School Daze
Chapter 1: In The Audience

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: In The Audience - A story of a college coed's experience behind, and in front of the artist's easel.

One evening after having sex, my husband and I started chatting about different past experiences. While firing challenging queries back and forth, he asked 'What's the most people that have seen you naked at one time?' I must've made a face in remembering, as he leaned back and said 'Oh boy, I can't wait for this one.' As I thought about it the memories came flying back. It was during my second semester at NC state, I was taking a 'Basic Drawing' class. We had been working for several classes in charcoals, doing light studies on bottles and balls and whatever. Today this was all about to change. Today we were about to enter the world of figure drawing... with a live figure.

After I had settled in to my spot near the front of the class the, professor appeared and seemed poised to give us our assignment for the day. Just as he started speaking, a man dressed in a white terry cloth robe emerged from his office and was walking behind the professor to a small staging area. Since this had distracted me, I was only peripherally picking up what the professor was saying, '... pay particular attention to the curves of the body... the differences in shadow... not too much detail.' I was hearing the words but my attention was still on the man. He was large, a bit chubby even. He had taken his place in the staging area and I knew what was coming next. Despite the fact that I really didn't find much attractive about him, I was getting excited.

My friend Darren, who was seated behind his easel to my right was saying something, but I was still oddly infatuated by 'Mr. Chubby', as I came to refer to him, who was about to show me everything he should keep hidden. The words were still coming from Darren and were creeping into my scull '... should be enough to put me off of my lunch. HEY, are you in there?!'

'What? Oh. Ohh yeah. This should be real interesting.' Just then Mr Chubby turned his back and swung his robe open, letting it slide off of his back and drop to the floor. Darren piped up again 'Ohh man, I wish I wore glasses so I could take them off.' There was a murmur from many of the students as similar jokes were being passed around the room. I felt oddly sorry for Mr Chubby, but there was no sign that he was embarrassed. In fact he seemed very nonchalant about the entire episode as he started his pose.

'OK, OK. Quiet down and let's get to work.' the professor jumped in trying to get things back on track. 'This is a drawing class, not a social hour.' Darren was lowering his tone trying still to get my attention, 'I hope this guy keeps that little thing under control so I don't up-chuck!' Some how that comment triggered something in my brain. I was still trying to study this unlikely model that was standing naked no more than 10 feet away from me, and now I somehow felt the need to defend him. It was as if the fact that he was wholly imperfect - fat, balding, slightly hairy back and a not very exceptional penis - and he wore it like a badge of honor. I was finding the his demeanor somewhat noble. So almost out of spite I shot back to Darren, 'hmmmm, I don't know, he seems kind of cute to me. He has nice legs.' I knew this would stick in Darren's craw. He liked me. He wanted me. I'm sure he'd masturbated to my image in his mind a hundred times. That was like a drug to me. I could encourage him enough to keep him hanging around, keep him buying me lunch or giving me rides, but never enough to actually let him have me. It was fun. Mean, but still fun.

This probably doesn't say much about me that I liked having this power and using it. Frequently, at that. But I was a bit of a wild child myself in those days. I was a partier. That's why I was taking 'Basic Drawing' in the first place. Seemed like a class I could sleep through and still get a decent grade. Partying was what college was all about. Studying, learning, expanding my narrow horizons were nice thoughts, for someone else maybe. I just wanted to have a good time. I didn't even want a boyfriend in those days. If I wanted sex, I could get it easily enough. Better to have lots of guys who want you and stay just out of their reach than one guy who thinks he owns you.

'You've gotta be kiddin' me! He looks like the Big Fig Newton!' Darren's voice brought my attention back.

'No, really. I bet that thing is a grower, too.' I teased. That's when it happened. Mr. Chubby's head moved. (The big one that is.) Just slightly, but most assuredly it moved, and in my direction. He was LISTENING! Oh this was a let down. All this time, I was admiring his ability to block us out, to focus on his job, and now I discover that he was listening. He cared what we were saying about him after all! It was weird, but suddenly I was disappointed and impressed with him all at once. His virtue and nobleness had diminished, but the cunning-meter on him had taken a jump. The thought of having a little power over him was becoming enticing to me.

'Yeah, and his head has a very cute mushroom on it.' This was too good, I could play with Mr. Chubby and Darren at the same time. Darren was making a face as he worked. He found my comments disturbing. Mr Chubby on the other hand seemed to be almost looking directly at me. It might have just been my imagination, but he seemed to be slowly, subtly turning to me like a weathervane into the wind. It was getting me excited.

As I was really focusing on Mr. Chubby's mr. chubby, the voice of our professor, Mr. Tsing, startled me. 'OK folks, take five minutes to finish this pose' and we'll change for the second half of the class. As he finished saying this, our erstwhile model backed up a few steps. He put his hands together and stretched them over his head, jutting little mr. chubby my way as he did. He slipped his robe back on and continued his odd exercises for a few moments. Suddenly I noticed him starting to move with a purpose. He was walking our way. He stopped behind a student on the other side of Darren, studying the guy's work as if he were at the Met. This stop was only momentary as he kept creeping my way. Here came Mr. Chubby and my heart was pounding. I'm not sure why exactly, but I think it was more the opportunity for me to play with him, rather than any sexual excitement.

'That's very nice.' Mr. Chubby commented as he surveyed my meager work. I looked back and he was again stretching in a way that made him jut his penis out in my direction. As he leaned forward though his robe became a little looser. I wondered if this was for effect. 'Thanks.' I answered, staring at the bulge below his belt line. 'These poses must be very taxing on your body.'

'They can be. I tend to get a little tight, ' as he said this he started arching his back in a stretch again. This time his robe was opening slightly offering me another glimpse of little mr. chubby. At this point I couldn't contain myself, 'You better watch were you aim that thing, you might put somebody's eye out.' I said with my most inviting southern belle charm. 'Ohh sorry, ' he offered with a chuckle, ' but I guess it's not the first time you've seen it!'. He seemed so happy at that moment, as if he had been coaxing a pet to do a trick and the desired result was finally achieved. 'Well I'd better get back.' 'Yeah... probably better.' I cooed searching for my opportunity. As Mr. Chubby started squeezing past my easel I reached 'do you ever pose in private sessions?' He spun as if on a swivel answering immediately, 'Yes, of course! Do you need a model?'

'Well, I was kinda hoping... But I wasn't sure how to go about arranging it... '

'I'll stop by after class and we can talk about the details.' Mr Chubby seemed positively gleeful as if a lifelong dream had been achieved. 'Thanks, just one thing, though' I said as I searched for a worthy punch line.

'What's that?'

'Well I was kind of hoping to find someone with a dick I can see!'. It was the best I could come up with on short notice. Suddenly Mr. Chubby seemed puzzled, the air was coming out of his balloon - among other places - all at once. I noticed that Darren was laughing audibly after eavesdropping on much of our exchange. This was adding to Mr. Chubby's embarrassment. He spent the second half of the class decidedly pointing away from me.

I felt bad. It was as if, once I had reduced this old, sorry man to his base self, I had to stomp on him. Now I wished I had never done it. I wanted so badly for him to be the noble, oblivious man I thought he was when he first dropped his robe.

As I came back to the present, I noticed the look of bewilderment on my husbands face. It was a kind face. A little large and round, but very caring. His eyes were usually full of knowledge but in this case, he looked completely bewildered. 'You'll see.' I said, 'Let me give you the rest of the story'.

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