's head rest on his shoulder while he idly stroked the tight, hard nipples that crowned her rather small to average sized breasts: almost the only part of his wife's body for which a superlative term was not appropriate.

"So, what is the new intake like, dear?" Karen asked her husband.

"Nothing special," Keith grunted, although he was secretly taken by many of the girl students, but not he knew for the right reasons. That Amelia... well! best that he not share his fantasies with his wife. "None of them are Olympics material. Put it that way! How about you? What are this year's would-be linguists like?"

"The usual. The usual," nodded Karen. "There's one quite bright girl though. I think she'll go far. But you'd hate her."

"Hate her?" asked an alarmed Keith. Did Karen suspect his lust for students? "Why would I hate her?"

"Well, to say she's not Olympics material would be a gross understatement. She is really really fat!"

"Fat! How horrible!" Keith said with genuine disgust. If there was one thing he couldn't abide was obesity. How could people get themselves so out of shape? Surely, it was worth making that extra effort to combat all those surplus pounds of useless lard. "She must be the laughing stock of the class."

"Well, not quite," Karen admitted. "She might be plump, but she's relatively popular. And anyway she's not fat in a horrible kind of flabby way..."

"What other kind is there?"

"I don't know," Karen admitted. "But her size doesn't look too bad on her. It's strange really. She's got a nice face, big friendly cheeks and her eyes sparkle in a really attractive kind of way."

"But if she's just a bowl of fat, she must look pretty ghastly otherwise," Keith assented.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" said Karen thoughtfully. "And she does have an enormous bosom. And that stomach... I mean she doesn't go for outfits that deliberately show off the stomach, but it swells out anyway. But her skin's a nice kind of ivory, her black hair's healthy and well-trimmed and she carries herself remarkably gracefully for such a large girl."

"Pah!" snorted Keith. "I just don't see how gross and grace can possibly come together. It's like an antonym, isn't it? Gross and grace. Fat and fit. Hefty and healthy."

Karen laughed. "I guess you're right. But you don't need to worry about her. I don't think she's very likely to do sports as an option."

As Keith jumped onto his bike to climb up the nearby Caffrey Hill, a strenuous three-in-one at its steepest, his mind moved well away from Karen's students, and returned once more to his wife. They were so lucky. She to have him and, of course, he to have her. The two of them were the perfect couple. The zenith of creation. That was what it was all about. Okay! It had come as a bit of a shock when they discovered that his sperm count was way below what it ought to be and that the only way they could have kids was if they adopted. But posterity's loss was their gain. His genes might not be passed onto the next generation, but at least by not getting pregnant, Karen could retain that glorious figure of hers for that many extra years to come.

However, the subject of Karen's plump student, Fiona (what an effete name!), came up again, and again, in their conversations. She was such a very bright girl, Karen insisted. She had an almost intuitive grasp of syntax and semantics in any language. Karen had never met a student with such a keen understanding of the subjunctive, using it flawlessly and unprompted in her French lessons. And the complexity of German tense, mode and gender were as nothing to her. It was difficult to believe that Fiona had never learnt a foreign language before. In fact, her mother was just a housewife, although she'd been an actress when she was younger and her father just worked in an office as a systems analyst or database administrator or something. She was a natural!

Keith harrumphed. "Why do you keep going on about this girl?" he asked over the breakfast table. "Why not invite her round if you think so much of her? Give her extra tuition?"

If Keith thought his lightly meant sarcasm was going to close the subject, he was wrong. Karen's face lit up. She ran a hand through her relatively short hair to the crop on her neck. "You know. That's not a bad idea at all. Then I can coach her for the advanced studies. And perhaps I could teach her Turkish or Arabic. Languages not on the syllabus."

"Turkish?" wondered Keith. "What bloody good is Turkish? I mean... I know you speak it, but you speak everything. But why teach Turkish?"

"I'd love to know what Fiona would make of the ablative," remarked Karen indulgently.

It wasn't that long until Keith first got to meet Fiona. He was home, energised after a school football match where his pupils had totally slaughtered the opposition. He was on a real high. And the best thing to seal a perfect day would be an hour or so of sexual intimacy with his favourite woman. His penis was already twitching in anticipation. He was almost already relishing that anal grip of hers that she was so expert in demonstrating.

But Karen was late, so Keith went down to the gym in the basement and worked out on a few weights while waiting. Eventually he heard Karen come in, her assured confident stride across the kitchen tiles, but there were also voices. Shit! No chance for sex just now. Who was the guest?

It was, of course, Fiona, as Keith established, when he'd towelled his face dry and made his way up to the kitchen. Christ! She was exactly as Karen had described her. If not worse! Those breasts were fucking enormous. And her stomach was positively obscene. And what was so sweet about such a puffy face, even if the folds of fat didn't wholly obscure her bright light green eyes and that her smile was very broad and sparkling.

"I took your suggestion, Keith, to offer Fee some extra tuition. And she just leapt at the opportunity!"

"I did that!" said Fiona gaily. "Mrs King is such a good teacher."

"Karen. Please," laughed Keith's wife with an enthusiasm he'd not seen in her since that orgasm she'd had which made her yell out loud enough it could probably have been heard on the next street. "And call my husband Keith."

"Indeed," the sports teacher said, proffering a firm handshake. Shit! How long was this girl going to stay? And what was this about calling her student 'Fee'? "But I must get back to the gym. Stay in shape, you know. Can't let myself get out of it, you know."

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