Opening Up

by Rufus T

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A couple decides to spice up their lagging sex life by introducing a third person.

Claire and I loved each other very much. When you spend eight years with someone it's kind of inevitable, you either love them or hate them. Although our relationship appeared strong, however, there was a major flaw that was wearing on the both of us.

For the previous two years our sex life had been decaying rapidly. There was no real explanation other than familiarity. Over the course of eight years you tend to become very comfortable with a partner. Now in some ways that's great. Our friendship was stronger than ever and we trusted each other totally but there was a drawback: a total lack of energy in the bedroom.

We began discussing ways to solve our problem but the first attempt ended in an argument. In that discussion, she told me she had a growing interest in group sex. I kind of got pissed off and yelled at her, feeling insecure about her desire to be with other men.

However after a day or two, I began to realize how hypocritical I was being. I mean, I thought about fucking other girls all the time, from the counter girl at Starbucks to coworkers to total strangers. If it was OK for me, how could it not be for OK for her. After a few more delicate conversations we came to a conclusion. We would ease our way into some new situations. I had always had a desire to see Claire get fucked by another man (or two). It was a recurring masturbation fantasy for me, but I never thought about actually experiencing it. It seemed too far out there. When I mentioned it to her though, she liked the idea right away and we began the process of figuring out the details.

After much discussion we came up with a course of action. We would go online together and search for a suitable stranger. After about a week of chatting we had narrowed our pool down to three guys. They all passed my standards, which were simply that we didn't know them and Claire had approved of their looks, which was all she cared about.

After careful deliberation and a few more chats she decided on this 25 yr old guy named Steve. He was a graduate student at the local college and seemed like a perfect candidate for the job. We decided to meet at a hotel bar in the next town over the following Friday night.

The week leading up to the meeting was filled with a growing nervous anticipation that almost reached the boiling point for me. I kept asking myself if we were really going to go through with it and wondering what the ramifications would be if we did. I could see in Claire's beautiful blue eyes that she was going through similar battles with our decision.

When we chatted with Steve that Thursday night and confirmed the plans, I had to fight the urge to call the whole thing off. If this turned out badly for some reason, I was at risk of losing my girlfriend and best friend in one fell swoop. But I managed to bite my tongue and the plans were finalized without a hitch.

I couldn't concentrate at all that Friday at work. I was so useless in fact that my boss told me to take the rest of the day off. I went home and continued my pacing and incoherent mumblings as I packed my bag for our weekend stay at the hotel.

Claire came home a couple of hours after me at around 4:00pm. And while her anxiety seemed evident, mine was downright obvious. After about fifteen minutes, she stopped in the middle of her packing and approached me in the bedroom. Without a word she began to kiss me deeply. I groaned into her mouth as her hand found my cock and began to stroke it gently.

I regained my senses and began to kiss her back hard as she slowly unzipped my khakis and pulled my nearly rigid cock out of my pants. She then gracefully dropped to her knees and turned her sweet face to mine as she grasped my throbbing prick at its base. Again I groaned out as she softly took my swollen head just into her mouth and rolled her pink tongue over it once, then twice before releasing it with a pop.

She lapped from the underside of my balls all the way to my tip where she slid the full length of my seven inches down her throat in one smooth motion. Claire kept her head motionless for a moment before beginning to rhythmically swallow my entire cock as she started to massage my churning balls.

It had been a while since I'd gotten a blowjob like this, quite a long while actually and I knew I wasn't going to be able to last very long. Sure enough after a few more minutes my balls began to rumble from deep inside. Claire was still swallowing me whole in perfect time and her hand had made it's way to my ass where she was teasing my sensitive asshole by just inserting her fingertip repeatedly.

I then moaned loudly and just as I was about to come she slid the length of her middle finger deep into my ass.

I managed to grunt out "I'm gonna come!" as a warning for her.

However much to my surprise and delight, Claire just kept pumping her pretty face into my crotch as she deliberately rotated her buried finger. A moment later I erupted in one of the greatest orgasms of my life. My knees literally buckled and I had to grab Claire's shoulders to keep myself from falling as I emptied a mighty load down her willing throat.

She swallowed every drop and continued to suck and finger me as my cock began to soften in her mouth. She licked and suckled my twitching balls for a minute or two as I struggled to catch my breath. She then slowly stood up and moved her face in close to mine.

Claire then said through her big smile "See baby, it's working already."

And planted a deep passionate kiss on me. When the kiss ended we both began to laugh as we hugged lovingly. I realized instantly that she was right; it was working. I couldn't recall the last spontaneous blowjob I'd gotten and forget about the swallowing. That hadn't happened in over five years.

I was still nervous but I felt much better afterwards. In less than an hour we showered and left for the hotel.

We weren't supposed to meet Steve until 8:00pm and we got to the hotel around 6:00, giving us a couple more hours of maddening anticipation. They dragged by but finally the time came for us to go down to the bar.

As we rode the elevator down to the lobby, I couldn't help but marvel at Claire. She looked so incredibly beautiful. Her medium length blonde hair was naturally wavy and her eyes seemed to be two reflecting pools set deep into her beautiful face. Her body was amazing, petite, about 5'1" with a gorgeous set of 34D breasts and one of the hottest asses I've ever seen.

One thought kept going through my head as the door to elevator rang and opened into the lobby "How am I not fucking this gorgeous girl every minute of every day."

I was brought back to the real world as Claire took my hand and we walked towards the bar. We entered the bar and both paused to scan the room for Steve. When we didn't see him we made our way to the bar and ordered some drinks.

I sipped my neat scotch nervously and finished it within five minutes.

I ordered another one and as the bartender passed it to me, Claire tapped my leg nervously.

"There he is honey!" she whispered excitedly.

I turned my head and we saw each other at the same time. We each gave a knowing kind of half smile and he walked towards us. When he arrived he gave me a firm handshake as we exchanged hellos before turning his attention to Claire.

"You look absolutely beautiful, Claire" he said as he kissed her softly on the lips.

I felt an immediate twinge of jealousy but managed to suppress it and ordered Steve a drink. We made small talk for few minutes until we decided to get a table. We took a quiet booth in a corner and soon ordered another round.

We sat across the table from him and the conversation gradually started to become less awkward. He really seemed like a cool guy and we were feeling pretty comfortable pretty quickly.

About an hour later, and after four scotches, I was riding a fairly strong buzz. I left the table for a few minutes and hit the bathroom. As I returned to the booth I noticed that Steve was sitting in my seat, next to Claire. He looked up at me and wordlessly asked for my approval. I smiled weakly and sat down across from the two of them.

As more time passed, and a few more rounds as well and I noticed that he was slowly but surely moving closer to Claire, until their legs were in constant contact. He also became more touchy and kept leaning up against her. I guess your confidence flies pretty high when you know you're going to get laid and Steve was definitely feeling it.

He then turned to me and said: "You're a very lucky man, Dave."

With that he turned back to my girlfriend and began to kiss her lips softly. I sat there and stared dumbly as his soft kisses turned into a long, deep tongue-kiss. My psyche was instantly locked in a battle with itself; a bloody fight between my suddenly searing jealousy and the undeniable heat simmering in my loins.

Their kiss lasted a good two minutes before they broke, Claire turning right to me and smiling broadly again. I could tell by the look in her eyes it wouldn't be long before we were on our way up to our room. We had one more round and sure enough, after another deep kiss from Steve, Claire suggested we head up to the room.

I settled the tab as this stranger and my girlfriend continued to make out in the booth, their hands beginning to roam more liberally with each passing moment. We then all headed for the elevator and entered it alone.

As soon as the doors closed, Steve pulled Claire close to him and stood behind her as he began to kiss her neck slowly. She then gasped as he ran his hands up her stomach and onto her big, round breasts and squeezed them tightly.

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